BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder gets hotter! First H-scenes revealed! (Cool-B vol 2012-03)

Everybody loves Aoba!

Some belated updates from 2012 March issue Cool-B Magazine.

Relative big feature in this issue. First two pages are the introduction and reveal of game cover package illustration. You can get a clearer pic from the official site.

Yeah I know you guys are waiting for this! Sex scenes feature woo!

Koujaku x Aoba is pretty mild.

WHAT IS HAPPENING??? Flash overloaded when the picture was taken orz;;; /JOKE/

Well, please bear with me cos I want to save myself the pain of photobucket deleting my photo and the burden of paying for website bandwidth (its expensive) I’ve uploaded the questionable photos onto my neglected tumblr ^^;; Tumblr is pretty lax with R18 stuff right? Right? D:

Uncensored pics here: LalaParadise

Ok next is Mink and Clear!

I don’t remember seeing this pic previously, so it gets a slight close-up. Bad ass :D

Ok, the original pic was dark so I can’t do better with my camera. But we DO see white colour squirty, liquids down there ^^;;

Uncensored pics here: LalaParadise (Btw, how do you link to the tumblr post you want? Problem solved! Thanks Oru!)

My hand slipped.

Hint. CLEAR IS BIG (*q*)

Uncensored pics here: LalaParadise

Last two pages of the feature are side characters and short story.

View of the Platinum Jail.

The accompanying illustration for Mink x Aoba short story.

That’s it for this issue! Wish I wasn’t so busy so I can put more updates sooner but no work = no $$$ for goodies. (ToT) SIGH.

Recap: To see the R18 pics, please go here

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29 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder gets hotter! First H-scenes revealed! (Cool-B vol 2012-03)”

  1. Awwww I like Koujaku, why his smut is mild? :K Not fair.

    Asdsdasasasds Mink and Clear H-scenes, ’nuff said.

    Aoba is one of the few willing ukes I’ve seen in the BL world xDDDDDD way to go, Aoba.

  2. AHHHH!! I saw this a few weeks ago on tumblr, but thank you for taking closer pictures! I’m so excited for the game now, it really does seem like Aoba enjoys having sex…and giving head, ehe.
    I also followed you on tumblr!
    Thanks for the news!

    1. @Masaonyan: Thanks for the follow! :D lolol~ yeah, Aoba doesn’t seem bashful about sex :D which is a nice change from Nitro+Chiral’s usual ukes.

  3. OH MY… <3<3<3

    Btw, is it me, or it seems that Aoba really likes to suck… it? XD He looks pretty comfortable with that. I love it!!

    *Okay, sorry, just came here and left a pervy comment…*

    Thanks for your updates as always!! I can't wait until this game comes out!!!

  4. Ooh so I saw your pics on tumblr… I really like the character design, the environment, the atmosphere of this game. I usually don’t play games, and worse that I can’t understand japanese, but I keep on seeing the images and reading about it. maybe Kotobukiya can do figures of them in the future? At least a cute one coin set with Yupon design!

    BTW, thanks for follow me in tumblr ( I started last month there, it’s mostly fun cos the pics you find are always nice.

    1. @planck-chan: I also hope they make super cute yupon Kotobukiya one-coins for the game characters. Full figures are welcomed too cos these designs look awesome! I already mentioned that in the Kotobukiya survey previously hehehe

      Thanks for the follow too! I may not be as active in Tumblr but whenever there’s a need to post more explicit stuff, I’ll be doing it there.

  5. Ordered!!! and YES everybody loves AOBA *why so cuteeeee!!!
    I want Clear… but again Mink’s H scene makes me sooo sooo interested in his route
    wonder if they hav any secret seme for this time…

    1. @Yuki: If you love alpha semes, I’m sure you’ll love Mink. Yes, according to the magazine, there WILL be other semes besides the main 4. Aoba is the overall uke.

    2. Yay~! Clear certainly is well-endowed XD

      So I’ve read the comments and there will be even more semes? Probably the other characters then, like Mizuki or the twins?

      I’m really looking forward to this game :D

  6. Oh Clear, you sure grew out well /coff

    So following you on tumblr, even though you’re quite right in terms of neglect.
    Well, to link to a certain post, you can always try to click on comments( it should take you to the post’s page) and then use the link there : >

    1. @Oru: /coff yes how impressive XD
      Yeah i had the tumblr account for some time but never used it much (its an understatement) so I’m not very familiar with it. Thanks for the follow and tip! I’ll do that :D

  7. Clear’s carpets match the drapes, huh~ This latest issue of Cool-B was quite delicious~

    Have you tried the demo of Gian no Tame Nara Sekai wo Kowasu yet? . v . I was shocked that it was sort of like Angry Birds o A o;;…but with mens. Chibi mens…

    1. @Puchi: LOL XD as it should be!

      Not yet but one of my twitter followers figured it out from the pics posted in the previous issue. I’m gonna try it out now :D

    1. @SnowMiyu: Pffft~ yeah I didn’t look THAT closely until you mentioned it XD Hey, come to think of it, is this the first time that pubic hair is actually shown in Nitro+Chiral’s games? /shot

    2. Possibly it is! ouo I checked the CGs of N+C games I have played, they had the hair pixellated as well. Looks like we are seeing some kind of improvement in DMMd? |D haha

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