BL Game: Lucky Dog 1 (Tennenouji)

Lucky Dog 1 (ラッキードッグ1) A new 18+ BL game created by Yura‘s doujin circle Tennenouji was released recently on 10 June 2009. With a damage of 4,935 Yen (w/tax), Comi-comi shipped it out real quick and it comes with a Tokuten/Special mini drama CD (Bakshi x Gian), so I got my hands on it early last week. Alas… I have yet to install the game… so much work to do and if I have it installed, the temptation to play the game would be too great *_*

What is the story about? Well… there’s something about four main guys of the mafia being captured and thrown into prison one after another… and something about the hero (who is also a prisoner. He should be the main uke but he gets to top other characters, it seems) given a chance of a lifetime. Being the “Lucky Dog”, if he manages to break out of prison with the other four prisoners successfully, he gets to become the mafia boss. Not too sure hahaha… talk about impulse buys ^^;;;

Lucky Dog’s promotional video is very well edited. Looks like a fun ride (or escape hehe). Have a quick peek at it here:

Packaging of the game was kinda plain with only the usual DVD case and a few page booklet/game guide. A little disappointing but the cover art is beautiful.

Yura’s art is bright, energetic and attractive. I really hope she did away with the -massive- hips on the boys this time. I was quite irked by it and went “my eyes my eyes!!!” when I played Zettai Fukujuu Meirei a.k.a. Absolute Obedience *_*

Yusa Kouji is one of the main reasons I bought the game. Although he has many BL drama works, it is relatively rare to have him voice BL games… from what I know so far, he was in Koibito Yugi (nope, I don’t have it), Kichiku Megane and Kichiku Megane R (deeeelicious!) and Sweet Pool (he is a non-H character here tho’)

Judging from the voice samples I heard on the official website, other dream cast seiyuus include Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Miki Shinichirou, Hirakawa Daisuke :D and relatively new seiyuu Iguchi Yuuichi who also voiced Yura’s other popular doujin game, Miracle Noton. (@Sigma/Fuuga, I think I finally found out who Hibiki’s seiyuu was lol~)

Since this is Lucky Dog 1, there’ll probably a sequel? Anyway, a BLCD titled Lucky Dog 1: Summer Chance is slated for release in August 2009. I’m still debating if I should preorder it.

A note about the Bakshi x Gian mini drama… “one-eyebrow” raising. Bullying in prison. Couldn’t recognise the seiyuu who voiced Bakshi. Well, I would rather have the Bernardo x Gian one (and they’ll go~ “Honey” and “Darling” like they did in the game hahaha) but it only comes with animate order which… unfortunately doesn’t ship internationally =_=

Official site:

Game character/cast List:

Gian Carlo ジャン・カルロ:タダノ ドウテイ (Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央)
Luchino Gregoretti ルキーノ・グレゴッティ:四季路 (Miki Shinichirou 三木 眞一郎)
Giulio Di Bondone ジュリオ・ティ・ボンドーネ:蒼井夕真 (Iguchi Yuuichi 井口祐一)
Ivan Fiore イヴァン・フィオーレ:平井達也 (Hirakawa Daisuke 平川 大輔)
Bernardo Ortolani ベルナルド・オルトラーニ:浅野要二 (Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二)
Bakshi Christensen バクシー・クリステンセン: 錦戸智久 (No idea who ^^;;;)
Racliffe Verhoeven ラドクリフ・フェルフーフェン: 篁翔 (No idea who ^^;;;)

Capture guides… anyone? (See:

Okie… I couldn’t resist installing the game after writing this post… ah hah hah… *shake head*

Update: There are 3 stages to clear… Prison Break, Road to Escape and Daivan (what’s that?) and you try to build your relationships with the 4 guys along the way :)

Lucky dog 1 manga, artwork by 渦八 and story by Tennenouji

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77 thoughts on “BL Game: Lucky Dog 1 (Tennenouji)”

  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your site when I looked for a review of ラッキードッグ1 which I’m playing right now. God, this game is really funny I can’t stop giggling and fangirling while playing this. Anyway, when I read that you are from Singapore, I’m so happy, and just want to say “Hi”! I’m based in Guangzhou, China right now but I used to live in Singapore and am still a PR! I’m a college student by the way… Anyway, if you ever want to come to Canton or any major Chinese city, be sure to come visit during convention season. The cosplayers here are amazing, I still can’t stop drooling over this one guy who cosplayed as Shiki from this BL game called Togainu no chi, teehee… Anyway, nice blog! I’m totally a fan now :D

    1. @Gwen: Happy new year! Glad you dropped by and enjoyed the blog! :D I haven’t been able to update as much as I liked in 2014 and hopefully I can write more this year. BL Cosplay eye-candy is awesome to behold XD Male BL cosplayers are rare aren’t they? You probably already know male Chinese cosplayers Baozi & Hana. They do awesome BL cosplays (♥o♥) I don’t follow cosplayers as much and usually know of them through events like AFA. Give me a buzz when you’re back in SG too :D Have an awesome 2015 filled with joy, bishies and lots of wonderful experiences! <3

    1. @Noir: Germany :D I would love to travel and visit all the European countries one day.

      Gambatte ne! You’ll be able to speak and read Japanese too! Be determined and learn the language ^^

  2. Singapore?Wow thats really far away,but sounds nice :)
    Yoroshiku onegai shimasu :)
    (I hope I’ve spelled it correctly ^^)

  3. Aw thanks,I’ll try my best^^
    But it seems that your Way worked because now you’re the one who can successfully help other people :) I’m really interested who you are and where you live?

  4. Thank you,maybe it’ll be easier now to buy it..I hope :)
    In comparison to you I feel a little bit silly,because it seems that you know so much about this,but I’m thankful for your help :)
    I don’t want to be curious or something, but how do you manage it?

    1. @Noir: Give it a try ^^ and let me know if you’re successful.

      Well, I did a lot of research and asked other people too before finding out about these online sites, so I also didn’t know how and where to buy at first. So don’t worry about it! You’ll be ok :)

  5. Hey,i’ve got a problem maybe someone can hel me?
    I can’t read or speak japanese and it’s really hard to buy games or something when the sites and the games are not translatet..maybe someone can help me a little bit

  6. lucky dog^_^
    wow this game looks awesome to play…ive seen this before but im not willing to when i get bored i tried to find my previous list of games and this game comes up in my mind..and thanks for this review, makes me want to play it a lot..<3:DD
    and so far…ivan fiore is my fav.character in the game and followed by gian..

    *kyaa!they are so cute 2gether(fangirl screams lolxd)

    1. @mikuru/Tsundere: yeah give it a try, especially if you like visual novels :) The character designs are fresh and interesting. I like all the seiyuus who voice them, especially Bernardo (Yusa Kouji) ^^ Ivan is a fav too!

  7. lucky dog^_^
    wow this game looks awesome to play…ive seen this before but im not willing to when i get bored i tried to find my previous list of games and this game comes up in my mind..and thanks for this review, makes me want to play it a lot..<3:DD

  8. Wow, the preview video almost convinced me it’s an anime instead. *is disappointed it’s not an anime lol*

    I’m listening to the drama cd now though, called Autumn Chance. Do you have any idea what’s the synopsis? From other fans, they say the drama cd is good..

    1. @hiroshichan: hey you never know… Togainu no Chi got animated right XD Maybe we’ll get Lucky Dog 1 anime some day!

      Ah~ Autumn Chance cd! I don’t have it but I’ll try to do a post on it as soon as I can ^^

    1. @sakuhime: have you changed the locale and language settings? :O You have to restart your computer after you make the changes. It usually works after that ^^

  9. Hi! Thanks for the link! It’s really helpful! ^^ But still the text isn’t japanese…? I have changed the settings to japanese but it’s still like that? I wonder if theres someting wrong with the game I downloaded… Could you tell where I could download a good one? ^^

    1. @Chocobocloudo: I bought the game so I don’t have any problems with it but I believe it should be a windows settings issue. Where did you download your game from? I think aarinfantasy forum has a working link. You can try that out :)

      @Haruko: I’m not sure. I bought it online from comicomi. ^^

  10. Hi! Yeah… something’s wrong because when i downloaded the game all the texts are like… i dunno… but you cant understand them! It’s not japanese…. it’s just some random letters… and i ended up game over all the time in the prison! WHY?! I’m so saaaad! TT____TT
    And is it bad if the luck goes down like to 60% … Am I supposed to talk to the other guys in the prison too or just to Bernardo and the others? Or do I have to pick one of them And just talk to that guy? Help mee please!

  11. Aa, I’ve seen that ! I never knew that was it though O=

    I’ve been watching videos for Lucky Dog OTPs lately. There are so many sad videos ~

    1. @chiitan: I haven’t finished completing all the routes actually XP The back-story of some of the characters are quite sad I think.

  12. wow, I never heard about that :D Hope they release it soon. It would be great ~

    Hahaha, right ? It just can’t be helped !
    I ended with another one of Giulio’s bad endings.. when he saved me in the end and ended up dying… Ahahaha, I was so emotionally attached to him~ I teared up when I realized he died and watched Giulio-related amvs to cheer myself up. LOL. Fail.

    I’m on the verge of getting a good ending for those two, ha ha.
    Since Giulio and Gian are my otp♥

    1. @chiitan: Yeah, I’m not sure if they’re still on sale.

      Lucky Dog 1 fan/treasure disk is coming out this year too! Looking forward to it XD

  13. I downloaded the game not too long ago. I find it really fun ~
    As I understand Japanese, I don’t need the translation, but it would be a lot easier with an english patch.
    Hopefully someone does make one. But considering how much effort and time that requires, I sincerely doubt that an english patch can be released any time soon.

    The first game over I had was pretty.. shocking @ @;;
    My poor Gian was assaulted;;;OTL
    And of course, I find Giulio the most adorable ♥

    1. Hi chiitan! Thanks for dropping by and commenting XD Yeah, an english patch would be really nice :3 We may even get an English release too since Zettai Fukujyu Meirei and Enzai was licensed in US XP

      ^^;;; the main uke in BL games always get assaulted a lot lol~ *cough* XD Yep yep Giulio is cuuutee!!!

  14. Yoroshiku!!! ^^ it’s okay… me also need to managed my school time,anime time, and game time oh including manga time~ XDDDDDDDD hahahahahahaha~

  15. geez thanks~ i get many information from you and esp game~ *love game* the for mat of the game… etoo… *check* actually i forget because i really mad after i can’t play it and delete it… =.=” oh my webside link?
    It’s a very simple blog anyway~ what about yours?

  16. Hey hey~ i’ve donwload the game but i can’t play it… how about that?? and i really look for the screencaps anyway~ ^^ can i change link with you?

    1. Hi Mito, sure! What’s your website link?

      Hmm… I bought the game so I have no problems playing the game with the disk ^^ what is the file format of the game you downloaded?

    1. Hmm… it IS a challenge if you don’t understand Japanese *_* I did a tutorial post on how to register for comi-comi account quite a while back… here’s the link (moved to a permanent page now). I’ll try to put up a ordering tutorial when I have time :)

  17. This game, and it’s Seiyuu are RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS. I consider it a deplorable lapse in my character to have only discovered it today.

    Would it be permissible to contact you personally about this game if you have played it? I have a few questions that i feel would be suited to you.

    1. lol~ don’t be too hard on yourself Chop! I’ve not completed it cos not much time to spend on playing. I only managed to get one or two bad endings *_* if you need a capture guide I can point you to a good one:

      Will email you later ^^

  18. Awww man, the game’s in jap? That’s sad, cause I dont understand any jap at all.
    Anyways, any awsome bl game to introduce? :D

    1. Yeah most BL games are full Japanese ^^ so online text translators help. So far only a few are US-licensed and translated to English, including Absolute Obedience and Enzai. Also created by Yura. Lucky Dog 1 is her doujin game release. Oh.. nearly forgot, Anima Mundi is also US-licensed too.

      I’ve not played many BL games. A couple others I’ve played before with very pretty CG were Hanamachi Monogatari and Silver Chaos Series. They have relatively simple plot-lines and easy to guess along and capture. Capture guides help too. Although they’re not the best games out there but I would consider them easy for the BL game newbie. As a start, you can also try the fans disks of popular games such as Bokura no Renai Shinrigaku, Togainu no Chi, and Kichiku Megane. They’re generally shorter and easier (for the beginner) to play. Also, I recommend all BL titles from Nitro+ which includes Togainu no Chi, Lamento and Sweet Pool. ^^

  19. Omg, I cant believe I found this amazing website! And I’m surprised that you are a Singaporean, because I am too! :D

    Have been finding people to review on Lucky Dog 1. Because I’ve been wanting to buy it ever since it was released. But there are somethings which I’m unsure about, do you mind letting me know some stuffs about the game? Firstly, is the game available in english? Or isit purely jap? Cause I dont want to be clueless on what my character is talking about. And isit available in Singapore? If not, where can I buy it! :D

    Thanks sosososo much!

  20. Ah~icic… I’m quite open to different character design styles and artwork. I do love Nitro+ BL artworks very much too.

    So far, Sweet Pool is the first (and so far the only) BL game that made me cry lol~ XD I think that’s only achievable cos it was meant to be a tragedy. I actually did care about these characters while playing and want to know what awaits them. I highly recommend it. Well, I also have a major weakness for Nitro+ goods… its quite scary (to my rational mind haha) so I have to turn on the self-control switch or it’ll seriously go overboard.

    Kyaa~ can I have the black Spaceman x sushi T, please? XD This measurement (sexpot revenge) fits me quite well :P

    M: Length 66cm x Garment Width 49cm x Sleeve Length 19cm x Shoulder Width 44cm (

  21. Anything my cousin’s gf said about the game is a private review. LOL~
    I think she’s not keen on the artwork and as a true worshiper of Nitro+ it’s hard for her to be objective. (said it herself).

    Bit different, my cousin’ gf thinks Sweet Poll is a bit let down.
    However she keeps buying every Sweet Pool goodies in sight. (said she was supichiiresu/speechless each time she sees Nitro+ goods)

    Oh dear, I forgot to tell you the -t-shirts are ready and *drops into whisper* kindly send me size of your fave t-shirt so i can send you one along with togainu clear folder.

  22. I’ve heard of Lucky Dog 1 before.
    But didn’t expect you’re getting it coz when i read Lucky Dog 1 review the author didn’t give so much booster. LOL
    It was lot different reading your review than my cousin’s gf. XD

    1. Miss you so much sweetie! *muacks* I wanted to comment on your updated blog yesterday evening but comments were disabled? *_*

      Well, I just started playing but first impression wasn’t too bad hehe… but I can’t comment too much about the plot cos I haven’t completed it. But I have to say, Sweet Pool has the kind story that’ll make me forgo sleep for consecutive days for the sake of completing it because it was just too engaging. I could still control myself with Lucky Dog… so far, although pretty high quality, it is more like an entertaining H-game to me lol~ Has your cousin’s gf completed it?

  23. lol out of those 200 epis half is major filler killer; i think bleach is the King of fillers;; *skipped them all as usual*;

    omg you got yuras classic gangrape scene OTL i think enzai was the only yura game were i got it on the first try. I think its because i was aiming for that one character it ended in disaster! TT_TT

    lol the ending sound interesting i can’t wait to play it! XD

    4-4am! I honestly wouldnt be able to survive. XoX

    1. I didn’t read Bleach manga, so I wouldn’t know which episodes to skip XP

      Yeah, Yura’s classic gang-rape ^^;;;; I didn’t complete any routes in enzai cos I gave up halfway. Ah~ I think Lucky Dog is fun XD Interesting scenarios, good music and art. The seiyuus sounded great! But I didn’t play it last night. I needed sleep kekeke… so I left my laptop in the office. *_*

  24. Neither can I *___* I have no idea what he’s talking about.

    Yea… I was tempted to watch Bleach cos of Yusa Kouji but looking at the sheer number of episodes (over 200 now), I decided not to.

    I love how Iguchi Yuuichi sounds in the game. His character is soft-spoken, polite and has a lazy drawl but the character was imprisoned for murder! I like his character design best, followed by Ivan Fiore (v.o. Hirakawa Daisuke).

    I think this game can be quite funny at times. There are 3 stages to clear. I’ve quickly run through the first stage of prison break without following a proper guide and got the Lucky Dog, Gian Carlo into the first *cough* gang-rape *cough* Bad Ending ^^;;;

    But before that, I got him to bed a slutty prison guard (I think he sounds like Kaji Yuki 梶裕貴) who enjoys being watched while having sex. It was quite silly XP

    My fav so far is still the verbal banter between Gian (Suzuki) and Bernardo (Yusa) where they “flirt” openly with each other, calling one darling and the other honey~ lol~

    The scenarios in this game are quite interesting. I think I might have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t sleepy and rushing through the whole thing (4am in the morning and gotta work at 9am).

    Try Kichiku Megane R Fans Disk if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. It is hilarious, especially the typing game. The story modes are very enjoyable and not too long.

  25. *___*! Wah! So lucky!
    I love the opening vid but i honestly can’t make out what he says in english lol!

    Yusa Kouji he plays gin in bleach!
    I have still yet to play the megane game, ive heard from everyone so far that it is great.XD

    Iguchi Yuuichi!He plays my fav character from the game so far.
    You know when i watched kurosuka last year for some reason i actually thought that the seiyuu how did kuons voice was him. At first it sounded like him.;

    Tell me how the game is when you get half way~ XD
    I think halfadder might have a capture guide? Not sure.

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