BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 1

Hiroki ponders...

Is the Region 2 DVD really worth paying extra $$$ for?

Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 1Limited edition comes with beautifully illustrated DVD cover and booklet (or liner notes as they call it), a short manga, a jacket for an upcoming light novel (I think), a cute water-squirting-sunshine-yellow rubber ducky (with thick KISS ME NOW lips) XD and -uncensored- Junjou episodes 1 & 2, non-TV broadcast special video and trailers.

If you are a hardcore fan, it is a no brainer. Of cos it is worth it! I’m not a hardcore fan but I’m pretty much sold anyway ^^” The whole package is lovely. Girls are just suckers for pretty things. But I’ll be even happier if it was cheaper tho… 6600 yen is (T-T) ~$~

Anyway, video and sound quality is great as can be expected, so yeah no complaints there.

As for the uncensored scenes in episodes 1 and 2… I personally don’t think they are explicit, so the stunt they pulled for the TV broadcast by obscuring them was probably erring on the overly cautious side. *shrug* HOWEVER! The Egoist arc may be a different matter cos from the uncensored trailer… gosh… they look pretty hot.

View the *cough* uncensored *cough* DVD-only Trailers in Vol. 1 for…

1. Episode 2 (Usami x Misaki)

2. Episode 3 (Nowaki x Hiroki)
(So NOW we know what we were missing while watching the tv broadcast) eee I sound like such a perv… woohoo~ watch out for Vol. 2 DVD end August.

I can’t rip the whole DVD… so please don’t ask me to… ^^;;;

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28 thoughts on “BL Anime: Junjou Romantica Limited Edition DVD Vol. 1”

    1. @Chanzy: Yep, the darkened areas are removed but you won’t get to see the explicit smex scenes in the manga if that’s what you’re expecting :)

  1. Is all of this stuff in Japan :( and….how much is yen worth now? I know its Japanese $ but… much would it be if I had 169 USD??…..I’m confused >.< and its impossible to find any of this stuff in America :< Someone please help me!!!!????

    1. Yeah, I bought the Japanese DVDs off online stores that ship internationally… really nice to own but does burn a big hole in the wallet. So in this case, $$$ bought me some happiness ^^;;; until I saw my bank account lol~ DX

      Using online currency calculator, 169USD = 15,248 Yen

      If you can’t use an online store, the best bet would be your local Japanese bookstore (like Kinokuniya?) or manga/anime shops :)

  2. I’m just wondering.. Is there any available nendoroids on the market for the series of Junjou Romantica? ..(=^__^=)

    1. Hi Kara_chan, a limited edition Nendoroid Petite set of Usami, Misaki and Suzuki-san will be available end of August this year… It is a “Chara-ani” exclusive, so you need to preorder before 31 July 2009.
      Here’s the link:

      Nihonju was taking preorders in limited quantities, but it is sold-out already.

      More info at my previous post:

      Hope this helps! :)

  3. I bought it from online shop… you can try these links:

    cdJapan (accepts cash, international money order, credit card, paypal)
    PlayAsia (accepts credit card, paypal)
    HMV Japan (accepts credit card only)

  4. Hehe that’s true :D When I’m ready for that kind of commitment I may then invest in an SLR. Yours is a Canon PowerShot G9 right? I went to check out the reviews… it is a pretty awesome cam :O

    Details about the season 2 DVDs are not out yet. Too early to say hehe but maybe this time they’ll throw in a panda or bear keke. The new season starts in October! *happy dance*

    As for the Vol 2 of 1st season, it comes with an additional tokuten drama cd ^^

    Since it is a rainbow wig, I think maybe end up looking more like afro ken XD any other colours available?

  5. That’s true, SLR need proper maintenance…it’s very important.

    I think im going to keep my Canon, therefore i have my own cam instead of just office cam. XD

    Do you know bonus for DVD season 2?
    Sure. will ask the vendor next time..i think the wig is not expensive, it’s one of those made in China wig. XD
    Am i going to be afro giroro or afro ken? LOL.

  6. Usually an SLR would cost at least 1~ 2 thousand over dollars? If you buy the lens etc etc… it adds up… Do you think you can trade in your Canon?

    Much as I like to take better pix of my figures and such, I’m the “5-min fever” type so I’m probably better off not buying something that costs so much unless I need it for work. SLR also need proper maintenance right x_x AND since it is so humid here, I probably also need to buy a dry box to keep it and the lens gaaa… forget it… for now lol~

    Yah! There are 6 vols of Season 1. Season 2 is confirmed so (T0T) my ~$~ is going going gone…

    Hehehehe… if the wig is not expensive, get it XD

  7. Uh-uh thx for the link, appreciate it!
    I browse cnet sometimes for cellphone review.

    yea, gotta wait for the budget. actually it’s not going to be an easy job (finding SLR, i mean) because there’s going to be some pretty hot arguments of what SLR to buy and i think everybody have their own personal opinion instead of thinking generally and specifically at the same time.
    SLR is not cheap and it’s not like something you can change in 1-2 years, also it’s like errrm investment, so gotta think about it hard instead of listening some people who usually use their cellphone to take pics.

    oh yeah almost forgot abt the next vol. seems like the last vol is just EVERYTHING haa haa…
    Saw rainbow afro wig at the mall, do you think i should get it? XD

  8. Yea~ I was lucky cos it was the last piece. The good stuff get snapped up reaaallly fast here o_O

    No worries keke and thanks for the compliments :D

    After you get the budget try the digicam review link I posted cos it has pretty good non-bias reports. Check out cnet asia for reviews too.

    I’ve been thinking about getting a tripod since I got more “serious” about shooting the figures… probably when I get my next paycheck… Afro gunso *snap snap* XD

    Yeah, pretty as it is but it -IS- expensive (T-T) I’ve gotta hold back buying the next vol for now. Hopefully a sale would happen soon.

  9. Ha Ha will go to Daiso too arr..find tht fabric.

    Thx for letting me know, i think the DVD pic is great. Maybe you should spend more time learning photography???
    At least the pic looks pro enough..

    Im thinking of buying SLR cam, currently waiting for the company’s budget ^^
    and yeah tripod is a must. dun forget to bring digicam in your visit here,K? we’re gonna shoots some afro pics!!

    The DVD box is very nice, at first i thought it will be sucks becoz the expensive part will be the smoochy duck only- but apparently not.
    It’s something worth to collect but i wont change my opinion abt the expensive-part. XD

  10. Hahaha… try opening a zoo :D Maybe they’ll let you have a couple!

    Yea, the LE DVD box is so pretty huh? I have to save $ for the next vol. too. I haven’t ordered it. Better clear my CC bills first.

    I’ve “upgraded” to my mum’s Fujifilm Finepix A820. It is point-and-shoot. Well, I borrowed it but it is kinda residing at my desk permanently now XD

    We had previous experience with an older point-and-shoot Fujifilm digicam and the pix it took was very good. Anyway, this is the only more recent model of Fujiifilm camera that runs on AA batteries, has good review and is relatively cheap.

    I was up working since 3 am that day and felt a bit bored. I took the DVD pic under normal indoor white fluorescent lighting say… around 5am so no natural outdoor light available. Macro setting with no flash. Needs a super steady hand cos I don’t have a tripod. The background depends. In this case it was a piece of cloth I bought at Daiso. It has a Japanese style print. Previously those pics with grey background? It was a shawl XD

    As for the slightly blurry pic of Hiroki with the duck… I also took a number of different angles but that was the best. Some how I couldn’t get the exact angle when I re-shoot the pic so I gave up after a while.

  11. Wow, i dunno tht. So cannot adopt one huh? Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Aha! tht’s a very nice DVD set.
    (i know it’s lovely but still heavily expensive for me hic hic)
    Tell me, do you use SLR camera? My hubby said your cam have better macro lens than our CANON.
    Also what background do you use, bedsheets?

  12. But~ I’ll be scared if I see snakes in the wild any size haha XD

    O… I did almost all the typical touristy things when I was there so yeah… I do have a Koala hugging photo :P I’m not sure if it is still the same policy now but at that time, I think only in Brissy you can hug the Koala while taking photo. In Sydney, you can only pose in front of the Koala who rest on the tree branch. Not sure about other states tho’

  13. Nope, but i think i wont collapse becoz big snakes okay for me but small snakes (cobra etc) sheesh!! NO WAY!!!!

    Have you ever had photo session@the zoo wif koala? I think miss tht during my stay in Oz.
    Stupid me…

  14. I dun mind lol~ but I dunno whether the water will stain it or cause cracks or not?!? o_O

    Hehehe… have you tried having a snake around ur shoulders before? Those photo taking sessions at the zoo… I have not… but dunno if I wanna try it tho hehe.

  15. Haha very cute, im afraid you’ll the one who take smoochy duck for your bath time.

    I watched one of those documentary movies (as in Animal Planet) about snakes, i was 6-7 too and after watching i remember tht i have trouble sleeping. XD

    If you know movie like ‘Snake on Plane’ (Samuel L Jackson) i think i squeeze my hubby’s arm during watching it.
    But speaking as a shoe collector, i love to have snake-skin high heels.

  16. Yeah and since he is my 1st nephew I went a bit crazy over taking pics of him XD I think he is ok with ducks in general. Maybe as a baby, he just doesn’t feel comfortable with a yellow thing so near him when he was bathing lol~. Oh and maybe because the duck squeaks, so that could have contributed to it. Haven’t tried on him again tho’ ^^” He is about 3+ now

    The Junjou duck doesn’t squeak but you can pump it to suck in the water and when you squeeze it, it is supposed to squirt the water.

    I don’t remember being scared of a toy… ^^” or I was too young to remember. The only time I think I was scared by some “thing” (maybe? or just grossed out) was a visit to the zoo. We went to the snakes exhibit area and after we emerged from the place, I had fainting spells @@. I should be around 6~7. Maybe it was very stuffy and hot that day. I’m not afraid of snakes in general tho’.

  17. Yea…candid shot of baby/toddler is sooo cute.
    But does he scared of duck in general too, such as Donald duck cartoon..or just scared of rubber duckie?

    Yea poor cactus and thx to smoochy duck, Lulu can breath easily without afraid of getting some ‘ouch’

    Are you afraid of certain toy when you’re a little?

  18. Yea… I was there during his bath time once and saw the rubber duckie. I was trying to be my nephew’s paparazzi cos it would be so cute right… the baby with rubber ducky and all… My brother warned me saying that my nephew doesn’t like the duck. We tried again anyway and the moment the duck touched the water, he was so scared and cried x_x so disappointing.

    hehe… not yet but that gives me an idea ^^)b yesh.. the poor cactus..

  19. Tht’s the first time i heard a kid having rubber duckie phobia XD

    So does Lulu wants to get a smooch from the duck? LOL
    Oh yeah tht smoochy duck also available in ANIMATE as stickers.
    I manage to get 1 Junjyo Romantica clear folder, oredi scanned and will send the pic to ya immediately.

    I hope the cheery smoochy duck can be replacement for your long-gone cactus.

  20. lol~ it is not the only extra item that came with the limited edition loh XD otherwise it’ll mean paying like extra 20 bucks for the duck x_x but it is still expensive.

    The duck is a very bright yellow and it does bring a certain cheery feel to the desk. My nephew is scared of rubber duckies btw… my brother tried to introduce one to him during bath time just for the fun of it and he cried every time lol… so now my brother didn’t bother doing the same for my niece… so my duck is safe! XD

  21. I hope the duck’s made of’s awfully expensive. XD

    Dun let your nephews use tht duckie during bath time.

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