BL Game: I dipped my toes into Sweet Pool (Nitro+Chiral)

Sweet Pool
*Update* 26 December

and I’ll willingly submerge to the bottom…

It was captivating. I’m glad I bought it ^^ I love the visuals and in-game music. I’ll definitely get the soundtrack when it is out :) Ah and not to forget the seiyuus… well, I haven’t got to the main H-scenes yet but they were still lovely. I think BLCD based on this game will be a hit.


The selection process is very different from what we usually find in adventure games of this type. You choose your routes based on Instinct or Rational. When the selection screen comes out wow… moving your mouse over Instinct will trigger a “pulsating” screen and sound effect of heartbeats. I love that. Hovering over to Rational will be cold and sound effect of a gust of wind.

Overall atmosphere

I also like to bask in the unearthly atmosphere created by the music. It draws you into the game and when you wear a good pair of headphones, the effect is even lovelier. I don’t think I’ll get tired of it anytime soon.

Another thing I love about Nitro+ games is that they make very good use of simple animation and layering of images within the game. It gives the in-game visuals a very refreshing and stylish look. Character poses are a lot more varied too. Nice touch. Comparatively, most BL games feel rather static.

Sweet Pool CGs

I’ve not completed any character arc yet ^^;;; but no biggie, I’ve already spoiled myself silly with the complete CGs captured by other gamers cos I know I’ll take ages to complete this game *sobs* Probably too curious for my own good but they were… awesome, awesome awesome!!! The official artbook, when available, will be a worthy addition to any bookshelf. There were many beautiful scenes involving the main characters. However, some images can be quite gruesome too with blood and gore but if you can take Togainu, I think you should be fine with this one. I can’t stomach real-life gore but I thought Sweet Pool was ok.

General Conclusion

I really don’t want to rush through this game and will try to figure out the plot as much as I can. (Limited Japanese ability sigh~) Based on my first impressions, I think Sweet Pool is something worth making time for. Another classic in the making. :)

*Suggestion* If you want a general mini-spoiler for the main routes check out the summary of sweet pool Drama CD -ever blue-

*Update 30 Dec 2009* Completed the Tetsuo x Youji routes… similar to what other gamers have commented… one of the routes was really touching and tears were brimming in my eyes too… Besides the awesome script and voice acting by the seiyuus, the sound of violin in the BGM played a great part in conveying the emotions felt by the characters. It was really awesome. *sniffs*

19 December 2009


Watch for updates and/or capture guide! Link to capture guide (Japanese) kindly shared by Fuuga :)

But I hope that Japanese gamers have already done the capture guides cos I don’t think I’ll have that much time to go through every step. It’s Christmas ok! Family/friends time!

Anyway… *keeps fingers crossed for the luxury of free time to play*

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17 thoughts on “BL Game: I dipped my toes into Sweet Pool (Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. Just reading ending spoiler reviews already make me feel sad inside.. I’ve read / watched plenty of bitter sweet endings, but the impact of sweet pool’s endings seems a lot more bigger… I wish I can play the game soon.

    1. @hiroshichan: please do! It’s a heart-wrenching game… you get an idea of how it is when you listen to the OST ( T-T) The first ever BL game that made me cry. sigh~

  2. Oh thank you for your explanation! I understand now.

    ***** Warning for the innocent passer-by *****
    ***** Sweet pool SPOILERS ahead *****

    Yes, the latter one. The one where Tetsuo is looking back at Youji as he leaves their apartment. In this ending, Tetsuo does not forget Youji, and Youji seems to alive. But the message says he does not. Did he lose a shape of human being, and become a taneniku? Anyway, the one Tetsuo sees Youji at the train station is soooooooo sad! And the ending song is really really nice. But in this ending, it is not a happy conclusion. I wanted them both to be happy. ><

    1. Glad to help! XD If you found a better explanation, please let me know too!

      ***** Warning for the innocent passer-by *****
      ***** Sweet pool SPOILERS ahead *****

      For that ending, it seems that after they were shot by Kitani and fell inside the swimming pool, Youji tried to save Tetsuo by sacrificing himself like his father did during the car accident when he was a child. My guess is same as yours. Somehow Youji didn’t die but continued to live in some form. I’m not sure exactly what he was cos it wasn’t mentioned. Maybe it’s possible he survived after saving Tetsuo because of his “osu”-altered body but he was no longer a complete human being. If I remember correctly, he was saying he felt tired and wanted to rest cos he probably couldn’t live on in his current incomplete state (taneniku?) much longer T_T

      I wish they had a happy ending too… I’m really sad that Tetsuo forgot about Youji in that ending! I hope he could remember him completely somehow. Nitro+Chiral is clever… such tragedies leave a much, much deeper impression… like Romeo & Juliet. So they make us feel a bit better by releasing relatively light-hearted drama cds that give us side stories of their school life without as much angst ^^;; Ah~ I love the soundtrack!

  3. Hi, ponytale. I am sorry to comment at this old entry. I just completed all the arcs in the game. I am soooo impressive and couldn’t stop crying for Tetsuo’s last ending. But I don’t understand his 2nd and third endings.

    What does the child stand for in the 2nd ending? And how is Youji doing in the 3rd ending?

    Do you have any idea?

    But I really like Tetsuo! He is my hero!

    1. Hi bangin-san~ no worries! I definitely don’t mind comments on old entries. XD

      This game made me cry too… I felt very emotional after playing it *_* Well, Tetsuo is like the prince <3 and Youji the princess <3

      ***** Warning for the innocent passer-by *****
      ***** Sweet pool SPOILERS ahead *****
      I could be wrong but from my minimum understanding of what the child is for… he is the pure/perfect "mesu" that the cult worshippers want and will probably hunt down because it is very rare that an "osu" and "mesu" inside Tetsuo and Youji will be able to meet and breed? I can't remember exactly, but the story didn't mention what Kitani did after discovering the child, right?

      Hmm which 3rd ending are you referring to? Is it the hidden ending where Tetsuo sees Youji at the train station? Or the one where Tetsuo is looking back at Youji as he leaves their apartment?

    1. I got to the second H scene between Tetsuo (short blond hair) x Youji (short black hair) HHHOT! Those tissues definitely come in handy XD The uke, Youji voiced by Hatano Wataru is so yummy… *adds to fav uke list* XD but I still haven’t completed any arc yet. Currently doing the Tetsuo x Youji route. This game is looong… so long I think I messed up the sequence of the capture guide. I’ll have to redo it again. I think it can rival Lamento ^^;;; but definitely worth the time.

  4. Woah THANK YOU! XD I’ll make good use of that *adds to Links*

    I think the shipment might be delayed. The package is still stuck at Osaka =_=

    xxx Just as I was saying… it arrived XD

  5. It’s on the way here. I’m excited! I’ve surfed around… Haven’t found a complete/step by step capture guide yet… we’ll see… I hope I don’t have to make one myself ^^;;;

  6. Indeed a perfect xmas gift.
    Seems like my avatar is perfect on your blog..ho ho ho

    I’ll just hang around and wait for update on how many endings does SP have…

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