BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder -Introduction- DVD + Chara Booklet (Comiket 79, C79 Nitro+Chiral Set)

DRAMAtical Murder seme names revealed!

This DVD was part of Comiket 79 「ニトロプラス キラル」セット Nitro+Chiral Set

DRAMAtical Murder -Introduction-
Size: B6 (Full-colour) Character setting artwork for DRAMAtical Murder, staff comment published in a full-colour, B6-sized booklet. Announcement movie of the game during Chiral Night event on 31 October 2010 will be included as a DVD. Includes DVD package illustrated by Honyarara ほにゃらら

DRAMAtical Murder -Introduction- DVD

The inside and disc.

The B6-size booklet has a high quality glossy finish. Very nice.

I will rule over you, “_ _ _ “
君を支配する、「_ _ _ 」

I think it’s probably better translated as I pwn you in cyberspeak lol~

Introduction to the game setting.

The stage is set in a fictional Japan from the past (That explains the use of some of the retro-ish graphics) What story awaits our hero who lives in a world where the past coexists with the future ……? 舞台となるのは今よりも少し先の世界、架空の「日本」。主人公の「蒼葉を中心に、過去と未来が共存する島で繰り広げられのは一体どんな物語なのか……。

Aoba 蒼葉 / Blue leaf and his dog, Ren 蓮 / Lotus

According to the introduction, Aoba wears coordinated blue colours. He appears to have a cheerful personality. He is an adult and is the oldest main uke hero among all Nitro-Chiral’s previous BL games. His dog Ren is always with him. Although the dog is fully-grown, he is small in size. His breed is pomeranian but he looks like a spitz puppy.

Kimono seme is Koujaku 紅雀 / Red sparrow.

Japanese style fashion. Seems to be the first person who comes in contact with Aoba. The left picture probably shows him with Ren and btw, if you can’t see clearly, that is a sparrow on the dog’s head.

Badge seme is Noise ノイズ

A young man with sharp-looking eyes. He emanates an aura of sharpness but wears a surprisingly huge number of badges.

Smoking pipe seme is Mink ミンク.

Serious looking man. Wears military style clothes and has dreadlocks. Feels like somebody who is of mixed heritage from many countries.

And finally gas mask seme’s name is Clear クリア.

A guy who hides his face under a gas mask. Reasons unexplained. He carries himself and speaks in a slightly eccentric way.

Cute middle-finger game key-art.

Hmm… I wonder what kind of voice I’ll have? (and when will DRAMAtical Murder be available? :D)

Finally the trailer. Editing is good but there’s not very much we haven’t already seen tho. Enjoy!

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20 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder -Introduction- DVD + Chara Booklet (Comiket 79, C79 Nitro+Chiral Set)”

  1. omg thanks much for the pics and info! The story sounds really interesting.
    For some reason i am drawn to the gas mask dude lol.;;

    1. @sigma: Glad you enjoyed it :D I’m looking forward to it too cos it sounds refreshing and different. Yeah we’re all guessing he is mega-bishie behind that mask lol. I hope there are some reversible couples as well :3 cos so far Nitro+Chiral hasn’t done that yet.

  2. @ponytale:

    About the other user’s comment, it makes me wonder if the name ‘Mink’ is pretty popular especially in sci-fi themed manga/s or anime’s/ I’m sure I’ve heard of the name a few times in different animes whether it’s a nickname or full name.. >__>

    And those finger dolls in the illus? If they’re selling it, I want Gas Mask’s. :B

  3. Ooo this seems very interesting!!

    I kind of like the character designs, especially the semes. They don’t have the ‘obvious’-shojo look, more like to ‘seinen’ style, something like that.

    Also the puppy is adorable. :>

  4. @Oru – thanks for your compliments ^^ I’ll keep doing my best.

    Yep, it’s cool because sci-fi is very rare in BL and I’m excited to see N+C tackle the cyberpunk theme which isn’t easy to do well. The introduction about the past and future in co-existence is fun because it opens a lot of graphical possibilities and it’s looking very fresh yet familiar so far. I love it.

    As for gore… I think it’ll probably still be there but maybe in a more stylized manner. And yes, I find Aoba’s character setting a refreshing change from their usual uke like Akira/Youji. I get the feeling that he is the brighter type like Konoe but way more street smart lol~

  5. Aha, you’ve made a great job so far hence my actual excitement towards the blog ~

    This game seems, so far, a bit different from the whole Nitro+Chiral style.
    Even though Nitro+ and Chiral are known for their large gore incidence in games (in a dramatic, serious tone), truth is not all games had that X-factor. A good example is Sumaga and I immediately got remembered of it with this game (all the cuteness and colors).

    So idk… they might keep the gore low here and/or tone it down in seriousness and make it more casual ( the complete opposite of Sweet Pool, eh).
    Regardless, I’m rather excited seeing as the characters look quite interesting and the main one seems he might actually have a strong personality ^^
    /end rant

  6. Wow, this seems interesting! I’d love if Aoba was a programmer or a hacker. I was very excited about that source code on official site (but I’d love more if that was in C hahaha… it seems like php without the <?php )

    LOL it's me or that Mink face and long hair reminds of… Iason Mink?

    1. @planck-chan: He sure looks like one! :D You actually studied the code they posted? Lol~ XD that’s awesome!

      Hahaha maybe they’re playing homage to Iason (character bio seems to kinda fit. Serious face, no-nonsense guy)

  7. Hey o/
    Was linked to your blog and your posts seem quite interesting and actually informative / up to date.
    Definitely will be following up from now on.

  8. Thanks for the info!
    Too bad the trailer didn’t show us anything new, I’m still pretty excited though!
    I actually like all the character (I’m sure Clear looks hot under his mask) and I’m defiantly gonna get it when it comes. I just hope there isn’t any gore (was kinda shocked when they released Sweet Pool)

    1. @Yumii: glad to share! The trailer cheated my feelings again lol… first cool-B now this OTL;; Yeap, I’m biased but I’m inclining towards flirty looking Kimono seme already :D and Clear is probably a mega-bishie underneath that mask lol… or OMG is he the future/past self of Aoba *_* just suddenly thought of that but that can only happen if the years of past and future aren’t too far apart.

      This is a must-get too. I can still stomach Sweet Pool’s gore so it was okie. I don’t think the new game will be as gory but maybe there’ll be at least one gore ending? So far all Nitro+Chiral BL games have some gore :3

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