BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder re:connect DMMd fan disk (Nitro+Chiral)

Update 18 Mar 2014. Official Visual Fan book available now! :D

Update 24 Dec 2012. Fan disk cover and release date revealed!

Title: DMMd DRAMAtical Murder re:connect ドラマティカルマーダー リコネクト
Price: 6,825 (w/tax)
Release date: 26 April 2013
Scenario: Fuchii Kabura 淵井鏑
Character design and artwork: Honyarara ほにゃらら
Cast: 嘉神 塁/沖野靖広/野次馬根性/早川凜太/佐和真中/髭内悪太 ほか
Rating: 18+
Platform: DVD-ROM
Notes: Internet connection required for software authentication.
Official site:

You can also preorder the disk now. But I’ll be waiting to see what tokutens/specials are bundled before buying. These are usually announced nearer to the release date :)

Description: 半脳内「それから」ADV『DRAMAtical Murder re:connect [ドラマティカルマーダー リコネクト]』

Oh my! :D FAN DISK ANNOUNCED! Too happy *dances*

Screen grab from the teaser site

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40 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder re:connect DMMd fan disk (Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. Me too i wanted to wait but now it available on preorder on N+onlinestore and seems it’s not i preordered it on AA site^^”

    1. @blackducan: Usually bundle information is only revealed about 2 months before the release but these stores don’t give discounts like AA does :)

    1. @blackducan: You’re so fast! I’m waiting nearer to the release date to see what shop freebies they bundle with the game, then decide who I should buy from. I’m a sucker for these things lol.

  2. Hey, I was wondering but whats the difference between this fan disk and original game? I finished game just week ago but I couldnt understand this news meaning TToTT!

  3. Hey I have a little question where can I buy this when it’s out?
    I also want to know if Mandarake would send me the regular games if they have them available (I’m 17) please help >_<

    1. @Suzume: I usually buy from because of the freebies/tokuten and that they ship international. But sometimes I would use a proxy to buy from other JP-only stores if I prefer the freebies/tokuten.

      Do you have your own credit card/paypal? I believe Mandarake should be ok with that.

    2. Thank you for the link ^^

      Yes I’m the only one in my family with Paypal so my mom or dad can’t order stuff for my thats kinda problematic because of the customs (they already opened the box of my Shiki figure and my Sonico cushion) …I hate them -.-

  4. Never played the original yet- I am not convinced by the boys, they aren’t as good-looking… >_< I only like Aoba.

    Fandisk announced so soon! Is it that popular? what do fans think of it?

    1. @urusaiii: Should be very popular and the game is mostly sold out. General reviews were good but there are some complaints of not enough H-scenes. So a fan disk will probably try to fill that demand :P

  5. EEEEEEEEEEP. NO WAY. <3 This is my favorite BL-related news in a while! It looks like this is going to come out around my birthday, so I'm definitely getting this for myself as a present. *happy dance* I just love Nitro+CHiRAL – they never fail to make me a the happiest of clams.

  6. CLEAR’S FACE BBY! clear’s face is so CLEAR! WHY HE IS SO CUTE! reminds me i haven’t played the game… /CREY
    probably, next week or this week. SOBBU…

  7. You know I just had to look! He’s the best!XD

    I want to play this game so bad, but ever sense I got this new desktop, I haven’t been able to play any Japanese games properly…;_;
    I even brought Rock”n”Dolless “Knight Of Lelouch” doujin thinking it would work…no such luck after installing a variety of programs.;_;

    1. @dandycorsets: What is your operating system? Windows 7? Did you try setting the language and locale options to Japanese? :O Rock”n”Dolless art is so awesome!

    2. Yea, i tried that along with installing other programs that’s on aarinfantasy. No luck unless i’m doing it wrong.; I even went to my old desktop and no luck.

      <33 yes, I love rock"n"dolless. Her doujinshi's are amazing, i've been collecting them for three years now. I almost have a whole collection (and no where to put them!).;;;
      If i can't play the game i hope one day someone uploads the cg scenes.

    3. @dandycorsets: Can you install XP as a dual boot option? It might work.

      Wow… love to see your collection someday :D Find a beautiful case or shelf that can display them! I think her covers are amazing.

    4. I had some time to take a pic. My crazy collection, probably not even half with the way she pops out doujinshi’s. I can’t wait to see her Berserk ones if she gets to making them. The characters look gorgeous in her style. One day i got to hunt down the death note and reborn ones~ *-* It’s amazing seeing her style from yrs ago evolve to what it is today. You wouldn’t even think it was her.

      This is a close up of the game and on the right a cute compact mirror, Apparently she had a tour with goodies~ ;3;
      The messiah book was amazing. I think most of her doujinshi’s are scanned but if there’s something that’s not and you would like to see let me know i’ll take a pic or scan them for you. ^^

      The cover and variety of sizes is incredible, she makes doujinshi collecting fun. I actually went to find the site that these book covers were published/created from and wow, expensive, she spent a lot of money toward the work binding/cover process…unless shes got connections.*_*

      sigh need to save up more funds lol, someday~
      My Appleofeden collection is even bigger than this, it takes up the whole room. One day i want to start collecting Inugata’s doujins but they always go for to high….;;

      When i made a purchase this year, i saw that i brought one doujinshi that i already own.
      When i get a chance to send up drawing and letter to you, i’ll pack it too for you to have. <3

      It's this one

      Do you collect doujinshi's?

    5. @dandycorsets: Your collection looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics. I get what you mean about the variety of designs and the processes she did for these eye-popping covers. If you could frame them all up and look at them on the wall… wow! You must have spent quite a fortune on them too :D

      Appleofeden circle does Reborn doujinshi? XD How big is your room? I can’t imagine how big your collection is XDD Somehow along the line I ended up buying mostly “official” goods and releases. Don’t have much money left for doujinshi, especially when they’re not cheap too :( Very tempting to have though. Inugata Summit is now drawing under Inumog and doing doujinshi for Durarara!! and recently Kuroko no Basuke :D

      That’s an intriging cover <33 Thanks so much! It'll be lovely! What series is the doujinshi based on?

    6. I actually got lucky on most and save some bucks when it came to buying from the same person in a set instead of individually, (because buying it individually from tokyo buyers is wallet-suicide lol) The big book set i got for a good price too (cheaper than the mandarake ones.)
      I always look for bargain’s and compare before buying and then i make my choice as it is expensive.~ ;o;

      Yes, AppleofEden does beautiful artwork for reborn, Hetalia and others. I think i also saw a few official things with her artwork (maybe novels)~<3

      *cries* i wish Inugata will draw Togainu arts again. I saw her Durara ones, but i don't get so hyped as when its togainu.;;; Her Death note ones look really good, I also saw a few original(?) doujinshi from her too, Haven't seen the Kuroko no Basuke ones.

      The doujinshi it is based on is Fullmetal alchemist. I don't know if you ever watched the series, The series itself is okay, It didn't really catch my interest; Ended up skipping a lot of episodes.;; The recent movie was very awesome though.<3
      I think the only reason i like fullmetal alchemist is because of RocknDolless & Aya's works. They tell such awesome stories with these characters than the official stuff!XD

      I'll let you know when i send the things out, I hope i can get to it before the years over T-T *procrastinator* (full-time work and part-time school is a killer….OTL)
      Oh, and my results for the CAT-scan and Ultra sounds came back okay. Still don't know what's wrong with me. Have to do a few more test once i i get time to make a appointment. My schdules class so back between work and school i only have time to do things really late at night are really early. OTL I'm think about cutting my work hours i can't do this anymore i feel burnt out.

      I hope you are doing well! How is college and work going for you?

    7. @dandycorsets: I’m so glad to know you’re ok *hugs* <3 I hope it's possible for you to get around your schedules :-\ Cos long-term lack of good sleep definitely has adverse effects on our health. And I understand how you feel cos nowadays after I get back from work, its usually late and I just don't have the energy to last till 2am+ to write new blog posts orz;;; Even though I love to D:

      Aww, don't worry about posting the stuff lol~ If you procastinate long enough, who knows one day you can pass it to me in person lol~ XD

    1. @Shirokaze: lol~ that’s true but the game has been out for almost a year, so I guess they don’t have the hide Clear’s face anymore :P

  8. Excited~Where do you buy your Japanese BL games?I really want to buy DRAMAtical Murder but I don’t know where to T^T

    1. @King Rein: it’ll be released in 2013. With the usual delays in BL games I’m guessing it’ll be up in march lol. Yeah I’ll try to buy it if I can :D

    2. @ Ponytale

      Sorry for my username mess up. Something was wrong with my computer when I was posting in your lovely blog. That’s really cool. ^ – ^

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