BL Anime: NO.6 (Kaji Yuki, Hosaya Yoshimasa)

Thanks to reactions to the first episode of anime No. 6, I did not miss a potentially good sci-fi story (and possible BL too) lol~

Title: NO. 6

Quick summary:

Set in the near future, the science fiction takes place in the ideal city “NO.6”.

On the night of his twelfth birthday, Shion (vo. Kaji Yuki) met a beautiful boy called “Nezumi” (vo. Hosaya Yoshimasa) who had escaped from a reformatory. Although the boy was wanted by the Security Bureau, Shion protected him, treated his injuries and gave him food. The next day Nezumi disappeared but left a deep impression in Shion’s heart about questioning the truth behind the city they live in.

Four years later, Shion encounters another mystery of people dying from premature aging and once again begins to question what NO.6 really is.

Based on the novel by Asano Atsuko (あさの あつこ).

Shion: Why did I open the window that stormy night?

Screen shots shown are not in chronological order.

I watched the first episode partly due to the reactions to the BL shown in the episode. To be honest, I don’t think I would really classify that as real BL due to the situation the boys were in at that point in time. However, as you can see in some of the screen shots, I think the animators MAY be trying to pique fujoshi interest and get more viewers for their anime :P It’s more like BL-fanservice if you really want to be delusional ^^;;

A naive and cute Shion, at 12 years old.

When asked why Shion extended help to him, he said he thought Nezumi was a girl and besides being injured, he also looked weak but in truth, he also didn’t know why he did it. Potential premise for BL in the future?

This scene was shown after Nezumi released Shion whom he had pinned down and threatened with a spoon.

And to that, My guess is that for someone like Nezumi who probably had not experienced kindness from others, he would have been very touched by the warmth Shion had shown him. That’s where the hand squeezing occured (and probably where all those homophobic reactions came up). When he said that people who are alive feel warm, my guess is that he escaped from a place where people he cared about die all the time.

As the anime has only begun, there is still so much not revealed about NO.6 and the story. Even if there wasn’t BL, I’ll continue watching it for the plot. I feel sorry for people who dismiss this potentially good anime because of their over-reaction and homophobia.

But for the sake of being a fujoshi, here’s one cute BL-ish shot.
Shion: Ah~ you’re feverish.
Nezumi: Aren’t you getting hot too? (something to that effect XD)

Main cast:
Hosoya Yoshimasa as Nezumi ネズミ
Kaji Yuki as Sion 紫苑

Shindou Kei as Inukashi
Yasuno Kiyono as Safu
Terasoma Masaki as Rikiga
Sakuma Rei as Karan
Miki Shinichiro as Yoming
Morohoshi Sumire as Lili

Official site:

Update 19 August 2011: 7 Episodes on, yes, I’ve finally decided to officially classify this is as a BL anime on my blog although I was convinced much earlier than this lol~ Please watch it if you haven’t done so yet!

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49 thoughts on “BL Anime: NO.6 (Kaji Yuki, Hosaya Yoshimasa)”

  1. at first i think this is a boring anime and just another sci fi… but as i watched i went, “kyaaaaah!!!! now i’m a certified fujoshi!!!” i so love this anime <3

  2. you know, for some reason i was never interested in watching this anime. the 1st epi even seemed boring to me. my sister watched it after i while, said a friend told her to watch it…
    my 1st reaction was “how can you watch sth so boring?!” and “what are you doing watching shounen ai??????” lol
    and so time passed by, i got bored and finally decided to watch it…

    now im Q_Q
    it was good. last epi made me cry xD

    my inner yaoi heart wants there to be an ova for a more BL ending, but i guess it was a good ending for the anime.

    ps: i feel like refusing to call myself fangirl anymore… thanx to the noobs who keep ruining the name.

    1. @Shirokaze: Better late than never :D It was beautifully animated. Yeah, the ending was good. It seems to have kept close to the original story. Lol~ your sis isn’t a BL fan?

    2. @ponytale

      nop, she’s just a normal teen who likes shojo, shounen. occasionally, she might read/watch other things, but i see that she’s more into shojo.

  3. ok so this is what i got: they do like eachother but its a romance in progress, aka: it will take time for them to really realize and exept there true feeling tword eachother. And also nezumi(rat) didnt keave shion forever, he said we will definaly meet agian. also, (SPOLIER!!) in the manga shion opens hhis windo and said welcome home rat, or somthing like that. so they do end up living togather or at least as room mates. also im changing my name to animekitty:3 so look for it:3

  4. @ponytale: ahhh!!! if they end this way, i’ll be totally happy (actually, i’d be happier if they just ended up together~~) XD

    1. @iced_wine: scroll down the comments and you’ll see momogoldfish’s post on it and chibi’s link to the last page of the Japanese novel :D

  5. @ponytale: as long as they don’t pull a TnC, i’ll be happy. i can’t believe the extent to which they butchered that plot…

    the relationship between nezumi and shion is really cute though…but you know that one part in ep. 4, when the dog girl said nezumi lost his cool earlier because he was jealous, did she mean he was jealous of the fact that shion was paying attention to someone else, or that she had told her story to a practical stranger?

    1. @iced_wine: Totally. Everytime I think about TnC anime… I weep.

      I think Nezumi is jealous about Shion giving attention to others. Nezumi didn’t show that he cared about anyone else (dog master included) before Shion showed up, that’s why the dog girl (or boy?) was very amused because Nezumi has finally revealed his one and only weakness, Shion! <3

      And in this sense… Nezumi sure is tsundere <333

  6. just caught up on all 4 eps of this anime…you sure this isn’t BL? i mean, besides the fact that it’s H-less, the relationship between Shion and Nezumi feels like one of those suppressed “we both like each other we are just not saying it” kind of relationships XD

    1. @iced_wine: yeah after watching the first few episodes, I’m considering changing the title of this post from Anime to BL anime already ^^;; And how lovely to watch their relationship unfold. XD

      I just found out on Japanese wiki that the novels concluded recently in June 2011. From what was revealed in the comments here by chibi about the ending, it can be probably officially classified as BL :D I wonder if they’ll stay true to the end in the anime.

  7. @momogoldfish: Thank you so, so much for the translation!!

    Seriously are they friends or in love? It wouldn’t be the first time I see a boy kiss another boy out of friendship and without knowing it’s actually done with the one you love. Seems to be love here though…

  8. Translation (note: contextless text and sleep-deprived translator)
    (Shion?Nezumi) Understands but…
    Nezumi’s fingers on his chin, Shion said “A world without you has no meaning, Nezumi”
    His chin was forcefully raised.
    The dark gray pupils were right in front of his eyes.
    What a disobedient child. How many…*text cut off* it was like a the voice of a girl concealing her laughter.
    “Nezumi, I am serious…”
    Their lips met.
    It was a heated and passionate but gentle kiss. (TL notes: squeeeee)
    “Is this…a farewell kiss?”
    “It’s a kiss of oath”
    Nezumi smiled gently.
    “We will definitely meet again, Shion”
    Nezumi turned his back, with Hamlet….

    Did I just spoil myself with the ending????

  9. I’m in love with this anime and its music with the first 2 episodes. I didn’t know about those bad reactions u mentioned… yeah, really sad.

  10. @chibi
    I clicked on that spoiler picture but I can’t read Japanese! Can you translate it, please? D’: Or anyone else? I really wanna know the end of that novel.

  11. No.6 isn’t really those one-shot fanservice kind of thing. Shion and nezumi really like each other, and there is an abundance of shonen-ai scenes. I’d say you can look forward to alot of bl hints in this anime, and not to spoil the story, the ending of the novel is like the maximum shonen-ai.

    Even in the official guide to No.6 book, under Shion’s 好きだもの(things you like), it has Nezumi in it lol

    1. @chibi: hahaha I love that info you added! <3 so Shion and Nezumi is canon? Awesome xD and my gosh I'm trying extremely hard not to click on that spoiler link lol...

  12. I watched the show last Monday. It’s really cool and interesting. I don’t know why, but it kinda reminds me of Puella Magi Madoka. Sion reminds me of little Keisuke. Nezumi is my fav character!

  13. After I watched NO.6 i had to read the manga. when i read it I was like woah ware was all this fan sevrise in the anime. but for now I like

  14. This was definitely the anime I’ve been looking forward to the most this season! The entire thing is my taste in a nutshell. I’m a sucker for this type of plot! Conspiracies! A utopia that’s more than meets the eye! Cute boys being total bros! I’m really looking forward to how this’ll all unfold.

  15. This is my most anticipated anime of the season! I was ecstatic that the animation was more beautiful than I would have anticipated! The first few minutes are particularly memorable. It felt more like a movie than a TV series~

  16. “It’s fine when girls show their friendship, but its not when boys do. :P lol lame.”

    Pretty much this. Fellow otaku will defend till the end how the friendship between some highly fan serviced couples (either two girl friends or two distinct gender friends) is just very platonic and powerful and loving… but be it two guys and it’s “yaoi”.

    Though it’s a given a lot of people would drop -any- anime if it lacks moe girls, bouncy breasts and zettai ryouiki, so it isn’t much of a big deal. I’m sure plenty of people will keep watching it if the plot and characters prove to be good.

    1. @Oru: yeah, too bad for them :) There’s a good majority who still appreciate good animation, plot and characters without moe factors or what not.

  17. I watched this too and enjoyed it. It’s rather interesting and I like the fanservice.

    lol, I know, alot are dropping this because of the BL content, that well, is basically just friendship between male.

    It’s fine when girls show their friendship, but its not when boys do. :P lol lame.

    WEll~ I can’t wait to see more.

  18. I watched this last night! I loved it so far. The scenes were very touching. Looking forward to see the story unfold with Shion and his family.

    ~ I feel sorry for people who dismiss this potentially good anime because of their over-reaction and homophobia~

    True that. After i watched the movie i scrolled down to view some of the comments. A lot were comments like “eww this looks like yaoi” and things related to that. =_=
    (from what i’ve been seeing they have been labeling a few other animes this season like this too.)

    I don’t even see how it can be called Yaoi there no sex are anything. BL is a better term. It’s just showing friendship, but some people’s minds are to closed minded, it must be hard to be them.;;
    (I really loved that scene my eye’s popped because it wasn’t expected- lol but my brain didn’t translated to BL at first…it went straight to shota and then BL *shot*;;;)

    @Plank-chan: ~he looks like a Shinji without the sick personality~

    lol i thought so too!

    1. @sigma: lol~ which are the animes that they labelled like so? I wanna watch XDD I’ve been too busy to sample new anime nowadays and it’s always fun to see good BL fanservice lollollollol~

      Yeah, most of us can see that its just friendship. I think the animators did a very good job at making the characters convey a lot of subtle feelings through their expressions. Although I don’t really like the relatively flat-toned voice quality of Nezumi’s seiyuu (but he does his best to work it), they did well in bringing the characters alive.

      Ahahaha XD yeah seems shota-ish cos of their age (and height). Other than that there just was nothing sexual about the scene :P

  19. I watched this and really enjoy it! Ok, it has extra points for all BL hints (obviously I love it and want more, sure we’ll have more!), but the story seems very interesting. It’s a high technology future, it’s started with neuro science class (more extra points with me), the girl is strong, she fights with the boys and isn’t ashamed of wearing old-fashioned clothes cos they’re done by her grandma, that’s quite positive (when a female character really annoys me – in a non BL anime – I tend to give up the series), only hope she doesn’t get in the way of our boys =D. Shion is cute, intelligent and kind, to me he looks like a Shinji without the sick personality. And Nezumi (noted that ‘rat’ is appropriate for neuro science experiments) is mysterious. Sure it’s worth the watching.

    1. @planck-chan: yeah the first episode establishes the first few main characters pretty well. And yay for strong girl characters too ^^ I love it that she has a mind of her own and so far hasn’t behaved annoyingly. It’s great! :D She’ll most probably be an important character who will steady and support Shion when the time comes since he seems to be have a softer personality.

      Ah~ about Nezumi as a lab rat, that’s very perceptive of you! XD

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