BL Anime: Embracing Love: A Cicada in Winter

US licensed English version of Haru wo Daiteita 春をだいていた side story, Fuyu no Semi 冬の蝉 Winter Cicada DVD is available for pre-order. The 3 OVAs from the Japanese version DVDs will be on one English-subtitled DVD. The expected release date is 14 October 2008.

Currently available from Rightstuf
Price: US$29.90

Quick Summary (from Rightstuf)
A side story based on the long-running BL manga series by Nitta Youka 新田佑克.

In Japan, the Tokugawa Era represents a period of change in which the country must decide on how best to deal with its relationships with foreign countries. While many believe in isolationism, especially among the Choshu faction, Touma Kusaka’s (Miki Shinichirou) ideals are against his clan’s. He secretly attempts to learn English for the purpose of preparing for the future of an open Japan.

To this end, he gains an ally for his silent struggle in a man named Keiichiro Akizuki (Morikawa Toshiyuki), despite the fact that Akizuki is on the opposing side, the Tokugawa shogunate. During the course of their interaction, their bond deepens into something beyond commonality.

Fuyu no Semi R2 Japanese DVDs were definitely lovely and must-haves for any Haru wo Daiteita fan. As for the R1 version… I don’t know. I was kinda underwhelmed by the collectible value of the English-subtitled Embracing Love Region 1 DVD that was also released by Kitty Media not long ago. I will still buy this DVD during a sale but this time, I’ll lower my expectations. Fans are so hard to please! Lol~

As for the anime… no self-respecting BL fan should miss it. I believe that even non-BL fans will enjoy Winter Cicada. Mature, touching story and awesome cast. It will move you. Well, I cried buckets… ^^ The art may be uneven at parts but beautiful most of the time. If you like period dramas, you’ll love the little details about the era that this anime is based in. And the love scenes? So steamy the R2 DVD were banned in -certain countries- *cough*

Miki Shinichiro as Touma Kusaka
Morikawa Toshiyuki as Keiichiro Akizuki
Morikubo Shoutarou as Aizawa Seinoshin

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4 thoughts on “BL Anime: Embracing Love: A Cicada in Winter”

  1. the fisrt time i watched fuyu no semi i was crying a river. this is an awsome anime with heartwrenching story lines and historical BG. i’ve watched it over and over again and everytime i heard the ending soundtrack i always cry, somehow when listening the soundtrack i can feel the emotion of both characters. great salutation for Youka sensei ^_^

    1. @roechan: Me too (ToT) The ending… *sobs* I cry every time I watched it too. It has such impact cos she did so well in building up their character and relationship.

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