BL Game: Arabian Nights in Nessa no Rakuen (Vivid Color)

Delectable eye and ear candy this August 2010!

This 18+ PC BL game is probably romantic smut :3 Featuring two Arabian princes fighting over an Englishman who found himself accidentally becoming part of their harem while escaping from some bandits during his trip to gather information about a mysterious medicinal royal herb (LOL~ now how cliched is that XD) Complicating matters, the princes’ servant who seems to hold key information to the herb also has his eyes on him… So he spends his nights with these princes and the servant while continuing his investigations of the herb.

When I first saw the CG screenshots of Vivid Color’s Nessa no Rakuen 熱砂ノ楽園 in B’s-log game magazine, I was attracted by the visuals already… when they finally announced the cast on their official website. I’m sold! Although all the seiyuus used pseudonyms but of course we know who they are! XD

The semes are: Nojima Kenji 野島健児 (purple hair prince), Hatano Wataru 羽田野渉 (The silver hair servant), and Maeno Tomoaki 前野智昭 (black hair prince) and the uke is cute Kaji Yuki 梶裕貴 (Englishman)!

All of them have a proven seme and uke track record in BL dramas, so there’s a lot smexy voices to look forward to! <3

This is a smaller scale production by Vivid Color but doesn’t look any less yummy with such delicious looking illustrations by ^^ Emaru Jyon/Emal John えまる・じょん (Check out: and pixiv page

Their previous smaller release featured older oyaji salaryman semes and a bartender uke. This time we get younger guys and an Arabian setting to boot. The only possible problem I have with this setting is the names of the characters. We’re going to get an earful of Japanese-que pronunciation of their Arabian/English names lol~ But that in itself is kinda moe too :3

If you order the game from Vivid Color’s website, you also get a pre-order drama CD (as well as a mail-in order drama CD) but they don’t ship internationally :-\
: 6,090 Yen (w/tax) I’ll check comicomi again in a month’s time and see if they include any exclusives :)

Update 16 July 2010: If you order from comicomi, you’ll get a comi-comi exclusive drama cd + preorder freetalk cd ^^ if I’m not wrong.

Update 30 July 2010:

  1. Order directly from Vivid Color’s website (Japan only) 5700 Yen/6090 Yen (w/tax)
    Receive preorder 王様ゲーム drama CD + exclusive 王子ノ遊戯 mini drama CD (Nojiken x Kaji Yuki).
  2. Comicomi (ships international) 5700 Yen/6090 Yen (w/tax)
    Receive preorder 王様ゲーム drama CD + exclusive デートmessage CD.
    Without the exclusive. Just preorder 王様ゲーム drama CD only is 4701 Yen/5800 Yen (w/tax).
  3. Animate Japan (Japan only) 5700 Yen/6090 Yen (w/tax) -SOLD OUT-
    Receive preorder 王様ゲーム drama CD + exclusive 無人島生活 mini drama cd (Maeno Tomoaki x Kaji Yuki)
  4. Messe-san oh Girls game shop (Japan only) 5700 Yen/6090 Yen (w/tax)
    Receive preorder 王様ゲーム drama CD + exclusive ウィルと魔法のランプ mini drama cd (Nojiken x Kaji Yuki).

Preorder Deadline: 8 August 2010

More information about the tokuten here

Smexy pic update… gosh *_* I think we might be able to get uke Hatano Wataru in this game too!!! I’m really looking forward to it. *jumps him* Nosebleed at the new CG. NSFW! View here!

Head over to Vivid Color’s official page for more 18+ pics of the game:

・ウィル=リード………………夕凪孝 (Kaji Yuki) 梶由貴
・ハキム=ルシュディ ……… 桜ひろし (Maeno Tomoaki) 前野智昭
・アシュラフ=ルシュディ…… 高嶺悠賀 (Nojima Kenji) 野島健児
・カリム=ラシード……………春野風 (Hatano Wataru) 羽田野渉
・ザイード・ジブラン……………鳩マン軍曹 (Kawahara Yoshihisa) 川原慶久 *** new sub character

Character description

Will ウィル=リード(CV:夕凪孝)Kaji Yuki
Age: 21
Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes. Fair, translucent skin. Huge eyes.
Personality: Does not engage in flattery. A little stubborn. Strong-minded. Curious. Honest and frank. (I like it that he is probably not going to be a weepy/weak uke :3)
Calls himself: Ore オレ
Details: Protagonist of the story. Salaried employee of England’s Medicine Company. Beautiful. Popular among men and women but he thinks he looks ordinary. Has a complex about his looks.

Hakim ハキム=ルシュディ(CV: 桜ひろし) Maeno Tomoaki
Height: 183cm
Age: 22
Appearance: Black hair. 容姿:黒髪、Amber coloured eyes, brown skin. Short hair. Hair at nape of neck is kept long.
Personality: (Oresama-type) Arrogant and does things according to his own desires and ways. Goes after his own ideals. A charismatic, born-leader.
Calls himself: Ore 俺
Details: Prince. Second-in-line successor of Shamusu Kingdom.

Ashraf アシュラフ=ルシュディ(CV: 高嶺悠賀) Nojima Kenji
Height: 181cm
Age: 26
Appearance: Light purple hair, golden eyes. Brown skin. Long hair is tied up.
Personality: Soft mannerisms. Playboy. However, he can be cold to people who are not from his camp. He can be frivolous and it hurts some people.
Calls himself: Boku 僕
Details: Prince. First-in-line successor of Shamusu Kingdom.

Karim カリム=ラシード(CV: 春野風) Hatano Watru (Tsundere character! Lol~ I like!)
Height: 174cm
Age: 24
Appearance: Blue-grey hair, blue eyes and brown skin.
Personality: Hardworking young man. Does not show much emotions. Basically cold demeanor and observes his environment coolly. Cool beauty type. Tsundere <3
Calls himself: Watashi 私
Details: Attendant/Servant to the two princes in Shamu Kingdom

(CV: 鳩マン軍曹) Kawahara Yoshihisa
Details: Supporting character. Brother of Shamu Kingdom’s third concubine. Strong personality. Keeps a low profile as he is of a lower standing in the royal family and does not have much power. Meets Will in the harem courtyard. Treats him kindly. He warns him about the two princes and Karim. Also has interest in the royal medicine.

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36 thoughts on “BL Game: Arabian Nights in Nessa no Rakuen (Vivid Color)”

  1. Is there a full drama cd that I can download??? cuz I downloaded a 1 track drama cd and I wanna know if there’s other drama cds…

    1. @Raiden: That’s most likely a tokuten CD that came with buying the game. If I’m not wrong, there are no full-length drama CDs released for Nessa no Rakuen.

  2. I’m playing this game for a few days and it is really awesome *-*
    The scenario, the characters, everything is so pretty, I’m loving it *-*
    Hakim-sama is the best =3

    1. @Len-chan: Believe it or not, I haven’t found the time to complete the game although I bought it months ago… OTL;;; My fav is Karim XD the rest of the cast is hot too.

  3. I can’t read Japanese (T-T i know i know its sad)
    Are there any BL/Yaoi games out there with English? (not the talking but like subs and stuff.. does that make sense?)

    1. @Tee: Don’t be sad! The only officially licensed English text-subbed BL games I know of are Animamundi Dark Alchemist, Enzai Falsely Accused and Absolute Obedience. Not sure if they’re still on sale tho’ :O

    1. @Renee801neko: If you haven’t checked your email, please do so. I sent you a message. Preorder deadline for the game with the preorder tokuten ends today.

  4. Aaaaahhhhhh ~
    You are a life saver !!!
    but erm … i am currently quite busy now …
    so i will get back to you asap !!! [but it will probably take two weeks or so (“._.)]
    so … for the mean time …
    can i … erm … have your email add ?? or something that i can keep in touch with ?

    You are so very Nice !!!!!!! <3
    Arigatou !!!!

  5. Omg …
    i really dont know how to work all these ~
    how do i get i middleman ??
    i am from MALAYSIA … ( hello … nice to meet you )
    and i have problems in registrating at comicomi … (its not your registration tutorial’s fault .. it was REALLY helpful !!! but im the unfortunate one)

    i have a really incredibaly insane idea which i dont think anyone will agree to it …
    but … … but … is it fine with you if …
    you order the item and later send the item to me …
    its like … you buy it for me first … then i buy the item back from you …
    i pay whatever you have paid …
    everything !!!
    ……. i know this is crazy …….
    but its just that … im new to this … and i dont know why
    but i trust you in handling this …
    and i know this will cause u inconvineince ~ Alot that is …

    …… but ….. will you at least think about it ?
    i know that asking you to do this in the first place is insane …
    i mean … this is like an “only when miracle happens” thing …

    please do think about it …

    1. @Renee801neko: let me think of the best solution…

      Which part of comi-comi registration did you get stuck at? Let me know? And maybe improve my tutorial in the process.

      To search for the game, enter the name of Nessa game 熱砂ノ楽園 into the comi-comi search box

      Do you have a credit card or paypal account? If you do, it is very easy to ask Tokyobuyers to buy for you. You just email them about it and they’ll get back to you within a day or two about how to pay and so on. Their service is pretty good and fast.

      If you want to go to the forwarding route, register an account with first, they will give you a Japanese address to register with. Then after that you go to comi-comi and use Tenso’s address.

      But if you really want me to buy for you, you’ll have to send me some money for the game first via paypal (erm there’s an additional 5% paypal charge tho’). The shipping and all that I guess we can calculate again after the game is shipped to me.

  6. erm … excuse me … but …
    i dont really get something …
    you mentioned (Japan only) beside names of shops …
    so does that means … orders are only within Japan ???
    Sorry for the inconvinience ~

    1. @Renne801neko: Thanks for dropping by! Yep, that means these shops only ship within Japan. If you want to order from them you’ll need a middleman service which will add at least 20~40% more to the price depending on who you go with :P

      You can try I’ve bought stuff through them before and they’re quite nice and cheapest in handling/commission charges. If you can navigate Japanese text, you can sign up at the Japan shops and then try using a forwarding service like to send the items to you.

      I bought my BL games like sweet pool and Luckydog1 from comi-comi since they ship international via EMS. Unless I’m really must have a certain tokuten that is sold in other shops, otherwise I would go with comi-comi for the convenience :) Hope this helps!

  7. It helps a lot, ponytale^^Thanks a lot for the info!
    I don’t know where my middleman pre-ordered the game from, but the release date is near, I’ll wait and see what comes by EMS along with my game lol

    1. @Gwendolen: Glad to help! Maybe you can ask your middleman where he is getting it from… who knows… you may be pleasantly surprised! ^^

  8. Hello Ponytale^^
    A few months ago I pre-ordered this game through a Japanese middleman I buy all my games from. He told me a drama cd will be included with my order, privilege of the pre-order.
    Now what’s this about a comi-comi exclusive drama cd + preorder freetalk cd???
    These cds are available only through a Comi-comi order then?
    Can you please explain to me what is this comi-comi original selection?
    Does comi-comi release original BL game drama cds too, or something? >.>

    1. @Gwendolen: Hi hi! :D Your middleman is correct. Ordering the game early will get you the preorder 王様ゲーム drama CD.

      As for the Comicomi exclusive I mentioned, sometimes games companies have promotional arrangements with shops to give additional specials such as exclusive freetalk CDs, mini drama CDs, posters, telephone cards or postcards. So depending on which shop you buy from, you may get different items. I think Vivid Color’s website didn’t list clearly about what shops will be giving additional items. Oh found the link. Please view here for more information about tokuten

      In this case, preordering Nessa game from any shop will definitely get you the preorder drama cd 王様ゲーム cos it is a manufacturer’s special.

      a) Order directly from Vivid Color’s website (Japan only), you get the preorder 王様ゲーム mini drama CD + exclusive 王子ノ遊戯 mini drama CD (Nojiken x Kaji Yuki). 5700 Yen/6090 Yen (w/tax).
      b) Order from Comicomi you get preorder 王様ゲーム mini drama CD + Comicomi exclusive デート message CD. 5700 Yen/6090 Yen (w/tax).
      – Without the exclusive. Just preorder 王様ゲーム mini drama CD only is 4701 Yen/5800 Yen (w/tax).
      c) Order from Animate Japan (Japan only), you get the preorder 王様ゲーム drama CD + exclusive 無人島生活 mini drama cd (Maeno x Kaji Yuki)

      I’m not sure if comicomi releases original BL game drama cds. But most probably they requested for the CD to go with the game as a promotional item and they may have paid the manufacturers to script and produce it.

      :) Hope this helps!

  9. Yah.. I’ve only seen it on toranoana, amazon jp, and the site itself so far. But none of them ship internationally ;__;

    Think I might get it off amazon since it’s the cheapest so far ;; Ahh proxy service fees are so much orz.

    1. @Suimu: Toranoana doesn’t even allow forwarding service =_= I tried registering for an account and they wrote an email back to me asking me for another shipping address OTL. So middleman is the only option. As for Amazon JP ships with DHL/Fedex. I think middleman service is still cheaper for me :-\

  10. When I first heard about NojiKen being in this game I was hoping like hell he would be uke :P. But seme won’t be bad either!! And kajikaji is uke ~ The other semes are maeno and watano right?

    Btw I just discovered this site through google searching for Nessa no Rakuen… and finally a good bl site that’s being frequently updated @__@!! You’re getting another frequent visitor :P

    1. @Suimu: thanks for your comments! I’m glad you find the information useful! I usually try to update as often as I can… altho the posts may be biased according to what I like lol~

      Yep, the other semes are Maeno Tomoaki and Hatano Wataru. All of them really yummy! :9~ And Kaji Yuki makes a sexy uke. I’m looking forward to the game. Currently only Vivid Color official site is taking orders for it and they don’t take credit card payment or ship internationally. I’m still looking around for other alternatives before using middlemen service :3

  11. I was shocked when I see Nojiken’s the seme here! XDD
    I’ve rarely hear his seme works, so I’m still wondering how it’ll be like~
    Pairing up with cutie Kaji-kun might sound yuri in my head LOL. I mean, both of them’s got really cute voices!! *hearts*

    And Waccha’s name is tempting me to get this game! XDD

    1. @Valle: I was surprised to see him as seme too! I’m also not familiar with his seme works but I definitely love his uke XDD

      HAHAHAHA Yuri XDD Not that bad right… Nojiken sounds like a man to me pffft… Waccha is <3 I'm super tempted too :-\ but I'm waiting for more shops to open orders for it. Currently it seems to be only available from Vivid Color's site.

    1. @Luvi: XDD ah~ indeed, otome games have their own cliches too…

      Anyway, no wonder Togainu no Chi created such a stir when it first came out. It was totally different from all the other BL games at the time.

  12. Yup, I can’t seem to recall the name of the game right now, but the characters are pretty cute in there too. *3* You play as an Arabian princess who is the child of a human and a demon king, or something, I think.

  13. wah i totally forgot about this game. I love the visuals~
    thanks for website page now i can drool at more of her works~ TvT
    Yay for dark skinned men yummylisious!XD

    1. @sigma: yep yep XDD I happened to remember and popped by the official site… and pow! Cast list announced! XD Hopefully can get our hands on the game.

  14. Kyaaaaah!! NojiKen!!! As a seme too! You would expect him to be the uke…that’s so awesome! And I’m beginning to really love Kaji Yuki’s voice. I’m still hoping they do a sequel to the Yume Musubi Koi Musubi BLCD…he was so perfect as Ao. Based on how the uke in the game looks, I know he’s going to be perfect here as well.

    I am so jealous of all of you who will get to play the game and enjoy it! It looks damn beautiful! I hope they release a BLCD for it as well!

    1. @Razberry: Totally yummy! I was waiting for them to announce the cast before deciding if I would buy it XD I <3 Nojiken and Waccha. Kaji Yuki's voice is very suitable as a cute uke and I find his raspy moans real sexy. I wanna jump him! I like Maeno's seme too.

      Don't be jealous… I think they will definitely release BLCDs for this one ^^ cos the cast is so popular!

  15. There seem to be a ton of Arabian themed games popping up all of a sudden. o: Not that I’m complaining, dark-skinned 2D men (princes, in particular) are pretty hot. XD

    The names of the characters seem fairly easy enough to pronounce. The ones that are really bad are those fantasy themed ones. XDD They’re really long. orz

    1. @Luvi: Yes!! Exotic and sensual. X3 Are they popping up in otome games too? :D

      That’s true… their names are relatively short here so that’s a relief! Fantasy and medieval themed names are always a big mouthful XDD It’s still quite ok to hear long Japanese names but can be funny and distracting when it comes to non-Japanese names that the seiyuus have to keep repeating during their H-scenes. I won’t be surprised if they choke in between their pants and moans. ^^;;;

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