BL Game: GALTIA (GRISEDGE, fantasy BL)

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Title: GALTIA ガルティア
Genre: BL Adventure game
Price: 8,900 Yen (w/o tax) Available for preorder now.
Date available: Summer, Delayed till end 2014 27 March 2015 31 July 2015 18 September 2015
Character design: 歌川マクラ
Scenario: 加納高子
Rating: 18+
Operating system: Windows PC
Official site:

Countdown to release voices:
2015 Sep 12-18 (release!)














The game is set in a fantasy universe where the world is made up of a huge continent split into four kingdoms inhabited by 98% of the world’s population. Controlled mainly by four “Kings”, each king possesses a specific ability named Galita (ガルティア) that has four different characteristics which influence how the society and culture of each country develop. As resources in the world start to deplete, the shadow of decline looms in the background. What will the future hold for the world, and the “King”?

A promising BL game by a brand new BL game company, GRISEDGE. It seems like fantasy BL with potential RPG elements. The “Kings” setting remind me of K the anime whose first season ended recently though.

Only about 3% of the world’s population possess Galtia ability. Out of these, one insignia of each ability type, called the “King’s Crest” will appear only on the body of persons who are the strongest. This evidence shows that the person is “King”. The next 13 strongest persons are called “Numbers”. In most instances, these people would be in positions of power. Countries prosper under the influence of the “King” and decline in his absence.

The four countries/abilities are generally summarised as follows (some translated names are not official):

1) Diamante ディアマンテ
Most technologically advanced and active in trade and commerce. Known as the country of merchants and citizens with a vibrant subculture. It’s ruler, the “Sun King” 陽王 is a mysterious presence absent from the political scene. People of “Diamante” have the ability to “alter application” – Transmutation? 変化応用系の能力が主体のディアマンテ人。

2) Vastunie バストゥーニ
Ruled by Sieg ジーク, the “Black King” 黒王. The military country has the strongest army among the four and is currently expanding into the borders of Kruez, a weakened country. A sign of impending war. As the country tends to place great emphasis on abilities, it faces a problem of social divide between people of strong and weak abilities. It has the largest ore mines in the world and an excellent heavy industry. People of “Vastunie” have the ability to enhance attacks. 攻撃強化系の人。

3) Quarry クウォーリー
A religion state which has a religious holy place with the largest number of believers in the world. According to historical records, this is the longest ruling country among the four and ruled 80% of the whole continent during its golden age. The “Holy King” 聖王, Laurus ラウルス currently enjoys fervent public support as the king and religious leader of the country. People of “Quarry” have telepathic ability. 精神感応系のクウォーリー人。

4) Kreuz クロイツ
The country posseses the largest land area and population. Rich in nature, it is a huge farming country. Due to a certain global incident, their “King” is now absent. As a result, the land and country is in steady decline. It has a deep-rooted spiritual history of nature worship although it is not an organised religion. It is said that this country may be the oldest in the world. As the country is substantially weakening, refugees continue to leave in unstoppable droves. People of “Kreuz” have the ability to strengthen defence. そして、防御強化系のクロイツ人である。

List of Characters and voice cast (seiyuus using pseudonyms as usual)

The character design kinda reminds me of the boys in Spray’s Gakuen Heaven 2 Double Scramble.

Main characters:

Shin シン (CV: 河村眞人/Yamanaka Masahiro 山中真尋 Voice of King in Ariard -Shounen Alice-) From Diamante. Protagonist. Height: 174cm (His height setting is screaming to the world: “I’m UKE!!!”)
Appears cool and calm for his young age. Man of few words. Jack-of-all-trades freelancer who takes jobs from the guild. (Reminds me of Akira from Togainu no Chi)

Senri センリ (CV: 四ツ谷サイダー/Okitsu Kazuyuki 興津和幸) From Diamante. Height: 179cm.
Shin’s childhood friend from the orphanage. Cheerful and gentle young man. One-sided love towards Shin. Well-liked by others due to his personality. Feels a pressing need to protect Shin from the claws of guild master, Diago (lol~). During the day, he teaches at the orphanage and works for the guild at night. (Seems like Keisuke with yandere potential.)

Zeek ジークハルト・エーヴェルシュタイン (ジーク) (CV: 鳩マン軍曹/川原慶久 Kawahara Yoshihisa) From Vastunie. Height: 183cm.
Black King of Vastunie. Known for his strict and authoritative demeanor. He is expressionless and does not display any emotions. He killed his brother who has the most potential to become the next king. Ambitious and does not hide his intentions to expand his country’s territory by war.

Laurus ラウルス・ヴィ・クウォーリー (CV: 佐藤タカ/梯 篤司 Kakehashi Atsushi *Thanks SnowMiyu for the headsup) From Quarry. Height: 178cm.
King and religious leader of Quarry and has overwhelming support from his citizens. He tries to modernize the politics in the country by introducing the separation of Church and the state. He became the king at 12 years old and has the longest ruling history among the four. He is known for his good looks, personality and gentle demeanor but… (He most probably has a kichiku dark side lol~)

Diago ディアゴ (CV: 縞馬男爵/Mamiya Yasuhiro 間宮康弘) From Diamante. Height: 188cm.
Guild master of Al Mars アルマース, the largest guild in Diamante and the world. Calm and generous. He comes and goes as he pleases and appears to be aloof from the world. A walking babe-magnet thanks to his overflowing supply of pheromones. Hates work and is called a “useless” adult.

Zenox ゼノ (CV: 先割れスプーン/鳥海 浩輔 Toriumi Kousuke) Not a citizen of any country. Height: 180cm.
Ultra-first-class assassin from Al Mars who carries out assassinations, political schemes and other shady jobs. Doesn’t like being in a group, preferring to work alone. Unpredictable. He is completely exempted from following strict guild laws and rules. Not even the guild master Diago can control him. But due to his exceptional abilities, no one raises any objection to it.


Licht リヒト (CV: スメラギ隼人) From Diamante.
Number 2 of Al Mars. Always chasing after Diago when he skives from work. Sarcarstic, cool beauty.

Aldo アルド (CV: 華雄) From Diamante.
Number 3 of Al Mars. Licht’s childhood friend. He is well-liked by the guild members who look up to him as a big brother.

Cool-B Magazine September 2013 issue features a 2-page short story if you’re interested to find out more.

Cool-B / Ozora Publishing

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20 thoughts on “BL Game: GALTIA (GRISEDGE, fantasy BL)”

  1. Btw Laurus’ seiyuu is Atsushi Kakehashi.
    He also voiced one of the seme in Pigeon Blood, Mimasaka Syousuke.

    I like his voice. It’s so alluring. My problem is, this is the 2nd time he voiced a character that end up me making щ(゜ロ゜щ) face!
    Prays hard the next time I see his name, it’ll actually be a more likeable character. lol

  2. @ponytale: thanks, hope it works ^^ btw, just checked animate & stellaworth stores for Galtia and they’re all out of stock (before the release date) and Galtia stays in top 5 in adult pc game ranking on amazon too, which are really good signs, hope its sales doing well ^^

  3. Just read an infor about Galtia requires online activation through a soft called soft-denchi, I wonder whether this method works for oversea customer or not? I’ve already pre-odrered Galtia and now I’m a bit worried :(

    1. @bapukubota: I’ve ordered the game too. I think we shouldn’t have issues with online activation as long as we have the activation code :) If they region-lock the game/activation (which is unlikely) we can use VPN to bypass it. Or bring the issue up to the staff.

  4. Uwaaahh!! What excites me the most is YAMANAKA MASAHIRO AS THE MAIN AKSDHASGDASDAK *___* I don’t play Shounen Alice but I got myself really interested in him from Shingakkou -Noli me Tangere- (he is the seiyuu for Robert). I’m sure he will do great as an uke as he does have the uke quality voice in him. ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

    1. @Senkai: If they do go with RPG, I hope they provide a route where we can skip certain things to get the story moving :P much as I enjoy RPG in the distant past, nowadays I just don’t have the time to spend pn leveling up characters and what not.

    1. @Sug: Yeah, I like the fantasy setting too. First read about it in Cool-B mag. They only updated with information of other characters recently :3 The character designs are pretty and they look great together in the main visual layout :D but individually they don’t really stand out tho. Looking forward to seeing more in the coming months!

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