BL Anime: Nyanpire, The Gothic World of Nyanpire (Sugiyama Noriaki, Fukuyama Jun)

I am one-eyed dragon, Masamu-nya!

Title: Nyanpire, The Gothic World of Nyanpire にゃんぱいあ
Rating: Recommended-nya~

Summary (wiki):
Nyanpire is a Japanese doujinshi manga series written and illustrated by Yukiusa. In the story, a small abandoned kitten is rescued by a vampire (voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke), who feeds him some of his blood, allowing him to be reborn as a vampire cat named Nyanpire. The series follows Nyanpire as he spends his days living with his human owner, Misaki, and meeting other cats.

Koshimizu Ami 小清水亜美 as Nyanpire にゃんぱいあ
Sugiyama Noriaki 杉山紀彰 as Masamunya Dokuganryu 独眼竜まさむにゃ
Fukuyama Jun 福山潤 as Nyatenshi にゃてんし
Goto Yuko 後藤邑子 as Chachamaru 茶々丸
Hirota Shion 廣田詩夢 as Misaki-chan 美咲ちゃん
Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花 慎之介 as Vampire/Narrator

This short 3-min episodic anime turned to be surprisingly cute with clear shounen-ai themes as seen from episode 2 XD silly but true lol~ The following will contain SPOILERS so be warned.

It is epic to listen to Hetalia’s seiyuu for tsundere character UK, Sugiyama Noriaki voicing the proud Masamu-nya (parody cat version of historical Japanese samurai Date Masamune) nyaaaa-ing his tsundere ways in the episode.

Nyanpire is taking his usual walks and singing about yummy food he ate. There he is confronted by Masamu-nya who wants to get rid of this “demon” cat. But instead of being afraid, Nyanpire thinks the samurai cat is cool. Lol~

Unfazed by the open admiration, the brave samurai cat charges towards the vampire cat……. and trips on a stone OTL;;; Nyanpire asks, “Are you ok?” (^^;;; LOL)

Masamu-nya quickly picks himself up and tries to explain that the fall was nothing to a samurai. But Nyanpire only sees the yummy blood from the scratches he got from the fall. Instinctively Nyanpire attacks his lunch lol~

And licks him all over~~~~~ XD

Masamu-nya: STOP STOP… AaaAAaahhHhhhHhh~~~~ (felt so good lol)

Epic moan by Sugiyama Noriaki here.

Satiated, the two cats sit side by side and Masamu-nya became all tokimeki (love-struck) and deredere (sweet) because of how daring Nyanpire was. But like any proper Japanese cat, he wants to get to know Nyanpire better before they take their relationship any further (LOL)

Masamu-nya: So what’s your type?
Nyanpire: Long hair and big boobs. OH YEAH!

Are you a boy???


Poor Masamu-nya <3 First love and first kiss stolen by a boy XDDD

FAREWELL…. trips and falls down again.

In the next episode Jun jun will show up as a white angel cat who was kicked out of heaven for his womanizing behaviour XD NYAAAA~

Check out these cute Nyanpire Color Collection Character Mascots! XD

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9 thoughts on “BL Anime: Nyanpire, The Gothic World of Nyanpire (Sugiyama Noriaki, Fukuyama Jun)”

  1. OMG, so cute! Wanna see it! I was not paying attention to this show, but now surely I’ll watch, at least this episode! Mmm kittens and BL hints, super cute indeed!

    Wow, I’m so excited about the news, a 2nd season for Sekai ichi Hatsukoi! \o/ It was expected, but makes us really happy! And Hybrid Child anime was really a greeeeaaat surprise, it’s very very joyful feeling! Let’s wait them! <3

    1. @Planck-chan: please catch it. It’s cute and so funny :D

      Yes! I know there’ll be another season. After all DVD sales should be good XD Hybrid Child is a surprise but its awesome news indeed. I’m looking forward to it!

  2. lol, i remember watching this epi recently. It’s cute and funny
    I like Nyanpire. <3

    (Been watching a lot of short animes. Have you watched Yondemasuyo? It's funny cute too, in it's own way. Loved it. XD)

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