BL Game: Ariard -Shounen Alice- (Latte, Alice in Wonderland)

Alice, I was waiting for the day to meet you…

Title: Ariard-Shounen Alice Ariard-少年アリス-
1) Special edition price: 4,800 Yen (w/tax)
Do note that the order cut-off period for special edition is 31 December 2012. Only available at Latte official store.

2) Normal edition price: 3,800 Yen (w/tax)
Pre-sale release during event: 30 December 2012
Release: 25 January 2013
I’ll update with details of the different store tokutens when I find the time.

Artwork/Character design: 島津ハル
Genre: Alice in Wonderland fantasy adventure 不思議の国ダークファンタジーADV
Rating: 18+
Scenario: 上月壱
Company: Latte (Doujin games maker)
Official Site: (Visit the sites for more pics!)

A BL game that has Alice in Wonderland themes… not like I’m too surprised but I wondered why it took them that long. This theme has been done to death already. I hope the creators have something new or exciting twists to keep us thrilled.

Seiyuu Cast (pseudonyms as usual): Voice samples are up on the official page, so check them out!

Miyano Alisumi 宮野有純 :蒼井夕真 (Iguchi Yuuichi 井口祐一)
White Rabbit 白兎 :野次馬根性 (Hino Satoshi 日野聡)
Mad Hatter 帽子屋:四ツ谷サイダー (Okitsu Kazuyuki 興津和幸)
Cheshire Cat チェシャ猫:石川ゆうすけ (Terashima Takuma 寺島拓篤)
D&D:山口知大(Yamaguchi Tomohiro 山口智大)
Caterpillar 蛹:各邑辛多狼 (Namura Yukitarou 名村幸太朗)
Jack ジャック:髭内悪太 (Takeuchi Ryouta 竹内良太)
King 王:河村眞人 (Yamanaka Masahiro 山中真尋)
Queen 女王:香春部春香

I’ll update more about the summary and character info later! Btw, anyone knows if Ariard means anything?

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19 thoughts on “BL Game: Ariard -Shounen Alice- (Latte, Alice in Wonderland)”

  1. I tried downloading the trial version, but when i downloaded it, it wouldn’t work on my laptop
    does it only work on computers??
    or does my laptop not have enough MB to it or something???

    i really really really really want to play the game!!! ><
    even if it is a trial one!!!

  2. Hi Pony-chan :] I just learned of this game through your post :)! Via tumblr I found out that there was a King mini game you could download, but it isn´t available anymore >_< Did you manage to get it maybe Q_Q?

  3. Hello, can you help me answering my questions? (Before that sorry for the long messages =_=, I’m new xD)

    You see, I remember exactly that the trial ver of this game will came out around 2012 and same goes the sale and I remember that on 25/1/2013 is the release date of the full ver of the game (at least from some posts I read). So I went to the website to check for the full game but there was no full ver of it, just trial, do you have any idea or am I mistaking something?

    And if you know something about how to find and download the full game, please tell me ^^ Thank you so much if you’re helping me :DD

  4. It’s true that there are many Alice in Wonderland themed games and other stuff but maybe this one will be different? Some games have their own twist and turns and such. I’m not sure. This is actually the first time I’ve heard about an Alice in Wonderland themed BL Game. It’s kind of interesting but I would like to know more about it. Meaning the plot and how the game would end up being.

    1. @ Ponytale

      That’s fine! I’m not telling you to update or anything! ^ – ^ I was just curious about it that’s all. Thank you though, Darling! >///<

  5. I was re-reading Alice in The Country of Hearts today and I kept wishing that Alice was a boy XD So I was really happy to see this.I read a summary for this on otomenojunjou’s blog.It sounds interesting so I’m excited.

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