BL Game: Shingakkou – Noli me tangere (PIL/SLASH)

BL game Shingakkou – Noli me tangere +神学校-Noli me tangere-+ by PIL/SLASH

Title: Shingakkou – Noli me tangere +神学校-Noli me tangere-+
Publisher: PIL/SLASH
Date Available: 30 March 2011
Price: 8,925 Yen (w/tax)
Rating: 18+
Genre: Mystery, occult.
Official site:
Soundtrack: 神学校 -Noli me tangere- サウンドトラック (2,500 Yen)
Original soundtrack release from “Shingakkou – Noli me tangre -” featuring all BGM, intro & outro themes, plus outro theme of mini game “Shingakkou Bancho“, two unreleased songs, and more for 50 tracks total on 2 discs. Comes with a booklet.

All cast are using pseudonyms and are guessed from their voice samples and names. They include: Miyata Kouki 宮田 幸季 (voicing 2 main twin characters), Midorikawa Hikaru 緑川 光, Kishio Daisuke 岸尾 だいすけ, Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央, Narita Ken 成田 剣 and Kaji Yuki 梶 裕貴.

Summary and setting:

The story is set at an ancient seminary located at the suburbs during the period when England is recovering from the world war. The seminary is like the monastries of old, strict in discipline and known for its school tradition of simplicity and modesty. The seminary produced many eminent clergyman. It also has a traditional domitary/hostel system. The students spend their days in the school studying and in prayer.

Among the students, there’s one by the name of Michael who is both excellent and devout. He is a pastor’s son and grew up in a church-going environment. He is determined to become a servant of god, just like his father and has a strong faith.

However, tragedy struck on Christmas eve when he returned home. His parents and little sister perished in a fire before his very eyes. The cruelty and reality of the tragedy silenced the voice which had so naturally sang praises of God in the past and turned them into curses and fiery vows for revenge.

Christmas eve, who is the person who caused the death of his family?
And what is the meaning of the carved seal engraved on the wall that Michael saw on the night of the fire?

Soon, a hidden devil worshipping secret society surfaces from the depths.
The young man with the name of the angel Michael, steps inside the realm of the taboo in search of the truth.

Michael Levi マイケル・レヴィ (CV:東城直樹) is Miyata Kouki 宮田幸季

Details: Grew up in a working class, loving family made up of faithful pastors. Father is a pastor and family is made up of his mother, twin brother and a very young sister. Enrols in father’s alma mater boarding school seminary with the wish to become a clerygyman. He is a brilliant student of strong faith and is appointed as a school prefect (I think) who supervises the student body. He has a strong sense of justice and does not budge even when dealing with the upperclassmen. Although he used to be a mischevious boy, he works hard at watching his own conduct and performing his duties well. However, after the incident happened, he becomes depressed and loses his faith and interest in his studies. He hates God and openly shows his irritation and stops smiling. Only his wish to discover and expose the truth of the incident helps him tolerate the days in the seminary.

Gabriel Levi ガブリエル・レヴィ (CV:東城直樹) is Miyata Kouki 宮田幸季

Details: Michael’s twin brother. Fourth year student. His physical features, like face and height is exactly like Michael. They have opposite personalities. He is like an easily distracted and mischievous child and often wanders aimlessly. He is optimistic and positive. After the incident, he is anxious about Michael and tries his best to encourage him. Although he talks a lot when he is with Michael, he is actually extremely shy among other people. He is fond of giving strange nicknames.

Cecil Coward セシル・カワード (CV:空乃太陽) is Kishio Daisuke 岸尾だいすけ (Makoto from Sweet Pool)

Details: Michael’s close friend. His classmate and roommate from the same dorm. Calm and quiet person who does not fight with others or raise his voice. He is always smiling and watching at the side at the mischievous pranks others play. However, he is tough at the core and has a strong mental strength. He has chestnut coloured hair and green eyes. A faithful disciple of God. He is part of the choir and has a beautiful voice. He looks like an angel from religious paintings. Somehow he doesn’t want to talk about his family or his past before he enrolled in the seminary.

Niel Lowell ニール・ローウェル (CV:スモール佐藤) is Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央 (Gian Carlo from Lucky Dog 1)

Details: Year six student. The most senior upperclassman. Notorious playboy and bad student. Smokes within the campus without a care for others. There are also rumours of him visiting bars and other dangerous places that a seminary student should not be found in. He is one of the “seven mysteries” in the seminary because he does not get disciplined for his actions. 。He has a head of wild looking red hair and clear eyes, like a Latin American man straight out from a love scene. He always brings up his Lowell family precepts during conversations as if they’re the golden rules. He is good at sleigh-of-hand.

Leonid Owen レオニード・オーウェン (CV:氷河流) is Midorikawa Hikaru 緑川光 (Shiki from Togainu no Chi)

Details: Most senior upperclassman. Supervises the student body, a very strict head of the prefects. He is excellent in everything, studies, conduct and character and is given the role of top head prefect. He has the power to discipline students, and is consider a super elite student. He excels in his studies and is the top student. Extremely high pride and quiet. Where necessary, he is good at delivering speeches. Never indulges in small chatter or talk. Very detached from others. The lower classmen view him with awe like he was the emperor of God. Descendant of a fallen noble from Russia. He has silver long hair, ice blue eyes and a beautiful face.

August Macleod オーガスト・マクラウド (CV: 青島刃) is Narita Ken 成田剣 (Ryuuzen from Omerta)

Details: He is rare among the various orderly and strict teachers because he is soft and friendly to the students. He teaches Latin. He has a gentle gaze and always has a smile on his face. Often cracks jokes and makes everybody laugh. He often lets students who break the rules go and his presence is important to many students in the seminary. He enjoys playing football with the students and is like an elder brother to them rather than a teacher. He is very good friends with Father Lazarus who is an older and serious man. After the incident where Michael lost his family, he would occasionally console him after his return to the seminary.

Update: 14 February 2011

They prepared a Valentine’s Day special with voiced messages… but hidden away on the site. *whispers* They probably had no time to do a page for it :P

It is actually located on the logo on the official site:

Click on it and you’ll get to hear various voiced Valentine messages randomly interspersed with messages about the date of release of the game which is on 30 March 2011.


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8 thoughts on “BL Game: Shingakkou – Noli me tangere (PIL/SLASH)”

  1. This game is quite intriguing. When I read “Noli me Tangere,” I thought the setting might be old Spanish or sort. Maybe it’s from the main character saying “Don’t touch me?”

    BTW, its cast of seiyuus are inviting. Haha. Miyata Kouki is the uke? Haha. Looking forward to Midori.

    1. @GlaringDream: I didn’t know what it meant at first but now that I do, I agree with you. :3

      Miyata Kouki’s character, Michael gets to top other characters too. Not sure if it includes all the main characters but so far I’ve seen CGs of him topping 2 of the boys voiced by Kishio Daisuke and Suzuki Tatsuhisa. Who knows… he may also get to self-cest like Hirakawa Daisuke did in Kichiku Megane, since he is also voicing the twin brother.

  2. I haven’t played PIL/SLASH’s games before but it sure is going to be disturbing haha xD
    I think Narita Ken is voicing one of the pastors. Judging from the voice samples, he doesn’t seem to be the bad guy? or voices can be deceiving :p
    And yeah, Kishio Daisuke and Kaji Yuki always voice those cute helpless uke, oh well they’re used to it lol

    Was hoping Midorin to voice a normal looking character :p just feels weird hearing his voice coming out of a long haired bishonen. Loved his voice in blcds like Rakuen No Uta and games like Steal!, STAMP OUT, Hanamachi Monogatari etc. What are some of your most favorite voice actors?

    1. @chibi: I haven’t played their games before but I’ve seen game CGs of their previous works. I have a strong feeling Narita Ken may be playing the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing type judging from his suggestive sounding valentine message lol.

      Hahaha but they sure are good at it, Kishio and Kaji X3 *pounces them*

      Midorin’s long haired character looks quite yummy and his voice samples sounds dark and sexy. I also like long-haired guys so its fine with me :D Some of my favourite voice actors include Yusa Kouji, Kamiya Hiroshi, Hatano Wataru, Toriumi Kousuke, Sakurai Takahiro, Sugita Tomokazu, Ono Daisuke, Nojima Kenji etc etc.. :D

  3. looks like it’s going to be very dark themed…i bet that fat dirty old pastor is going to victimize our poor protagonists lol. His character design is sure disturbing, such a taboo for a BL game -_-

    Decent list of voice actors, although its disappointing to see my favorite Midori voicing a long haired bishi. Daisuki as usual voices that kind of characters…Love Yuki Kaji too, although his voice is too high pitched sometimes >_>

    1. @chibi: Yeah, I think it’s going to be disturbing and full of non-con the way PIL/SLASH’s works are =_=;; And they seem to be going on a serious note. So it’s even more disturbing due to the setting. I think it has great potential in terms of storyline tho’ and I like the seiyuus of the main characters. Their sound samples sound really good. Conflicted feelings. When Narita Ken’s name popped up I was thinking is he going to be the hentai? Lol~ But he MAY turn out to be a mentor type from the looks of it. As for Kishio Daisuke and Kaji Yuki’s characters in this game, they look like 85~99% girly :P The mains voiced by Miyata Kouji seem ok tho. What kind of character were you hoping for Midorin to voice? Anyway, I’ll try to put up the rest of the information soon.

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