BL Anime: DRAMAtical Murder (Kisaichi Atsushi, Takahashi Hiroki)

DmMd Bad Endings… ANIMATED! :O

Remember the special OVA titled “Data_xx_Transitory” that is only available with the Blu-ray/DVD box? The trailer was released on 16 November 2014 and OMG!!!

Or watch here:

Such a happy cover illustration for the Bad ending OVA disk ^^

Title: DRAMAtical Murder anime
Broadcast date: 6 July 2014
First-press Blu-ray and DVD available for preorder. Includes scenes which cannot be broadcast… what a way to hook BL fans.
Date available: 24 Dec 2014
Price: 35,000 Yen (w/o tax)
4Blu-ray+2CD or 4DVD+2CD
[特典 Disc1]TV未放送OVA「Data_xx_Transitory」 他
[特典CD1]オリジナルサウンドトラックCD Soundtrack CD
[特典CD2]録り下ろしドラマCD「ドラマティカル喫茶・シアンムーンへようこそ」 DramaCD

Official website:
Official twitter:

Koujaku bad end.

Noize bad end.

Ouch!! *____*

Clear bad end.

Typical BL uke drool

Mink bad end.

Ren bad end.

Anyway, as expected, the TV broadcast was relatively mild and the BL was shown only in a few scenes like a kiss here and there. There were a few hiccups after the first 2 episodes were broadcast, with the animation quality quickly spiraling down to the level of the horrid dejavu of Togainu no Chi anime fiasco. But this time, fans complained loud and clear to N+C and they responded. Those badly animated episodes (floating Ren who walks funny, Who is this, Aoba who? Hair-colour changing shota Aoba and…) were redrawn and subsequent episodes more tightly QC-ed. Overall I would say it was an enjoyable anime for both BL and mainstream viewers alike.

And now THIS OVA!!! Bad endings OVA is such a clever tactic to encourage hardcore DmMd BL fans to open their wallets. Are you sold? Be warned tho… that the bad endings are all about terrible things happening to Aoba (ToT)

Last update: 24 March 2014


Animation production by NAZ. I guess we should be slightly comforted by the fact that Nitro+Chiral engaged another production company to work on this project. Even then, I’ll try not to raise my hopes in case it turns out to be a fiasco like Togainu no Chi’s anime.

And thanks to Togainu no Chi anime, I will no longer be deceived by pretty looking trailers ever again…

The official website announced that a preview will be coming up soon… *shrugs* ^^ a good pilot episode doesn’t mean the animation production quality of the whole series will be just as good. We can only keep our fingers crossed.

Official Trailer!

Nevertheless, it’s still great news :) Go Go Nitro+Chiral! :D

シリーズ構成:待田堂子×淵井 鏑(ニトロプラス)

蒼葉(CV:私市 淳)
ノイズ(CV:日野 聡)


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22 thoughts on “BL Anime: DRAMAtical Murder (Kisaichi Atsushi, Takahashi Hiroki)”

  1. Omg Pony!! The sculptor who did the Youji figure is working on a sexy Aoba one!! It looks fabulous go check it out! <333

    1. Ah some of my comment got cut out sorry. I posted one link from MFC that was a figure she did under another name. Hope this was helpful. :)

    2. @Maria: Thanks for the heads up! I just checked him out. He looks great so far! XD I also hope she makes Youji and Tetsuo again cos I missed out ordering the last time :(

  2. Omg *Q*
    This is exciting!! The animation quality looks so good in the trailer! Hopefully we don’t get funny animation during the bad scenes lol. Rens bad ending will traumatize me though.;;

    1. @Yume: I did! :D It’s hilarious how the n+c boys look like the boys from FREE!. I managed to save most of the April Fools BL sites that I came across. Don’t have time to post them yet ^^;; Such a pity that they are only online for 24hours. Will try to get the screen caps up over the weekend! <3

  3. Looks like most of us have same impression about this incoming yaoi anime DMMd, same me here, hoping it will NOT like TnC. It will totally turn off when DMMd, despite a yaoi or BL game base, will remove the boys love element with really bad story and plot, just like TnC.

    But the artwork is good as seen in the trailer. Im also excited to see Aoba in anime adaptation, also along with Noiz, cause he is my personal favorite character along with Aoba(^^”)

    Let’s hope that the series will be good and promising to watch =)

  4. yeah….as long as they don’t pull another Bl-turned-asexual anime like TnC, i’ll be fine…just make it like the otome harem game/animes, pick a route, go with it (i’m hoping they go with the noiz route), it’s not that hard…don’t try to please everyone, don’t take the BL out of it…people that are not into BL will not have heard of this, will probably not watch it, people that are into BL want to see BL in a Bl game-turned anime…i don’t know what was wrong with the production crew/script writer of the TnC anime…

  5. I’m very skeptical and kind afraid of this.
    Togainu’s trailler wasn’t that bad. Looked like it could be a good series.

    I’m unsure about what they’re doing about the routes, the main route isn’t self- explanatory at all, there’s a lot you can only learn in the other routes (and not only about the characters, but the world itself). If they spend so much time trying to put this details in the main route , it can turn to be so long and tiring, and if they don’t put these, the plot can turn nonsense.

    If they follow the main route, they’re really letting Aoba be with… himself.. that’s the dog… in his brother’s body… @_@? We all must agree that this is sooo wrong in many ways xDDD

    If they aren’t following the main route… Aw, look what they did to togainu by not following a route.

    n other way … FORGET EVERYTHING AND LOOK AT THOSE USAGIMODOKI ;__; I’m in love. Simply in love.

    1. @Senkai: yeah… Togainu anime turned out to be an abdomination for fangirls =_=;;; maybe it was still ok for the casual anime viewer.

      Well, they could do a Star Wars kinda opening and write the summary of the world view before going onto the meat of the plot lolz ^^;; As for who’s route would be most widely acceptable to the casual anime viewer… Since they’re going for mass consumption (TV), we can expect all the BL to be highly sanitised or non-existent…

      If they could pull off Aoba’s route, it’ll be rather mindblowing tho :D as promised by DMMD’s game tagline.

    2. A Star-Wars-Like op would be very interesting, since the would itself is very rich. My boyfriend always said that he isn’t very inclined to play the game, but finds the little he knows about the concept of future and world very well done and would like to know more.

      Togainu is weird for me, as every n+c fangirl/fanboy I know finds it a disaster, but I’ve meet some people that don’t know the games and found it amazing. Including a Gunji cosplayer I know, male, straight, that had no clue Togainu is BL, but is very attached to the character, and even after being informed TnC is a hardcore game, still says he don’t care, and that Gunji is a character very important to him.

      I really hope they don’t just rip off all the BL. It’s not like yaoi anime don’t exist and make a lot profit, they can do this and still reach a good audience.

    3. That is pretty cool, that there are guys out there who do like BL characters for who they are, and don’t hate them just because it’s BL. :o

      I share your concerns, but at the same time, it’s something I’ve been anticipating and hoping for since I first played.
      I feel like the TNC anime has actually helped to teach me some things… For one, that anime based on N+C BL games will inevitably lose its’ BL meaning, and just be made for the plot(essentially, an action anime).

      However, I (as well as my friend) first learned about TNC through the anime(which I knew was supposed to be BL since another friend said it was), so I probably would never have known it existed without seeing the anime, and would not have even tried the game without ever seeing what it was about(knowing that the game has all the erm, “other” action)… so I Think DMMD anime will bring new fans even if it does turn out badly. There will always be people who have never bothered to learn the story, and like the anime’s story/characters enough to check out the games.

      XD We’ll have to just hope for the best and hope they at least get the story across well…

    4. @Kouki. Yeah, it was awesome to know him. While everyone was criticizing the anime, he didn’t take concern about the original plot (what is the main factor to annoy us, the lack of care aboute the plot) watched it and even tattooed Gunjis shoulders tattoos for real. (While he truly liked the character, there was a Shiki cosplayer in my team that does that because… it kind of attract girls…. Nevermind, this douche left me and Akira and went hang with his friends in the con once he discovered we both had boyfriends.)

      I fully agree about bringing new fans, I know a lot of very dedicated fans that started their researches after the Togainu anime started. I can tell by myself, I already knew the Togainu game and all, but the anime made me go look for doujinshi, the doujinshi took me for Lamento, I remembered I had some material in my computer about it and was supposed to learn more… And here am I sacrificing virgins for Froud to buy more Konoe-related material ‘-‘. (Forget Rai, marry me, Konoe.)

      Still, I feel uncomfortable to think in some months we will have to learn to deal with the guys that as you say, don’t bother to know the story, or to think there’s a chance the plot and characters background/personalities get disfigured by a bad choice of story-telling.

      However, there’s always the hope they do something fair good and interesting. Maybe losing the BL guideline and ignoring or changing details in the plot It’d be interesting to see if they manage to explore better Aoba’s past in the anime, using the Reconnect stuff, or even giving poor Sei more remarkable moment other than all the sad spoiler-things we know (;-; I love you, Sei. Please forgive me, Konoe-san.) Maybe they can manage the anime to complement the game making the some parts richer to compensate other stuff they had to remove by any motivation.

  6. OMFG GREAT NEWS!!!*___*
    lol I’m happy with what I see in the trailor and well yea my hopes are high for it. They look really acurate in the animation style! <3
    It's colorful and everything! I love that Goatbed is still doing the musics~ <3

    1. @dandycorset: Yep, trailer looks good and promising… Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they have the budget and that right team to ensure that story makes sense and animation quality stays high x(*o*)x

  7. I’m not the only one that think like that.
    My hopes aren’t high either, after watching Togainu no Chi’s anime.

    1. @Mah: I feel that the animation team working on Togainu had some kind of bias towards BL, so maybe subconsciously they just couldn’t do a good job. The major nipple flashing in the last few episodes was insulting, idiotic and unbelievable *tears of pain*

  8. It’s very unfortunate if fans are skeptical for DMMd’s anime after what happened in TnC (myself included). ^^; Nevertheless, it’s exciting to see your favourite boys get animated! =)

    1. @SnowMiyu: It’s hard to be optimistic after Togainu :P tho I like to believe that N+C now has a better idea to do proper quality control after their experience with Togainu. BL fangirls maybe hardcore supporters but we’re not so stupid to the point that we’ll pay big money for crappy work.

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