BL Game: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Film Noir, Mafia BL (Karin Entertainment)

10 February 2011 update: two more 18+ images added at official site!


A rather exciting 18+ PC BL game title to look forward to in 22nd April 2011.

Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ is the latest Boys Love game by Karin Entertainment whose last PC BL title was the deliciously gothic-horror themed Animamundi: Dark Alchemist アニマ・ムンディ 終わりなき闇の舞踏 Anima Mundi: Owarinaki Yami no Butou way back in 2004.

Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite has been on my watch-list ever since I found out about it a few months back. We know how often BL games get canned or delayed but fortunately things went on smoothly. It is now up for preorder at the official site!

Omerta is defined as a code of silence practiced by the Mafia; a refusal to give evidence to the police about criminal activities. Set in future Japan. Film-noir theme. Modern Tokyo is now a dystopian immigrant city ruled by crime syndicates. Stirring passions between hot-blooded men entangled in hatred, love, betrayal and loyalty. They classified it under: Love and Revenge Hard BL Game (愛と復讐のハードBLゲーム) genre. We can expect violence, blood and gore amidst probably equally hard male x male loving. Like a cross between Togainu and Lucky Dog 1. Can’t wait! There’s both the Mafia and an Asian crime syndicate involved in the story… so are they also taking a cue from popular Finder series that has a cheongsam (qipao) donning crime boss who happens to have long hair too? The scenario writers are: 菜摘かんな/青芝隣/ハイボリューム.

As expected, the art is dark, stylish and edgy looking. Also, you get 8 handsome and manly characters to feast your eyes on! Yes, the main uke is masculine! I absolutely love manly ukes XD Some characters are reversible too. Meaning you can see them both as uke and seme! *licks lips* YUM~ XD~ Unless of course you are the shortest, shota-ish character who is destined to be uke to everybody until you grow to a decent seme-level height ^^;;;

Anyway, I love the pairing chart that the official site has put up. This chart shows the seme/uke relationships from the point of view of JJ, the main character. So if I intepret it correctly, if a character is listed as seme, it means he is a seme to JJ and so on. So our main character gets to top 3 guys in this game and is a bottom to 5 of the semes. I can’t wait to see all the CGs!!!

Character design by a relatively new artist 立石 涼 (Tateishi Ryo) who has done mostly BL novel illustration work since 2008. I checked out some of them which are on sale at Amazon Japan. The covers are pretty to look at but I think he/she really shined with Omerta. The art-style is like a cross between Onitsuka Seiji オニツカ セージ (Sweet Pool) and Takashina Yuu 高階佑, who is also one of my favourite BL novel illustrators/mangaka.

You can now order the First Press Luxurious Edition (sold out) directly from Karin Entertainment website (Japan only)
Price: 8,190 Yen (w/tax)
Release Date: 22 April 2011
Genre: Love and revenge hard boy’s love adventure
Official site: Link

However, I’ll wait and see if other web stores will come with exclusives and tokutens before placing my order. They are usually announced and finalised closer to the actual shipping date.

・JJ ……………… 城ヶ崎仁
・遠野 梓 (とおの あずさ) …… 金田亮
・橘 陽司 (たちばな ようじ) ……… 藍斗勇輝
・藤堂 庄一郎 (とうどう しょういちろう) …………… 星乃煌児
・霧生 礼司 (きりゅう れいじ) …………… 大石けいぞう
・瑠夏・ベリーニ (るか べにーに) …………… 平井達矢
・宇賀神 剣 (うがじん けん) …………… 紀之
・劉漸 (りゅうぜん) …………… 青島刃

Character description

JJ (CV:城ヶ崎仁) Rumoured to be Iida Toshinobu 饭田利信
Nickname: デスサイズ(死神) Death Scythe
Nationality: Japan
Weapon: Old-type M16A2 Rifle, べレッタ M92F
Hide-out: Various places in the city. Currently in an abandoned apartment (I think)
Details: Protagonist of the story. Hired killer (hitman) with a reputation. Works for any organisation who hires him. Like an unrestrained lone wolf. Hates staying at the same place. Trusts no one. Puts his faith only in himself and money. Cold demeanor and mean-mouthed. Couldn’t-care-less type. Yet, he is charismatic and draws people to him.

遠野 梓 (とおの あずさ) Toono Azusa (CV: 金田亮) Rumoured to be Fujiwara Yuki 藤原祐規
Nickname: 鮮血の針 アイスピシク Ice Pick (lol~)
Nationality: Japan
Weapon: デリンジャー, FN ブローニング M1910
Hide-out: Various places in the city. Staying with JJ now.
Details: Young man who is staying with JJ. Witnessed his parents’ murder. He tried to take revenge on JJ but was overpowered and raped by him instead. JJ doesn’t seem to want to get rid of the boy and they now stay together. While he continues to look for an opportunity to kill JJ, they now have a strange and unexplainable relationship.

橘 陽司 (たちばな ようじ) Tachibana Youji (CV: 藍斗勇輝) He first appeared in Hanakage. Still a mystery.
Nickname: 浪花のマシンガン Machine Gun of Naniwa (Old name for Osaka region)
Nationality: Japan
Weapon: スコービオン, ワルサー P38
Hide-out: Various hotels in the city.
Details: A freelance hitman like JJ. Comparatively more relaxed and easy-going than JJ. Apart from their occupation, he is the complete opposite of JJ. He is generally not interested in the affairs of others but he cannot help feeling a closeness with JJ and will call out to him and even point his gun at him whenever there’s an opportunity. Unlike JJ, he finds Azusa a nuisance. (Uwaaa~ Kansai-ben! MOE~~~~~)

藤堂 庄一郎 (とうどう しょういちろう) Toudou Jyouichirou (CV: 星乃煌児) No idea who ^^;;;
Nickname: 教授 プロフェッサー Professor
Nationality: Japan
Weapon: H&K, MP5
Hide-out: Mansion near the bar. 7th floor.
Details: Epilogue Bar owner. He can make people feel at ease with his presence. Information broker and weapons dealer. Middleman for the crime syndicates. If he doesn’t like you, you won’t be able to survive in the society. If you get on his good side, he can recommend you good jobs. There are numerous hitmen who sleep with him for jobs.

霧生 礼司 (きりゅう れいじ) Kiryuu Reiji (CV: 大石けいぞう) It’s manly uke-mode Kondo Takashi 近藤隆 :D I like!
Nickname: 地獄の猟犬 デスハウンド Death Hound
Nationality: Japan
Weapon: スタームルガーレッドホーク
Hide-out: キングシーザー King Caesar HQ in Tokyo
Details: He owes his life to King Caesar’s boss, Ruka Belini. He is passionately loyal to him and is willing to give up his life anytime for him. He is incredibly straight and inflexible. He does not trust JJ because he is not part of their organisation. When JJ’s abilities are recognised by the boss, he begins to develop mixed feelings of envy and admiration towards him.
My seiyuu prediction: Hatano Wataru ^^ but Nojima Hirofumi would be nice too.

瑠夏・ベリーニ (るか べりーに) Ruka Belini (CV: 平井達矢) (Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔, his second caucasian BL game role . His first was in Vivid Color’s Hanakage 花陰 and he voiced Kichiku Megane in Spray’s 鬼畜眼鏡)
Nickname: 眠れる獅子 ナンナレオーネ Sleeping Lion
Nationality: Japan (Half Italian)
Weapon: ベレッタ M93R
Hide-out: キングシーザー King Caesar HQ in Tokyo
Details: He was one of the rowdy lads in the organisation in the past. He becomes more stable after taking over King Caesar as the boss. He treasures the bonds of the “family” greatly and is a traditional guy who takes over the position even though he feels he is not cut out for it. He has a hidden side where he is the type who does not leave anything to chance. Only a few in the family knows about this aspect of him.
My seiyuu prediction: Seems like a character Yasumoto Hiroki / Suwabe Junichi will sound perfect as.

宇賀神 剣 (うがじん けん) Ugajin Ken (CV: 紀之) Sugiyama Noriaki 杉山 紀彰 :D Britain in Hetalia! Tsundere-megane but I can’t remember his BL roles cos I don’t think I liked his uke voice. I’m not sure how he sounds like now. Must go do my homework. he didn’t do any BL before this! :D
Nickname: 氷の処刑台 ノークライキラーNo Cry Killer
Nationality: Japan
Weapon: スタームルガーMK1
Hide-out: High floor mansion near the coastal area.
Details: Chinese crime syndicate, Dragon Head’s second-in-command below the boss, Ryuuzen. He is the secretary and conveys messages for Ryuuzen who does not show his presence often. To most of the subordinates, they take whatever Ugajin says as Ryuuzen’s orders. He exudes an exceptional presence and commands obedience from others. He wears a fitted suit and carries a white handkerchief (i.e. the obsessive compulsive megane clean freak lol~) when he is out. A tactician who hides his emotions well.
My seiyuu prediction: He pretty much screams “I will be voiced by Yusa Kouji!!” to me. Nobuo Tobita would be awesome too.

劉漸 (りゅうぜん) Ryuuzen/Liu Jien (CV: 青島刃) Narita Ken 成田剣 :O He does sound scary :-]
Nickname: 虐殺の帝王 キング・ジェノサイド King Genocide (scary~)
Nationality: China (Hong Kong)
Weapon: デザートイーグル
Hide-out: ???
Details: Boss of Chinese crime syndicate Dragon Head. Ambitious and uses all sorts of ways to expand his territory. Self-centered (Kichiku) and naturally cruel. He treats his subordinates as tools and pets at his pleasure. He does not show his face often and remains a mystery to most.
My seiyuu prediction: Hmm… I don’t know… :3

Tokuten info update 23 December 2010:
Some product pages are not up yet.
1) Official Karin Store ~
Tokuten Drama CD 特典ドラマCD 「ホオズキの実の結ぶ頃」
Featuring: 宇賀神剣 and 劉漸

2) Animate Japan ~
Tokuten Drama CD 特典ドラマCD 「Sushi職人は誰だ」
Featuring: JJ, 遠野梓, 橘陽司, 霧生礼司, 宇賀神剣, 劉漸

3) Messe oh
Tokuten Drama CD 特典ドラマCD 「幹部の赤提灯」
Featuring: 橘陽司, 霧生礼司, 宇賀神剣

4) Comicomi-Studio
Tokuten Drama CD 特典ドラマCD 「海水浴でGO!」
Featuring: JJ, 遠野梓, 橘陽司, 宇賀神剣

5) Seagull
Tokuten Drama CD 特典ドラマCD 「ボランティア活動」
Featuring: JJ, 遠野 梓, 橘 陽司, 藤堂 庄一郎

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16 thoughts on “BL Game: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Film Noir, Mafia BL (Karin Entertainment)”

  1. I think Tachibana Youji seiyuu is Suzumura Kenichi.
    He’s from Osaka like Tachibana and his voice remembers me Masato from UtaPri sometimes hehe

  2. HOLY CRAP!!! XD I just realize something ahahahhaha xD!!

    Iida san’ pseudonym 城ヶ崎仁 pronunciation= Jougasaki jin = JJ

    OMG!@! LOOOOL! GEINUS!!! <33 for a newbie this is awesome.!

  3. @ponytale – I kinda get the reasoning, but I think for some of them, considering the amount of BLCDs they’ve already done, I’d have to say that ship has definitely sailed. Then again, it’s still funny when you think about it: they’re not ok with their under 18 fans seeing the graphic stuff they’ve voiced, but they’re ok with them listening to all their hardcore smexing? Lolz.

    Aw, it’s censored? Bummer. I hate it when they do crap like that. I actually got Enzai when it came out because it was one of the first English-released BL games that I knew about. Extreme smuttiness aside, I thought the illustrations were pretty mediocre and the storyline was boring. Plus, I also think they censored that one too because some of the screenshots I’ve seen never appeared in the game.

    I also tried playing Kannagi no Tori; that really was the only untranslated yaoi game I’ve attempted. As you can imagine, since I had no idea what the heck was going on, I was completely confused. I kinda lost interest midway.

    J-list used to sell Animundi for like $49.95…but I just checked and it’s no longer available there. Enzai and Absolute Obediance are available for $29.95 though.

    1. @Razberry: Hahaha yeah, I agree… I think they’re in a strange predicament ^^;;; And the cute thing is I’ve heard seiyuus say during their freetalks in BLCDs that there are female fans who write in and tell them that they have become mothers and they still support them and often listen to the dramas with their daughters (who are obviously under 18+) lol~

      Wow I think you can handle gore a lot better than I do :O I tried to play Enzai and I couldn’t go on. Never completed any route or even a bad end. It was so depressing to play. The overall gloom and doom atmosphere really got to me and I gave up on it. But I found the story quite interesting and read up on them from the web and watched the anime instead. I think the English versions were censored cos of local laws. Even the boys were “upgraded” to over 18 when they were originally below 16 if I’m not wrong.

      Kannagi no Tori has very pretty and cute pics! ^^ I’ve not played it before tho. Now that Togainu anime is out, maybe you can try playing the game since you can more or less figure out the story right?

      Yeah used to sell Animamundi to but its gone too. I think it is probably out-of-print now. Absolute Obedience was quite a hilarious riot and relatively easy to understand. You may want to give that a try too. If they censored it, I think there should be no big loss. I’m personally not too fond of Yura’s fleshy, big bottomed ukes in Absolute Obedience. Fortunately her ukes are more guyish in Miracle noton and Lucky Dog 1 :3

  4. Ponytale-san, why do seiyuus use fake names when they perform in BL games? I’ve always been curious about that. It can’t be that they’re ashamed of it, right? Cuz the stuff in BLCDs are just as raunchy.

    The art looks really pretty! I won’t be able to play the game so I look forward to seeing more images from it. Btw, is Animundi any good? That is at least available in English so I’ve always wondered if it was worth buying. Thanks!

    1. @Razberry: They usually use fake names when they voice 18+ stuff that has explicit visuals, such as Hentai anime, BL anime like Sensitive Pornograph and 18+ BL/Otome games. I read somewhere that they do that to prevent their younger, under-18 fans from getting their hands on them. It probably worked in the past but I honestly don’t think that it is effective now thanks to the internet since everybody shares information about who they are. Also, I’ve read that they don’t want to have their names to be associated with too many 18+ titles cos it doesn’t look good on their resume lol~ :P

      But I don’t know the reason why they use their real names for BL games sometimes like in the 18+ PC version of Togainu no Chi, we have Midorikawa Hikaru using his real name while everybody else used fake ones…

      BLCDs are raunchy but there aren’t any visuals to go with it heh so I guess they thought it was okay lol~

      Animamundi has very good reviews. The English version is somewhat censored so the visuals won’t be as gory as the Japanese version. You can give it a try ^^ Have you played similar visual novels before? How much are they selling the title for now?

  5. @Ponytale
    RE: But better late than never!
    True that! Now if only there’s an update for Hadaka Shitsuji and Lucky Dog1+bad egg. It’s like they’re on hiatus or something. Well I just hope for the best and that they’re not forgotten…

    I don’t mind if it’s going to be a *cough*rapescene*cough* or something from RyuuzenxUgajin! XDD Ugajin seriously gives out this “女王+誘い受け” vibe!! And he’s got this Midou Takanori-feel from Kichiku Megane.❤ I can already see the result of the characters’s popularity ranking. XD

    I’d probably die on the spot if Kuroda Takaya uses his voice as Raoul…!! *_* There’s just something about his voice that fits the yakuza role so much!❤

    Yep the two are from Reborn alright. XD (Now I feel really geeky as a Reborn fangirl ///) Oh they should be confident alright, the casts aren’t even fully announced and with no 18+ teaser pictures, it’s already highly anticipated by many.❤ I have a feeling this game is going to be big. XD

    Thanks for the info! Shall go with EMS then!❤

    1. @hiroshichan: lol~ XD /megane-moe no nakama desu ne.

      @Valle: Hadaka Shitsuji is still in the works. I read about it in the recent B’s-log so yeah… its not dead or on hiatus. If I remember correctly, there was also a short story published in the mag. Just that they’re taking an incredibly long time to make the game. I get the feeling like it’s a doujin one-man show project like Tenennouji? Bad egg is still in the works too but no concrete release date or updates either.

      YES. Ugajin has such a strong Midou vibe! I really really wish he’ll be voiced by Yusa X3 I love 女王+誘い受け XDD Anything that has this type of uke, rape or not WILLBEHOTTTTTT XDD

      Kuroda Takaya is kinda typecast as Yakuza role lol~ but he sounds so good. Well, at least there are some of these lovelies to fill the emptiness left by a dropped Ai no Kusabi project :-\

      Yeah cos for titles like Nessa, we’re all kinda mentally prepared for a cliched plot, so the things that will attract us to buy are beautiful smexy CGs and seiyuus. But omerta woah… the plot sure looks like something else and with non-18+ art already so beautiful, we can be sure to expect even awesome 18+ content. Let’s hope we get our seiyuu wishlist too.

  6. omg…this looks delicious~~~ animamundi was first and only BL game i’ve completed, absolutely loved it, this one looks quite promising~~karin really doesn’t disappoint :D

  7. I feel stupidly slow for realizing this game only now. orz

    The feel to the game and the character design are to my liking. It looks like it’ll turn out pretty good, but who knows? XD I’m glad that the main character JJ gets to be both seme and uke towards certain characters, and he’s not the weak kind! Score!

    I heard that there’s going to be sub-pairings as well? I hope it’s true cos I’m already liking RyuuzenxUgajin.❤ And I totally agree with your seiyuu prediction for Ugajin! He’s got “Yusa Kouji” written all over his face. XD As for Ryuuzen, I don’t know why but I’m hoping for Kuroda Takaya for some reason.

    After listening to the sample voices, I’m pretty sure Azusa’s voiced by Fujiwara Yuuki as well. Nothing wrong about that. XD For JJ, at first I thought he sounded like Nojima Hirofumi with his deeper tone. But after Iida Toshinobu’s name was mentioned, I’m pretty much convinced. Now if only more sample voices were uploaded. (._.`)

    I’m planning to get this game as well, but I’m not sure if it’ll get pass Singapore’s custom. orz

    1. @Valle: Hey girl! :D Well, I read about it quite a while back from magazines and such. But better late than never! Cos besides the beautiful graphics, the premise shows a lot of promise! Yep yep, I love a strong manly uke! We don’t get that very often in BL games ^^

      There are a few couples who are supposedly having some sort of sexual tension XD I’m not sure but it’ll be awesome if there are sub-pairings! I definitely love to see RyuuzenxUgajin! Ah~ If Kuroda Takaya is cast as Ryuuzen and he uses his recent Ai no Kusabi anime Iason (oops typo) Rauol voice my GOSH he’ll so utterly awesome <3

      Icic, I'm not familiar with these two seiyuus but they're both cast in Reborn right? Yeah I'm looking forward to the remaining cast list and more voice samples ^^ I'm quite surprised that there isn't any 18+ pics or sample voices posted on the website. But that may also mean that Karin is confident enough about their title that they know they don't need to use sex to entice us to buy lol~ (unlike cough*nessa*cough but not that there's anything wrong with that either. XD)

      Mmm shouldn't be a problem with EMS or SAL… as long as you -don't- ship DHL or Fedex :3

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