BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 3

Junjo Romantica / Animation
Hohoho ^^)v Arrived! Library scene uncensored *evil grin*

Anyway these 2 episodes of Nowaki x Hiroki are both my favourites cos besides the hot smex, it was rather touching and angsty :)

The DVD contains episode 5 and 6. It also comes with the short manga and a cute brown place mat with chopsticks. Both mat and chopsticks are printed with teddy bear Suzuki-san’s face I’ll post the photos when I can. I love the cover illustration and designs too. Really pretty. Gaaa… this series of DVDs are saccarine sweet. I’m so glad that season 2 is going to air in October! Love to see more Junjou cuteness xD

Oh yes… and the drama-mama library scene…

Watching the interaction between the couple moved me again but not as much as when I first watched the subs… ah~ so drama queen this Hiroki ^^ still he -is- a cutie. But this time, the scenes were kinda sweet/mild and not as hot as I wanted it to be. Seriously… they went through all that trouble to censor just a pair of naked legs (Erm… actually just one leg… and a half-naked butt) o_o||| You probably won’t even notice it even if you have watched the TV version. Maybe I’ve read too much hard core stuff. I can’t describe how mild this looks to me now.. lol~

Anyway… enjoy! ^^

Episode: 6 Nowaki x Hiroki

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6 thoughts on “BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 3”

  1. These are my two favorite Junjou Characters too!!! :D Love them! LOL And yes, the library scene… so hot in the manga!

  2. Hehe that’s true ^^ It’s very sweet! Youtube quality is not that great, so wait for the re-released subs for a clearer view :)

    :D Yay~ for more Junjou goodness coming our way!

  3. ahh, you gotta admit this is hot without trying too hard!! but the cuteness totally outweigh any sexiness x3

    just a little longer for the seacond season.. hopefully nowaki/hiroki will get more episodes this time~

    and thnxs for the clip!!<33

  4. oh! since I can’t really purchase any BLs online… I’M REAAAALLY LOOKIG FORWARD FOR YOUR REVIEW!
    and what! that library scene was censored?! xD

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