BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 5

DVD Vol 5 Tokuten

Limited edition Junjou Romantica DVD Vol. 5 tokuten is a cute Panda mechanical pencil (kindly modelled by Lulu ^^) and a mini manga. It contains episodes 9 and 10: Junjou Minimum and Junjou Terrorist.

Junjo Romantica / AnimationJunjo Romantica / Animation

Chibi Usami x Hiroki is super adorable. There wasn’t anything to censor but I have to say, it is one of my favourite episodes in the first season. Sweet! xD

As for Junjou Terrorist arc (Miyagi x Shinobu), personally I don’t enjoy it as much as the other two. I’m not exactly sure why although I like Inoue Kazuhiko who voices Miyagi.

If you’ve already watched the censored TV version, you’ll know that there’s a non-con in this episode. I understand that Miyagi only intended to “scare” Shinobu off or something to that effect… but watching the uncensored version, I felt rather disturbed by Shinobu’s ordeal and it felt worse for me when I saw him in tears, so I didn’t include that part in this video clip.

Warning! There’s some non-explicit non-con (which didn’t go all the way but still…) if non-con in any form (forced kissing, etc) disturbs you, please don’t watch the video clip.

1) Episode 10 Miyagi x Shinobu

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10 thoughts on “BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 5”

  1. I’ve seen 1/6 cheongsam for sale on but I don’t like the fabric used in the designs. Try keying in 1/6 cheongsam and you should be able to see the ebay listings. With the S/H, total costs are around US$25 for each piece.

    I bought those 1/6 kimono off Yahoo Japan and the prices are about the same if not more cos bidding is always quite fierce for them o_O But the fabric design and quality of the pieces are very good.

    Anyway, it’s not too late to learn sewing right XD

  2. @fuuga: if the size fits…..LOL~

    sewing and making pattern skill really useful..*sigh*
    years ago my mother offer me a course and i declined on a state tht, “Mom, im not going to be pro tailor…”
    haha silly me, didn’t know tht the skill can oso useful to make $$$ from cosplayers.

    @ponytale: tell me..have you even seen cheongsam for dolls/RAH? if it’s exist..must be really expensive.

  3. Hehehe that’s the Junjou Egoist arc with Nowaki x Hiroki… its my favourite arc of the three too.

    Yep, *kicks Miyagi’s butt* he was horrbile here. *kicks again* I wasn’t so upset with Usami for molesting Misaki in the first episode because Misaki’s reaction was just too funny *sweatdrop* Misaki hontoni baka ka? He’s reeeaaally slow x_x

    But Shinobu was so scared and upset here :( and the fact that he was a younger kid being bullied (okie he may seem to be asking for it but still…) Miyagi in this episode really pissed me off.

    XD No no… we were talking about Real Action Heroes Lulu and Light (who don’t wear ANY underwear), not the Figmas… Anyway, Figma girls wear white panties and so far Figma boys have not been caught with their pants down… yet. LOL~ XD

  4. *v* I just got finished watching this series. Is really good~! My favorite story is the second one. The one with the rocketship. (Can’t remember there names XD;)

    I thought it was really cute too how they had the childhood story in there.

    I remember this scene…Miyagi makeing Shinbou cry…evil! TTATT

    Akiyama/Ponytale@ 0A0!!!! Figmas can change underwaer!?

  5. No worries about the undies. Lulu is a size XS while Light is probably an M so they can’t exactly share undies or other bottoms xP

    Yeah… the leopard print looks really lush on Lulu (=^_^=)

  6. Ho Ho Ho of coz la…

    The jacket in my opinion is juz an ordinary jacket but become some sorta trademark for Light RAH owner.

    Juz make sure the boys didn’t switch undies. Yuccch!!!

    Yea the leopard print surprisingly looks great on him.

  7. You noticed! XD Yeah Lulu was wearing his own skinny uniform black pants, Light’s outer jacket, Naoto’s black shirt and shawl/scarf from Rement 1/6 Dolly Fashion ^^ He was also wearing Light’s sneakers and Naoto’s socks lol~ but they were cropped out of the picture.

    I love Lulu… <3 He looks so cute… sigh~ Hmm… I would like to think that the leopard print suits his style since he is quite drama-mama as well.

  8. Wow nice. Like stationery ad.

    the bonus is cute and lelouch’ outfit is kewl.
    Did he borrow Light’s jacket?
    The shawl with leopard you buy it or one of your D.I.Y?
    Fit for wild XMAS theme, Lulu looks warm in it. (makes me wanna squeeze him)

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