BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder re:code (Nitro+Chiral, PSP Vita)

Released! Few more days to release. Daily countdown mini voice drama after the cut :D

Countdown Day 8[audio:]
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Released!! :D [audio:]

Title: DRAMAtical Murder re:code ドラマティカルマーダー リコード
Consumer version DRAMAtical Murder (temporary name)
コンシューマー版『DRAMAtical Murder (仮称)』
Release date: 31 October 2014

Nitro+Online store exclusive: 12,960 Yen (w/tax) Limited edition package that includes: First-press edition + Aoba Plushie -morphine hoodie version 蒼葉 モルヒネパーカー ver. ぬいぐるみ

You’ll get this Aoba plushie if you buy from Nitro+Online store exclusive package.

The usual versions are available from hobby stores that ship international.
First-press Limited edition: 9,504 Yen (w/tax) Includes Illustrated box, settings book, mini soundtrack
Normal edition: 7,020 Yen (w/tax)

Scenario: Fuchii Kabura 淵井鏑
Rating: Cero C (Aged 15 and up)
Platform: Playstation Vita
Official site:

Smart business move to tie-in with the upcoming anime. From the cast list, we can see that none of the seiyuus are using pseudonyms. It’s probably a 15+ version to get new markets brought in by the anime and with some new routes to entice the hardcore fans of the original series (since the 18+ bits are removed). Back then, N+C also did a 15+ PSP version of Togainu no Chi in the same year TnC anime was released.

So with this, we can be 99% sure there’s no BL in DMMD anime already lol~ so we’ve been forewarned. Well, as long as they do a good job with the storytelling and animation, I’ll still be happy. Quality animation is a lot of work and 18+ stuff makes it even *haaaarder*… right? ^^;;

脚本 淵井鏑
キャラクターデザイン・原画 ほにゃらら
開発 NitroplusCHiRAL


Aoba 蒼葉 Kisaichi Atsushi 私市 淳
Koujaku 紅雀 Takahashi Hiroki 高橋 広樹
Noize ノイズ Hino Satoshi 日野 聡
Mink ミンク Matsuda Kenichirou 松田 健一郎
Clear クリア Nakazawa Masatomo 中澤 まさとも
Ren 蓮 Takeuchi Ryouta 竹内 良太
Virus ウイルス Majima Junji 間島 淳司
Trip トリップ Higuchi Tomoyuki 樋口 智透

Last update 27 July 2014:

“Sly Blue” Aoba route in PSP Vita version?

A huge standee displayed at Nitro+Chiral’s booth at Wonder Festival 2014 Summer.

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5 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder re:code (Nitro+Chiral, PSP Vita)”

    1. @iris: unfortunately no. I was out of the house the whole day and didn’t get to check the website :( please share if you can find anything. Thanks >_<

  1. Ah he’s so cute! Are you going to get him? I’m curious do you have all the Nitro boy plushes in your collection?

    1. @Maria: Yes, I am *_* (omg my wallet) Nah, I don’t have all the Nitro boy plushies even if I wanted to XD. I have mainly the pairing I liked, so I’m quite content. Which plushies do you have? About the recent announcements/releases, I would like to get the plushie straps of the DMMD boys since I don’t have full size ones of most of them. And full sized Tetsuo (for some reason I think Youji’s plushie strap is cuter than his full-sized version) Maybe I’ll succumb I don’t know. And full-sized Konoe is so cute!!! Hopefully can grab them if Gift sells them on their store. Having to go through proxy adds so much to the total price =_=;;;

    2. lol omg I’d love to see all your plushies together someday! The only plushies I have are Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, a monster hunter Feline, Link from Zelda game, that bird from Haikyuu!! and Sailor Moon lol. I have all the Inner senshi including Chibi moon and Tuxedo Mask. XD I don’t like how the outer senshi look though so I don’t think I’ll get them.;;
      Yea proxy’s make me cry but can’t live without them sometime. XD

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