BL Game: Cherry Blossom (PSP, Mizushima Takahiro, Midorikawa Hikaru)

Sweet shounen-ai PSP game, Cherry Blossom.

Cherryblossom~チェリーブロッサム~ Portable
Publisher: Takuyo (PSP)
Available: 25 December 2008
Price: 6,090 Yen (w/tax)
Ages: 12+
Takuyo Official game site

According to description, Cherry blossom~チェリーブロッサム is shounen-ai, similar to Hanakisou 花帰葬 which is another shounen-ai PC game ported to PSP. The PSP platform so far does not seem to release 18+ R-rated titles.

I don’t know much about this title but I’ve read pretty good reviews of the PC game too… about how cute/sweet it was. Shounen-ai title to begin with. Adventure + Princess/Prince Maker (?) type of game. Boys school theme.

Voice casts include: Mizushima Takahiro, Takagi Motoki, Sugiyama Akio , Midorikawa Hikaru, etc.

No luck for Nintendo DS players, cos there are no BL games for it yet.

Cast List

Cherry Blossom PSPCherry Blossom PSPCherry Blossom PSPCherry Blossom PSP

桜瀬早月 Ouse Satsuki – 下野紘 Mizushima Takahiro
澤村高耶 Sawamura Takaya – 陶山章央 Sugiyama Akio
芦原梗介 Ashihara Kyousuke – 結城比呂 Yuuki Hiro
二ノ宮遙夏 Ninomiya Haruka – 高城元気 Takagi Motoki

Cherry Blossom PSPCherry Blossom PSPCherry Blossom PSP

漆原薫 Urushihara Kaoru – 緑川光 Midorikawa Hikaru
松岡士朗 Matsuoka Shiro – 高橋亨 Takahashi Toru
金田聡汰 Kaneda Souta – 山口勝平 Yamaguchi Keppei

Chery blossom~チェリーブロッサム

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24 thoughts on “BL Game: Cherry Blossom (PSP, Mizushima Takahiro, Midorikawa Hikaru)”

  1. thanks i will not give up and okay but please try and get your friends to help in someway even if its not signing up to all the fourms letters are good too, tiny me needs help lol
    and i will keep trying ^_^

    1. @m: gambatte! Hopefully these posts will help generate awareness. I’m planning to do a post soon about sending requests to companies regarding localizing games. So please keep your link suggestions coming in :)

    2. Hello good news started asking more people this month about the game maybe you can try twitter is there some game companys that have it ? lol well lets keep trying.

  2. Okay thanks but would like maybe you to join Atlus fourms it seems silly of me to do that, unless you have someone you an ask to do that the more the better.

    1. @m: You can also try raising your case to these two companies

      1) JASTUSA.
      They recently announced that they’re looking at licensing Starry Sky games.

      2) Aksys:
      They just announced licensing Hakuouki games.

      Honestly I don’t think I have as much time I like to follow through petitions for game localizations. Would be great if you can hang in there and keep doing your best :)

  3. Yes never give up I say if you make a post of thsi spread it round alot of people will but it and i can tell them its in every single yaoi fourm in the world then BINGO lol alos you ask too and Atlus both have said theyd look into it.

  4. Good and i got this from when i sent an email,


    Thanks for writing in with your question. Bleach will be released in the UK in the last week of August.

    As for the other game you mentioned, we can certainly look into it; however, we consider many titles from Japan and so we can’t make any guarantee about releasing specific ones. Thank you for the recommendation, though!

    Customer Support Staff
    NIS America, Inc.

    but got this in the fourm (but from one) There is not nearly enough of a market to make something like this profitable for us. Sorry, but don’t hold your breath.

    but i wont give up and i send a small email and got this

    We will take your suggestion to localize this game into consideration when looking at possible titles to release in the future. Thank you for taking the time to contact us and have a nice day! Rob StoneQA LeadATLUSa brand of Index Digital Media, Inc.949.788.0455 x117

    and yeah that would be good if you look more i also added uraboku and hana ki sou with pic.

    1. @m: and next best thing is to learn Japanese while we wait cos the probability of localization is really low if that forum reply comes from a staff member :( but one can hope.

  5. Going to do it lol, ah dame should i still ask for it?
    and if im doing this post will u do one on the other game we chatted on han ki sou and uraboku if i say all in one post would that be bad?

    1. @m: I think starting with the better known titles in the North America, such as Junjou Romantica PS2, Togainu no Chi PS2/PSP and Gakuen Heaven PS2/PSP would be good. Uraboku may work too.

      Cos remember, NIS America is a company and there’s no chance they’ll want to do a title that doesn’t make money and worse if it makes a loss.

    1. @m please create the forum posts ^^ I’ll support u when I can.

      That new game you found looks cute but it’s a mobile phone game tho.

  6. cool wish i can do that i mostly get things that come out in english but i would not mind getting some googies lol.

    And thanks and i think im going to redo an email to the company about this game its so much better if they really did bring it out, any news on it.

  7. wow thanks for that i checked it out its so nice, here’s a treat for you the Sekaiichi hatsukoi ova

    also i asked junemanga to pick up this in paperback you will understand why when you look at this.

    i have pet on duty in paperback so this should come out, also i plan to do more petitions soon.

    1. @m: Thanks! I ordered the manga that came with the DVD but I guess the fansubs are almost always faster lol~ :D

      Thanks for your recommendations! I’ll check them out when I can. Let me know when you put up petitions ^^

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