BL Game: Hana Ki Sou (PSP, Miki Shinichirou, Mitsuki Saiga, Ishida Akira)

If you happen to own a PSP (which I don’t… T~T), you might be interested to know that there -ARE- BL games on this game platform… however scarce they are…

Hanakisou is a shounen-ai title. Like Cherry blossom~チェリーブロッサム, there aren’t issues with porting over to the PSP platform. If you’re looking for 18+ R-rated stuff that you can find on PC games ;) Even if they were originally R-rated/M-rated, the scenes with questionable pixelated bits would have been removed, as in Gakuen Heaven 学園ヘヴン BOY’S LOVE SCRAMBLE!

Hanakisou had very good reviews when it was first released as a PC game.

No luck for Nintendo DS players, cos there are no BL games for it yet.

1) Hana ki sou 花帰葬
Publisher: Prototype プロトタイプ (PSP) / HaccaWorks (PC)
Available: 12 August 2010 Delayed till mid September 2010
Price: 4,830 Yen Pw/tax)
Ages: 12+
Prototype official game site

This game was first released in 2003/2004 as a PC doujin game if I’m not wrong. Followed by a PS2 port in 2006. Fantasy theme. Shounen-ai. I think if you like Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru 裏切りは僕の名前を知っている character designs by Odagiri Hotaru 小田切ほたる you’ll probably love the visuals of Hana Ki Sou too.

Voice casts include: Miki Shinichirou, Mitsuki Saiga, Itou Kentarou, Ishida Akira, etc.

Cast List

玄冬 Kuroto – 三木眞一郎 Miki Shinichirou
花白 Hanashiro – 斎賀みつき Mitsuki Saiga
銀朱 Ginshiyu – 伊藤健太郎 Itou Kentarou
白梟 Shirofukurou – 篠原恵美 Ogata Megumi
黒鷹 Kurotaka – 井上和彦 Inoue Kazuhiko

時雨 Shigure – 関俊彦 Seki Toshihiko
彩紅 Ayabeni – 増田ゆき Matsuda Yuki
灰名 Kaina – 石田彰 Ishida Akira
十季 Toki – 鈴村健一 Suzumura Kenichi

I’m quite tempted to buy Hana Ki Sou… now that the PSP version will be available, even though I don’t have time to play any games nowadays (nor own the console lol). It includes all the PC versions (original PC game + the fan disks if I’m not wrong). I’ve also heard great things about the story and characters.

Chery blossom~チェリーブロッサム

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24 thoughts on “BL Game: Hana Ki Sou (PSP, Miki Shinichirou, Mitsuki Saiga, Ishida Akira)”

  1. hey Mito soz it does not work but you should try and get it out from you can beg and ask them to bring this type of game out along with sherry blossum psp lol


  3. y’know that i’m desperately wanting this game… everytime I put this game into my PSP… they just don’t want open!! GAHHHHHHHHHH!! but anyway to cheer up my b’day which is yesterday~ tomorrow I’m going to put it again in my PSP!! *laugh* hope it’ll work… =.=”

  4. oaky i will, and thanks for your help, i will start a thread later on. or you try, i will see how it must be like when you type in cods it should be easy if thats the case.

  5. yes i sent me message i have not done the thread one i sent it to them and i hope i get a reply soon, i will keep at it, how about you.

    1. @m: I think I’ll send them an email too. I can’t seem to be able to create an account at the forum. I kept trying but can’t enter the right text in their anti-bot system confirmation code =_=;; Can you try and let me know if you’re successful?

  6. cool, and your right thats why i refusse to give up trying and explaining that it would benifit them t try new things and others, so yeah hope you help with that.

    1. @m: I saw someone raise a request for Hetalia and Kuni no Alice PSP port. From the responses shown, chances for visual novel ports are not high… let alone BL :-\ unless it is very popular but no harm trying :)

  7. hello, me again lol, i have an idea abit lite the psp game togainu no chi, there is a chance to get cherry blossoms on psp translated mybe even eng dub too, but we need to make a reqest its not a petition but i found out
    they are asking you to make reqests i would like to play it here in the uk so please ask too so will i but i dont know what to do onthere site hope this helps, its also easy to add the website for the game there.

    1. @m: That’s very resourceful of ya! :D I checked out the page. We’re not supposed to request for game ports on the wish list for voting. Their FAQ warned that they’ll remove it and ban the user ^^;; But they allow us to raise a request on their forum thread located here:

      Can you create a thread there and provide the information about the translations you have over there? Let me know after you’ve done that and I’ll help publicise it here too :)

  8. @Jenny Ha ha, you import the mamegoma games too? xD
    I agree though, the BL is more important. : P

    Oh and Ponytail, just wanted to let you know that there are indeed 18+ games on the psp. I’ve seen them on though none so far have been BL. I don’t know the reason behind this myself, but they should totally give in to the dark side, right?

    1. @maufii: Yeah much as we like it to happen, I think there isn’t enough demand for 18+ PSP BL games yet. It’s a much smaller market compared to ero and otome games. The highest matured rating PSP BL game is 17+ so far. At the end of the day, if the merchandise isn’t going to make the game companies much money, it won’t be released.

  9. Thank you pony. :) They all look dandy. I might import one. I haven’t imported Duel Love yet though, or my favorite Mamegoma seal games (adorable!) but I guess Yaoi is more important than cute squeaking mascots. XD

    1. @Jenny: Mamegoma seal games? lol~ so cute! I gotta check em out XDD When I get my hands on my own PSP and these games, I’ll probably share my thoughts about how they are ^^

  10. I may be slow on the uptake here, but don’t you have to have a Japan region PSP to play Japanese games?

    Think any of these will have a language translation function of any kind for the controls+ Its one of the reasons I don’t play BL games at all, too much work. Its a shame none of these games ever come here. :(

    1. @Jenny: Thanks for dropping by! As far as I know (even tho I don’t own a psp OTL) PSPs do not have region restrictions like PS2. So you shouldn’t have any problems playing Japanese games. Or have you encountered any issues with them before? :O

      It’s worth learning the controls ^^ cos I think they’re relatively similar and you get better at recognising them. If you need help… let me know. I’ll try my best :3

      Is there a game retailer in your area that imports Japanese games? You can try asking :) If not, the best bet we have is to buy from online stores. I think it’s easier to play these games if it is on a portable console since we can play it any where and not be locked in front of the PC or TV.

    1. @Caddy C: I believe Ishida Akira voiced the character before he quit BL and since this is mainly a PSP port from the previously released PC game + fan disks, I don’t think the seiyuus were required to voice new material in this case :)

      So unfortunately, this doesn’t signal his return to the BL world in any way.

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