BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 6

DVD Vol 5 Tokuten
Please forgive my indulgence with my Figma Suzaku and Lelouch

Limited edition Junjou Romantica DVD Vol. 6 tokuten is a pair of cute Piyo-chan socks (something I will probably never wear/use… kinda wasteful ^^”) and a mini manga.

Junjo Romantica / AnimationJunjo Romantica / Animation

Episode 11 is the continuation of the Junjou Terrorist arc (Miyagi x Shinobu) from the previous volume. There is some angst involved but overall still okay.

Episode 12 is Junjou Romantica (Usami x Misaki) arc. It is also the concluding episode of Season one.

There isn’t much to censor in both clips but the darkened areas were removed, so we can see the “compromising positions” clearly :)

There’s still some con-non-con in Junjou Terrorist but is less disturbing and Misaki’s hilarious but seriously cute attempt to service an amused Usami. Enjoy! XD

1) Episode 11 Miyagi x Shinobu

2) Episode 12 Usami x Misaki

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8 thoughts on “BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 6”

  1. Oh my god the socks are so cute! I want to make my own! I take sowing classes <3 (lol)

    Thanks for the update, miss ponytale!

  2. She doesn’t like to wear socks. dun even wear one at school.
    but she have this particular socks in black and white and always calling it ‘panda’
    when she’s in the mood to wear it, she’s going to ask me for ‘panda’ instead of saying socks.

    well im glad this series got nice cover coz there are lots of bad BL DVD cover.
    the socks are cute and enough to create jealousy. so enjoy! XD

    1. So cute kekeke. Kids say the most unexpected things ^^ They are such joy to have!

      Mmm… season 2 Junjou DVD covers look really good too. I’m looking forward to getting them. There wasn’t much fan-service like the first season tho. What a pity… the perv inside is rearing its dissatisfied head kekeke…

  3. ah well nice to be a sucker XD

    Imagine if the socks was given as a bonus earlier before your visit and you actually wear it. LOL~ i definitely will scream for it. XD

    Hmm the DVD covers gettin good.

    1. Chrisan will look cute in those!!! XD

      But I really prefer something more durable but I have to admit they’re very cute :P

      Yeah all the covers are very pretty ^^

  4. I’m such a sucker, you know? I won’t be wearing it just because it is Junjou Romantica socks =_= I rather they give us a drama cd instead.

    As for Suzaku and Lulu, yeah, partly cos I figured out some of the manual functions of my new camera and I found it is really quite useful for close ups xD Less blurry pictures. I would’ve taken better pics for use with the manga if I knew how to do it earlier. :P

  5. Ha ha nice. cute socks…but you’re not gonna wear it, are you?
    it’s a sacred socks XD

    yep, i spotted your ‘indulgence’ with both suza and lulu.

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