BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 4

Junjo Romantica / AnimationJunjo Romantica / Animation
Arrived! xD

Honestly, its been a while and I can’t remember what exactly were the censored scenes already lol~ Anyway, DVD 4 features Romantica couple Usami x Misaki again ^_^ Episode 7 and 8… eh… was it the one they went on a date? xD Very cute DVD covers. Hmm, I’m still behind on posting images of previous DVDs… the special for this limited edition is drama CD Junai Parallel (純愛パラレル) Fairy tale starring the Junjou Romantica characters hehehe Prince Usami ^^ and boy in the forest Misaki.

Update! On to the sweet yet smexy H-scenes ^^ Pantsu-less MISAKI Kyaaaa~

1) Episode 7 Usami x Misaki Cute… *ahem* window smex XD

2) Episode 8 Usami x Misaki By far the most revealing scene to date…

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10 thoughts on “BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 4”

  1. Mmm I’m not sure. I imported the DVDs from Japan ^^

    Careful of bootlegs when you hunt for them. Currently there are only Japanese DVDs without subtitles out in the market.

  2. XD Awesome! You’ll love the drama CD too. Misaki is TOO CUTE! Which is your favourite couple in Junjo? I like Egoist the most but I love Romantica cos of the chemistry between the seiyuus. Sakupyon’s Misaki is so adorable XD

    I would love to own a copy of the LE PS2 game too and the pre-order tokuten are nice! But (T_T) I’m so broke now. It is definitely on my wishlist cos it looks so good, especially when the mini-games gives it higher replayability *thumbs up*

    Yea… they’re doing a great job bleeding our wallets lol~ XD but I’m happy… gaaah~

  3. *flails* Oh my god, Misaki. I can’t wait until mine arrive; I’ve had my shipped notification but I want them now!

    I’m trying to convince myself not to pre-order the LE of the game but I think I’m on a losing battle there too.

    Oh, JR, you are having such a wonderful affair with my money! ♥

  4. Thanks for informing me abt Ikoku (even in person LOL)

    i’ll let you know if i oredi get a peep at Ikoku OVA 2, need some cotton to stuffed my nose incase i got nosebleed becoz of it.
    Since you told me tht it’s berry berry gorgeous im quite excited and nervous. Haha weird

  5. *nods* I’ll hold the soundtracks for now… *chants* “sale go on big sale go on BIG sale” xD

    Speaking of which Ikoku Irokoi Romantan OVA 2 is out… It is *reeeeeally* gorgeous… the art and the animation (and of course the seiyuus) The delayed release really paid off. The quality is excellent (and yes the smex too!!!). It doesn’t feel like the cheese that OVA 1 was :P All yaoi animation quality should have this high standard. Ranmaru is so beautiful and looks exactly like how Yamane-sensei drew him. If only Viewfinder has an anime too.

  6. Yes i think it’s not exactly something we should fight for….buy when have some spare $

    i know the temptation but plz….read your post-it XD

  7. Yeah… it is like a monthly indulgence that will last till June next year. Season 2 DVD is already announced and will be available from January 2009 onwards.

    There are 2 additional wish list items too… the soundtracks. Vol.1 available this month and Vol.2 in December. *chuu~ ducky*

    Ikoku Irokoi Romantan OVA 2 is also available this week but it isn’t on the priority list cos OVA 1 didn’t exactly blow me away.

  8. for those who didn’t get the chance to have the pouty yellow rubber duckie able to console themselves in the same rubber duckie a la Junjyo Romantica in the shape of sticker.

    tho im sure the moe~ effect is very different XD

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