BL Game: Sweet Pool Artbook, Drama CD, Manga, Novel

Sweet Pool Drama CD

Okay… I admit it. This is just an excuse for me to post a sweet pool pic.

But the news is real XD

1) Sweet Pool BLCD, titled deep sky (Release cancelled)
Damage: 3,675 Yen (w/tax)

It comes with a Comi-comi gift if you pre-order early enough. The original release doesn’t include any specials tho. I think maybe Nitro+ knows it’ll still sell like hot cakes even if they don’t give us anything extra. *_* Same for the Sweet Pool OST. Sigh~

Update 24 April 2009: Delayed/cancelled… so comi-comi cancelled my order. SIGH.

But in its place, another drama CD titled sweet pool Drama CD -everblue- will be released on 29 June 2009.

Can you explain the rationale behind this? *scratch head* “Due to various circumstances” they say… anyway hopefully the staff are ok. Well as for -everblue-… better than nothing XP. Same price as deep sky.

2) Sweet Pool Manga:
Sweet Pool Vol 1 (release 27 June 2009)
Sweet Pool Vol 2 (release February 2012)
Price: 590 Yen (w/o tax) each

It will be first published in BE-BOY GOLD August issue on 27 June 09.

The manga will be created by mangaka 車折まゆ.

3) Sweet Pool Official Visual Fan Book
Price: 2625 Yen (w/tax)
Release date: 1 June 2009

Check out my review here. Or get it from CDJapan, Comi-comi or Playasia (free shipping)

Sweet pool Visual Fan book / B'sLOG COLLECTION / Enterbrain

And by the way… there’s also an artbook that was released back in March.
4) Title: Nitro+CHiRAL Official Works ~Sweet Pool~ Pretty pretty!
Price: 1800 Yen (w/tax)
Total: 64 pages (16 colour pages.)
Sweet Pool Drama CD

5) Sweet Pool Novel
893 Yen (w/tax)
Release: October 2011
Author: 栗城偲 Kuriki Shinobu
Illustrator: オニツカセージ Onitsuka Seiji

Different from the manga and game, the novel is written from Tetsuo’s point of view.

Just savour over the lovely bishonens in one more pic :3

Sweet Pool Drama CD

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22 thoughts on “BL Game: Sweet Pool Artbook, Drama CD, Manga, Novel”

  1. Yeah =D I wasted too much of my money collecting manga and i missed out on the one-coin figures release dates and now i can’t seem to find any! :(

    Oh yeah, just wondering, how long did it take for your fanbook to arrive? I’m quite worried since Hong Kong airmail seems to be have some problems or sth =/

    1. Nah, collecting manga isn’t a waste cos you enjoyed reading them! Oh dear… yeah the one-coins are all out of stock… but keep looking!

      Free shipping from Playasia usually takes about 2 weeks or less to reach me ^^ don’t worry! I think they maybe a bit slower cos of the Christmas season.

  2. *cries* Wahh that makes me really happy to hear…TTATT I’m honestly not good though.
    I’ve been in a slump with my drawings sense last year i havnt really drawn anything. But i recently brought me a new drawing tablet sense my other one died a long while back. Your words have giving me some confidence thank you~;_;
    Maybe one day it be nice to make a artbook.

    1. Gambatte ne! I’m looking forward to your works XD I really want to own your artbook! You must let me know ah~
      Woo~ and have fun with your new tablet! XD

  3. love the new picture~

    I saw scans for it up on aarinfantasy…i didn’t want to download, but curiosity got the best of me.;

    I really loved what i saw. I wasn’t to fonds of the digital sketches but the pencils sketches were great! Totally worth the buy. I hope to get it to add to artbook collection~

    1. Yea, its the new pic they put up for everblue drama cd ^^ since the previous one was delayed, I moved it down *sniffs*

      I bought the artbook but I downloaded the scans anyway… salutes the person who did the scans XP Yea, the concept works are very interesting. I love to see the process of how they arrived at the final images that were published.

      Btw, I think you draw really well! I couldn’t leave a comment on your blog cos I didn’t sign-up for an account there XP I’ll buy your artbook too if you released one! XD

  4. Yes dear, i realize it’s another nice excuse to post SP pic.

    I think i can spare 1800Y++ for Sweet Pool’s pretty artwork.
    But no rush…this isn’t something limited is it?
    Who knows they might release some blah blah Sweet Pool complete box/limited box in the future.

    1. Let’s hope so! I definitely want this book in my collection. It is not limited so it’ll be around for sometime. Unless you’re a first-press purist, I don’t think there’s a big urgency to buy it. XD

      Scans of the book are out there already tho’ :O

  5. okay lets see

    i got
    The red road
    Diving deep
    The hunger

    the two ending i can’t seem to get are
    Miracles may(violin)
    Miracles may
    I dont want to spoil anything so the ending descriptions are here *contains spoilers*
    I had reinstalled the game just to see if i could get that ending but i couldn’t so i don’t know what i am doing wrong ;_;

    1. I used the same capture guide that you found and completed all the endings. Here’s the link again:

      I think maybe you missed one or two options along the way? Cos the story is kinda long, so it is easy to click the wrong option when you’re tired XP I loaded my disk again. Phew fortunately I didn’t delete the save files ^^

      After you completed The Red Road, do the Tetsuo x Youji route again using the capture guide above and at 哲雄と別れ際, choose 理性 (Rational) and subsequently all Rational options. When you get to a point where the boys jump into the pool, you’re on the right track. Here you should be able to choose Instinct/Rational option to get to Miracles May endings. Rational will get the train ending and Instinct will get the Miracles May (violin) ending. Good luck XD

  6. yea i was referring to the train special ending and the other ending…i forget what its called…i have to search;;

  7. omg a manga!*__*
    Aww i can’t wait more sweet pool goodness~
    The front cover of the artbook has to be my most favorite of all the art works i have yet to see. So pertty~
    (I never did get to get that ending in the game…try and tried but i think maybe i was missing another ending..;-;)

  8. I absolutely can’t wait till the manga come out. I’m not really fond of the mangaka’s style of art but I think it will suit Sweet Pool well. It’s so painful how they release everything June (so far away >.<) minus the artbook.

    1. @jayers: yea, I think maybe she’ll also modify her art to make it look more like the original sweet pool style. Well, before you know it, June will be here! Quite a number of highly anticipating items coming up in June. Crimson Spell drama CD and BL Game Lucky Dog are also coming up in June!

      @Fuuga: Me too! The manga will fill us up with with more sweet pool love XD Mmm I think we’ll all buy the artbook just cos of the cover itself. It is so lovely… The artbook cover art wasn’t part of any ending so no worries hehe. If I remember correctly… XD Or were you referring to the special ending at the train station that only appears after you completed Tetsuo x Youji’s Instinct ending?

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