BL Anime: Togainu no Chi (Toriumi Kousuke, Sugita Tomokazu, Midorikawa Hikaru, Fukuyuma Jun)

Togainu no Chi

Update: 28 December 2010. Hugely disappointing anime. It is something you have to see to believe (disbelief) and one of the main reasons I didn’t want to write my comments about it until I’ve watched everything… I was still holding to the hope that it would get better and continued watching because of loyalty and love for the series and the seiyuus. Anyway, you’ve been warned. Can the animators redeem themselves with the reworked DVDs? Let’s wait and see.

There are 12 broadcast episodes and a rumoured episode 13. I think it may appear as a DVD-only special, featuring Yukihito, a new character first introduced in Togainu’s PS2 port, voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi who was listed as part of the anime cast. Last checked, his name isn’t there anymore tho… so don’t hold your breath :-\

Togainu no Chi

Update: 22 March 2010 Hyperventilate! XD

Togainu no Chi True Blood 咎狗の血

Official site:

Summary (grabbed from wiki)

After being devastated in the third World War (known as The Third Division), Japan was divided in two. Several years after the end of the war, a crime organization called Vischio has taken control of the destroyed city of Toshima (formerly Tokyo, Japan’s capital city), where they are holding a battle game known as “Igura”. The game’s main character, a young man named Akira, is falsely accused of a crime. Once arrested, a mysterious woman appears before him, offering him freedom if he agrees to participate in Igura and defeat Igura’s strongest man: the king, or “Il-re”. The story follows Akira’s life in the harsh, lawless Toshima as he fights both to survive and to unravel the mysteries developing around him.

Voice Cast:
Akira アキラ Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔
Keisuke ケイスケ Sugita Tomokazu 杉田智和
Rin リン Fukuyama Jun 福山潤
Motomi 源泉 Ichijo Kazuya 一条和矢
Shiki シキ Midorikawa Hikaru 緑川光
Arubitro アルビトロ Okano Kousuke 岡野浩介
Kiriwa キリヲ Konishi Katsuyuki 小西克幸
Gunji グンジ Taniyama Kishio 谷山紀章
Nano ナノ Yamazaki Takumi 山崎たくみ

Old information:

Promotion movie (PV) will be shown during their cafe party event on 22 March 2010.

Thanks m for the youtube link ^^

Youtube link is dead visit Nitro+Chiral’s site for the official trailer

29 March 2010 Update (Thanks hammerhammer!)

Youtube link is dead visit Nitro+Chiral’s site for the official trailer

AWESOME LOOKING! I think we’re in for a visual treat, at least in the action animation bits.
I don’t think I’ll even mind it if there isn’t very much BL/fan-service ^^;;; as long as the story is told well.

23 March 2010 Update!

Screen grab of the trailer shown during Nitro Chiral’s 5th anniversary party

Togainu no Chi anime

Well, we can only see Akira and Shiki’s heads for now but it sure looks promising :D


29 March 2010 Update (Thanks hammerhammer!)

AWESOME LOOKING! I think we’re in for a visual treat, at least in the action animation bits.
I don’t think I’ll even mind it if there isn’t very much BL/fan-service ^^;;; as long as the story is told well.

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  1. Watched episode 10! I think next will reveal whether the show will be on Shiki or N’s route. So far so good :)

    I wonder how much episodes will be out though?

  2. WOW thats long i hope they were bringing that episode out i went on the site im sure they showed that one episode before the series comes it said like a preview fest day? sorry f im not making sence.

    1. @m: That was just the announcement. My best guess is March next year. I hope they don’t rush it cos I rather they work on it properly and produce quality work ;) But earliest maybe December?

  3. Whah, sorry for the late reply again! T__T Homework turned it’s ugly head again to me *sob*

    *SPOILER* Haha, that’s a new one xD But then again, not many animes have a live action movie about them! And me too, I started to read the manga, saw L’s death, immediately stopped reading, later watched the anime, stopped AGAIN because of L’s death, and got forced to watch the end of the anime cause my friend wanted to see it. Later I got curious of how Light would die in the manga, cause anime!Light’s death was so tearjerking. The manga ruined that dream very quickly xDD

    Yeah, the writing is almost poetic-like *__* I very much like the translations <;; Sebastian does drag him down, though… But have you ever seen Ciel before he was corrupted? You can see some parts of innocent!Ciel here: <— WARNING! The first 5 pages might kill you with cute! But don't read the text after those 5 pages. There be spoilers ahead! x3

    No, my brother isn't really into anime. He'll only watch a show if it sounds really interesting, and occasionally steals a manga or two from me, but after that, he's not very interested… But the remixes are awesome! I still need to download the Sweet Pool soundtrack from somewhere… But Sweet Pool doesn't interest me as much as the other N+C games do, though…

    I caved… and bought one manga T__T But it's OK, since it was a manga my brother likes also, so he pays half for it… I understand the appeal of having limited/first press editions of merch/drama CD's, though. It feels nice to be the first one to get something special <3 I wish we had more anime stores in the Netherlands too :( It would be great to just go to the store, and buy figures, doujinshi and other merch at hands reach. I guess we do have a store or two in the Netherlands, but they only have the mainstream anime merch there. I once saw a figure store that was like 50% anime figures, and 50% Stars Wars figures… Not. Going. To. Go. In. There… *shudder*

    Yeah, it really works well ^__^ And, hmmm… I don't have much to compare with quality, though. Most of the figures I own are from Kotobokiya, which has a superb quality with PVC, but a little lesser quality of the paint… :/ Must keep Konoe out of the sun, then if I'll ever have him! Also I heard, there isn't going to be a new Sebbie, but that teaset!Sebbie's new arms will come with the Ciel Nendo *__* I was worried I might have needed to buy a second, but being on Tsukiboard really does keep my figure info in check xD Where do these people get their information from, anyway?! xD

    Hee, we never had that much anime in the Netherlands, but we did have Digimon! I liked reading fanfics when I was 13 yrs old, and once bumped into a Tai/Yamato PWP smut fic. The summary clearly said "lemon" but I was like "Yes, Lemons are yummy, aren't they ^__^" and started reading. I was also surprised that it didn't faze me. Of course I was like "WHUT?! O.O" in the beginning, but never disgusted or something. After that, browsing Yaoi became normal for me… .__.;; Though I never dared to download pics on my fathers computer. I got alot more freedom, when I got my own <3

    Ah, thank you for clearing that up! ^v^ I wasn't so sure about the ring size anymore, but size 13 should fit me fine! And ah, I googled that camera, and while it's drool worthy, beautiful, makes RAW images, gets great reviews everywhere and is overall very pretty, it's too expensive… T__T;; I asked my mom today how much she and my dad would want to spend on a camera for me, and she sad she was willing to spend about €150. Sadly, the camera is around €357 to €441 and there is no way I'd get it from them, unless I put in some money myself… and yeah, we all know how poor I am by now xD;; I went to a store today, and saw an Sony DSC-W320 that looked cute, though! It's available in the color green (fav color EVER <3) and was around €117! Cheaper that the rings! xD; I liked the RAW fuction in the camera your friend recommended though. Please tell her/him thank you for me ^__^

    That's exactly the reason why I will never take the Dutch version of facebook x( You have companies that make deals with those sites, so that they can see what their future employee's are like when they visit their page… I do not like being spied on, even though my page wouldn't be as juicy as a 'pArT33 DUck33' person :T And cosplaying… I think the only cosplay I can pull off without making myself look like a complete moron, is Russia/Ivan from Hetalia. I think I can give up on the fact that I will never have a Anime girls body, lol xD

    1. Hehe no worries sweetie ^^ *hugz* Hang in there! I guess we all have lives outside of cyberspace… just that my work requires me to be connected almost all the time ^^;;; that’s why I can stalk you guys too lol~

      *Death Note SPOILER* Totally. I was DX then chucked the manga aside until 1 year after I watched the 2nd Live-action movie with the ending. Yeah, anime ending was much more poetic/romantic. Live-action Light’s ending wasn’t a pretty sight either.

      Uwa~ such a cutie pie Ciel <3 Okie, I stopped at page 5 ^^ I find the likeness in facial features between Ciel's dad and Sebby too uncanny.

      Icic, my bro is the same too but I usually hide my BL stuff quite well. He has moved out already tho', so he never discovered my Yaoi obsession. *wipes sweat* I still feel quite jittery if another person touches my laptop or collections… well, just in case *_*

      Oh my, the Togainu remix does sound awesome <3 I love how they weave the seiyuu voices inside the track! Myujiku Sutarto! XD Listening to it now.

      I like Sweet pool's OST ^^ You should be able to find it at aarin. But the remix is… "forced/incoherent" if that's the right way to describe what it sounded like to me, the Lamento one (Kumix?) too. Anyway, did you complete the Sweet Pool game?

      Lol~ it's difficult to resist… but good thing your bro shared the cost XD I'm located in Singapore so there are some reputable shops that import original figures/goods and not bootlegs. However, there are also a number of shops that sell both or bootlegs, so newbies have to be careful, cos they usually won't be able to tell them apart. BL stuff are available but limited somewhat cos BL is kinda not encouraged here ^^;;; I've had stuff blocked by customs before too until I found better ways and online shops to ship them from.

      OH… icic I was so looking forward to buying another Sebby cos he is sold out everywhere now :( Hmm… anyway as long as Ciel is a normal release, we'll be able to get our hands on more yummy Sebby parts keke

      "Lemons are yummy" HAHAHA XD I was also into Yaoi fics of Jrock band members like L'arc~en~Ciel for a while at that time. Now I've moved on tho'.

      Yeah, that Lumix camera is on my wishlist too… but Sony DSC-W320 looks pretty! I found the pic ^^ The specs look pretty good for the price. You have about 2 more weeks to make a decision!

      Huh~ pArT33 DUck33 XD Well, nothing is really private or safe when it's on the internet. Information and profiles are sold all the time. Accounts can be hacked into too.

      Anyway as for anime girl's body, neither would I hehe unless something REALLY drastic happens :P I don't know which character I can cosplay without looking moronic *faint* Or maybe it's all in the mind and attitude? But I think a cosplayer do need to know his/her strengths and weaknesses and select characters they love who are closest to their body-types for the best possible results. But at the end of the day, even if you don't have the body-type of the character you cosplay, I think as long as you have fun and enjoy it, it's okay too ^^

      Oo~ Hetalia! All the characters are so cute. It's really hard to pick favourites. Did you watch that Chibitalia episode where they went for a swim? If I was eating or drinking something at that time, I think my laptop would've suffered some damage XD

  4. Haha, how can you spoil yourself with manga? xD Usually, it’s the other way around! But the dream route would have been better, IMO… I mean, at first I was like “If they thell me it was all a dream, I’ll be pissed D:<" but now, I want nothing more than a dream route <3 I wonder how the Kuro manga will end. You saw Death Note, and I'm immediately reminded of the calm sad way Light died in the anime, and the harsh sudden way of the manga :( Kuro anime end with Sebastian being gentlemanly to the end, so I wonder if Yana is going to spare us…?

    Yeah, he's quite evil in a subtle way. But when the manga goes on, Ciel gets darker too, so he also can get scary… in an innocent way too *shudder* If I sould quote the last page of the updated manga on mangafox: "…Because with that cruel and beautiful smile, he looked like he was simply enjoying a game, like an imp that had branched from a demon." I dunno if you ever heard of the book 'And then there were none', but that's the way the manga is heading <3 Loved that book *__*

    *imagines brother too* xDD I really like the remixes of Togainu and Lamento too *__* Have you heard the Solid Album yet? I love the disco remix they made of "Still"! I was listening to it just a sec ago <3

    Yeah, I'll be less impulsive for now, but Friday, me and a friend want to check out a new manga shop… *hopes she finds nothing there x(* I get impulsive in manga shops! God knows, I still have like 30 to read of them, but still, if I even half like a show, the manga must be bought =__=;; I;ve never bought DVD's or drama CD's… I download them… xD;; *bricked*

    I'm using a make-up brush right now to clean my figures. Someone gave me this tip, and while I was sceptic at first, it really DOES help alot. I'm scared of the color fading from some of my figures, though. I don't want my Shiki to turn gray, like my Japan figure from hetalia T__T And Sebbie… well, I didn't even use force to take his head of, it just happened… I glued it back, but he can't move his head now. If I wasn't so lazy/scared, I'd change the joint with angryface!Sebbie because I like that face the least.

    I only have the pillow, some awfully-touchy-but-could-be-considered-as friendship-kindof posters of Hetalia, and a printed out picture of Rai licking Konoe's ear. Next to that, my rooms pretty tame. Oh, yeah! My AkiShiki plushies look rather close/snuggling too, but that's just because they can't stand upright without one holding the other up. They stare at the ceiling quite easily =__=;; I guess I'm also in the closet about my BL obsession. I don't think my parents would mind too much, but they'd be awkward. Just like my dad was when I first got my pillow. I had lied to them, that I ordered the pillow without thinking, and that I didn't know it had a naughty side later on, and my mom was like "Lol, okaay then! Sexy! x'D" while my dad had gotten all awkward, and was like "If this is really a kink of yours, then I don't mind .__.;; You are allowed to like what you like… really!" =__= It was horrible, but maybe you could use the same excuse as me xD

    Ah, sorry! I haven't checked for a camera yet. It's just that I checked the rings again, and noticed I made a mistake in my calculations. I always thought those rings were The Japanese ring size 13, but they didn't add a size at all. So I was trying to put it in my shopping car and wait for them to ask what my size was, but I didn't find it out :/ I have small hands, but it would suck if I couldn't wear the rings Dx But hey, I showed them to my mom, and they got her approval! She was all like "Pretty… *__*" So she might consider buying them for me if I decide not to take the camera.

    Nah, I don't think the photo's are really going to be shared by many xD Luckily, one must befriend my friend if they want to see those pics, and I'm sure they wouldn't be interested in me. But I do cringe and feel sorry for people who cosplayed something horrible, and get motivators, shoops and other image trolling with their normal pics! It's the reason you'll never see me cosplaying! Not even as Kakashi xD

    1. ***Warning: death note SPOILERS for the innocent passerby***
      Yeah cos I watched the Death note live-action movie first and it was released in 2 parts one year after the previous. After watching part one, the cliffhanger was too great to resist, so I went looking for the manga for some clues. And I completely lost the motivation to continue with the manga OR anime after the epic death of L. I only managed to finish both earlier this year lol~ The live-action adaption was done rather well cos it isn’t the same as the manga and gave quite a good closure without involving Near and Mello ^^ But I can’t say the same for the 3rd Death Note live-action movie tho’ It was a boring but cute L fan-girl vehicle. I went one big round, from live-action, manga then anime ^^;;;

      Woo~ can’t wait for July to see what Kuroshitsuji staff have up their sleeves! I thought the anime ending was pretty good tho cos it’s a good closure. That’s some beautiful writing! ^^ When somebody is given such inhuman powers to do whatever he wants, coupled with his painful past, it’s quite possible he gets corrupted too. There isn’t a mentor-type of figure to guide him at all. Sebby isn’t exactly someone you should trust for that role either since he is motivated by his own gains.

      *fufufu* XD poor brother lol~ is he also into anime and such? Anyway, I’ve not listened to the remixes yet XD will give them a try! But the latest remixes for sweet pool… I sampled it from their official website. I don’t really like it cos they sound rather odd.

      lol~ it is even harder to resist when you have the item in front of you… unless maybe your wallet tells you so. XD I download anime and drama cds too but usually I’ll try to hunt down the DVDs/CDs if I really like them ^^ For example, some older drama CDs are quite rare to find now especially first-press editions and what not. Cos since I’m going to spend money, I might as well try to get those. Abunai Shiawase BLCD is one of them cos it was a doujin release and you can’t get it in stores. I must have been darn lucky to be able to win the bid in the auction at a reasonable price ^^ If only we have as many shops to buy from in Japan, I think I would’ve been able to buy a lot more without the extra $$$ spent on shipping.

      Ah~ make-up brush! That’s a good idea ^^ I’ll try it too. I think it depends on the quality of the figures too. My Lamento chibis were displayed next to SnapPs Konoe and relatively exposed to light but so far their colour looks ok and no melting. SnapPs Konoe’s colour seems ok too, except the part about his hair’s matt finishing becoming glossy *_* Hmm.. I hope the new Sebby (tea set version) will be better. Come to think of it, I’ve not taken any of my nendoroid out of their boxes before ^^;;; incredible right? My one-coin chibis and figma have a lot more freedom than they do *sweat* I blame it on their price. But I couldn’t keep my hands off my Medicom Toy Lelouch action figure tho’ I had only one of him. He is too cute <3

      *sheepish grin* well, all these years I thought there was something wrong with me for liking the BL in shoujo manga until I discovered the internet that had so much material ^^;;; Japanese sites with Evangelion Yaoi was the "evil" that led me further down the dark path lol~ Anyway, I don't think my parents would be able to get it. It's just too difficult to explain, so the less they know the better *sweat* ^^;;;

      According to Gift's website, the Lamento rings are listed as size 13, so probably they're selling only one size. Woo~ thats good! Actually those rings are cheaper than a camera. If you're looking for a compact and beautiful camera that has kickass features like a professional camera, my friend recommended this: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 I would love to have one too ^^

      Lol~ no matter what, it's always better safe than sorry. I wouldn't want my future employers/clients to see pics of me like that DX Yeah… those de-motivator posters can be real evil *shudders* Hmm I dunno… but if there's an opportunity to cosplay with a group for fun I might still consider… only if my face can't be seen *_*

  5. Weeeeeeeeeeee~ i love this game adapted into anime!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!! since i can’t play the game i’ll highly waiting for this one~ thanks for sharing!!! i’ll look for another update~

  6. Hee, I enjoy some scenes too, but it probably wasn’t that smart of me to first watch some episodes for the anime, and then read on a few chapters through the manga, and then watch the anime again. I got so confused xD (“What?! When does this happen?!”) I love the anime for the fanservice, sexy seiyuu’s and merch, but the anime really screws the plot up after episode 6! Ciel doesn’t die (yet?) in the manga, so do Baldo, Finni, Mey-Rin, Abberline and Lau. Pluto doesn’t exist and so does Ash… The plot really makes no sense with the manga, and I kinda hoped the second season would be like “It was all a dream, lol :D” or “Ok, I decide to let you live a little longer”, but to go a totally different way… :T

    But yeah, there are rumors that the first few episodes will have the plot from first season in Sebbies point of view, so I’ll definitely watch those! You should read the manga, though! It’s awesome <3 And lol at the maid scene xDD Sebbie does have sex with someone in the manga to get information from her, but he does it in a totally manipulative way *__* Not like, lets do it and be done with it, no, he plays her, steals her heart and enjoys watching it shatter. He's so handsome-sexy-evil in that part *__* If they played it like that in the anime, it probably wouldn't be on tv xD Boys would like it though! I remember being all like "D:< Sebbie what are you doing?! You are only allowed to do that to Ciel!" in the anime, but he acts so cold and evil in the manga, that I pitied the woman he left alone… :'( It was a really touching ark… <3

    Lol, Shiki doesn't drink, and if he does, it would be one of those cute little drinks with lemons and mint xD And he wouldn't look drunk either! xDD I mean, if his face barely changes when having sex, he wouldn't be looking too drunk either. Maybe you could tip him over, though… xD And Togainu for boys? I don't think so… As soon as the hear it's BL, they quit, and if I'd ask my brother to watch with me, he'd eye my pillows and flee xD It would be awesome, though I can't really see it happening. Only if they suddenly watch the anime without doing some research, maybe. I do think they'd dig the soundtrack, though! :D

    I got alot of my impulse buys from HLJ. But you can easily cancel your order there. I just forget about some, and then get a mail that I needed to pay and paid. My boring job made me more impulsive also. I got bored, saw something cute/awesome, ordered it, and then forget xD Man, one time I had like 22 figures on pre-order, but when I checked my account, I was lucky to cancel 18 of them. I'd need two jobs to pay for that… xD

    Yay! Thank you for watching my pics ^__^ Yeah, I like to make lots and lots of pictures of them! And sometimes, when I'm bored, comic likes the last one pop up xD Just having my figures sitting there in a glass box is nothing for me, though :/ I can't enjoy them that way. But then again, my figures get REALLY dusty quickly. Especially Shiki and Sebbie. Sometimes I see those fancy detolf cases with lights and all, and think to myself "My figures wouldn't get dusty in there… and they'd be sparkly *¬*" But then again, I can't stand stains on glass, so next to cleaning my figures, I'd have to clean that case too xD

    My cousins are alot older. My younger niece is like 15 years old, and my nephew is 17 years old (I'm nineteen myself), but when they want to be annoying and childish, they definitely WILL be! I'm sure they'd really would be like "Ooooh, can I touch it!? O look, it's flying now :D *shakes Shiki figure*" while I'd be like noooooooo D: I had forgotten to take away some posters when they last visited, and they kept making comments about them. Not hateful or something, more like "Why do you have a poster of a cartoon show on your wall? Why are those two guys hugging" or just stare at them :/ For once, I hid pillow!Akira willingly in the closet… x__x;;

    I would like to go for the rings, but right now, my mind won't let go of the idea of having a camera of my own ^__^;; But well, I still got enough time to think about it before my birthday! :D

    I luckily haven't had many pictures taken of my by friends, but the worst ones would have to be at one of my friends party. She has a pretty big pool in her garden, and when we were all drunk and silly, we all jumped into it at 2 in the morning xD; I thought it was kinda awesome at that time, until she showed me the pictures… x(

    1. Yeah, when they announced season 2, I was thinking maybe they’ll go the dream route. I was too lazy to cross ref manga and anime cos I don’t want to spoil myself. The most recent time I did that was for Death Note hehehe…

      Ooo~ icic so manga Sebby definitely sounds more like a devil who enjoys pain and destruction just because… he is one… we aren’t supposed to like the devil but he is just pure seduction with such evilness XP That anime scene was so funny cos he was doing the deed with a completely deadpan face XD

      Shiki has too much self-control XP definitely needs to let lose a little lol~ HAHAHA *imagines your brother in chibi form go “EEK!!!” and fleeing* yeah Nitro Chiral’s soundtracks are awesome <3

      wah… cancelled 18 orders DX but now that we're more seasoned, we should try to be less impulsive *tries hard* Nowadays, I try to coordinate the orders by their release dates and see if I can spread them out nicely. But sometimes it's just so difficult when the nice/interesting stuff get released all around the same time (T_T) and it's worse cos we're not just talking about figures here… and CDs/DVDs/books/misc goods EEEK…..

      Yep! I love your photos!! XD Ah~ maybe grab a "static" brush to dust the figures… it's amazing how quickly they become dusty. Also I read so many stories about Sebby's neck joint breaking I don't dare to take mine out of the box already =_=

      HAHAHA I can imagine the NooOooOoo (ala~ The Scream painting) cos I'll be like that too. O~ I don't have anything overtly BL on display now… I'm in the closet you see x_x trying not to imagine the kind of reaction I'll get when the pillows arrive. *dies*

      If you're getting a camera, which one you're eyeing on right now?

      I sometimes see those silly photos floating around the web and go eek… I definitely wouldn't want those to be spread around if I were them… What a nightmare XP

  7. Ah, I heard about that show, or rather, about it’s complains… :/ I’m always a little bit iffy when anime makes fanservice when the manga doesn’t. It always makes me go yaaay and boo at the same time. I like fanservice, but if it isn’t in the original plot, it means a lot less to me. I always noticed that in the Kuroshitsuji anime there were also tiny little bits of fanservice thrown in, to please it’s fans… I thought Sebastian was alot more gallant and kind to Ciel in the anime, than he is in the manga. Like when Sebbie saves Ciel from that giant statue in ep 9… I think manga!Sebbie would be like “My… how unfortunate… >:] ” while anime!Sebbie is this close to kissing Ciel… And lets not forget the naked ‘dog’ either xD A-and Sebastian’s wonderful drama songs, that almost sound like romantic poetry… *___* Ahh, I watched the anime before reading the manga, and anime!Sebbie had almost given me hope to a Ciel/Sebastian pairing, but after seeing how much more devilish Sebbie is in the manga.. =A=;; Still love manga!Sebbie more anyway. What’s your opinion to not having either Ciel or Sebastian in the second season, btw? I watched the trailer, and while not uniteresting, it wasn’t kuroshitsuji for me. I’m not sure if I’ll watch :T

    Yeah, that’s true also. In volume five of the manga we get to see that Shiki was caught in to deep very quickly with Nano, and to suddenly loose it… But it’s as you said, we probably won’t have much fanservice in the anime, so Shiki’s recovery and be all like “I love you Akira… <3" would all be a silly thought xD

    Haha, yeah xD Sometimes I buy something, and if I have forgotten I paid for it and while it's on it's 12day journey to my house, I even forget to be like yaay when I get the package. Just like, oh yeah, I bought this too… Having a empty wallet is actually the best way to cure impulse buys! You dig trough your pre-orders, save and cancel other things, and when the time comes to actually recieve the package, I'm sure I'll be a very pleased fangirl again xD I can't wait for my pillows, so it' will be very much love when I finally have them <3

    LOL, I've never been much of a saver either. I'd never spend too much, but if I did spend everything, I'd make sure I'd use the item alot, or buy it if it really made me happy. That, and I never liked to go shopping xD It's so different right now, haha! But I do have to keep a limit on my bank acount. If I go over it, my parents will get pissed. BIG. time *sweats*

    Ah, if I have to box all my figures for the summer, I can at least still enjoy my plushies *__* Next to Shiki and Akira, I also have a Len plushie. I love Len <3 And last time my younger nice and cousin came… =__=;; I'm happy I boxed my figures, cause they'd either: 1. Make fun of me for linking these things, 2. Be annoying and 'play' with my expensive figures, or 3. do both =__=;; I love them very much, but sicne I have an expensive hobby, I'd rather not have them touch them.

    Man, I'd love getting both of them, but there is no way that'll happen. It's too expensive, so maybe if there are other people/family/friends give me a kind donation xD; But I'm always happy with what I get, though. A camera still sounds very awesome, but those rings are pure love for me <3 I'd never post pictures of myself on the internet, though. I'm just as paranoid as you!

    1. I watched the Kuroshitsuji anime without reading the manga first too, so without the manga for comparison, I quite enjoyed the fan-service. But judging from what you said, I might prefer Sebby in the manga better cos he sounds more in-line with his demonic characterisation. The Sebby in the anime seems like a rather nice guy to me.

      I read that the naked dog was an anime-only thing. I think anime Sebby’s reaction to him was quite funny XD poor puppy. The anime also tried to cater to the fanboys with the Sebby x Maid scene from the manga ^^;;; But that was kinda cool. I’ll watch Season 2 anyway because of the seiyuu tho’ I’ll miss Sebby and Ciel.

      I think the only time Shiki would say something like that would probably be when he was drunk or something x_X but then again, he wouldn’t be drunk in the first place, so it’s near impossible XP Anyway, it’ll be cool if Togainu no Chi’s action and plot also attract non-BL lovers and have them sit up and admit that BL stories can kickass too. Imagine the anime newbies that go… OMG I never knew BL can be this awesome and go explore other BL titles then go “my eyes my eyes” at all the lovey-dovey and man-sex LOL XD

      Well, during my earlier impulse-buy days, I’ve ended up with a few of the same figures/books cos I forgot that I’ve already pre-ordered them from one store and ordered them again from another store. x_x No cancellations or returns were allowed.

      Online shopping is even more dangerous ^^;;; I think I spend a lot more $$$ online than physically shopping.

      It must be very inspiring to have your figures within easy reach. I really love your cute little comics <3 baby Len XD I check your figure profile almost everyday kekeke. Anyway, my niece and nephew are still very young (3 and 5 years), so I'm not too worried when they come over. They aren't interested in my figures yet so phew~ But I do keep an eye on them in case they take out the figures I display from my glass cabinet *_* cos I only have 1 piece of each item! And we all know kids can destroy everything they touch even if they don't mean it.

      Mmm then maybe the rings first ^^ cos prices of camera will drop with time. Yeah I can't stop friends/relatives if they post pics of our group shots but I try not to do that myself. XD My cousin even suggested that if I ever want to cosplay, I can choose a ninja character like Kakashi so that my face can't be seen LOL.

    1. @imacatlover: No worries! It’s not as easy to keep track of comments I guess :P

      That’s true… fanservice can get in the way of the plot. I read about Monochrome factor fans (who also like BL) are irked by the overt fanservice that is in the anime but not in the manga. But then again… yeah, maybe you’re just masochistic XD XD (just kidding!) I think for Togainu, subtle and some teasing would be more suitable. It is after all not a lovey-dovey story like Junjou Romantica which we ARE expecting lots of fan-service from.

      Mmm, being the stubborn person he is, it’ll also take a lot for him to let go of what he has been chasing after the most part of his life… it’ll be definitely sweet if the two of them can live happily ever after… I <3 happy endings but tragedies do grab a lot more attention x_x

      Scary how similar our "buying-patterns" are ^^;;; Anticipation, package arrives, go yippie! for short while, then in the closet it goes. I also don't have much space to display stuff, so almost everything I have are hidden away in my closets… I'm also thinking about selling some of my old stuff too. Most of them non-BL items, unopened and in mint condition. I look at them and think everytime… goodness. So many impulse buys.

      YES. Taureans are SUPPOSED to be big savers but we also tend to like indulging in luxury stuff. So our problem is we have the indulgence trait minus the saver trait LOL~ XD Since young I've never been much of a saver… but I force myself to save by signing up for saving plans and insurance where I cannot easily take out the $$$ ^^;;; unless absolutely necessary.

      *SnapPs* Ah~ then that should be okay… 800~1000 Yen is cheaper than original price. lol~ fav quote too XD Yep, gotta be more careful about the heat melting figures during summer ^^ better play safe!

      *my moms chooses and I plea xD;)*
      hahaha love that XD Hmm… If I was a parent… *sweat* I'll most probably buy a camera since it is more practical. The best is you get both camera and rings XD

      I also seldom use my camera except for shooting my figures/goods and some work :P I like to save for a more "professional" camera too and do better quality shoots ^^ When you go to conventions, people holding those big-ass cameras also get more attention from cosplayers HAHAHA XD But for everyday use, compact cameras are definitely more practical.

      I don't post much personal pics online *_* I'm the paranoid type. Once something gets posted online, it develops a life of its own and you never know where it goes.

      @littlemonster: The manga isn't explicit like the game CGs, so it should be considered shounen-ai ^^

  8. OMG, I forgotten all about replying to your other comment?! O__O I’m so sorry!

    I don’t really like fanservice when it is so obviously thrown into our faces xD I guess I like to be teased and be like “OMG, I NEED MORE! T__T” for me to fall in love with something. I must be some kindof fandom masochist xDD

    I guess the wheelchair would be a bittersweet ending to the anime, but I really enjoy stories/doujins where Shiki comes ‘alive’ again :/ I mean, Akira has already suffered enough. Some say he finds peace in taking care of Shiki for the rest of his life, but I still find Shiki selfish. After Nano dies, he decides to just stop living… at least he could have lived a peaceful live with Akira if he didn’t care about his ‘goal’ as much :(

    Yeah, me too! o_O In the beginning when I first bought some BL merch, I was like “I must never buy something again, for my parents will look at me strangely” but buying anime merch in general became so addicting to me, that 70 percent of the things I bought could be called impulsive. Sometimes I had the feeling I just liked to wait for my packages to arrive, and when I had the actual merch in my hands, I would be like “meh…” and throw it somewhere into my room. After I quited one of my jobs, I had an sudden Must-sell-everything-I-have mood, and after going to another job, I was impulsive again. Buying the big SD Akira figure and the first two volumes of Togainu manga on a con were also an impulse buy, but it made me a slave to Nitro+chiral, lol xDD

    Lol? We are supposed to be good with money?! xD I wonder what went wrong, haha. But well, I guess I kinda makes sense with what my Chinese horoscope told me. I’m a Horse, and if I must believe it, we tend to be impulsive buyers xDD

    I hope both SnaP’s figures get a reissue again, but I’ve seen them around 800 to 1000 yen so when I’ll have money again… <– fav quote xD And man, I hope my figures will not melt :( I heard they could start leaning if I'm not careful x(

    And yeah, the rings… *__* I need to show them to my mom and let her deem them worthy enough for buying. She had already let me know that she and my dad wanted to buy a camera for me, and since I can't have both, I must choose (or rather, my moms chooses and I plea xD;). I've wanted an camera for my own for a while, since I always use my dad's, but on the other hand, I 1. Don't know anything about camera's and which ones are good, and 2. I am not really a person who makes photo's of her everyday life… I have friends who always make pictures of whatever and post it on their twitter, but I think I'd never use it much next to figure shooting… Although it would be nice to have a small cute camera I could take to conventions. I look like a tourist with my dad's camera -__-;

    I always wished that they would make the anime!

    Now at least ppl who didn’t play or couldn’t play the game will to know the storyline, and with subs :D:D:D:D

  10. Hi Shinashi, thanks for dropping by! Togainu is based on a Boy’s Love game by Nitro+ Chiral. ^^ we’re speculating that the anime will probably be going along the official manga’s Shiki route but we’re not sure which ending they’ll follow. Let’s look forward to it!

  11. Hello! I came across your awesome blog by tag surfing! It’s very thorough about what’s happening and you have very cool articles. Hey, I was wondering about Togainu no Chi. I’ve read a lot of doujinshi and an official chapter or two but where does the story actually come from: a manga? a novel?

    I’m glad I came here, I would never have known!

  12. @ponytale Ah, not plot is fine by me, but if I remember correctly, the protagonist didn’t have much spine xD I guess I’m a bit more of a Tsundere fan xDD

    I wonder which Shiki path they would chose! :3 Although I like Shiki, I don’t think his endings are that happy. I can’t imagine Aniplex choosing the y-shirt Akira end, and the military one is m fave, but not really that satisfying either. And of course the wheelchair ending… I can hear the fangirl despaired cried already :( Wouldn’t it be cool, if they somehow made a epilogue where Shiki gets better, and Akira and him can escape Japan and live a peaceful life? It always breaks my heart at how sweet Akira is to Shiki, even though Shiki is so selfish towards him… But yeah, it’s the Togainu no Chi ANIME! Whatever the outcome, it’s still a dream come true *___*

    Hahaha, I wish I had enough money for three sets… So far I’ve been pretty lucky in collecting them, but I have a feeling I’d need to pay ALOT more than the first ones. I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind, though. Sometimes I randomly check ebay, or Yahoo Auctions, see a nice deal, and think to myself “Shall I cancel my other orders and buy me another Shiki? :3” until logic and reason reappear, and the fact that it wouldn’t be bad to actually SAVE sometime!

    Yeah! *highfives* Another Taurus here! My birthday is on the 18th! ^^

    D’aawww *__* You have the SnaPs Konoe!? I love that figure! And want to buy him and the Akira one too, only I can never find them except on ebay. I have to pay as much for them there as I do for a regular figure. Not going to happen! But man, I didn’t know figures where bad against heat? :( I only started collecting an half year ago, so summer was nearly over when I got some figures. I’ll have to keep an eye on them when it’s summer again! Dutch summers can be very unpredictable. Sometimes it’s amazingly hot, and other times we question ourselves if it’s really summer, lol xD

    Ah, I know how you feel! I used to be allergic for silver when I was young, cause of some earrings! x( It hurts and itches like hell! Luckily, when I didn’t wear any earrings a few year later, I suddenly could withstand silver a little and now I’m good! ^^ Can’t wait to order those rings! I hope my parents agree to buying them *__*

    Yes! I know them! ^^ They’re the ones that helped me get Military Akira! They’re also helped me to get Konoe and two petite vocaloids (Rin and Len)! They’re very kind and helpful people, and once they trust you, you wont have to pay a deposit to them, as they will ask you to pay everything in one time, so that the paypal fees are down! I think they have a very nice system!

    1. @imacatlover: I can’t remember much about the Gakuen Heaven plot except for the fan-service scenes at the start of each episode and a good impression of those cute Hamu-hamu skits at the end. ^^;;; I also prefer stronger ukes ^^ Tsundere when done well is cuuute!!! <3

      I think the wheelchair one would be (melo)dramatic but quite impactful/suitable for anime? And your idea of the epilogue would be awesome! Ah~ I wonder what other BL stories will get their own anime next XD

      I wish too… buying 2 is already bad enough for the bank… and 3? -dead- Well, unless I REALLY REALLY like the figure or sometimes rationality just kinda flies out of the window in times of stress/weakness x_x Yeah, saving is logically the best option but… *shrugs* I worry for my financial future lol~ Auctions can be quite scary. I often end up paying a lot more when bidding for seemingly rare stuff (which pops up cheaply afterwards). I've learn a bit more self-control on that now. You should've seen me when I first started collecting BL and non-BL anime/manga related goods. I probably won't buy a third of them if I could turn back time cos those were all impulse buys :P

      I'm early May 3 XD It's weird cos Taureans are supposed to be good savers of $$$. Major FAIL here *points at self* lol~

      I got Konoe back in 2008 from HLJ. Maybe they'll reissue again? :O So far I've only seen Konoe in Yahoo Japan Auctions once but Akira does pop up more often ^^ Their original prices are 1500Yen and 1700? I can't remember where I bought Akira from x_x Yeah, keep your figures away from the sun and extreme heat. Our figures are authentic so they’re more durable… but sometimes the melting can still happen :(

      Hope you can get the rings! XD They look good! I'm still allergic to silver in a way, altho my skin doesn't itch, it flakes and is sometimes painful ^^;;;

      Icic that's great! They're nice and friendly! I'll definitely use their services in the future, esp. cos of their cheaper fees. For my first purchases I asked them to bid for some used Japanese DSi games that have the "BUY IT NOW" option and ordered more Junjou Petit figures. I only confirmed 1 set with Nihonju and I think it'll be nice to have an extra set or so in case I regret when they go permanently out-of-print like Nendoroid Kaito which I didn’t buy, thinking they’ll reissue it like Miku when I had more money (T_T) Now I just don’t feel like shelling out 9000 Yen for him, knowing I could’ve got him for so much less when I had the chance.

  13. @ponytale: Yeah, It sure does! xD And as much as I love highschool drama’s, I don’t need to have them all the time. Gakuen Heaven was also not my thing, I’m afraid xD;;

    Oh, yeah it looks so amazing! *__* I just hope the anime wont have too much of that artistic creativity, like when you saw Akira drown in his own blood or Shiki and Nano’s glow-in-the-dark-eyes. Although it looks awesome and dramatic, I don’t feel like it’s really Nitro+chiral’s style. Akira is waay to aloof to suddenly act dramatic xD and… *coughIhopewegetShiki’spathcough*

    Ah yeah… ;A; Luckily, I find Rai’s cloak kinda ugly, cause he looks way better without it ;3 But Shiki is just a darn shame! Still, I’m not a fan of display cases… I want to grab my figures when I want to, and in a case, they just feel so unreachable… I know my figures will last longer in a case, but I rather play with them and enjoy them to their fullest! ^__^

    Haha, it must be xD Although, when I bought Shiki on a whim, I’d never think I’d spend like 120USD to an Akira figure. Shiki also looked kinda lonesome without his partner xD Kinda like “I can rule the world on my own… hahaha” While they look super awesome together~

    @sigma and pony: Haha, it’s nowhere near my birthday yet, but thank you xD My birthday is in May, so if I’m unlucky, my brother will keep me ogle at them, while he makes me wait a month T__T excuse me while I’m exercising my puppy dog stare *__*

    And the Leaks/Shui ring set *___* Ohgod, I’ve wanted them for AGES! They can only be bought at the GIFT shop for 10000yen, though, so it will be a pricey present with all middlemen services and high shipping… T__T Link:

    1. @imacatlover: Gakuen Heaven anime was cute and fluffy with lots of fan-service but there wasn’t very much going on in terms of plot I guess hehe :P

      I think most probably it would be Shiki’s path since they are the “official” couple somewhat. Lol~ XD I think some dramatic expressions are fine. Gaa~ the animation and action quality feels like Sengoku BASARA anime and that anime was gorgeous.

      It would be nice we can always have 3 sets of each figure… one to play with, one to keep and one to display hohoho~ those figure companies will laugh their way to the bank if I had my way… lol~ My study room tends to be warm and dusty x_x so figures that I put outside suffer. I recently noticed that my SnapPs Konoe’s head became “shiny” cos the originally matte surface has reacted to the heat (T_T) Maybe he was hit by the sun’s rays or melted by the temperature when I wasn’t looking.

      Military Shiki and Akira definitely looks better together XD it’s scary how much we’re willing to pay for them huh…

      Wah~ my birthday falls in May too XD Taurus here. Puppy dog eyes are good… lol~

      I can’t wear Silver :( my sweat is super acidic (I feel) cos silver tarnish real easily when I wear them and my skin gets irritated by the result. Anyway, try I recently found out about them and their charges are quite reasonable ^^

  14. OMG hammerhammer you are awesome!
    My mouth dropped at the gorgeous animations! it looks so good it looks ova quality an up!!*Q*
    I loved the Akira (nano?) falling in the blood pool an evil keisuke~! Nano looks so awesome/Pertty! in the anime an INU!!*v* *died from over load* Shiki an akira are to much~
    Gunzi ftw~
    Im sadden the new character is not added….maybe he will make a background cameo?TTATT

    @ iamacatlover: Wah it was you! LOL it’s funny~XD there will always be more plushies i’m more set on evil keisuke now.;; Have a happy birthday!^v^
    I hope i find another rai sometime~ btw whats the Lamento Shui/Leaks ring set?

  15. @ponytale Yeah, you’re right xD They are nothing the same! But I like it that way. I love to have my fluff and cuteness every once in a while, but the harsh reality of an a post-apocalyptical Japan, and the fact that every contestant in the Igura is insane/a madman killer/druggie is really refreshing every now and then xD I think it’s what makes Nitro+Chiral so popular! They walk a different path that the normal BL games, and they are not afraid to show things that are totally not in your average Visual novel. And yay, Loveless! It’s been ages since I last saw the anime. I should really try to whoo my friend into lending her the Loveless manga to me xDD Need to check out those other two titles too :3

    Oooh, there are so many N+C figures I would like seconds of…! Especially since I have such bad luck with them. I dropped my normal Shiki twice, and one time, his sword broke, and the other time some paint of his hair got scraped off, and left a mark. Luckily I could fix the sword, but the mark bothers me. It’s not that noticeable, but I’m not happy with it either x( Second would be Rai, since I dropped his cloak, and broke of two of it’s clasps, and later a peg broke off his base… :'( I would like another Millitary Akira too <3

    Haha, I like Shiki's more xD Akira is awesome of course, but I really like Shiki's "I own you, and everything else. What do you want to do about it, hmmmm?" kindof smirk. Also, his pose is really calm and relaxed, while you stil get that vibe that you would not want to mess with him! Maybe that's why they made more Shiki's. Shiki also doesn't have an empty base. If there were more Akira's than Shiki's, there would be plenty of lonely Akiras, I guess xD If you take Shiki of the base, Akira suddenly feels less complete…

    @sigma Man… I read about your other replies of the plushies .///.;; If you meant the Akira and Shiki plushie set on ebay, my super awesome brother bought them for me as an early birthday present… He was like "What do you want for your birthday?" And I was like "Homgosh! I want the Lamento Shui/Leaks ring set!! *__*" But he found that too expensive and my parents might buy them for me, so he bought me the plushies…

    But I'm sure they'll be sold sometime again! I remember I wanted to buy the plushies earlier, and missed them too, but yesterday I saw that Tokyohunter sold them again, so yeah… But he also sells Keisuke and Rin as a set! :D Other than that, I hope you can find a Rai figure! I got mine through a guy on Myfigurecollection who works in Akihabara. He says that sometimes the most rare figures are sold there super cheap, because they are older, so I got Rai and Asato for about 13500 yen or so! I heard Tokyohunter is good too, though I never used his services! :D

    @banoni/joysatrandom Ah! Thank you for taking it that way! *hugs* ;A; I don't like Junjo that much, but I'm fine that everyone else likes it! I hate it though, when people are like "Omgosh, you're wrong! [insert character] is great, and you should watch EVERYTHING before you judge, and blahblahblah!" I have read four volumes of the manga, and watched 10 episodes of the anime, and it just doesn't appeal to me… sorry =w= I hope that if you decide to read on Togainu, that maybe you will like it, but you shouldn't feel forced to like something that isn't in your comfort zone :)

    There are indeed two versions of the manga, btw. One is made by the artist who drew the CG's for the game. This version has currently one volume which isn't translated yet. The other is the one you're reading right now. This version has 7 volumes in Japanese and 5 translated. The art is very different from the other, but I like both of them ^__^ I understand why others don't like the art though! It's pretty dark, and it's a world apart from the original, but I like something different every now and then ^^;; Also, the manga is also kinda like an explanation to me. I like looking at the Togainu CG's, and then looking back at the manga, and suddenly understanding what's going on. Even though the art isn't liked by some, it still makes you understand an popular untranslated BL game! *hearts*

  16. I didn’t make a comment in this entry for a long time because the news really didn’t have much effect on me: not knowing ANYTHING about Togainu and all.XD But the release of this anime would definitely help me appreciate the title/understand the story a lot better. I read the start of the first chapter of the TnC manga (I don’t know if that was the right version.. some people kept on saying that there were 2 versions to the manga. The one I read involved this Igura tournament. haha. I found the story much too dark for my taste… and the art… ho-hummm. I haven’t seen Akira and Shiki yet.X_X

    (I saw some images of the game and the game version was much prettier.O_O.. Maybe I really was reading a different story?? The one written by the wrong mangaka!! haha.)

    I read the comment of iamacatlover and you regarding the Junjo Romantica anime.. that’s actually why I’m commenting right now, finally.. Junjo Romantica happens to be one of my favorite titles, second to the Viewfinder, actually, so I first thought of defending it. But then, I realized that iamacatlover is free to like and not like anything.XD Our taste in yaoi just run in two opposite directions, I guess.XD I prefer the light and fluffy yaoi titles filled with bishounen which can make me cry and laugh in just a single page. <3 But like the both of you, my favorite in Junjo was the Egoist. Whenever I buy the manga and read it and find that Egoist is not included in the volume, disappointment just takes over.

    1. @imacatlover: Yeah TnC breaks all the traditional molds of BL visual novels cos they were the first to have such type of setting. Before TnC, most BL games were set in schools.

      Anyway, I also won’t mind if there isn’t much BL/fan-service in TnC anime, as long as we get a quality animation with good telling of the story and characters XD

      OMG, you dropped your figures! *_* Gaa… do buy a display case for them! I feel your pain… I once broke my RAH Light’s arm while trying to pose him for a shot. I was like…. AARRGGHH!!! O_O Although I managed to fix him by giving him a “transplant” using another figure’s shoulder part after searching for a long time for a proper replacement. That replacement fig was not cheap either and is a different skin colour from Light’s customised figure :(

      Military Akira figure’s empty base is a conspiracy. They want us to buy both! XP

      Ooh! Happy birthday! It’s very nice of your bro kekeke XD

      @banoni: I enjoy both fluffy/cute and edgy/darker stuff… a wide range of genre as long as it is interesting. XD Give TnC anime a try. Might be bloody from what the trailer shows but the action sure looks awesome.

      Yeah, I appreciate Egoist more too cos Hiroki and Nowaki’s relationship feels more real heh ^^

      @hammerhammer: Thanks for sharing!!! XD <3

      @sigma: XD yeah thank goodness! The animation is so fluid and fight scenes awesome! I love Rin's "kickboxing" moves XD Yes Kau/Inu looks yummy! GAA~ the trailer does look like OVA quality, way beyond my expectations. Yay!

  17. @ ponytale & iamacatlover : I kinda feel the same way about the figure thing. Is it just togainu there re issueing? I would like for a lamento one, been searching for ever for a rai an no luck i lost three times on ebay an that was for over a 100! Will spend no higher~X_X;;(i think the best deal i got when buying a figure was the ones from manadarake. The haruka figures i love them thank you for pushing me to get them~;w;)

    As for the anime i can’t wait for trailer!

    1. @sigma: Try not to shell out too much for the old figures now cos you never know if they’ll re-release all of them (TnC, Lamento) while they’re at it. Yeah looking forward to the trailer too XD One more day!

  18. Haha, I don’t realy like the theme’s Junjo has… When I read the manga, I could only stomach (Junjo Egoist?) Hiroki/Nowaki couple for a while, before it got too mixed with Akihiko and all… I really don’t like Akihiko. He’s a dramaqueen, and Misaki just never wins! :( That’s why I’m so exited to hear the Togainu anime is coming out! I don’t really like those sappy Yaoi drama’s and cliche’s anymore, so it’s time for some ACTION!!! ^0^ Powpow, YEAH~!

    Yeah… I think so too… although if it’s Shiki/Akira, I will still thoroughfully enjoy it anyway. I love Togainu so much, that the lack of BL will still make me like it :) The plot is just too interesting! I wonder how many episodes it will have…? I wish the show gives all the characters as much love as they deserve too :3 and I really like the idea with the chibi’s! Especially if they’re Yuupon’s! I downloaded the togainu poker game CG set a while ago, and fell in love with the chibi’s all over again~

    And about re-issue… ;__; Maan, I’m stuck between “Yay~! Now all my friends will have one too! :3” and “B-but I spend so, SO much hard earned cash and time into finding all Togainu models… orz” I hope they get re-issued anyway, so that I can buy myself a new Military Akira. Maybe the white version Animaxis editions will get an re-issue too. I wonder if Akira gets a re-issue though, cause there are still many Shiki’s on sale everywhere. Shiki is peanuts to find in comparison to Akira… I wonder why? I get the feeling most people prefer Shiki over Akira, so I’m supprized Shiki is still very easy to find. Maybe they made more Shiki’s than Akira’s *shrug*

    I’d rather spend my money on new figures, though. I got fan of Togainu last year also, so I was majorly late with every merch I wanted to get my hands on :( And for me, the pretty art came later xD I was first captured by the manga! You should have seen my gleeful face when I came to realise that the Togainu manga originated from a BL game xDD And that the CG’s where really pretty too… *fangirl drool*

    More non-chibi figures would be awesome! Especially if they’re made by Kotobukiya! I really like the way Koto puts time and detail into their sculpts. And so far, they’ve been one of the few who actually made figures for a BL serie, instead of bigbreasted ecci figures :/

    1. @iamacatlover: Lol XD Junjou Romantica series is cute and fluffy! Can’t exactly compare them in the same category. My fav couple out of the three is Egoist too but Misaki is so funny and his seiyuu’s fantastic rendition (Sakurai Takahiro) really makes me laugh keke <3

      Many recent BL anime are about love relationships so it's really exciting to have TnC animated… If you like action, don't forget the older action packed ones such as Mirage of Blaze, Yami no Matsuei and Loveless ^^ although the animes didn't show much of the BL bits, except for a short rape/near-rape scene in Mirage of Blaze's OVA.

      I hope they have at least a full season of TnC! It just wouldn't do justice if they cut corners for it.

      Yeah I feel the same way as you do XD I also spent a lot of time and $$$ searching for the out-of-print items but it's still good to have a reissue. So we can buy an additional one for safekeeping XD I would also love to have new releases of non-chibi figures of the other characters as well. It'll be SO AWESOME!!!! I hope they go with Kotobukiya again cos they make really high quality sculpts.

      I think they made a lot more military Shiki than Akira… that's also my gut feel. But I actually personally prefer military Akira's sculpt than Shiki cos I think his pose just looks nicer lol~

  19. AHHH~~!!!! omg your entries give me heart attack!XD
    This is awesome so AWESOME! omg to see the characters in action this is going to be great! Im so happy finally! The artwork looks wonderful! <3
    wonder Is it going to be ova are episodes? it probably might follow the manga story which i think is shikis path~ wah i want to see rabu rabu(<—love) from every character.OTL;;;

  20. I’ve been a fan since early 2009 but only because I found the art too dazzling. It’s only now that I can take TnC in full because of home internet, and because I’m earning money for my own purchases. So I guess even if I was made aware of TnC figures back then I would have to practically beg for someone to buy it for me, which is unlikely to happen lol. Woot~ I hope they’d release a non-chibi trading figures for the other characters! XD

    1. @kettenkrad: Yeah, most of us were seduced by the artwork XD you’re right about $$$ too. It’s definitely easier to buy them if we’re using our own money heh. Yep yep, I also hope for non-chibi figures of the characters too!

      @sigma: XD considering how long its popularity has sustained and grown over the years, TnC is just begging to be animated!!! I think most likely it would follow the manga but maybe they’ll be nice to us and give us alternate endings kekeke. Not sure how many episodes there will be yet… a lot of details are not announced. Let’s hope it is a long series since it’ll be made for TV. We’ll get to see the trailer on the website in a couple of day’s time ^^

  21. ORLY?! @_@ What the heck, so I even missed the re-issue of the Military ver ||OTL
    Because of this news, I actually canceled a reservation of an Akira figure (the normal one) since the price is crazy but I still took it as a last resort. Now I’m all placing my hopes up for more figure re-issues. Or better yet, new TnC figures <3 With the anime, we're sure that the number of TnC merchandise will boom big time so I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT :D

    1. Yeah, but that was 2 years ago in 2008 when the PS2 game was released, so… don’t feel too bad k. Are you relatively new to the fandom? :D I think it’ll be wise to wait for a reissue cos with the price you’re paying for 1 Akira, you can probably buy 2 figures already? It is bound to happen, since they’ve been reissuing the one-coin versions for the past 2 years ^^

      I also hope they release other TnC characters in figure form too XD

  22. Oooohh. First time stumbling the news here on you humble blog. I checked on the official site but gave up as soon as it’s done loading since it’s in Japanese. I tried googling a few more pages about it but I’ve failed. However, since there’s too much TnC topics on your blog, I will trust you with my fate and definitely wet dream about this tonight :D

    If I could just shed real tears of happiness from the news because salkdjasl I WAS WAITING FOR THIS SINCE FOREVER, DAMMIT. My biggest wish: re-issue of TnC figures ESPECIALLY the Military version figures by Kotobukiya. There’s likely a high chance that TnC merchandise will double in amount, too, because of the anime. OMG I– I’M SO HAPPY, DAMMIT T^T

    Thank you for the wonderful news~~ Can I re-post this on my blog?

    1. @kettenkrad: Thanks for dropping by! Yes, please go ahead and inform your readers too ^^)b

      Military figures have been reissued once when the PS2 TnC game was released, so with this anime out, I’m sure there’ll be a reissue of them and probably the first versions of Akira and Shiki again. I’ll keep a watch out for them and post when I see it ^^

      @SaffronSugar: yeah one with some real fighting action XD I’m excited!

  23. It’s only a matter of time, since we’re seeing more BL anime, such as Junjou Romantica, Ai no Kusabi remakes and all, how can Nitro Chiral miss the boat? XD

    But since it is made for TV, I think we should lower our expectations about the Yaoi factor in TnC unless they also do a Junjou Season 1 darkened screen, DVD director’s cut thing. I’m so glad Ai no Kusabi is DVD release only.

    Anyway, If TnC anime’s characters are Blassreiter quality (another of Nitro Chiral’s works), I’ll be very happy (but hopefully minus the overt 3D CGs in mecha which was quite ugly x_x ) They should keep the original cast XD I don’t see any reason why they won’t hehe woo hoo~ more things to burn our hard earned $$$ on. This will be another year of wallet blood letting…

    Great idea with the chibi anime planck-chan! XD Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I really loved what Loveless and Gakuen Heaven anime did with the chibis XD

  24. YEP! Do you know what I’d like to see? Mini stories with the chibis! hahahaha LOL even if the anime is going to be dark and serious, I’d like to see it! And maybe some figures re-run, or new figures… anyway, thinking about it, a new BL anime is always welcome and this time is TnC, so it’s better!

  25. OMG, I read about this on the Togainu no Chi community, but they were talking about an April fools joke!

    But since the site is up now and working… *dies of fangasm* I caaaannnn”t waaaaaiiiiittttt *___* OMG, it’s going to be SO fricking awesome!! Will this mean more merchiandise? Drama CD’s? Random stuff that’s going to happily rob our wallets again?! ;w;

    I hope they will keep the original voice cast. And I wonder how Yaoi-ish it’s going to be. It doesn’t have to be as hardcore as the game, but not as little as the manga…! ;v; Hopefully it will be faster than the Togainu no Chi manga too!!

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