BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder makes it Clear (Bs-log vol 2012-01)

Mysterious gas mask seme, Clear!

Updates from 2012 January issue B’s-Log Magazine published in 20 November 2011. There were some nice goods that came with it like the Tokimeki Girl’s Side clear folder :)

Meditating pose for seme クリア Clear. Why is his face in mosaic??

What is hidden under that gas mask?

Guess what? That’s Clear’s face when his gas mask is removed. Everything will be in mosaic ^^;; Illustrator, Honyarara said that just that the censored bits during H-scenes, Clear’s face is also given the same treatment even when his mask is removed.

The headline reads something like things about the man who has a reason for wearing the gas mask.

According to the text, Clear always speaks in polite form. His face and neck are completely hidden by the gas mask and the muffler. Because of this, it is impossible to tell what his real intentions are. However, judging from the event CGs, he seems to be on friendly terms with Aoba. He wears a coat and always puts his hands deep inside the pockets, which make us wonder if he’ll whip something out from there.

The five are gathered together at one table. Could this the one and only scene in the game where they seem to be getting along well?

Clear and Aoba spend a quiet moment together. Although we can’t see Clear’s expression, we can tell that they’re quite close.

Information about store-exclusive freebies when you buy the game. From the left are Aoba and Noize in bandages, middle features Koujaku and Aoba in traditional dress and right has Aoba going gaga over a horde of cute fluffy Rens :D

Clear’s voice samples are already up on the website and he sounds surprisingly cute! And we’re all thinking that if he really turns out to be an ojisan, then… orz lol~ I think Cool-B will probably have more juicy pics :D I’ll post updates again when I receive it!

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41 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder makes it Clear (Bs-log vol 2012-01)”

  1. I know that this is really out of the main topic, but… May I know what are the other goods than Tokimeki Girl’s Side clear folder?? I mean, the one with many school boys.. Please let me know!! ^_^

    1. @ogata misaki: Besides the clear folder, there’s a A1 size poster of Hetalia/Hakuouki on each side, a utapri sample trading card and a booklet with short mangas of Smiley 2G, Utapri, Hakuouki and Starry Sky :)

  2. I am going to cry if they are not going to show clear’s face. haha! Dang, I am pretty excited for this game. clear was one of the least attractive character for me in the beginning cause of the gas mask, but I take it back now. I think he is awesome! XD (haha, what if he is actually Aoba’s twin? but with different hair color? haha~ I have been in love with too much BL incest/twincest lately. orz Ignore that. XD)

    1. @Lurker: I think Clear’s voice helps to construct a really cute picture of him too. I think they probably won’t ever reveal his real profile shot. So far all pics of his face without his mask are obscured or censored.

      Aoba’s twin… hmmm… never crossed my mind but you never know lol~ I’ve always thought twincest in BL is hot XD

  3. hmmm i wonder… Is clear and Aoba childhood friends?Maybe something happened back then when they were small and when he looks at his face it stirs up emotions? Just a thought but dang those pics are cute~XD

    1. @sigma: That’s possible and since Clear’s face is hidden behind the mask, there’s no way Aoba would know until much later in the story.
      Yeah, Clear is really cute…

    1. Wow! The card with Clear and the sky looks amazing OwO
      Love the one with Aoba and Noize in bandages and Koujaku & Aoba in japanese clothing.
      I wonder what the “Digital Content” means that you get with Sofmap?

    2. @Yumii: I hope they include the pics in an artbook in the future. They’re all so lovely! I’ve updated the game post about the store specials. Digital contents includes the computer system voices of the characters and wallpapers.

    3. OMG. I absolutely love Clear’s and the Aoba&Noiz one looks so cute ahhhhhhh ACTUALLY, I WANT THEM ALL /sob lol @ the drama cd with the pet things

  4. *mofu* *mofu*
    Pomeranians are so cute and fluffy!~ *w*
    I was really surprised at Clear’s voice. So young! o.o”
    I hope they don’t troll us like what they did to N in TnC. Seems like everyone here has been talking about a cg with a uncensored face of Clear, I just hope that it’s true! <3

  5. @ponytale
    I haven’t played lamento, but I mean in general nitro chiral. Sweet pool, togainu– all of them don’t turn out to be… Happy..

  6. thanks for the scans!!!

    there’s Clear store exclusive freebies pic at Cool-B ^^
    can’t see his face though, but he’s without his gas mask and it’s uncensored…
    truly hope they won’t censored his face in the game though *cross fingers*

    and they need to decided where this freebies goin or I won’t be able to pre-order *headesk*

    Love Clear’s voice ///

    1. @Yuki: Looking forward to seeing those! Clear is such a show stealer lol~
      I have a feeling even if they show Clear’s face in the game, it’ll always be obscured somehow.

      Me too… watching the store announcements closely orz~ there’ll be drama CDs included for some stores too.

  7. Ooh that tear on his mask is so cute~!
    …Him always wearing his mask means no blowjob for Aoba then D: It would make a pixels puree.

    1. Its bubbles not tears =D at first i thought it was rain since that seems to be his design motif but looking closer is bubbles coming from his mask since its an underwater thing going on in the picture. I cant wait to see his face~

    2. @Anonin: yeah those bubbles are strategically placed like tears :D I think it must mean something and probably hinting at his route? Otherwise I’m just reading too much into it lol~ I love the illustration concept XD

    3. @ponytale: That would so interesting, thats what i like about nitro they keep you guess even with alot of info! I had all these ideas of how sweet pool was going to be like and it turned out completely different then I thought!

      yeah i love the concepts too its so creative its why im glad they have a new artist this time, new game new things.

    4. @Anonin: These teasers are fantastic and its great that they don’t give away too much while keeping things interesting. Yeah, I was completely blown away by sweet pool :3.
      Woo~ 2 months till launch!

  8. I think it’s only censored for the sprites and normal conversation. If I remember correctly, the CG’s for Clear’s route don’t have the mosaic (unless Cool-B is a lying tease and it was just a magazine exclusive in which case I will rage so hard Nitro+Chiral will be able to feel it all the way from Japan).

    1. @Rita: I haven’t seen the latest Cool-B yet since the magazine is still on the way to me lol~ Yes CDJapan has shipped it :D

      So does the pic show Clear’s full face? Or obscured by the kiss?

  9. What? His face is going to be censored? Does this mean that the reason why he wears a gas mask is because his face is censored?

  10. Wahhh someone else uploaded scans (showing Clear and Aoba kissing in the rain) and there wasn’t mosaic so this is a surprise in events. I guess it’ll be like n’s real name orz But yes, I agree with you that Clear’s voice is just adorable. Everyone else’s samples are up (well, the mains + virus & trip) but I loveeee Clear’s lol. Also, can I say those freebies are adorable? Aoba & Noiz are reminding me of Shika & Akira (in which they beat each other up but ahhh cute), traditional wear is always lovely, and omg millions of Ren AHHHH Aoba, I would react the same haha~Still excited, N+C! Is February here yettttt

    1. @Niii: Can’t wait to see the pic then XD I’m still waiting for my Cool-B mah to arrive orz… SAL.
      The freebies look fab! Hopefully Comicomi has one of these :D

  11. Thank you so much for the scans!!!! Clear is a interesting character!and Aoba and Noiz in bandage are just…incredibly beautiful!!!*méga nosebleed*
    Thank you!

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