BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder character previews (Cool-B vol 2011-01)

Some DMMd updates from the 2011 January issue of Cool-B Magazine.

NItro+Chiral’s new project DRAMAtical Murder with character design by their new illustrator Honyarara (ほにゃらら) The magazine didn’t reveal very much although the cover sure looks good.

There was 2 pages of cover art + main character and creator comments

And 2 pages of the full-length character roughs and highlights of some of their special points.

Not sure how to translate… ^^;; I’ll probably add the description when I have time.

From left, character theme and fashion item:

  1. 不敵な笑みの着流し男 and Sparrow print kimono.
  2. 蒼葉 (あおば) Aoba. Name of protagonist revealed.
  3. サワルナキクンくん and Gas mask.
  4. ドレッドハアーのアニキ系 and Smoke Pipe.
  5. 冷ややかなバッヂ青年 and Badge.
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4 thoughts on “BL Game: DRAMAtical Murder character previews (Cool-B vol 2011-01)”

  1. wow thank you so much ^^!
    i just read your articles about the march issue – now i’m dying to get that too (…especially after going onto the omerta site and seeing jj’s naked bum xDDD)

    i’ve been a huge fan of your site ever since i came across the lucky dog 1 game and other game reviews here – please keep writing and covering them lovely BL bishes <3

    1. @Tiffany: Glad it helps! XD Let’s look forward to the game release (1 more month!!!) and its future artbooks for more smexy artwork! Thanks for your compliments! I’ll do my best! X3

  2. hullah!
    sorry if this sounds like if it’s a weird question, but i’m wondering if you can tell me what other things that issue of cool-b magazine has covered.
    i read your other articles about the law of silence omeruta game that’s coming out, and seeing as the 01/11 issue of cool-b covered it i really wanted to get it xDDD

    basically i’m planning to order that month’s issue of cool-b, but i’ve never seen it in local stores so i’m also wondering if you can tell me what i should be expecting in terms of the magazine’s size and thickness x: !

    hope to hear from you ^^
    teeef <3

    (i'll be checking this page for your reply, but if you find emailing easier then please feel free to email me at or c: )

    1. @omgitsteef: No worries! The magazine is A4 size and about 1 cm thick. It is not scarily heavy like those thick comic magazines ;P It has mostly full colour pages.

      Basically the magazine covers otome, BL and general games that girls might like (those that has many bishonens for example lol). There’s also a DVD included with demo/trailers of upcoming/released games. So in terms of BL games, you’ll get to read about Lucky Dog 1, Shingakkou Noli me tangere, Gakuen Heaven, Omerta, Hadaka Shitsuji, etc. There are interviews, short stories, introductions, teasers and capture guides. Oh there are 18+ CGs as well, so do take note of that :)

      More info here:

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