BL Anime: Koisuru Boukun Tyrant Falls in Love (Toriumi Kousuke x Midorikawa Hikaru)

Koisuru Boukun 恋する暴君 OVA based on Takanaga Hinako’s (高永ひなこ) ongoing yaoi manga Koisuru Boukun (The Tyrant Falls In Love) will be available on 25 June 2010!

Title: Koisuru Boukun 恋する暴君 The Tyrant Falls In Love Vol. 1
Available: 25 June 2010

Title: Koisuru Boukun 恋する暴君 The Tyrant Falls In Love Vol. 2
Available: 25 November 2010
Damage: 9975 Yen (w/tax) for the Limited Edition DVD

恋する暴君 第1話「恋に賞味期限ってありますか?」 【初回限定生産】 Limited edition DVD features: Cover illustration and original manga by Takanaga Hinako, special booklet and drama CD.

There isn’t news about how many OVA will be made, so maybe it is produced as a teaser to hook new readers, since the manga is still ongoing. Currently, the series is at volume six and there are two BL drama cds produced, with the third one on hold till further notice.

It is animated by PrimeTime, the production company who also worked on a number of other BL titles, including Seitou Kaichou ni Chukoku and Hyakujitsu no Bara.

The seiyuu casts are the same as the drama CDs, so we can expect yummy performances of the main couple by Toriumi Kousuke and Midorikawa Hikaru.

Summary edited from ANN:
Being a college student is hard enough when you’re not habouring a secret crush over your not-gay and homophobic sempai (upperclassman). For years, Tetsuhiro Morinaga (Toriumi Kousuke) hides his desire for the tyrannical and demanding Souichi Tatsumi (Midorikawa Hikaru). Using his best apparent features, Morinaga tries to manipulate his way through Tatsumi’s brick wall of homosexual hate by being around Tatsumi constantly. Yearning to tell Tatsumi his longing desire with no luck whatsoever, Morinaga almost gives up until one fateful day… His five years of devotion for Tatsumi finally pays off when Tatsumi accidentally drinks an aphrodisiac!


Update 3 July 2010: I’ve watched the episode… well the animation quality is pretty good :D And most parts of the story were funny and entertaining. Didn’t like the music very much but it is still acceptable.

The climax of the story is the first rape scene, right? Well, I know most of us prefer it consensual in real relationships… but if you look at it purely as a BL work’s technical point of the animation quality, the hotness factor is very high to be honest.You won’t see any actual dangly bits cos the main body parts are obscured by well-placed angles of legs and hands but the movements and sound effects are very realistic (squishy, wet sounds, etc) and the seiyuus are very good.

Still, a note of caution cos I think it can be very disturbing to watch for some. Although it is not physically brutal like Hyakujitsu no Bara’s rape scenes, I think the mental trauma of the betrayal in Koisuru Boukun is probably worse.

19 June 2010: I should feel very excited about this OVA cos it is a Takanaga Hinako manga and her art is pretty and the smut is hot! :3 But it’s been years since I first read the manga or listened to the drama cds and I haven’t been following it after that so I’m kinda calm about it. Reason being I can’t remember much of what happened already except for the story setting where the “Tyrant” became so emotionally dependant on his kouhai over the years, he could not leave him even after he was raped by him ^^;;; I don’t approve of that but oh well… this is stereotypical BL scenario and… there’s con-non-con BL smut and a blushing tsundere uke-in-denial! Anyway, let’s just enjoy the eye and ear candy when the OVA is released.


Tatsumi Souichi 巽宗一: Midorikawa Hikaru 緑川光
Morinaga Tetsuhiro 森永哲博: Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔
巽巴: Miyata Kouki 宮田幸季
黒川貢: Sugita Tomokazu 杉田智和
ヒロト: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔

Official website: Primetime

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23 thoughts on “BL Anime: Koisuru Boukun Tyrant Falls in Love (Toriumi Kousuke x Midorikawa Hikaru)”

  1. @ponytale I think the thing that bothers me the most about non-con is the emotional affect it’ll have on real young people (women AND men, alike). I feel that titles like this, “Maiden Rose”, & the classics “Boku no Sexual Harassment”, & “Fujimi Orchestra”, will portray non-con as being “okay” as long as the seme truly loves his victim. And as for the uke, he may hate it @ 1st, but eventually he come around once he gets used to it like the way Tomoe-kun did w’ Kurokawa. There is a difference between a woman who is a virgin having difficulty w/ her 1st time than a straight man getting raped (like in Koisuru… ). For the woman, the 1st time might not feel pleasant, but she may have consented to the sex. She knows that eventually, it’ll feel good. But, to a straight man getting raped, you can’t force him to believe it’ll get better & that his sexuality will “change” w/ time as the gay sex becomes more pleasurable. I think that’s just pure fantasy on the manga’s part.

    1. @R.: AH~ I see where you’re coming from. Yeah I agree with you. Reading content like these can have an effect on impressionable young people. I’m definitely old enough to know that non-con is NEVER okay in real life, no matter if the seme did it out of “love” or the uke accepts it because of “love”. Maiden rose is kinda complicated psychologically. The way I interpret it is that Taki is trying to punish himself by allowing himself to be raped and as for Klaus… well, it’s just sad. =_=;;; I wouldn’t wish this kind of relationship on anyone.

      I thought that for Tomoe-kun and Kurokawa pairing… it was a consensual relationship right from the beginning, wasn’t it? I didn’t read the manga, so I’m not sure.

      Yeah, I also don’t believe that a straight person will become homosexual over time. But most of the time, the mangaka will take the easy way out. I remember when I first started reading yaoi manga, especially the ones where the uke falls in love with his rapist seme, I’ll would be like huh?!? I would castrate the seme if I were you! I don’t buy it one bit :P But… most BL stories are like that. Rape is often used to “accelerate” the relationship and force the couple quickly into a sexual situation within the limited number of pages of the manga. Yaoi started out as just (pr0n) after all.

      It is relatively rare, but occasionally there are better developed stories that treat these topics more realistically, such as the way the victim reacts to the trauma and the after effects it has on the uke.

  2. @ponytale

    But I’ll be honest, I’d rather have this in an anime than shota. I’m sorry but I find shota (& it’s female counterpart “loli” disturbing & I get no enjoyment out of watching it. Enzai, however, is only good when you get into the courtroom drama aspect. I fast forward past the non-con stuff. I just can’t watch it. I also like “Kaze to Ki no Uta”. I don’t know if it’s considered a shota, but @ least it’s not hardcore like the others. That feels more like an shonen-ai, if any.

    1. @R. Yeah, at least the Koisuru guys are adults :-\ although they sometimes also don’t know what the hell they’re doing OTL;;;

      Enzai has an interesting plot and I’ve read reviews of the game that gave it a good rating based on its realism of the prison setting. I tried it but I couldn’t even complete a route (or even a bad end) cos I felt a distinct gloom surrounding me while playing. It was overwhelming. Looking at CGs of how the characters were being tortured was… x_x and the depressing atmosphere really got to me and I gave up. Maybe it was also amplified because I was using headphones. As for the anime, showing all those non-con scenes definitely hit home about how horrible the boys’ and the inmates’ circumstances were in the prison.

      Kaze to Ki no Uta is considered shounen-ai cos there wasn’t explicit stuff shown but they are definitely at the shota age. It is definitely one of the better plot-driven BL titles out there :)

  3. Same here… I hate the non-con stuff. It may look hot, but the emotional betrayal is so devastating. Plus, it’s unrealistic. In the real world, Tatsumi would’ve beat Morinaga’s ass, called the cops, & have him kicked out of school, 5 year dependancy or no. It just doesn’t work like that. Plus, a straight man’s feelings doesn’t change. He will feel a loss of his pride and his manhood if he were to be violated like that. But hey, it’s a BL anime fantasy. They never make any sense, but they are GREAT to look @! UPDATE!!!! As of 11/27,OAV no. #2 is up on YT, BUT so far it’s in Chinese subtitles only. (part 1) (part 2)

    1. @R.: Yea, Yaoi non-con can be very hot and I enjoy listening to well done non-con in bl dramas very much, so I was quite surprised to feel so disturbed at the non-con in Koisuru Boukun anime. However, OVA 2 is much much more enjoyable… the con-non-con is more like tsundere uke-in-denial than actual non-con. The ending was rather amusing lol~ Thanks for the links XD

  4. How could you drop the manga?? It gets so good later on!
    I’m not a fan of non-consensual scenes, but I was able to accept it because I like the manga as a whole. It’s really great; pick it up again!! >_///< I'm really excited for the second OVA, which comes out soon :3

    1. @E: Okie! I’ll try to get back to it!!! XD yep yep yay for vol 2 of the anime :3 I hope the non-con in there won’t feel as disturbing as in vol. 1 ^^

  5. i’ve been following the manga lately which i only found it after i bound to accidentally saw this PV @ aarinfantasy and once again when the actual OVA came out @recommended for you corner at YOUTUBE…after watching the OVA i’ve been completely drawn in the world of KOISURU BOUKUN and i think the story plotting is kinda overwhelming and very good indeed~ and the OVA makes me fell deeper for Toriumi & Midorikawa~they’re the best seiyuu ever!!! XD btw,is Koisuru Boukun only available in a single ova only? is there any other episodes coming out?

    1. @yuukiyuu: Thanking for dropping by and commenting! As of now, only OVA 1 was announced. However, there may be one more coming up judging from the production company Prime Tme’s history of producing other BL works :)

  6. Oh trust me, if this was real life, there would be no way I would fall in love with my rapist nor would I find it acceptable for anyone to fall in love with their rapist. I’m just much much more forgiving when it’s within the world of BL. (^-^) I sometimes think that if I didn’t find BL non-con enjoyable in any level, I would probably have to stop reading BL at some point since the hottest scenes (imo of course) usually deals with nc. Lol.

    In regards to Koisuru, I think at least a year or two have passed in the course of the manga, but the problem with Tatsumi still resisting Morinaga is that he obviously isn’t resisting because he was traumatized by that first experience. From all appearances it seems that he’s resisting only because of his pride so that’s why it becomes a bit repetitive. Actually, in terms of the betrayal issue, I don’t think Takanaga-sensei even addresses it again after the first volume. She kinda took the easy way out, which I can’t say I mind since I rather like the light-hearted tone of the story.

    1. @Razberry: Yeah me too… only in BL universe XD otherwise I wouldn’t love Slavers either lol~

      Hmm icic… it’s true it isn’t easy to address a delicate topic like that. Most BL stories gloss over the aftereffects. Anyway, the thing is, once Tatsumi okays the relationship, I think the story will probably come to an end. Morigana should suffer more for what he did lol~ XDD Sensei needs to balance reader expectations and the main story too (with light-hearted tone so it is not too heavy to read) and I think Tatsumi will resist some more and give us more non-con scenes ^^;;;

  7. Just finished watching the anime, and I definitely agree on the hotness factor of the h-scene! I actually don’t mind that we didn’t see full-on nudity; I think I prefer the usage of creative camera angles and limbs placement instead of viewing actual dangly bits. And yes, the music was pretty bad, especially that tuneless mess during the end credits.

    And you know what? I take back what I said about the recasting of the seiyuus for Morinaga and Tatsumi, especially when it comes to Toriumi Kousoke. I think he actually made his voice more youthful in the anime in comparison to the BLCD so now I totally think he fits the image of Morinaga. Everyone did a great job and everyone was just so cute! Kyaaaah, Hirarin as Hiroto!!! I wanted to squeeze him and Tomoe to bits and pieces they were just so darn adorable!

    Regarding the manga, if I have one complaint it is that after six volumes, I was really hoping for some growth on Tatsumi’s part. He is starting to melt a little and realize his true feelings for Morinaga, but it’s sloooooow coming. I love non-con just as much as anyone else, but when almost every scene is non-con, especially when it’s due to stubbornness and denial more than anything else on the uke’s part, it becomes a bit monotonous.

    1. @Razberry: Yeah the h-scene is hot but felt rather disturbing to me. Cos if I was in his shoes and my best friend did that to me I think I would be really devastated :P I didn’t feel that way so strongly when I read the manga but the anime really did it for me. I also found the creative angles quite appealing too lol~ sometimes it’s prettier not to see the actual bits lol~ XD

      Torikou sounds good as Morinaga right? ^^ Midorin’s Tatsumi is also very cute. I loved the rabu rabu other pairing too!

      Mmm just wondering… although the manga is already six volumes, how much time has passed in the story from the time of the first rape? :O I haven’t been following the manga closely so I’m not sure. Cos if you take into account of what Tatsumi felt when Morigana first raped him, I honestly think it just isn’t so easy to get over with if it happens in real life, even if at the end of the day Tatsumi enjoyed having sex with Morigana numerous times after. Tatsumi’s character and personality just wouldn’t allow him to let his own pride go so easily and admit that he fell in love with his rapist. I know I wouldn’t ^^;;; *cough-but-I-like-good-BL-non-con-too-cough*

  8. hoho.XD I remember the limited edition Junjou Romantica DVDs… man, they cost a fortune.XD And you have all of them, right?? Can I have the duckie? lols.

    1. @banoni: ^^;; yeah impulse buys that continued for 2 whole seasons of Junjou. I didn’t post about the Season 2 DVDs I bought since there were no uncensored scenes to share unlike Season 1 that had all the yummy bits blocked by darkened screens. Anyway I try not to think about the $$$ spent. *in-denial* lol~

      I would love to share if I could but I only have one duckie! XD

  9. I cannot WAIT for this anime to come out since I loved the manga to death, non-con and all, but I must say I am just a bit disappointed that they kept the seiyuus from the BLCD. Nothing against Midorikawa Hikaru or Toriumi Kousuke at all, since I have immensely enjoyed their other works, but I didn’t think they were well-casted for this particular work. I was actually imagining someone like Kazuya Nakai for Souichi and Kenichi Suzumura for Morinaga. I know Midorikawa-san totally gave it his all in the h-scenes, and that was lovely, but overall, his voice just didn’t seem gruff enough for Souichi. I mean, look at that guy, he smokes like a chimney; don’t you imagine someone with a huskier voice?

    Either way, I’m sure I’ll still love this anime no matter what. I hope there’s more than one OVA so that they can sufficiently cover the story. Thank you for the news!

  10. OMO! You’re not kidding, right? A Hinako Takanaga BL anime, woot, that’s a first. I’m so happy for sensei.>_< Thanks for the info.. I'm gonna wait till Aarinfantasy subs this.

    1. @banoni: Yep, it’s going to be subbed ^^ If my budget allows, I’ll try to get the limited edition ^^ it has the drama cd and stuff XD

      @Razberry: I think your cast choice would be fabulous! Kazuya Nakai definitely fits the image I have for Souichi ^^ I think Toriumi is ok as Morinaga tho’. I find that Toriumi often get cast as the younger kouhai in love with an older partner :3 I kinda like his cute pouty voice in roles like these keke. Yeah Hopefully they make more ^^ since the series is still ongoing.

  11. Parts? Who needs parts when you have suggestive positions and sexy facial expressions? XD And if they did show the parts, the mosaic will just ruin everything. -3- One reason why I don’t really like hentai.

    I’ve watched Seitou Kaicho, but haven’t found time to watch Sex Pistols yet. Is it good? o:

    1. @Luvi: Indeed… mosaics spoil everything. I think it is more erotic when you don’t see the actual bits XD and Prime time did a good job for the fan-servicey OVAs so far.

      Seitou Kaicho was cute huh ^^ Mmm I think Sex Pistols OVA was quite enjoyable but I needed to leave the expectations behind cos I listened to the drama cd first and it affected my appreciation of the new cast.

  12. I see Sugitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! *A*

    Hmm… Gonna have to add this title to the list of DVDs I need to get. It’s not the genre I’d normally go for, since I prefer tsundere seme, but the trailer is enough to make me feel all hot and bothered. XD And well. Sugita Tomokazu. orz *hopeless fangirl*

    1. @Luvi: yeah, his character is part of the second couple and is the seme who is in a relationship with Tasumi’s younger brother. Primetime’s sex scenes are very suggestive even though no “sensitive” body parts are shown ^^;;;

      Have you watched sex pistols OVA and Seitou Kaicho ni Chukoku? Sugita is in both of them and is the main seme character! :D

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