BL Anime: Finder Series ANiMiX (Kuroda Takaya x Kakihara Tetsuya, Tobita Nobuo)

SMEXMore SMEX coming our way :D

As we’ve already seen from the previous volume, this is not a fully-animated work but rather a full-voiced, really pretty colour picture book. We can expect basic panning shots of the illustrations, slide animation and simple moving parts, such as the mouth and eyes. The voice cast makes it hot, especially in various scenes where it matters XD Akihito’s seiyuu Kakihara Tetsuya was absolutely cute in vol. 1 and I look forward to hearing more of him. Only gripe was that I had to mentally block out the cheesy background music heard everywhere in the previous volume… ^^;;

Title: ANiMiX Finder no Sekiyoku ANiMiX ファインダーの隻翼(せきよく)
You are my love prize of one wing.
Price: 6,800 Yen (w/tax)
Date available: 28 August 2015
Official site:
Duration: 49 mins
First-press version: Special slip case, cast freetalk CD 特製スリーブ・キャストフリートークCD

Exclusively sold at: Animate Japan and Libre Japan.
Libre store:
Movic store:
Animate Japan Stores:
Animate Japan Online store:

Early DVD preorder bonus:
Animate Japan stores: Postcard set (3 designs) A
Animate online store: Postcard set (3 designs) A and PC wallpaper
Libre and Movic stores: Postcard set (3 designs) B

You’ll need a Japan proxy buyer to get them.

If I understand correctly, this volume will include material from vol. 2 and vol. 3 of the manga series.

Summary: Takara Akihito thought he left the cutthroat dangers of the Underworld behind after barely escaping his last adventure alive. However, he soon finds himself reunited with the mysterious and powerful crime lord Asami, and he is once again thrust into an unseemly world of decadence and bloodshed. Will Takara be lucky enough to escape a deadly fate twice in a row, or are Asami’s plans for him of a more amorous nature? Fei Long, the Chinese crime lord, goes to Japan hoping to lure Akihito, a freelance photographer, into his twisted web of conspiracy and sex. But when his friends fall prey to Fei Long’s diabolical schemes, Akihito has only one person he can turn for help; the person he despises more than anyone else – the Yakuza boss Asami, who once made Akihito his sex slave. How will Asami respond to Akihito? Will he help him? And if he does, what is it going to cost him? What kind of new humiliations are in store for him?

The cast pretty much stays the same :)

Takaba Akihito 高羽秋仁: Kakihara Tetsuya 柿原徹也
Asami Ryuuichi 麻見隆一: Kuroda Takaya 黒田祟矢
Liu Fei Long 刘飛龍: Tobita Nobuo 飛田展男

コウ: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔
タカト: Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花慎之介
桐嶋 啓: Kawahara Yoshihisa 川原慶久
蘇芳一美: Miyake Kenta 三宅健太

Last update 4 April 2012: Sequel announced.

Last update: 30 August 2011

Title: ANiMiX Finder no Hyouteki DVD (ANiMiX 「ファインダーの標的」 DVD)
(Target in the Finder /You’re my loveprize in Viewfinder)
Price: 6,200 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 29 February 2012
Official site:
First-press version: Special slip case, cast freetalk CD 特製スリーブ・キャストフリートークCD

Exclusively sold at: Animate Japan and Libre Japan.
Libre store:
Libre freebies include FIXER version postcard set
Animate Japan:
Animate freebies include Viewfinder version postcard set
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It’s been years after ANiMiX for Finder no Hyouteki (Target in the Viewfinder) by Yamane Ayano was first announced back in July 2008…

According to the latest update posted at the site, the DVD will include the stories Finder no Hyouteki 「ファインダーの標的」, FIXER 「FIXER」and Love Surprise 「ラブサプライズ」.

The images in the title pic may be black and white but we can clearly see that the characters look almost exactly like their original designs. They look fantastic!

To recap, ANiMiX is not an anime that has full animation. It’ll be like manga given the anime coloured treatment with sound and voice but has minimum animation of the mouth, eyes blinking etc. More about it in this post about ANiMiX when the productions were first announced.

The last update was back in April 2011 where various screenshots were shown as sneak peeks… it seems that we may finally see it this coming winter 2011 :) Better late than never! And I think we can expect pretty good quality when the production is finally released. I can’t remember exactly how I felt about the new cast when I listened to the short drama CD of the manga quite a while back ^^;; but I think I had a relatively good impression of how they sounded.

A couple of screenshots revealed in April 2011

ANiMiX / New drama cd cast
Takaba Akihito 高羽秋仁: Kakihara Tetsuya 柿原徹也
Asami Ryuuichi 麻見隆一: Kuroda Takaya 黒田祟矢
Liu Fei Long 刘飛龍: Tobita Nobuo 飛田展男

桐嶋 啓: Kawahara Yoshihisa 川原慶久
蘇芳一美: Miyake Kenta 三宅健太
山崎刑事: Ishii Kouji 石井康嗣
コウ: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔
タカト: Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花慎之介

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29 thoughts on “BL Anime: Finder Series ANiMiX (Kuroda Takaya x Kakihara Tetsuya, Tobita Nobuo)”

  1. I just saw this…i was disappointed from lack of any animation at all.;_;
    Designs were right on. Color and voice nice. But it’s the lack of animation. I don’t even remember if i saw any eye blinking at all.;; Seeing this makes me realize what’s definitely needed in an animation that adds more emotion.;

    imma go check out Ai no kusabi ova now~ *excited* *v*

    1. @dandycorsets: yeah, it’s something like Yebisu Celebrities so I was mentally prepared for it. A sequel is announce by sensei on Twitter tho :P I guess sales is pretty good. Glad I contributed to it but I also prefer a full anime orz;;

      You’ll love Ai no Kusabi. It is simply breathtaking. The quality!!!! <333

    2. The 2 OVA’s were breathtaking!!<3
      I loved the flow of the story and the animation is so dang hot! *Q*
      Riki is the best thing ever lol~
      I really like the voice's more than i thought i would. I am wondering does the story so far stay true to the manga? I never had a chance to read it. ;-;

    3. *edit: meant to say novel.;; I found that it was translated and released to U.S. maybe i can get my hands on them.;; *-*

    4. @dandycorsets: Yes its so awesome! From what I’ve read, its stayed generally true to the story so far and I don’t think that vol. 4 can give it a proper end orz;;; apparently, the 1st 3 vol. only covered the first arc. How can they end it at vol. 4!?!? (;A;) I’m really hoping the sales of the first 4 volumes would be good enough for them to make more.

      Yep the novels are licensed in the US! :D

  2. I read the manga i see the colour pictures and see Animix of Viewfinder so i though is Anime so excited but its manga like abit of mouth action only, so sad why not fully anime? Its been the best Yaoi manga ever since 2008. I have been reading it and i was hoping for Anime but why?? Isn’t there the award best yaoi 2011?? why not Fully Anime? People of FANS do petition I will be voting for u. Its like oh 29 Feb 2012 is awaiting moment of seeing how it will be like abit of movement.

    1. @Andrea: Making a full animation costs a lot of money, so they’re making this instead. Sensei have mentioned before that they will still consider making the full anime in the future :)

  3. Aww ;_; when I first saw the post I thought there’d be a Viewfinder ova instead of the animix. BUT, Viewfinder is Viewfinder so I’m looking forward to seeing it some time. And fingers crossed for actually anime episodes in the future >_<

    1. @waijuu: I remember reading that sensei said that if the Animix does well in terms of sales, never say never for a proper OVA in the future :D

  4. Awww… Cute! The animation is cute! Even if its limited to eyes blinked and others but… *gonna watch when its out* XD this should be the first time I watch sth like this… XD

    1. @Mito: Hopefully there’s more “action” than Yebisu Celebrities. Yebisu Celebrities had minimum animation but it was good quality. Just that I didn’t like the pairing.

    1. @iced_wine: Nope. The prototype was supposed to be up so that people who want to see it can order it during the second preorder round. Then the earthquake happened and it was delayed further. No other updates since. But my guess is that Azone did do a good job with the head sculpt so they’re still working on it.

  5. I can’t wait!
    But mmh… How do you think the Finder no Hyouteki first ova is gonna be censored? Because I don’t think they’re gonna show a full SM scene like in the manga. And since it’s an Animix, I think they’re gonna be pretty close of the original graphics of the chapter too…
    So I can’t imagine for now…

    1. @KOKURAN: It’s difficult to say :-\ but possible. The SM scene is there cos that small thumbnail showed Akihito with the neck collar. Taking that scene out will incur the wrath of the fans lol~ My guess is that they probably won’t show the explicit full frontal M pose as shown in the manga.

    1. @Mayon: no it’s not a OVA… have you watched Yebisu Celebrities? It’s like fully coloured manga with sound and animation limited to eyes blinking, etc.

  6. LoL. Looked the voice cast and now I’m trying to imagine them. Tho I can totally imagine Akihito’s. And I’m happy that it’s finally going to come out! It’s too bad its not a REAL anime. This is going to be kind of like…Yebisu Celebrities? Was it? I forget the title ^^~

    But nonetheless, the art looks great :) Can’t wait to see~

    1. @momo: If I remember correctly, sensei mentioned that if this was a success, an OVA is also possible in the future. So never say never! XD

      Yeah it was Yebisu Celebrities. I didn’t enjoy cos of the pairing ^^;; although it looked very pretty.

  7. I don´t liek animix…hm…finder is not my favorite series by ayano yamane favourite is koi wo suru series^^.

    1. @Levi: It’s always a good start :D cos when the series is successful, her other works may follow. Just like how the success of Junjou Romantica led to Sekai Ichi and Hybrid Child anime being made ;)

    1. @planck-chan: yeah, considering the popularity, I think it’s definitely possible! Definitely will try to get my hands on it when it is released.

    1. @Shirokaze: yep, the art looks very pretty. Considering they don’t have full animation, they better get that right at least ^^

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