BL Anime: Antique Bakery R2 DVD and goodies galore

Antique Bakery (Seiyo Kotto Yogashi Ten -Antique-) / AnimationWoo~ Antique Bakery DVD vol. 1 is open for pre-order!

Price: 5700yen (w/o tax)

Available date: 26 Nov 2008

Since there are 12 episodes in total, thank goodness that each DVD contains 3 episodes, so our wallets will bleed less. I’m not sure if there’ll be a second season though.

First-Press Edition has the following goodies:

1. DVD outer box case illustrated by Yoshinaga Fumi-sensei
2. DVD Booklet
3. Special Video: Cast Interview, No intro Opening and Ending, Promotion video collection
4. Special Drama CD: Aruhi no Antique ある日のアンティーク

Actually I was expecting some cake related goods to ship with the DVD but a pity there wasn’t any.

Btw, Antique Bakery Original Soundtrack is out too! Mine just shipped together with my Natsume Yuujin Chou Soundtrack order XD woohoo~ the happiness… Totally broke and waiting for the next paycheck to arrive.

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10 thoughts on “BL Anime: Antique Bakery R2 DVD and goodies galore”

  1. officially pissed off, need money to buy obi.

    i receive the late payment notice last friday…

    (i remember the gif animated bunny you’ve posted kekeke)

  2. Yea the plan… the plan… o_O I have some back up $ stashed aside already keke so no worries. ^^)v

    Just received the insurance bill… *depressed* lol~

    Bank account not updated with pay yet… *emo* double lol (*A*)

    My BLCD and one another single arrived from CDJapan tho… feel slightly better :P

  3. don’t forget your visiting plan.

    warning: local instant noodle is sucks XD

    for me AB seems like ‘quite’ unlike other titles which goes bombastic.

  4. I’m not sure about AB’s popularity… well, the manga is licensed so there is a chance the anime might be licensed in the future too… but usually the packaging is quite disappointing for BL titles =_=

    Hmm I’m expecting a $400+ insurance bill in October so I’m not too keen about ordering any more new stuff x_x aarrgghh… even if it is a Nov/Dec preorder.

    If Project BM Zero Lulu arrives on time, my wallet is expecting to bleed quite a bit at the end of this month. I have 2 OST CDs (natsume and AB), Junjou DVD Vol. 3 and a few other figures, like Figma Nagato Yuki and Togainu hold hands figures (Vol 1 & 2) coming my way. OMG o_O and I haven’t included the other figures I already bought this month…

  5. well not me actually, i ask for help. must ask for update of the DVD order.

    Same with you, kinda disappoint tht there’s no cake-related goods. i’m not really interested in drama CD.

    Does AB gain lots of fame outside Japan?

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