BL Game: Make some Noize in DRAMAtical Murder, setting update (Bs-log vol 2011-12)

Feature on seme, Noize and other updates!

Updates from 2011 December issue B’s-Log Magazine published in 20 October 2011. Maybe old news for some of you but new to me :D You may have already seen some of the photos.

Some of the images you would have already seen in Cool-B November 2011 issue in my post updated here. According to the magazine introduction, seme ノイズ Noize’s relationship with Aoba 蒼葉 is interesting as we can’t really tell if they’re really on good terms or not. The pic below shows him with Koujaku where both of them getting into a fight at any second.

The row below are voice cast information. By the way, Noize’s voice samples will be up on Friday! :D

Next feature is about the older sub-characters, location setting (high class members-only entertainment centre, Platinum Jail) and daily life of the folks living in old town Midori-jima 碧島. As well as the possible gang-rape scene at the bottom right.

Toue 東江 on the left is the top boss who developed the Platinum Jail. And on the right is Akushima Keiji 悪島刑事 the policeman. He is probably a character with some shady dealings because his text header questions whether he is really a policeman who protects Midori-jima. His loudspeaker is his trademark.

The following illustration gives us a further peek into the daily lives of residents living in Midori-jima. The boys are gathered together with Aoba’s grandma and eating donuts. Really cute :3 Ah~ Mink is missing but I guess that’s expected because he is an antagonistic character. But then again, we never know :D

I’m very intrigued by the potential of Dramatical Murder’s stories and characters. These teasers are really exciting. Looking forward to the next update! And the merchandise too XD Visual artbooks and goods! The plushies and figures would be so cute and fun to have!

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11 thoughts on “BL Game: Make some Noize in DRAMAtical Murder, setting update (Bs-log vol 2011-12)”

  1. CLEAR! i really want to know what is behind the mask! *ready to take the mask* and well uhh… -.-” eating will all your semes? and the situation like a warm family? O.O GRANDMA! YOUR AO-CHAN WILL GET MARRIED WITH ONE OF THEM SOON! LOLZ! XDDD

    1. @Mito: Yeah, and if his voice samples sound so cute and yet turns out to be an oyaji behind the mask, then I really don’t know what to say lol~

      Grandma looks like such a feisty lady :D

  2. Having dinner with all of your semes and your grandma at the same time, oh yaoi XD
    (I wonder how the guy with a gaz mask does for drinking?)

    1. I like the idea of a happy family seme-harem XD
      Btw I just noticed… The background pic of Noize included an brain-ice cream?! o_o

  3. I am so excited for DMmD! Noize and Koujaku are my favourites and Aoba looks like he’s following decently enough along the lines of strong Nitro+ protags like Konoe and Youji (I never liked Akira but he came out during a time when those uke personalities were cool hehe) This made me so happy. (And the UtaPri boys, oh my *A*) This game cannot come out fast enough! Thank you for the update!

    1. @Tachibana: I love feisty ukes too :D Youji and Konoe are really endearing. Akira well… hehe he is cute the way he is too.

      They’re revealing Noize’s voice samples this week! Let’s look forward to it XDD

  4. Oh mannn. I could just gush over those backgrounds foreverrrr. <33 When the visual artbook comes out, I hope they have full spreads of just backgrounds, because man. They're gorgeouuus.

    Ahh, I'm way too excited for this game~! I've already got the money set aside for it, but February's gonna be an expensive month! DRAMAtical Murder, Hakuouki in English… oh geez~~

    1. @Puchi: There are 2 artbooks for Lamento featuring the background artworks and designs if I remember correctly. They probably would do that for DMMd too.

      Heh… its a happy problem :3 but we never know… there might be delays which is quite common for games.

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