BL Game: Taisho Mebiusline Self-cest and Coupling update (Cool-B vol 2011-11)

*nosebleeds* Half-dressed, blushing uke, Yukatamoe *JUMPS HIM*

Oh yes, that’s our cover boy for Cool-B Magazine 2011 November issue! Don’t we just love that human sandwich featuring an uke with two hot semes? :D

The artwork is simply gorgeous!

Names of seiyuus announced below. For more information, see this post.

This issue features short story excerpt of each coupling.

Misaki x Kyouichirou. The uke is looking like a super otome here. Cute that the seme‘s seiyuu is Hanada Hikaru, who voices Usami from Junjou Romantica who semes “Misaki” lol~

Tatebayashi x Kyouichirou. They look like they’re in a match-making session lol~ but it isn’t.

Senge x Kyouichirou. THE Sadistic seme! Obey or die!

Shigure x Kyouichirou

Kyouichirou: Shigure-san, who exactly are your real enemies?

Kyouichirou who can be courageous as well as seductive and lustful. SELF-CESTing! (sorry for the censoring) His expression is simply gorgeous. *ravishes him* :D~ I can’t wait to hear his voice samples!

From Cool-B November 2011 issue.

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23 thoughts on “BL Game: Taisho Mebiusline Self-cest and Coupling update (Cool-B vol 2011-11)”

  1. OMG, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been looking for this FOREVER! Too bad you don’t have a scanner, but it’s the intention what counts :3 (though if you ever scan it, I wouldn’t bother X3)

  2. This will feel out-of-topic, but… in this Cool-B issue, one of the illustration columns was made by Carnelian (a lovely Takuto Katsuragi from MESSIAH pic), is there any chance you may show it? @w@

    1. @MaxusFox23: Here ya go! I took a snapshot. Sorry I don’t have a scanner :O

  3. Why the censor? /cries in a corner
    I demand it to be uncensored!! lol. XDD This game. OMG. the artwork is too gorgeous for my eyes! XD And I am looking forward to hearing the voice sample too!! Especially the uke since I am sucker for them. lol. Also: YES for self-cest!!

    Btw, this is out of topic, so I would like to apologise in advance, but, I was wondering, what website do you recommend me to buy the TnC Akira Figurine that they are going to release for next year? (I think it is for the 5th Anniversary.) it seems that pre-order is up (yea, I happen to stumble upon it. kinda late. XDD) but since it is going to be my first time for this kind of stuffs (and I really know nothing about buying things online), I would just want to get advice. Thank you, and hope you dont mind me asking here. orz If you do, just tell me. :3

    1. @Lurker: Oops~ don’t cry D: I’m sure the pics will be up on the official site soon ^^;;

      Yay, self-cest bishonen \(^0^o)

      I’ve sent you an email about the online store thingy~

  4. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! BEAUTY!! SIMPLY BEAUTY! CAN’T RESIST YUKATA…. *die due to nosebleed* Ah, i’m sorry i’ll clean it soon *wipe wipe* the main character is just reminds me of Yo-chan but this one is bishier~ :3 ARGH!! WAIT USAGI-SAN!! *stomachache back* ARGHHH! HELP ME!! *erase away that picture from everywhere*

    1. @Mito: :D Put Youji in a yukata and they can fight out the bishieness XD But I definitely fell in love with Ryoutarou for how much he looks like Youji too.

      You’re another one who hates Usami from Junjou Romantica? lol~ @Shirokaze! You have a nakama desu yo! XDD

  5. Like I said in another comment around the site, Kyouichirou looks like a bishier Youji XD, or otome like you said xDDDDDD.

    Senge and Shigure are my favs, period.

    :K me wants, no news about Kyo-kun’s seiyuu?

    1. @Asamisa: Nope… can’t tell from the fake name. So we’re all waiting for his voice samples ^^ I hope he sounds good! I like all the semes heh

  6. Every time you post from issues of this mag I think more and more that I need to subscribe, despite the fact I don’t play otome or BL games. I just want the pics..*sigh*

  7. it was all good till u mentioned junjuooooo
    *takes image away from her mind*

    yukata moe…
    “Don’t we just love that human sandwich featuring an uke with two hot semes?”
    *starts hyperventilating*

    1. i really really dont like the plot of junjou nor of hatsukoi :/
      the only story i like from the author is hybrid child.
      most people complain about the art style lol, my problem is her character and plot development UGH
      i hate almost every char of hers lol

    2. @Shirokaze: AH~ icic yeah the characters can be annoying lol~ XD people in love are idiots.

      Once you get used to the art style its ok… plot and character development is definitely important :)

      Hybrid child was really touching (;_;) I’m looking forward to the anime next year!

  8. obey or die? OMG HAHAHAHAHA I choked on coke because of that XD!! b-but his face doesnt even seem like a sadistic type at all Zomg xDDDD;;; Hino Satoshi!! OTL you did it again! another Oresama role OTLLLL

    gahh I love all seme in this game *q* I dun think that’s even possible?!! OTL and the uke looks promising xD ;;; sexyyy uke… I dun care if he’s otome TAT… okay maybe I do… but as long as his H voice doesnt turn me off lol

    1. @K.K. Kondou Takashi’s sadistic seme will be something to look forward to hehehe.

      Does Hino Satoshi get cast as the stoic military man much? :D

      Yeah you said it… I REALLY hope the uke’s seiyuu has a yummy H voice.

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