BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder teaser CG, setting update (Cool-B vol 2011-07)

Ooo~ how’s this for kinky foreplay?

Those thick arms strangling Aoba belongs to Mink. And check out the blushing gas mask guy, Clear lol~ XD That near-kiss with Noise at the top-right is rather sexy.

Latest issue 2011 July Cool-B Magazine gives us just a few little teaser CGs of DRAMAtical Murder, Nitro+Chiral’s highly-anticipated, upcoming new game. Illustrator Honyarara (ほにゃらら)

As usual, there are only 2 pages of game and character information. If you’re buying the magazine just for DMMd updates… sigh~ that’s all you’ll be getting lol~ OTL;;;

From what we can see from the pages, the game looks like it’ll be action-packed :D Nice! The CGs look pretty good so far!

Is that Aoba being pinned down by Koujaku and forcibly kissed (left)? And some fighting foreplay with Noise before the real action starts? (right)

Aoba’s reaction is funny, so I included a bigger pic just for fun lol~ :D

Some information about the pets. Apparently they’re robots built with artificial intelligence and ability to communicate.

Dystopian setting.

So sweet :)

From Cool-B July 2011 issue.

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20 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder teaser CG, setting update (Cool-B vol 2011-07)”

  1. Seems very promising~

    Bro I was just wondering if you knew who those three characters are from the cover page of the Cool-B July 2011 issue you posted above? (The brunette, blonde and silver haired one)

  2. @ponytale : IKR??? XDDD i hope they will do another game with greater background! (well just in case the reason i play NITRO+CHiRAL is the beautiful backgrounds! just wait if I’ve planned myself to play LAMENTO LATER!!!)

  3. Ao-chan is super cuteeee when he was sleeping and blushing like that!!! *squeeal* and Nito+CHiRAL sure is change a lot by time nee? This game CGS is more like anime to me though… But overall I’m waiting for this game out soon~

    1. @Mito: yeah the style is so bright and happy on one end and dark and dystopian-chic on the other. Love what they’re doing so far :D

  4. oh my goodness, who are those three people on the cover in the last picture? that guy with long hair is hot~~~~

  5. Hnng… so moe <3

    The pose in that last shot is just way too cute…

    And I'm really excited about the backgrounds in this game! To be honest, for some reason I think that's half the reason I'm really looking forward to it. All the gorgeous hand-drawn scenery is absolute eye-candy. It's so different from Nitro+Chiral's usual 3DCG affair, so it's a refreshing change.

    There's just something about good, old-fashioned painstakingly drawn backgrounds that has such a lovely appeal.

    1. @Puchi: yeah hand drawn images feel different :) the problem with 3D generated images and backgrounds is that they look too perfect and loses that human touch.

      I’m glad the DMmd boys are turning out real fine :D

  6. Yay for some more teaser CGs! (even if it is a few. lol.) I cant wait to play this game. It looks interesting so far. *w* Pretty sure Nitro+ Chiral wont disappoint us fans~ ;)

    But man, I wanna know the cast list asap. ;o; (or is it already out? I am not sure. lol.)

    1. @Lurker: hmm… In the past, usually cast lists are announced much later when the game is about 3 months or so before launch.

      I think my earlier guess that this game is probably planned for Nov/Dec might turn out to be right :P

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