BL Anime: Sex Pistols OVA (Sugita Tomokazu x Hatano Wataru)

Sex Pistols OVAThe news that Sex Pistols (manga by Kotobuki Tarako 寿たらこ) is going to be made into an OVA isn’t new… I haven’t been following the developments closely but I just found out that Hatano Wataru was cast as Fujiwara Shiro opposite Sugita Tomokazu‘s Madarame Yonekuni!

Update October 2009!
Release date announced:

Sex Pistols DVD Vol 1: 26 March 2010
Sex Pistols DVD Vol 2: (Delayed) 27 April 2011
Damage: 9,975 Yen (w/tax)

I fell in love with Shiro when I read the manga… he is such a sexy uke without intending to ^^ and his seme is pure manly goodness. I’m so looking forward to the massive nosebleed it is going to induce when the 2-episode OVA is released.

Hatano Wataru voices Sam/Toward the Terra, Youji/Sweet Pool, and Sugita Tomokazu is Gintoki/Gintama, Kyon/Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Solder Blue/Toward the Terra.

BE X BOY CD Collection: SEX PISTOLS / Drama CD (Takehito Koyasu, Daisuke Hirakawa, Chihiro Suzuki, et al.)Although I’m excited about the new cast, I’m going to miss the original cast for the drama cd, Koyasu Takehito x Hirakawa Daisuke who were both very lovely as the characters. Koyasu Takehito gave Yonekuni a cold and aloof presence and paired well with Hirakawa Daisuke’s perfect rendition of the gentle but very erotic Shiro. You’ll bleed buckets if you hear his uke moans in the drama cd. But I think the new cast would be yummy too. (^///^) HATANO-SAN!!!! He is one of my top fav uke now. If you’ve not listened to his uke before… gosh you don’t know what you’re missing. As for Sugita Tomokazu, he has a deep voice similar to Koyasu Takehito and I believe he can bring out the aloofness of the character. He was pretty good as a seme who gave the uke the cold shoulder in the BL drama Utsukushii Koto 美しいこと ^^

Update: The cast for the other couple is revealed. Shimono Hiro will replace Suzuki Chiiro (鈴木千尋) who was the original cast in the drama CD as Tsuburaya Norio. Kawahara Yoshihisa (KYAAAA~ Tetsuo from Sweet Pool!!!) XD will voice Madarame Kunimasa in place of Yanada Kiyoyuki (梁田清之).

Both Hatano Wataru and Kawahara Yoshihisa are in Sex Pistols OVA! But not as a couple this time…

Anyway, Sex Pistols is an innovative story with the premise that 30% of humans are descended not from apes but from other animals (these people are called “Zoomans”), and they can interbreed with humans, and with other male Zoomans by the use of a symbiote (Definition: an organism in a partnership with another such that each profits from their being together) . Although the manga began with Tsuburaya Norio, an ordinary high school student who discovers his Zoomanity and deals with the advances of many male Zoomans who want him to have their babies, the OVA seems to be making one of the other couples Madarame Yonekuni and Fujiwara Shiro as the focus. (Info edited from wiki)

Summary from Anime News Network: Madarame Yonekuni and Fujiwara Shiro have this awkward tension whenever their eyes meet at school. Since Yonekuni cannot openly explain to Shiro why he feels uncomfortable whenever he’s around, he must coerce his brother, Madarame Kunimasa to reveal the truth. Is Yonekuni tough enough to handle it?

羽多野渉 Hatano Wataru as Fujiwara Shiro 藤原しろ
杉田智和 Sugita Tomokazu as Madarame Yonekuni 斑目米国
下野紘 Shimono Hiro as Tsuburaya Norio 円谷ノリ夫
川原慶久Kawahara Yoshihisa as Madarame Kunimasa 斑目国政

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22 thoughts on “BL Anime: Sex Pistols OVA (Sugita Tomokazu x Hatano Wataru)”

    1. @sigma: Well. I can’t remember exactly already… maybe I wanted to forget ^^;;; anyway I’ll try to do a post about it soon.

  1. oh! i remember seeing the youji set on yahoo japan. i think it might still be up for grabs if you don’t have it yet. Sad thing is you’d might have to use deputy service.;

    Yea so want a youji pillow with the same image on it. XD

    1. @sigma: I did…. bought the set that came with comiket only gift from Y!auctions. Regretted it because of the overall price I paid. I read the auction/description text wrongly and ended up paying a lot more extra =_=;;; I wondering why nobody bid on it cos the bidding price was reasonable. Hmm maybe I should do a post review about the set one day cos I found that it is still available from Nitro+ online shop. It is cheaper than getting the set from auctions if you ask middlemen like Tokyobuyers to get it for you.

      I want that pillow too XD and full-body please <3

  2. I agree id so love to see yupon style chibi plushes too! *_*

    lol that’s true. when i got it an opened it from the air tight back i was shocked to find a pancake pillow! XD
    I did a mistake of fluffing with my hands will definitely not do that again.; if its is over fluffed then the pictures become deformed!;;;
    i notice in your picture that the Akira side is also wrinkled. Mine is too an it is super wrinkled it’s not even funny, while shiki side remains untouched (would rather had the opposite because akira is just to cute!). I doubt the wrinkles will ever come out i was debating wrinkle sprays but then i thought if i used it an the illustration started leaking are something i’d be like sad.XD

    Wah i can’t wait until next pillow. i was very happy with this one im sure i’m going to love the military one!*Q*
    (N-need sweet pool pillows now lol)

    1. @sigma: imacatlover ironed her cushion to get the wrinkles out. To be safe, use low heat setting ^^ It worked really well for her kekeke. She didn’t use any wrinkle sprays. The heat helped to puff up the cushion too.

      Me too XDD I think Youji’s pillow will be seriously hot.. I mean, look at the mousepad they released of him! <3

  3. pony i got your package~! The things you sent were beautiful thank you!! I love the artworks an comic in the booklet!
    I love the surprise~!!*using it now* *cries* it’s so cuuute~!! TTwTT (I faint from cute overload! lol)
    They really cheer me up thank you, i hope you are doing well too.*major hug!*
    ;w; aww w-what can i do for pony? You are so sweet!

    i see that explains a lot thank you. I find it weird for DTB to skip/jump storylines. I guess from season twos ending there is going to be a season four maybe?XD

    omg same here! This month was not bad but come July omg i don’t even want to think about it.OTL;
    Pre-orders are the worse they just seem to sneak up on ya even though you know theirs one coming. whats worse is not knowing if something is going to be delayed til the next month.

    oh! that reminds me my package for akira pillow came in but i wasn’t home! *sob* an sense it was Thursday i have to wait a day an Saturdays their close so yea i have to wait until Monday. Sad story but i waited this long i can wait some more i guess? at least i know it didn’t get lost over seas because i now remember what shipping i got. It was not SAL at all it was SEA (i think)!;;

    1. @sigma: *hugz back* that’s great XD glad they reached you safely and making you smile X3 Everytime I look at the illustrations, i feel that they really should make plushes for these Yupon style chibis! Gift ones are cute but can’t rival if it was made yupon style.

      Yep, they probably want to keep an open ending for DtB just in case :3 which I don’t mind as long as Hei is back!

      Oh my! But better late than never! XD planck-chan also just received hers a few days back and she also used SEA. Remember to hug it everyday when you get it… cos our body heat will help to fluff up the cushion! That’s what imacatlover and I found out lol~

  4. zomg 201 epis! you are amazing to be that far ahead! XD i saw that Gintama has made it to a lot of episodes. its been so long sense i watched it i don’t know where i left off, but seeing the number of episode its at already has scared me off. XD

    I didn’t know that Gintama has OVAs?0-0

    I don’t know if theres two versions i only saw one an i think it was with his umbrella. omg i love okitas eye mask too. I want to get one someday an wear it at work when its time for me to go on break.(if i looked awake i won’t get disturbed as much.;;;;)

    i wasn’t so found of him in the gemini arc (until he shaved/cut his hair i was happy again lol). An yea alcoholic is no no
    . I don’t really understand what happened to make him that way. I did see season one an saw the end but i still couldn’t put two together.; it’s like when season two came around the store was all new. I just know that he lost yui an later lost his power. I think in season three he has it back again. as for season two i don’t get the end were this boy with white hair wakes up an is like how Yui was. He looked like July.

    her figma looks amazing an deathmasters other version there making looks really nice too.;o; aww i’m so glad i didn’t pre-order anything yet i have to decide…

    1. @sigma: yep, I didn’t expect to finish it either :3 it’s really easy when you watch with an ipod. There’s one or two Gintama OVAs? I’m also not too sure lol~ I think I will attempt Reborn series next… that is if I can find the episodes and the time to convert them first :P

      As for Gintoki’s PVC, I just realised that it’s an optional part in the same statue cos he is holding a fork instead of his sword XD I think they were selling Okita’s eye mask a while back :D Maybe they’ll reissue it again when season 4? 5? starts again kekeke. You won’t get rest if you wear that eye mask… I bet your colleagues will keep poking u or something lol~

      Yeah I was quite upset when I saw him like that in Gemini arc… :( I was like… what happened to our Hei??? I’m glad he got back his old self after that but he sure took his time! DX The most recent Darker than Black OVA we’re seeing now is actually the period between the 1st season and Gemini arc, that’s why Hei still has his power and Yin is still with him. In Gemini arc he has already lost her and desperate to get her back. Maybe we’ll get the answer as to how he lost her in the recent OVAs. In Gemini arc, I can’t remember exactly why but that white haired boy who looks like July/Yin is actually the “male” counterpart of Yin. And when they meet, they have the ultimate power to do stuff. He is like the final boss lol. And Hei is trying to stop him/her from destroying everything I think.

      Yep yep… I’m also TRYING to be rational here lol. I’m glad that June is a relatively quiet shipping period for me. *_* My bank account is in perpetual coma already. I need to revive it some how ^^;;; But come July/Aug it’ll be coma time again… I have a lot of preorders coming in OTL.

  5. ~”yeah I enjoyed it too… just that the sex scene was kinda abrupt… it started so suddenly and vigorously and before you know it, its over lol~ XD”

    lol true, true.XD

    yea the flash back scene i really like but it came an went fast. ;o; i went to read the manga is quite good an i understand more. Very funny an random~ XD (also i ended up reading a bit of rose maiden manga. you were right it is very nice manga the style fits more than the ovas.♥)

    it’d have to give the drama cd a try i want to hear the king of coldness.XD

    oh! you watch gintama? (I only seen a few episodes) there going to be releasing figures of the characters. They already have gintoki an okita! Love the okita one so much hes my favorite~ *v*
    also….deathmaster is here and Darker than black chibis omg hei~*0*

    1. @Sigma: yeah Sex Pistol’s manga gives a better picture. It was heart-breaking… but bittersweet. I totally fell in love with Shiro in it.

      I finally finished whole 201 episodes of Gintama last week! Ipod is great cos it was so convenient to watch on the go! lol~ XD Totally love the series.. I haven’t watched the OVAs yet. You wanna get the figures? There’re 2 versions of Gintoki right? Okita looks pretty good too. Kekeke I love his eye mask XDD

      Kyaa~ I <3 Hei… for a period of time I had a serious crush on him esp. during the 1st/2nd season X3 I didn't like his alcoholic self in Gemini arc tho. The chibis look okie… but doesn't capture his coolness enough. It's awesome they're making chibis tho. I think July looks pretty cute. Might pave the way for better ones to come.

      I think deathmaster doesn't look as lovely as BRS :3 but I might still get her figma when its available.

  6. I watched this the other day it has to be the best animated film for the new generation of yaoi~♥
    Animation was smooth an story was interesting and funny. Love all the characters especially Madarame~!*v*

    1. @sigma: :3 yeah I enjoyed it too… just that the sex scene was kinda abrupt… it started so suddenly and vigorously and before you know it, its over lol~ XD

      If you listened to the drama cd, Koyasu Takehito’s Maradame sounds so much colder and it really hurts to hear his tone when he talks to Shiro cos the contrast in their attitudes towards each other is really apparent. Sugita’s Madarame sounds so much “nicer” and warm, even comical cute (Gin-san! <3) and I don't feel his antagonism/disdain towards Shiro as much. Although Sugita did a good job here, his Madarame can't compare to Koyapi's whose voice is dubbed the King of coldness. I was expecting a Utsukushii/Itoshii Koto drama CD's cold Sugita but I didn't find it here. A little disappointed but I still like the animation as a whole. As for Hatano Wataru… not much complaints at all, except that their sex scene flashback is too short XDD *nosebleeds*

  7. Just listened to the BLCDs last night: I wonder why they had to recast the voices though…I love all of the seiyuus in general but there was something about Hirakawa Daisuke’s work as Fujiwara…that distinct vulnerability…that I think I will miss. I’m sure Hatano Wataru will still do a great job, but it will just be different, you know?

    I must say though, I thought Kunimasa’s voice was just waaaay too deep in the cds. He sounded like an old man to Suzuki Chihiro’s cuteness, which was a bit off-putting. No offense to Yanada Kiyoyuki, but I hope they either recast him with a younger sounding guy or he changes his pitch so it’s not so damn deep.

    1. Yeah… I wonder too… maybe they can’t fit their production schedules?

      They haven’t revealed the seiyuu cast for the Kunimasa/Norio couple yet, so our guess is that they’re probably the same. They probably want to have a strong contrast to their personalities XD And as such a hyper guy, Norio probably needs a strong -manly- man to keep him in check kekeke.

  8. Keisuke x akira is my favorite pair too. Shiki x akira an Nano x Akira is nice too~ *v*
    I want to know more about nano~!
    (when i get the chibi figures i’m going to switch out Shiki an Akiras heads. Ah if only there was an ending like that…)

    Koyasu Takehito! omg yes! *_*

  9. Yeah! Sugita was really good when voicing scary Keisuke…XP I’m also for Keisuke x Akira ^^ although most people seem to go for Shiki x Akira. When I first heard his voice in Gintama, I thought it sounded like Koyasu Takehito… when the credits roll then I saw his name… and I was oo~ interesting. He was good as Soldier Blue (T_T)

    Oo~ the manga is pretty good~ XD you should give the drama cd a shot too. Prepare your tissues and buckets (for nosebleed that is)

  10. I love Sugita Tomokazu! ♥
    He plays such a good voice for all the characters, I was shocked to find out he played soldier blues voice. I really loved his voice when he played keisuke character very scary. lol.
    Definitely want to see this if hes playing in it, i have yet to read the manga but it looks interesting from your summery.^^

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