BL Game: Alpha male hotness of Mink revealed DRAMAtical Murder (Bs-log vol 2012-02)

Mink is probably a seme who doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

Updates from 2012 February issue B’s-Log Magazine published in 20 December 2011. More freebies! Tokimeki Girl’s Side clear folder featuring different characters, Uta no Prince-sama illustrations, Shukan Soine booklet and CD. I’ll cover the Shukan Soine special in another post :D

According to illustrator Honyarara, all the CG revealed of Mink so far shows him as someone who you don’t want to mess with. A dangerous man. He is like a wolf and hunter. She wonders what Aoba sees in him to fall in love with him? Lol~ His theme colour is pink.

Next two page features more information about Mink and some recap and illustrations of Aoba with his other semes. The images are the same as that of Cool-B January 2012 cover in another post.

Described as a ruthless man. His all-mate is also pink in colour. Mink has dreadlocks, wears a bandana, cuffs and pipe.

Probably the most nosebleed-inducing CG revealed so far. I think the next issue of Cool-B will probably be even steamier and not cropped out like it is below.

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14 thoughts on “BL Game: Alpha male hotness of Mink revealed DRAMAtical Murder (Bs-log vol 2012-02)”

  1. Goddammit, dat teaser CG. Now I really can’t wait until the game is released. Imagine the other hawt CGs you’ll see once you play the game.

    And I have a feeling that *that* CG is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s probably something even more nosebleed-inducing.

    1. @tensionrush: Oh definitely! B’s-log magazine don’t show 18+ pics so they crop them out. Let’s wait for Cool-B which I’m sure will show us lots more :D~

  2. The most badass guy’s color is… pink. Okay, yaoi, okay XD
    At first I thought he was conforting Aoba, but now that you mention it XD

  3. :D Mink! Omg, I totally HNNNG’d at that (semi?)H-scene.
    That illustration of him with the skeletons is so dark and beautiful as well!
    Thanks again for info/pics! :)

    1. @lemur: It’s B’s-log mag, that’s probably why the pic is cropped. Maybe Cool-B mag will show more steamy stuff X3
      Yeah, I love the overall layout and elements that Honyarara has created in her illustrations. There may be a lot going on but they’re very visually refreshing and stimulating.

  4. “Mink is probably a seme who doesn’t take “no” for an answer.”

    Also known as a rapist. xD
    I’m excited to see more of DRAMAtical Murder. I’m hoping it’s not as bat**** crazy as Sweetpool.

    1. @littlemonster: Yeah that’s HIGHLY likely ^^;; Aoba is pretty much trapped by Mink over there.
      We’ll see :D it might have crazy routes since there are always bad ends to play with lol~

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