BL Game: Starfighter Eclipse Visual Novel (HamletMachine)

Just found out about this kickstarter project today :D

The project has already reached it’s funding goals just 15 days into its funding phase but you can still chip in and get a piece of the English sci-fi BL action! Pledge US$15 to get access to the game when it is launched :3 Pledge more to get more goodies and help unlock stretch goals!

Find out more at the kickstarter page.

Title: Starfighter Visual Novel: Starfighter: Eclipse
Started by: HamletMachine ( You can read her full 18+ comic here too!
Kickstarter page:
Deadline: 26 Apr 2014
Goal: US$70,000 (reached)
Estimated release: March 2015

Official description (excerpts): Creating a visual novel based on the webcomic Starfighter!

Starfighter: Eclipse

We are looking to create an adult visual novel based on the webcomic Starfighter. Visual novels are interactive games in which the player can choose different outcomes to a narrative, sort of like a visual choose-your-own-adventure, but this time, with all the romance, drama, and sci-fi action of the Starfighter universe! You’ll be able to interact with familiar characters (and some new ones, too!), but don’t worry if you’re not caught up on the comic — this visual novel will be made for both long-time followers and newcomers!


The basics of the game will be as follows: you start out as a Fighter (yes, a brand new one) who joins a crew for a dangerous reconnaissance mission. You are introduced to the world and your new Navigator. The regular cast of Starfighter characters will appear, although this story won’t specifically be set in webcomic timeline (think of it more as a side mission of the current series). There will be lots of character development and new, exclusive art.

We hope to have the game done in early Spring of 2015. I know that seems like a long time, but there’s a ton of hard work that will go into the game and we want to make it really special for you! (Plus, you’ll always have the weekly Starfighter pages to keep you company!)

Try the game demo here and remember to check out the Kickstarter page!

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3 thoughts on “BL Game: Starfighter Eclipse Visual Novel (HamletMachine)”

  1. Ohh I have read this before, it’s pretty good(and very kinky).
    Hoping to be able to try the game when it’s out. I’d probably pay for this one(which is very rare for me when it comes to English visual novels).

  2. Oh man this is exciting!! Why has no one commented on this here?!XoX Blows my mind~
    In only a few days 70,000….whaaaa I could quick my job for a year with that…so nice~….;_;
    It’s been so long since i’ve stayed updated with the comic. I wonder if it is finished yet?

    1. @dandycorset: as of today, the funding has already crossed the $110k mark! :D I’m happy for hamlet machine. The comic is still ongoing. The game will be a side story.

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