BL Fic: Love at first sight

I never believed in love at first sight until our eyes met that night.

The connection was instant.

I made my way to the other side of the ballroom where the man was standing. He smiled when I approached, the corners of his mouth raised slightly. His glassy blue eyes reflected the warmth of the mid-afternoon sea, cool yet inviting.

“Hi…” I managed an earnest but awkward smile. I was flustered and I didn’t like it.

“Hello.” He replied in a clear, melodious voice. He never took his eyes off mine.

“I… I’m Gerald. Do I know you from somewhere?” My cheeks felt hot and I regretted it immediately when I blurted out those words.

The man raised his eyebrow slightly and then chuckled. I wanted to bury myself in a deep hole then.

“Maybe?” he answered politely as he gestured to a waiter who was passing by and placed his emptied cocktail glass on the tray.

“Drinks for you?” he asked. I could see that his pale cheeks were flushed from the alcohol.

“Err… no… thanks…” I mumbled.

He smiled again and took two glasses from the waiter. His fingers were slender and long, like a pianist’s.

“Here…” He handed one glass to me and said matter-of-factly, “I think you need it.”

I couldn’t refuse.

“Come!” the man grabbed me by my wrist and led me out of the ballroom before I could protest.

We entered an adjoining balcony hidden behind thick, red curtains and he released me, arms stretched out as he walked towards the edge. His hair was long and dark as the night sky. Fastened neatly into a ponytail, it swayed as he turned around to lean against the balustrade. I found myself following him as if he was the pied piper and stood before him like a child.

He held his glass to me, smiling.

I clinked my wineglass on his.

“Cheers!” he beamed and emptied his drink in one hearty gulp.

I was mesmerised by his beauty and couldn’t help but stare.

Noticing that I had not touched my drink, he narrowed his eyes and clicked his tongue in slight annoyance. He took my glass from me and took a mouthful of the cocktail. All of a sudden, his lips covered mine and his insistent tongue parted my lips. I jerked back by reflex but he held the back of my head firmly until all the bitter-sweet alcohol flowed into my mouth. I felt my knees go weak.

Time seemed to stop.

“Young master!” a deep, masculine voice boomed in a distance and the spell was broken.

Swiftly, he broke our kiss and backed away from me slightly.

I slumped back, dumbfounded. The intense pounding of my heart drowned out the sounds of almost everything around me.

The doors to the balcony opened to reveal a tall, older man whose handsome face was marred by anxiety. He was dressed in servant’s livery.

“I thought I would find you here!” the tall man cast a suspicious glance at me before he continued, “My Lord is looking all over for you, young master! Please come with me at once!”

The man shrugged and replied, “Please don’t kick up a fuss.” He seemed resigned and did not show any resistance to the request. Before he turned to leave, he touched his index finger to his lips and gave me a mischevious wink. I could only stare in silence and shock at the unexpected turn of events.

With that, I was left alone on the balcony.

It was only much later that I realised I forgot to ask his name.

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6 thoughts on “BL Fic: Love at first sight”

  1. *Cheers* *glug glug glug* ahhhh~ XD

    Hey, me too… I just can’t seem to be able to write fan-fiction either. Somehow I just feel that I won’t be able to portray the characters as well as the original and I won’t be doing them justice. And that really bothers me kekeke… I also feel more comfortable and confident writing about my own characters and plot. I used to read a lot of fantasy stuff so my head was filled with dragons, knights and magicians lol~ I’m really an escapist at heart.

    Wow… horror-mystery-thriller. That’s quite a challenging genre! Well, just keep writing. When the timing is right, things will fall into place. What is the time/period you were thinking for the setting? Maybe we shouldn’t sweat the details too much cos things change too quicky, especially if you’re writing contemporary fiction.

    Yep yep, if the research took too much effort I don’t think the story would’ve been completed LOL~ cos I don’t have that kind of stamina and motivation. And… it was supposed to be fun to write XD

    One other thing I would like to do with it, is to adapt it into a one-shot manga. No concrete plans to do that yet :P I’m not good enough and yeah, takes more effort than I want to commit o_O

  2. Actually it’s natural for you to have tht questions.
    Nobody’s a perfect writer, therefore nobody can evade themselves from those questions.

    I also write fiction. I love reading ever since i can remember, and it’s been while but i always want to have my own novel (+and world domination Hahaha)
    Because i write fiction then i cannot write fan fiction, i love to build and have my own characters, plots etc etc.
    I also tend to write in today’s wold setting and i write between horror-mystery-thriller genre.
    So far i’m not able to pursue this intellectual dream becoz no time and have business to attend but in the future i really want to accomplish my own novel.
    One of my trouble is to find setting and i’ve been thinking of Tokyo or Singapore…but SG sounds more reasonable becoz the research cost is cheaper thank Tokyo^^

    well, you have to do a research abt it, to make it real. but the story above is enuff.
    it’s a good thing for not wasting time on details if you’re planning to write a one-shot.
    it will be boring if you poured too many details but the story only lasted for a chapter.
    It’s hard to write a simple, one chapter story (i cannot do it) so you must congratulate yourself too.

  3. Only when I have a sudden urge to… it doesn’t happen very often. :P I usually don’t have the mental stamina to do it for long. hehe but I do stop and go back to review the text afterwards and try to make it more coherent and logical, if possible ^^”

    Glad you liked it keke… I’m not very confident about expressing and describing the details. Is it repetitive, too much or too little details? Does it make sense? Am I using the right words? Is it easy to read? Yea, I get bothered by things like that o_O I do try to keep the words varied but as simple as I can. The thesaurus is my friend! lol~

    I’m fascinated by those european settings but I’m don’t know enough to go into the details and construct a rich, detailed environment. It would be nice, isn’t it. This little one-short is still manageable I guess since it is just a little encounter between the two characters keke.

    Actually, if we change Gerald to a girl, this story would still work huh lol~ but no… he didn’t wear a girdle, if not he would’ve passed out already XD

  4. you usually write?

    It’s good. you didn’t dragged me with useless words, and i like the ending.
    Yeah european setting sounds very classy, but it’s not easy to write on subject..a small research is needed.
    I just hope Gerald didn’t wear girdle. ^^

  5. yeah, I had a sudden rush of inspiration after I woke up and hammered out the story in a couple of hours. I don’t know if it was because of a dream I had or what cos I can’t remember it LOL~ I like period settings, those old european times :3

    Comments welcomed! XD

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