BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder HOT new pics and sub-characters (Cool-B vol 2011-11)

Oh yes, I love flowers! Especially on a manly naked back!

New updates from 2011 November issue Cool-B Magazine! I didn’t have time to post them earlier. You may have already seen them but here are some pics and information that are not up on the official site :D

Oh no! What are those guys doing to Aoba???

It’s CG of a scene “seconds before gang-rape” *_* OH NO!
Aoba: …. ugh, let go!
Man B: Shut up! Stuff his mouth
Aoba: Nn, Guu!

Information about the sub characters revealed.

From the left:
1) ミズキMizuki from the “Real Battle” faction, Aoba’s friend.
2) 悪島刑事Akushima Keiji. A policeman.
3) 羽賀さんHaga-san, Aoba’s manager part-time job
4) タエTae, Aoba’s grandma
5) 東江Toue. The island’s most powerful guy
6) ウイルスVirus and トリップ Trip. The two blond guys are like the yakuza on the island.

OMIGOSH!!! Look at the pics! According to the interview, DMMd has a variety of endings. From sad, tear-jerker route, heart-aching route to even funny route! So exciting!

And for the first time, the story will only show ONE perspective. Everything will be told from Aoba’s point of view. That’s interesting cos it’ll be as if the player -IS- Aoba :D

SO CUUUTE!!! Blushing boys! Koujaku x Aoba

Noize x Aoba excerpt.

They seem like such great friends lol~


Aoba: What the hell are you doing. Let go!
Noize: …………
Noize pulled my face close and stared at me in silence.
I held my breath under his forceful, piercing gaze.

From Cool-B November 2011 issue.

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21 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder HOT new pics and sub-characters (Cool-B vol 2011-11)”

  1. Koujaku and Noize are already my favs, Aoba too, nuff said xDDDDD.

    I want to try it! *-* I need a decent pc to run the game xDDDDDDDD.

    1. @ponytale I need a desk pc, I have a laptop. Hell, it’s not even mine, it belongs to my sister xDDDDDDD.

      Either way, it can play a .mkv video wihtout lagging, and even if the video’s speed isn’t that much (I find it annoying when I watch the I11 GO op, whish is my favorite and then it begins to lag… )

  2. HOLY COW! KOUJAKU-NII’S HAWT TATTOOS!!!! CAN;T WAITTTTTTTTTT~~~!!! So that pink haired grandma is Ao-chan;s grandma? :D i see her at the latest pics at the official website dechu~! >3<

  3. Guuuhhhhhhh…. Fuck.
    I can’t wait any longer for this came to come out. asnfkjadsnfkj
    I kinda hope this will be way more dramatic than everyone expects and that there will be gangrape (or something like that) because I expect horrible things in Nitro+Chiral games and I would be a bit disappointed if it wouldn’t be dark and angsty, I just can’t help but to love the tear-jerker routes -shot-
    I will be in heaven when reading this.

    1. @ponytale: Yeah, me too, I think they’d actually build up the tension in us fangirls making us go “Noooooo! Don’t do that!” but then in the very last moment will let some of the selectable bishies walk in and go all “lol, did you really think we’d do that? (Not that we haven’t done it before but… not with non-bishie people)” But that’s really predictable. I think that we might get Aoba raped if we make the wrong choices :/

      Yeah! They always do <3

      Also is Noize eating churros there? I think he is :D One more reason to love Noize.

    2. @Nipah-Nyaa: Lol~ (Not that we haven’t done it before but… not with non-bishie people) THIS XD

      I love the bright, primary colours in the artworks lol~

  4. Wowowow!
    These actually make me change my expectations about the game. I wasn’t too fond of the art at first, but now that’s another story!
    Tae looks cool :D

    1. Agreed, I’m kind of glad that it’s this artist. Though granted I think the character design should have been a lot more tamer on Aoba, Noise, Mink, and Koujaku. I don’t need extra accessories on my bishies thank you. The artist is a great background artist and I hope that they use her artwork for the background instead of the usual 3d generated background.

    2. @bt_tara: Hehe I think for sci-fi themes, you have a good excuse to be loud and out there. A refreshing style change for the understated design of the past. Accessories are merchandising opportunities… lol~ think about all those related goods they can sell ^^;;

      I believe there’s a mix of both hand drawn backgrounds and 3D.

  5. i’m looking forward to the graphics and all..
    i haven’t really played any bl games yet
    (since i’m still having problems understanding kanji щ(ಥДಥщ) )

    but the art is SO H-O-T!!! ☆ (≧ω≦)

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