BL Anime: Junjou Romantica DVD Release!

DVD Vol. 1 LimitedJunjo Romantica / Animation

純情ロマンチカ Junjou Romantica DVD vol 1. will be released on 25 July 2008! :D

There’ll be two versions, limited and normal.

Limited Vol. 1 DVD will have the following goodies:

  • DVD outer box (left pic) illustrated by Nakamura-sensei
  • DVD jacket Illustration (right pic) by Nakamura-sensei and 8-page liner note
  • A special 16-page manga #1 that features the characters
  • Junjou Romantica rubber ducky X3
  • Coupon #1 for exchanging limited version dvd tokuten
  • Non-broadcast preview trailer

The Damage? 6,930 Yen (w tax)

The gripe? Only 2 episodes on each DVD *dies*

24 episodes = 12 x 6,930 Yen = 83160 Yen (approx US$850) You’ve got to be kidding me (o_O) And that doesn’t include shipping cost *faint* Erm, and please don’t do a Darker than Black / Koutetsu Sangokushi and release an additional episode 25 that is on DVD only (unless it is also included in the vol 12 DVD *grin*)

Update 28 May 2008
Hmm… there’s some “conflicting” info about the number of episodes that will be released for this series. There wasn’t any confirmation that there will be 24 episodes, was there? Just a rumour? Cos upon closer inspection… if each DVD only contains 2 episodes and only 6 DVDs will be released (I just noticed that the marketing promo text at comi-comi was saying that the 6th DVD is the final one o_O) So logically there are only 12 episodes? Unless plans are underway for Season 2… *rubs chin* Anyway…

Update 29 July 2008
Yup there’ll be Season 2 ^^ Official announcement out. Season 2 first episode will air in October XD Yay~ more Junjou goodness to look forward to.

Normal Vol. 1 DVD will have the following goodies:

  • DVD jacket Illustration by Nakamura-sensei
  • 8-page liner note (Same as Limited)
  • Coupon #1 for exchanging Normal version dvd tokuten
  • Non-broadcast preview trailer

The Damage? 4830 Yen (w tax)

Brothers and sisters. Start saving now!

DVD Release Dates

  1. Vol 01 ~ 25/07/2008
  2. Vol 02 ~ 22/08/2008
  3. Vol 03 ~ 26/09/2008
  4. Vol 04 ~ 24/10/2008
  5. Vol 05 ~ 28/11/2008
  6. Vol 06 ~ 26/12/2008

12 June 2008 Update!

Junjo Romantica / AnimationDVD Vol. 2 Limited
Limited Vol. 2 DVD will have the following goodies:

  • DVD outer box illustrated by Nakamura-sensei
  • DVD jacket Illustration by Nakamura-sensei and 8-page liner note
  • Special 16-page manga #2 that features the characters
  • Junjou Romantica Radio CD “Business-trip” version. Cast: Hanada Hikaru, Itou Kentarou and Kishio Daisuke
  • Coupon #2 for exchanging limited version DVD tokuten
  • Non-broadcast preview trailer

Normal Vol. 2 DVD will have the following goodies:

  • DVD jacket Illustration by Nakamura-sensei
  • 8-page liner note (Same as Limited)
  • Coupon #2 for exchanging Normal version DVD tokuten
  • Non-broadcast preview trailer
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33 thoughts on “BL Anime: Junjou Romantica DVD Release!”

  1. Yep, it’s a delicious treat X3 ah~ ice durian don’t do… no smell not as nice hehehe I saw those vacuum packed durians at Oz Chinatown. The durian looked so sad and unappetizing. Oh but I like durian ice cream tho’ ^^

    Yea, cos durian has high fat and sugar content ^^ so it is not healthy. However, if a woman is due to give birth in 1~2 month’s time and her baby is not gaining enough weight, eating lots of durians will help hehe.

    My whole family loves durian XD

    Mmm I think they’re just trying to be careful… but if you’re able to keep the smell in, I don’t think they’ll stop you.

  2. Slight taste of alcohol? hmm…maybe it’s because of that.

    The thing is not to eat too many Durians. It’s great but we all should limit ourself XD
    Just console ourself with Ice Durian, less smell^_^

    My Dad dun eat much Durian these days, told me it’s not good for his health *ah forgot what exactly* while my mom dun like Durian, she felt nauseous with Durian’s aroma.
    So it’s just Dad and children in the parking lot.

    Hmm, my uncle passed Indo-custom with Durian inside “Heavy-banded Tupperware.” of course SG custom is very much different. It’s famous for being strict or what?

  3. ei~ I never heard of “mabuk durian” either. Could it be that it is cos of the taste? Some D24 durians so taste slightly of alcohol ^^

    Ah… as long as there’s ventilation and open air-circulation, the smell won’t linger but if it is air-conditioning in a closed room, it is a different story. The smell would stay inside the air-con for days and it will smell like the sewer. And with air-con, it doesn’t take long for the smell to “circulate” haha. This is especially serious if you’re talking about buildings like hotels with central air-conditioning. XD Some of my friends wanted to bring durians back for their families so they bought a pack. But they find that they couldn’t contain the smell in their hotel room even after 3~4 layers of plastic. In the end they had to throw it away cos they were already too full from eating the durian before that ^^

    Oh~ we also can’t bring durians into MRT too XD Eating durian at the carpark lot… that’s a memorable holiday experience!

  4. Hey i heard the same thing about swallowing seeds but in grape, not watermelon.
    Satay, ginseng. goat meat that ought to kill you if eat it together with durian.
    There is also term of “mabuk durian”, mabuk means ‘drunk’ i dunno what that means because never saw one.

    Yuck! so how’s the trick? let the window open or blow away the smell with fan?^_^

    Years ago my family and i went on vacation and staying in a hotel. we bought durian but not allowed to eat in the hotel, so we eat durian in the pakring lot XD sure is weird.

  5. Oh~ I didn’t know satay is in the list too XD But usually eating durian by itself is filling enough so we seldom eat it with other foods.

    Hahaha Nope… I’ve only heard about swallowing watermelon seeds. They say that the seed will grow into a watermelon in your stomach but I didn’t believe it lol~

    Hmm I’m also not sure how the grading works but its common knowledge here that D24 is the best. The durian’s meat is thick, creamy and rich, sometimes tastes as if there was alcohol in it. But nowadays, there are D24 sold everywhere, we’re also not sure if the quality is as good anymore.

    Eating durian in a flat is no issue. The smell will only be a problem in air-conditioned rooms. That’s when the lingering aroma turns into the smell of a sewer XD I’ve experienced it before lol~ Really quite bad XD

  6. Yea, that’s what i meant. Cannot eat ‘satay’ too otherwise you’re overheat^^

    Have you ever heard the myth of ‘never eat watermelon with sugar or you die.” seriously it freaked me out when i was a kid.

    What’s a D24 grade? i don’t have Durian-ology certificate from Stanford XD All i know is Monthong Durian and local Durian.
    Can you eat Durian in your flat? I mean i heard that some people are very allergic or disgusted by Durian (and its smell)

  7. LOL I want to do that too XD

    O~ well only if you eat the durian and drink hard liquor. The combination is supposedly lethal. I don’t know if it was true tho’ but we usually take heed, just in case hehe

    As a health conscious issue, durians are very high in sugar and carbohydrate content, so it is not good for the body if you ate too much.

    Thai durians are the best ( ^_^)b The D24 grade is supposedly the king of durians hehe.

  8. What the….? Well i know it’s expensive but surprised because it’s really that expensive.
    We should just pay our figurines wif mango or papaya. they should be grateful. LOL

    I like Durian but cannot say i love it. XD I heard eating Durian too much can be dangerous. Durian is expensive in here because we mostly imported from Thailand. Local durian is not as tasty as those Monthong Durian.

  9. icic… I just remembered a Japan Hour TV program I watched recently. A mango that was planted in Japan cost S$80 (O_O) That’s about 20 times more expensive!!!

    That’s interesting. I didn’t realise that Japan is poor in natural resources too cos it gave me an impression that it is very self-sufficient.

    I love durians XD YUMMY! Yeah I think we should have quite similar varieties of fruits. Lucky ah we all~

  10. Your teacher is right. banana, avocado, coconut, mango, watermelon, pineapple and other tropical fruits are expensive.
    I dunno about other fruit, during my stay or whenever i went there i just eat the regulars such as orange and apple. they’re so common but i think those two are imported from China.
    Japan is poor is natural resources, they depend a lot to China for food (rice etc)

    Fruits in SG are pretty similar wif Indo, right? they have errrr the fruit with similar as SG Esplanade XD

  11. Wow that’s quite big! XD Our Daiso outlets are most probably smaller than that.

    Ooo~ not heard of Papaya supermarket lol~ seriously they’re so fruit deprived ^^ It is something SG take for granted too. We have so many varieties of fruit. Very fortunate. My teacher used to tell us that never order fruit in Japan cos it costs more than your main meal. Don’t know if it is still true now? I didn’t notice the prices when I was there a few years ago.

  12. It is amazing.

    Eh, not really..the only Daiso in my city is located inside the mall and it isn’t something like department store. it’s just a space as big as couple of convenience store.
    The shop assistant hollering and hollering in Japanese language.

    Does SG have Papaya supermarket? I heard it’s from Japan. LOL, thou they dun have papaya over there.

  13. O~ there are 3 Daiso outlets here… for such a small country, its quite amazing right ^^” That’s why I think we tend to take things for granted here.

    Is the Daiso outlet at your city very big? Hmm… but then again… dunno how to measure since my idea of big maybe actually medium or small in your area XD

  14. I’ve checked at all outlets already (T-T) dun have… Anyway, its okie, will just get if I can find hehe… Woo~ It’ll be cool if you can find at the outlets at your place too. :D

  15. Daiso price in Indo is abt ermmmm 2.5-3 SGD. Our money value (IDR) is like piece of shit…
    If Daiso have several outlets maybe you ask them to check it out for you. i try to look for the same box in Daiso here.

  16. I got them from Daiso. S$2 each. Cheap! XD That’s why all sold-out… :( I still go there occasionally to check and see if I’ll get lucky again. If I see them again, I’ll sure stock them up this time. They make very good display cases for most chibis, since they are 8-cm cubes.

  17. Haa..can you ask the shop to restock?
    Where do you buy those boxes? are they expensive?

    If the idea is originally yours maybe you should make it as a copyrighted method.^^
    and the fact that no hole in the wall what makes it beautiful.

  18. Hehe… actually it is not an elegant solution at all. See pic close ups:

    I think it is possible to hide the loops if you make a simple frame around it. But I didn’t. I’m just happy enough that I don’t have to drill holes into the wall and can still see my chibis whenever I lift up my head at my desk XD Easy to remove and protects the chibis very well from dust ^^

    Now the problem I’m facing is… those boxes are sold out. I only bought 4 of them and I can’t seem to find them anywhere already :(

  19. Nope not at all. Yes a bit….illustrations will be nice^^

    You have hidden talent for this kinda job eh?
    But seriously i think it’s a good idea.

  20. Poor thing ^^

    Yeah the 3M hooks and their stickers are wonderful invention. The sticker can be easily removed without making a hole on the wall. They hold up really well too. Highly recommended.

    I added the mini hooks to the wall and boxes. After that I tied strings into loops and use them to hold the boxes by the hooks inside to the hooks on the wall. (Am I confusing you? hehe)

  21. He’s being innocent and knowing how much he spend his time on source of information (newspapers, internet, tv) i really believe he plainly think it’s just a good bargain.

    Does 3M hooks can hold up alright? You don’t need nails and hammer eh? very smart.

  22. It’s the bootleg factor. Probably cost around *counts* around SGD 17

    Mounted on a wall? How do you do that?

  23. Oh my the horror! o_O But is it really cos of bootleg or just the material? I read somewhere that soft-vinyl materials may melt under hot sun. But then again, my Togainu and Lamento chibis are mounted on the wall next to my window but not under direct sunlight. So far so good ^^”

    And if you paid the original price for the bootlegs omg… *murderous thoughts*

  24. Yea. Jacky Chan is going to make a movie abt the earthquake and donate the profit.

    Yea,too many are made in China and we have to be careful for imitation or bootleg. It’s scary to see those fakes, a friend told me he bought Saber (F/Stay Night) and he accidentally put the figurine near his window. the next morning the sun kinda melt Saber’s face. Horror^^

    Those fakes are also entering US-market, i’ve heard several friends complaining because of that.

  25. Lips to suck our $ XD hahaha..good one! *smOooOooch*

    The panda/teddy bears would be nice too~ ^^ and probably Misaki’s bandana? Hmm…

    Yea lots of things are made in China. So far I think almost all figures I have too, since they now have opened factories there and I only started collecting them recently.

    I’ve not been to China. It is sad, the devastation of the earthquake recently :-/

  26. rubber frog perhaps?

    Such cute ducky and made in China, i suppose. so I better go to Beijing or Guang Zhou and look for imitation Ha Ha
    Berry berry expensive, the duck have smoochylicious lips to suck our $ so beware. XD

  27. Yea~ They’re definitely milking our $ for it ( T-T) but such a cute ducky… he is round and has such fat smoochylicious lips. :3

    I wonder what other stuff they’ll be giving for the other limited boxes. I’m seriously broke… so got to really save up for these. o_O

  28. MAH GOD! That’s expensive. -sobs-

    Two episodes in each DVD is really … not enough. Three is fine but TWO? But the ducky seems worth it. HAHA. Oh what I’d do to have money.

  29. Talk about an expensive rubber ducky… :) Actually if you’re in Japan and buy the DVDs, you can exchange for additional gifts too. Since we can’t get our international hands on that… *wriggle fingers* too bad *sighs* But they’re not really must-haves to me.

    I think I’ll most probably get the limited DVDs… (I’m a sucker ^^” ) it is just a matter of when cos $ is an issue. Hopefully they won’t be snapped up so soon, so that I can hold out till a sale comes along OR a US licensed version comes out. So far they’ve been doing a pretty good job for US licensed limited edition DVDs of the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (altho I’ve not watched that) and Lucky Star (super cute) in terms of collectible specials that come with the boxes.

  30. I want the rubber ducky. but i only have shower and no tub ^^

    To collect all the DVDs (limited ver.) i have to stop eating.
    3 episodes will cheer me up but 2 eps? Gah!! i’ll just buy usual made-in-china rubber ducky.

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