BL Game: Gakuen Heaven 2 Double Scramble character setting (Cool-B vol 2011-09)

Megane: Ah~ so that’s the type of seme I am supposed to be…

More updates revealed for Spray’s BL game, Gakuen Heaven 2 Double Scramble 学園ヘヴン2 ~DOUBLE SCRAMBLE!~ from the September 2011 vol of Cool-B magazine :)

There were only two pages but lots of information! According to the magazine, Gakuen Heaven 2 is still set at Bell Liberty Gakuen but the school has changed. The original Student’s Council has gone “downhill” and standing in its way is a mysterious new association called デュラック (Dyurakku) . What is going on at BL Gakuen?

Names revealed! These four are the members of the new Student’s Council.

Asahina Yuuki 朝比奈勇気, similar to Keita in Gakuen Heaven, his special skill is Luck. And is probably accepted into Bell Liberty because of it. He is described as the school’s “S” who always looks forward and presses on. *S* is the generic term used to refer to members in the Student’s Council. On the first day of school, he received an *S* armband and becomes the Student Council chairman. Hyper-active, enthusiastic and always hungry. Contrary to Keita, he is a very positive thinker. He gets hungry within 2-3 hours after meal probably because he works very hard and thinks a lot about various things. The character has two bits of hair sticking out (ahoge) and character designer, You Higuri said it was hard work to finalise his design.

Character sketches.

Sagimori Kuuya 鷺森空也. Special skills are fencing and language studies. He understands 12 languages. He was accepted into Bell Liberty because of fencing skill. The *my-pace* type. He is described as the linguistic genius who doesn’t listen to what others have to say. LOL~ Vice-chairman of the Student’s Council. He energetically cleans up around the school compound (cleanliness freak?) Has a bright and caring personality.

Character designer, You Higuri-sensei describes him as the Prince-type, high-tension guy who loves animals. He enjoys feeding the school cats. However, his setting is 残念系王子 which means a Prince-type with disappointing traits. He is good-looking, smart, atheletic, friendly, gentle etc but there’s a huge crippling gap between him and other people. (This part I may be wrong with the translation, so please forgive me if it is so)

His father is a diplomat and since young, he has stayed in various countries. That is why he can speak up to 12 languages.

This character is the pretty boy type, big eyes, frilly sleeves…


Takatou Masatsugu 高東正嗣. Special skill: Memory. He was accepted into Bell Liberty because of calligraphy skills. He is described as the always cool, calm and collected glasses megane type. Secretary of the Student’s Council. Capable and deals with the daily tasks handed to the Student’s Council. He doesn’t show emotions or speak much. He acts as a supporter in the background and protects both the chairman and vice-chairman.

Because he is a megane character, You Higuri said she took extra effort to differentiate him from Nakajima Hideaki from Gakuen Heaven. His charm point is that although he always combs his hair back but strands of hair would still stick out to frame his face.

Jyoukawa Kiyotada 城河清匡. Special skill: gaming. He was accepted by Bell Liberty because of his shooting skills. He wears a black uniform and an eye patch. He is the top guy of Dyurakku which enforces discipline in the school (kind of like the school prefects) and is also the treasurer. People call him, “Joker” ジョーカー instead of Jyoukawa.

He loves games and often makes decisions in the school based on it. His shooting skill seems to come from his training with his Russian grandfather.

He is obvious when he is serious or just joking around. He judges things by how interesting they are to him. When he loses interest, he will just toss it aside. Sorry for the crappy translation but I hope you get the idea ^^;; His somebody who is not what he appears to be. Seems to be the Nakajima type lol~

His character design required: Black suit, eye-patch and boots. Like Saionji in the previous Gakuen Heaven, he is the most powerful within the Student’s Council because he has control over finances. He is the antagonist that stands in the way of the Student’s Council and the black uniform symbolises the enmity.

Sadist seme looking sketches lol~

Information from September 2011 Cool-B magazine.

Ah~ next issue will probably feature the remaining semes, lollipop-kun and headphones-kun. Let’s look forward to it!

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10 thoughts on “BL Game: Gakuen Heaven 2 Double Scramble character setting (Cool-B vol 2011-09)”

  1. @shirokaze

    Haha may be I shouldn’t b so mean.. But yer right the problem is we have practically seen everything already. You brought up the example of shojo manga, that reminds me of ouran host club– it was so hot when it first came out in anime– a handsome line up with all types of personalities. Miracle train is like a cheap rip off of ouran — now we have host club on a train that guides the lost little sheep (namely, the ladies). Ugh I can’t
    stand it.
    But I’m sure there has to be something new that we haven’t seen before!

  2. lol urusaii, interesting comment there

    i think that the problem is that it’s really hard to come up with something new
    we’ve seen practically everything already
    like me, for example, if i see any male char with grey short hair i instantly see gin-chan ~w~

    nowadays everything looks generic
    especially all those shojo manga/anime… ugh
    theres this forum i go to see if theres anything new on figures
    i swear every single hoe figure looks the same to me
    so friking generic…

    now BL… i’m no master of BL games, so i can’t comment
    but some mangas are looking so lame and generic to me these days
    i cant take it…

  3. Ugh, that megane seme looks so oyaji…
    Seriously why are all the legendary megane characters deteriorating?
    Nakajima and Katsuya are the champions.. but then Kiryuu from Steal is a step lower and Ugajin makes me puke. And this one here looks like Asami parody cosplaying a megane chara.
    *Not an oyaji fan at all*
    Ok.. she took extra effort to differentiate him from Nakajima but then he just looks like a typical nerd with glasses.
    And that blondie with sword looks like a grown up Wolfram.
    In Gakuen Heaven 1 I love all the charas except for Keita,
    and in this one I dislike all the charas except for Yuuki.

    1. @urusaiii Shirokaze: It’s afterall a sequel with new characters under similar setting and restrictions. The previous group of guys already covered quite a spectrum of BL character cliches, so they have to try harder not to repeat them Let’s wait and see what else they can come up with ;)

  4. Thanks so much for the update!~ -huggles-

    I knew the eyepatch guy’s gonna be a hot sadist type ~ Wow, the characters all have really unique names. I’ve never heard of the name ‘Jyoukawa’ before… And gaming.. seriously? -sweat-
    Asahina Yuuki almost sound like a girlish name but cute. He really reminds me of Asuka from Steal! with the ahoge and the hairstyle. If I recall, I thought Keita has the same ahoge too? Rofls, I’ve never really seen a main protagonist in BL VNs who loves to eat.. I hope this game delivers just like its predecessor and Kichiku Megane!

    By the way, the name of the new association sounds like Dulac(or at least what it sounds like)…

    1. @Liru: Glad to help XD

      The description was ゲム but they didn’t exactly explain what games… maybe card games? Since he is holding onto a poker card.

      Yea! Yuuki sounds like a unisex name hehe… the meaning of his kanji is courage… so it’s actually quite a masculine name. I think he’ll be a likeable character!

      Mmm possibly! :D

  5. Aww, I can’t wait for this game! I love Gakuen Heaven! Asahina Yuuki is just sooo moe! He totally reminds me of Keita. He’s probably my fav character. I don’t know why, but all my favorite characters from a BL game are usually the main character (main character fetish?)

    Also Sagimori Kuuya is pretty hot. He reminds of Tamaki from Ouran because of his hair style (cute!). I’d like Sagimori-kun to teach me some languages, hehe <3!

    I can't wait for lollipop-kun's information!

    1. @MisakixUsami I like the vibes I get from Asahina Yuuki too. He seems like a bright and fun character.

      It’s nice to have each BL game company covering different settings and characters. Love the variety and choices we are given!

  6. Wow! I’m so looking forward to this game now.
    played the first one and i have to admit it’s the most sweet game i’ve ever played! and also watch the anime, it’s good but nearly no plot in there lol~
    Asahina-kun looks soooo cute! and the eye-patch guys looks cool~
    it’s good they don’t bring out the kichikumegane type seme this time, already got tired of it XD

    1. @vv: it looks promising and I’m eager to find out more about the rest of the semes. I wonder if the main protagonist gets to top anybody this time too.

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