BL Game: Nihon ni Natta Yoru (HardG.Lab)

Here’s one of those truly weird BL settings by a new doujin game company.

Title: Nihon ni Natta Yoru 2本になった夜 (From context, its like The Night where I grow 2 Penises) ^^;;
Price: ???
Date available: ???
Company: HardG.Lab
Platform: Windows
Genre: Campus life
Official site:

Quick summary:






So in general, the protagonist, Naruse Taki 成瀬多紀 is a normal, university student who ended up with TWO penises because of a lab experiment, no thanks to his lecturer, Saiyonji Tatsumi 西園寺 巽.

In order to change his body back, his lecturer told him to use his body to collect semen from other guys…

Will Taki be able to get his old body back successfully?

It’s like WTF!? plot what plot? lol~ XD

According to the old character settings, the characters seem to be reversible and have both seme and uke scenarios. But it is subject to change since the game is still being developed. Check out the official site for more information and character setting. Not confirmed if the game will be voiced yet.

The artwork is quite pretty :) The lecturer is typical sadist in a lab coat, kichiku megane.

Taki and his overprotective, childhood friend, Chiaki Yuuma 千秋悠馬

Pics from Cool-B January 2012

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17 thoughts on “BL Game: Nihon ni Natta Yoru (HardG.Lab)”

  1. I know that it is a common thing for Hentai stories to like give the girls a male organ, but in this context….there is already one there, so what is the need of one more?
    …Also, I can’t stop trying to figure out how in the world he can use two on one male, or is he supposed to have two partners at the same time?? O_o

    In conclusion, I’m ovethinking weird stuff and am starting to lose my mind (in shame) =___=

    1. @Wingmar: Beats me lol~ just a silly premise for an excuse for H-scenes :P but it sure gets our attention. With two, he can literally do a lot more, that’s for sure ^^;;

  2. …..It’s really hard for me to stop chuckling about the premise….

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what the heck they plan on doing with such an……”addition” to the BL game line….= 3=;;

  3. LOL, I never thought that I would see something like this. I mean, how far can the Japanese imagination go?

    Anyways, I’m looking foward to it! I wanna play it, I am very curious about it. Release date?

    1. @Mayon: *CHOKES* Gosh… that thought never crossed me mind! XDD Its definitely possible. I agree… the art style looks familiar but I’m not sure who the artist is.

    1. @TasukiHoneyBunny: Yeah :D The art style looks yummy! Lol~ the “plot” is just an excuse for the protagonist to do sexual stuff with guys ^^;;

  4. I laughed at the “what plot?” plot. Then it reminded me of Pigeon Blood for some reasons I won’t detail to avoid spoiling. Even though you’ll probably never watch Pigeon blood. Who wants to watch an insane non-yaoi SM ero-OAV whose main character (who’s supposed to be super bishie) is so badly drawn you’ll want to puke? Not that that anime doesn’t offer PLENTY of reasons to puke, but this one was #1 for me. Amen.

    Anyway… will stalk to know if Taki gets his old body back (or if the “plot” is completely forgotten halfway through like in that stupid Pigeon Blood anime arghlshgsdgsfffffff XD XD)

    1. @jyuri: Lol~ never heard of Pigeon Blood before… XD But if Yusa Kouji voices any character in there, I might just give it a try lollololl and prepare my bucket in case I puke XDD

    2. He doesn’t seem to be dubbing any character in there, so you can keep your bucket for later and keep Pigeon Blood for when you’re in need for extreme WTF and something surprising (will only discover them if you survive until the end of the OAV though).

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