BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder character, setting update (Cool-B vol 2011-03)

Say cheese!

Love the anime feel of the illustrations. Koujaku looks a little distorted there ^^;; He looks ok on the magazine actually. I’m not sure to blame the fact that I don’t have a scanner or not. The pages were taken using a digital camera and slightly blurred OTL.

DMMd updates taken from the 2011 March issue of Cool-B Magazine. DRAMAtical Murder is Nitro+Chiral’s new project with character design by their new illustrator Honyarara (ほにゃらら)

There are 2 pages of newly revealed character illustrations in colour, more juice about their personalities, what they do, game setting artwork, and creator comments.

I’ll load the pages first for a quick peek :) I don’t have time to translate the content yet. Check back later for them.

Semes in full colour glory :3

Lovely artwork of the location setting.

Quite irresistible, that smile :D And I love sneaky Clear at the back lol~

From Cool-B March 2011 issue.

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6 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder character, setting update (Cool-B vol 2011-03)”

  1. I had seen the pictures before and, when I did, they were the deal breaker for me: yes, I WANT this.

    They all look very good in color. Koujaku looks even better than his lineart self, his colours really suit him and what seems to be his personality (kinda serene but sweet?).
    Was a bit hesitant with Mink’s pinkness BUT it actually blends well with his color scheme in the group shot, so no issues there.

    Just a tiiiiny bit disappointed with Clear, never expected him to be so… white all over. Oh well, it’s a matter of adaptation now.

    Par of me kinda hopes there will be a little bit of action on the game… considering the overall theme to it.

    1. @Oru: Yeah instant get! :3 After the colours, Koujaku remains my fav ^^ Yeah, you’re right about Clear… but the lighter colour scheme he got suits his name. I’m also slightly disappointed by Noise but overall they look good. I’m expecting some action too. Wonder how it’s going to come across if they have it.

  2. I think I like the character designs a little bit more every time that I see them! I can’t read any of the stuff I’ve seen, so unfortunately I know nothing about their personalities……yet! I also got a Tidus vibe off of our main fellow, but I don’t mind so much. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t disappear in the end;P

    On a similar note. If I’m not mistaken, You got the Nitro+Chiral poster/ calendar set right?
    Do you have any idea what is on the dvd? I’m really curious.

    1. @Nagara9: Yeah, they’re definitely heating things up with more juicy sneak peaks :3 I don’t feel so cheated by this issue lol~

      Yeah I have it. The DVD only has the trailer video that they showed during Chiral Night event. I’ve posted it up on post about the set.

  3. though it seemed to lack an uke character…i hope i’ll like this work. The artwork is simply gorgeous but i prefer the main character with a shorter nose like in the official site. Hopefully the magazine scans aren’t the final artwork. For some reason, aspects of the character design is reminiscent of Final Fantasy X’s characters. The main character from Tidus, Red Sparrow from Auron, Minku from Jecht, and Clear from Shinra(the whiz kid from ffx-2). Maybe i’m thinking too much? :p

    Nitro+Chiral always break away from the stereotypical character, plot, or storylines that it makes it hard for me to take a liking to their games. While it pays to be original, in Nitro+Chiral’s case, it just crosses the line – at least for Sweet Pool and Lamento. It’s like watching Avatar the movie with BL in it lol! xD

    But then it seems like it’s the same scenario writer from togainu no chi, lamento and sweet pool. Hopefully it won’t disappoint the fussy me :3

    1. @chibi: It’ll be interesting if there are multiple and cross pairings. I’m open to that. Hmm, now that you pointed it out, the characters do look like they have FF influences :O

      Yep same scenario writer. I find it exciting that N+C is doing this and I love them for it :3 Ah~ Avatar with BL! XDD I don’t mind! Which are your fav genres?

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