BL Anime: Ai no Kusabi OVA (2012)

Ai no Kusabi 2012

Iason Revived.

Update: 28 September 2012. Good news! English-subtitled DVDs licensed by Media Blasters now available for preorder!

Title: Ai no Kusabi: The Space Between (2012), all four OVAs will be available in one DVD at only US$14.99 (Discounted price. Usual price: US$19.99) Compare that to almost US$400 bucks for the Region 2 Japan versions… ^^;; but we get what we pay for. I don’t think the Region 1 US versions will have the extra goodies but it’s a good start. Maybe if the sales are positive, the makers may be encouraged to make the rest of the dropped episodes. *Fingers crossed* Get it from Rightstuf. Available on 4 December 2012.

Title: Ai no Kusabi 2012 間の楔 2012
Official site:
Account: @kusabi_official

Here are the list of BluRay/DVDs announced and probably more will be added later:
Each DVD/Blu-ray contains one 30 minute episode.

Limited edition: 【Blu-ray】間の楔 ~petere 檻獣~ <初回限定版> (10,500 Yen)
Normal edition: 【Blu-ray】間の楔 ~petere 檻獣~ <通常版> (7,140 Yen)
DVD: 【DVD】間の楔 ~petere 檻獣~ (6,090 Yen)

Details for Limited edition Blu-ray.

First-press limited edition special items 【初回限定版特典】

・Pet ring with leather string ペットリング(革紐付き)
・Plate Key holder (Riki) プレートキーホルダー(リキ)
・Script アフレコ台本
・Special booklet 特製ブックレット
・Full set purchase coupon used to exchange for a specially written spin-off story booklet 全巻購入特典応募チケット
・ Limited quantity for first press items.
・ Video special 【映像特典】
・Special edit promotion video 特製PV
・Textless opening ノンクレジットオープニング
・Textless ending ノンクレジットエンディング

First press and regular feature 【初回・通常版共通仕様】
・Illustrated jacket by Onda Naoyuki 恩田尚之特製描き下ろしジャケット
・Color picture label


Limited Edition: 【Blu-ray】間の楔 ~pardo 折翼~ <初回限定版> (10,500 Yen)
Normal Edition: 【Blu-ray】間の楔 ~pardo 折翼~ <通常版> (7,140 Yen)
DVD: 【DVD】間の楔 ~pardo 折翼~ (6,090 Yen)

Details for Limited edition Blu-ray.

First-press limited edition special items 【初回限定版特典】

・Music box (autographed by Yoshihara Rieko sensei) オルゴール(吉原理恵子先生サイン入り)
・Plate Key holder (Iason) プレートキーホルダー(イアソン)
・Script アフレコ台本
・Special booklet 特製ブックレット
・Full set purchase coupon used to exchange for a specially written spin-off story booklet 全巻購入特典応募チケット
・Limited quantity for first press items.
・Video special 【映像特典】
・Special edit promotion video 特製PV
・Textless opening ノンクレジットオープニング
・Textless ending ノンクレジットエンディング
・First press and regular feature 【初回・通常版共通仕様】
・Illustrated jacket by Onda Naoyuki 恩田尚之特製描き下ろしジャケット
・Color picture label


Limited Edition: 【Blu-ray】間の楔 ~congressus 邂逅~ <初回限定版> (10,500 Yen)
Normal Edition: 【Blu-ray】間の楔 ~congressus 邂逅~ <通常版> (7,140 Yen)
DVD: 【DVD】間の楔 ~congressus 邂逅~ (6,090 Yen)

Details for Limited edition Blu-ray.

First-press limited edition special items 【初回限定版特典】

・Blu-ray box to house all volumes (New illustration) Blu-ray全巻収納BOX(新規描き下ろし使用)
・Premium setting guide 豪華設定資料集
・Plate Key holder (Guy) プレートキーホルダー(ガイ)
・Script アフレコ台本
・Special booklet 特製ブックレット
・Full set purchase coupon used to exchange for a specially written spin-off story booklet 全巻購入特典応募チケット
・Limited quantity for first press items.
・Video special 【映像特典】
・Special edit promotion video 特製PV
・Textless opening ノンクレジットオープニング
・Textless ending ノンクレジットエンディング
・First press and regular feature 【初回・通常版共通仕様】
・Illustrated jacket by Onda Naoyuki 恩田尚之特製描き下ろしジャケット
・Color picture label


Limited Edition:【Blu-ray】間の楔 ~retino 淫縛~ <初回限定版> (10,500 Yen)
Normal Edition:【Blu-ray】間の楔 ~retino 淫縛~ <通常版> (7,140 Yen)
DVD: 【DVD】間の楔 ~retino 淫縛~ (6,090 Yen)

Details for Limited edition Blu-ray.

First-press limited edition special items 【初回限定版特典】

・3D Crystal 3Dクリスタル
・Plate Key holder (Katze) プレートキーホルダー(カッツェ)
・Script アフレコ台本
・Special booklet 特製ブックレット
・Full set purchase coupon used to exchange for a specially written spin-off story booklet 全巻購入特典応募チケット
・Limited quantity for first press items.
・Video special 【映像特典】
・Special edit promotion video 特製PV
・Textless opening ノンクレジットオープニング
・Textless ending ノンクレジットエンディング
・First press and regular feature 【初回・通常版共通仕様】
・Illustrated jacket by Onda Naoyuki 恩田尚之特製描き下ろしジャケット
・Color picture label

In the future on Amoi, a planet controlled by a supercomputer named Jupiter. Among the mostly male human population, the light-haired elite class is allowed to temporarily keep the dark-haired “mongrels” as pets. One elite member, Iason, encounters a mongrel named Riki in the slums and decides to take him in. However, Iason keeps Riki longer than it is socially approved, and rumors abound about their possible relationship.

Main cast:
Riki リキ: Itou Kentarou 伊藤健太郎 (Original: Seki Toshihiko 関俊彦)
Iason イアソン: Ookawa Tooru 大川透 (Original: Shiozawa Kaneto 塩沢兼人)
Guy ガイ: Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔 (Original: Kojima Takayuki 小島貴幸)
Katze カッツェ: Miki Shinichirou 三木眞一郎 (Original: Tanaka Hideyuki 田中 秀幸)
Kirie キリエ: Morikubo Shoutaro 森久保 祥太郎 (Original: Matsuno Taiki 松野太紀)
Daryl ダリル: Hanawa Eiji はなわ えいじ 花輪英司 (Original: Okiayu Ryoutarou 置鮎龍太郎)
Raoul ラウール: Kuroda Takaya 黒田崇矢 (Original: Hayami Shou 速水奨)

As a side note, it takes some time to get used to Ookawa Tooru’s Iason, especially for fans of the original seiyuu for Iason, Shiozawa Kaneto. Partly because Ookawa Tooru reminded me too much of the yakuza he is often cast in BLCDs. However, he sounds better in the latest volume of the BLCD remake, so I’m hopeful. Itou Kentarou’s Riki is good so no complaints there.

Other info (from ANN):

Studio: AIC (worked on the original anime)
Director Akiyama Katsuhito (worked on the original anime)
Character designer Onda Naoyuki (worked on the original anime)
Script: Yoshihara Rieko
Sound: Abe Nobuyuki

In the meantime, we can re-watch the few previews to tide us over till they arrive in a few month’s time.

Ai no Kusabi 2009

Update: Unfortunately, the project has been dropped :( Let’s hope someone picks it up again someday. Ai no Kusabi 間の楔 is going to be a 13 episode OVA!!! KYAAAA……………………….. I hope the DVDs are not too expensive *dies*

To be launched later quarter in 2009

Postphoned: Expected release date all 13 episodes on Spring 2010 (March?)

Project scrapped ( T~T)

From the poster, Iason looks kinda sickly o_O but Riki looks great!

Update March 2010!
Anime preview event in March 2010. More information here.

Update January 2010!
Thank goodness Ookawa Tooru’s Iason so sounds much more in character (and not like a Yakuza in the drama CD remakes anymore!) I’m REALLY looking forward to it now that this mental hurdle was overcome. View the 8-minute episode 1 preview. Seriously HOTTT~ If they maintain the quality throughout it’ll be a really awesome release.

Update October 2009 Comiket Trailer

Update March 2009!
Official preview shows a much better looking Iason and ooo~ such delicious Riki!

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93 thoughts on “BL Anime: Ai no Kusabi OVA (2012)”

  1. Thank you for the information regarding the Ai no Kusabi English-subtitled DVD. I already bought it! I also bought all 8 volumes of Ai no Kusabi in English! ^^

    Do you know how many Ai no Kusabi volumes there are in Japanese? Also, have you heard any news regarding the rest of the episodes of the new Ai no Kusabi OVA?

    Thank you.

  2. I love this!! I’m glad it’s been revived and some fine-tuning has been done! I hope it is made into 13 episodes. I live in America so I have so idea how I’ll get this when it’s available…

    1. @Amanda: you can get the US version from rightstuf. They are officially licensed and will contribute to the producers :D give them your support if you can!

  3. LKHASDKJAHKSDHKAJSDHAK HOW LONGS HAS IT BEEN SINCE I CHECKED THIS BLOG? OMG without internet, time escapes through my fingers. University sucks.

    This is great! But I thought the 2012 ovas were cancelled :O

    1. @Asamisa: :D Glad you’re back! Sounds intense! I hope you enjoy university XD
      Well, they managed to make 4 vols… we can only hope for more.

  4. I saw the price of $14.99 for all 4 OVA’s. Is it really that cheap? Wow! I would have thought that the price would’ve been higher.

    1. @yudashin: It doesn’t come with all the goodies so I guess its possible. They are only subtitling it, no subs and so on. Probably saved them quite bit of cost.

  5. eh… just read… licensed by kitty media? uh… really.. so tempting..
    but will the kitty media version include cute bonus like japanese version too?

  6. uh… very tempting but no english version … plus the previous anime break me in tears while they’re smoking at the end of ova…. dont wanna feel so sad again, poor iason :(

    1. @Raiden: the original plan was 13 episodes before they dropped the project last time. They’re back now but didn’t confirm how many volumes. I just hope the sales are good enough for them to finish all 13 volumes.

    1. @Kilalala: I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll make enough money from the DVD/Blu-ray sales to make the rest of the episodes. According to the site, the first 3 vols are the first arc… so it’s NO WAY they can end it properly in vol. 4 if they want to stay true to the entire novel series. D: I’ll probably be quite upset staring at the 4 vols of Blu-rays on my shelf knowing that they’re incomplete (;A;)

  7. Well, you can download most of the yaoi anime here, and yes, they’re all ENGLISH subs.
    And also, the Ai no Kusabi [mediafire links]
    OVA 1 =
    OVA 2 =
    OVA 3 =
    OVA 4 =
    Enjoy ^^

    1. @TrizHuo: Thanks for the links! I hope those who can afford will buy the Blu-ray or DVD too… otherwise I don’t think we’ll be able to see the rest of the volumes already :(

  8. Over $100/80/75 for one 30 minute episode? That’s a bit much… over $1300 to buy the whole series if they really are doing 1 episode for each disc? >_>

    Anywho, it’s almost January 18th, I’m getting kind of excited :D
    Definitely won’t be importing at those prices though :x

    1. @littlemonster: I think there may only be 4 episodes tho… they didn’t say if there would still be 13 episodes or not.

      I’ve read about a report online a breakdown of costs involved in making anime by an independent animator. Each episode is measured in the tens of thousands (USD?), depending on the technologies used, like 3D and stuff. If we put this into perspective, it is actually a reasonable price. When people just don’t buy any of the releases, smaller studios in Japan just can’t survive. For such a niched work like Ai no Kusabi with a non-mainstream audience, it’s probably even worse.

      Anyway,hopefully they can get the anime licensed overseas and it can be available at a better price :)

    2. @Ponytale
      Yes I suppose so, and I see generally prices are higher for such media in Japan than they are here to begin with. Well I will eventually want to own them if the Blurays are region free so maybe I’ll import them one day when I have lots of spare change (hah), since they will never be localized. I don’t understand why they come with coupons for buying the whole set if you’re already buying them individually? I wonder how much the full set will cost when it comes out. The bonuses on the first prints special editions do seem fun though, but $128 each is far to steep for me, unless somewhere has them cheaper than CD Japan.

      I’d really like to see this do well, the mess that was Togainu no Chi’s anime should have been scrapped and their budget donated to this project haha.

      Sorry my thoughts are all over the place. xD

      I remember being a young boy and Ai no Kusabi being the holy grail of yaoi anime to hunt for. I remember the first time I saw it was on a VCD mailed to me by an online friend from USA. I wonder if there is a DVD now of the original?

    3. @littlemonster: Yeah, my only gripe is that they could have included English subtitles in the blu-rays at least but didn’t. If my understanding is correct, you need to collect all the coupons and they are to be used to exchange for a special freebie (全巻購入特典応募チケット). Yeah, the bonuses in the limited editions are interesting, esp the pet ring lol~ But for some reason, Iason and Riki are such classics in my mind that I never expected to see them in chibi form, ever. Felt strange when I see first saw the designs.

      You can try Amazon Japan They’re having a good discount. But they only use courier shipping for my region and it is too expensive, so I don’t use them anymore.

      I felt the same about the original Ai no Kusabi too! I remember having to wait ages to download edited short clips of the series. They were in really small resolutions and sucky quality video orz;; But it was WOW to me when I finally watched the full video. Yep, there’s DVD of the original. I bought it from Yahoo Japan auctions a few years back. Original price is also 10,000 Yen but cost me more than that. (;o;) Can’t remember how much I paid for it in the end. orz;; Just checked, Amazon Japan still has stock

  9. Ahh~ It seems that at last the Ai No Kusabi legend is coming to life again!! XD
    I checked the dvds on cdjapan and yesasia. But even the regular DVD is too expensive O___o
    Do we know if it ll have eng subs?[i doupt it]

  10. FOR REAL??? O___O The project is back??
    So those episodes have actually chances of release!?
    Oh that is so great news!!! ^^

  11. i thought it got canceled now it’s back!!<3333
    such great news, i can't wait! how many episodes will it be and what happened to make them cancel and then start back again?XD;
    he looks great in the screenshot!

    1. @Sigma: it is originally planned to be 13 episodes. Only a few vols were announced but maybe more will follow?

      Can’t wait to see the anime!

  12. My God, these news are the ones I was really waiting for!!!!!!

    I can’t believe it, really, I was like… totally hopeless…

    Thanks for letting us know about it! *A*

    1. @Lehanan: I’m really happy too! Gotta brace myself for those 10000 Yen Blurays when I don’t even have a player OTL;;; why no DVD Limited edition alternative DX

  13. hahaha, i can say it was my wishfull thinking and constant lets ask the company who knows lol maybe my game plan will work someday lol

  14. i know its so bad and they bring out crappy anime ecchi stuff that poffensive to woman i hate that we need more yaoi if only we can find the right company to contact.

  15. Hello, you should know its been canceled due to money so it would have been better if we sent mail to like funimation its the only way for it to come out.


    Please start over soon. :(

    1. @Rai: yeah it is really sad news. Hopefully the project is revived soon… Well, unless maybe they do a special OVA for Togainu, it’s unlikely they’ll do full-on BL. But I’m still happy to have the anime ^^ and I think they’re doing a pretty good job so far!

  17. Wahhh its already spring 2010 and i’m still waiting for it.

    I’m happy that they’re remaking a yaoi legend.. :3

    1. Yeah, they’re probably fine-tuning… it? Their recent event with cafe801 ended successfully. But no other updates about the anime.

  18. can you guys pls let me know where can i get those bl DVD..specially ai no kusabi. coz i myself download from youtube n make into disc..i hope to get original 1 sum day.. pls email to my email address and let me kno where can i get the original 1.TQ my email :

    1. Hi xx, these DVDs are not out yet ^^ I’ll update you when they’re available for sale.

      Generally, for original US subbed versions, I get them mainly from
      For Japanese versions (non-subbed), I get them from,, etc.
      For a list of shops to buy BL items, please see this page I compiled. Buying Boys Love Items Online :)

  19. TOTALLY! The animation quality looks really fluid and beautiful. The CGs don’t look “cheap” either. I think Iason’s seiyuu toned down his yakuza voice a lot? He seems to speak more clearly now without the Yakuza-ish accent. Not sure how Raoul’s seiyu Kuroda Takaya sounds now tho. He’s another one who is typecast as Yakuza in BLCD very often.

  20. OMFG im so exited about this anime, i cant belive is gonna be 13 episode long yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xD, ok haha, do you know when it is coming out, at least in what month i cant wait anymore

    1. So far no official updates on the release dates… My guess is probably December *_* but at least we have other BL animes like Sex Pistols and Seitokaichou ni Chukoku to tide us over the lull periods in November. ^^ phew~ And Hyakujitsu no Bara vol. 2 is coming up soon! Yay~

  21. Noooo. Iason looks an old vampire!!! His voice actor doesn’t really fit either. They should have put in Ritsu from Loveless voice actor. I don’t know whether I should cry or be happy.

    1. Agrees… Iason’s new seiyuu needs some getting used to… start with the BLCDs remakes and train our ears now lol~ XD But he did sound a lot better in the 3rd installment of the BLCD. And hopefully the final art of Iason looks better than the one above ^^;;;

  22. Yeah no more impulsive buys anymore.

    I feel a little sad about the RAH MJ but I guess its okie… I remember… the girl figure with the sword right? *pat pat* We’re in the same boat. sighs~

  23. Thanks. I really need lots of good luck ;p

    Whoa too bad. it’s a nice RAH…

    Remember tht pretty figurine with yukata? i have canceled tht as well…

  24. Plenty figures actually…suckers! XD

    But we’re still in the middle of global crisis. Like it or not im going to buy things i really 3x want. Other than tht i’ll skip.

    My bro and i thinking about starting a t-shirt business so i really need to save lots $.

    1. Yeah I’ve also narrowed to the must-haves and cancelled the would-be-nice-to-haves, like Michael Jackson RAH.

      Global crisis can also be turned into opportunity ^^ so gambatte! Good luck for the biz!

  25. Have to be patient when it comes to R1 DVD. Usually takes about a year or so after broadcast for the DVDs to be available. So thank goodness for subs ^^

    About the half-wing tendency in BL… I think it just has that special appeal, you know? It’s like a broken angel/devil, forbidden love and the descending into hell kind of thing. Of cos, I don’t mind the visual metaphor one bit. XD

    I’m keeping a watchful eye over my budget this year. I’ll try to get my hands on AnK R2 DVD if I can but I also want to travel, so will have to plan for it.

    Any other figures you eyeing this year?

  26. You’re right. seems wiser for me buying the R1 (if there’s any)

    One of my friends complain of the BL tendency on tht half-wing figures. LOL~
    Wow Sephy is a beauty! But sadly i have to say no. especially when i need to save some money.

    Strong possibility i will drop Ai no Kusabi off my list. Again, i need to channel my $ somewhere else.

  27. Haha..i plead not-guilty.

    I think im going to follow Genji Monogatari first…might buy the DVD in fact. First Press battle begin!!!!

    Tell me, do you make pre-order one tht half-wing FF figure?

    1. AH! Good for you! >_< I’m seriously struggling with temptation here. I’m definitely buy Ai no Kusabi OVA DVD unless it is really badly made but I doubt so ^^

      As for Tales of Genji, I’ll see if I like the subs but may wait for the R1. There’s a higher chance of it being licensed in the US than Ai no Kusabi since “general” anime has a bigger market. Even Shigurui was licensed and will be released soon. I’m saving up for that as well.

      Yeah, I pre-ordered PlayArts Kingdom Hearts Cloud and Sephy… I was going to post some info but was too busy. Better pics of the figures are already out :)
      I’ll link Sephy~ since you’re only interested in getting him hehe×550.jpg

  28. @fuuga: taste bit like palm err dunno lah…not cute-sweet as white sugar.
    Confusing but perhaps it’s just a bad brown sugar syrup like Kuromitsu
    anyway i really look forward to this because this is one of BL titles with premium story.
    Very intense..*nosebleed*

  29. @Akiyama

    lol! I didn’t know that that is ironic.XD Hmm i’ve only ever tried brown sugar but never the syrup…not sweet?;n;

  30. Hmmm…they probably do it, knowing how ‘sucker’ fangirls can be LOL~
    Sucking out then bleeding the wallet (including the credit card)

    well i agree with you, at least we can make planning with budget.
    but then it will be hard also coz in 2009 we’ll have lots of hot figurines comin’ up.

    and not to mention the vagabond statue in umm march? *faints*

    @fuuga: ironic because kuromitsu is umm brown sugar syrup/ (from google search) not too sweet for me.

    1. @akiyama: Gaaah… please don’t give us expensive frills in DVDs… x_x *prays*
      Yea, I already have a number of figure pre-orders up till April. But due to budgeting, I’ve either resisted placing new pre-orders or cancelled pre-orders for some figures that have caught my attention. So emo. *sighs*

      Anyway Kurozuka was pretty good. Try to catch it if you have the time :)

  31. Yes~*_*

    I liked it but then….it was like wow…kuromitsu is so cruel…

    I’ve read alot of comments about the mangas ending was better. I dunno, I’ve read the ending to the manga…it left me abit hanging at the end. Its like so he finally got her and now for years and years he has to fight monster forever because of there blood?TTATT i feel so bad for kuro….He should like stop looking and find another women are turn gay *shot* XD;;;

    1. @fuuga: Yeah… the revelation about Kuromitsu was quite shocking. I think it was good tho ^^ I like how the anime built up the mystery to the end. I think nobody really ever does fall in love with Kuromitsu in the anime. They were all seduced and manipulated by her, whether by her looks, words or actions. I felt bad for Kuro… he was chosen cos Kuromitsu likes his face *_* given a choice, nobody would want to live like that… yeah I think he’ll be happier with Kuon or the other girl kekeke

  32. OMG! *faints*

    Riki looks great indeed. okay time for battle of the first press edition.
    It’s like..umm re-living the classics? Dunno lah but i take this as an extra good news

    1. @akiyama: I guess so… good thing they announced it early so I can plan my budget better *_* I hope they don’t do an Okane ga Nai and add so much unnecessary frills to the limited edition dvds that cost the sky. I think frills are nice but only if they’re reasonably priced.

  33. Me too! I definitely wasn’t expecting that but I’m so looking forward to it XD And 13 episodes… woah, it’ll probably take us right to the end of the year. The quality will be good I believe ^^

    *fufufu* yeah now that you mentioned it… Riki does look a little like Kuro but he looks bigger and has more muscles hehehe.

    Have you watched the final episode of Kurozuka?

  34. *GASP*!!!!!!!!! OMG! OMG you serious!!? *falls over*
    I loved this anime~ *_*

    I-its going to be a thirteen epi! *spazes*;;;

    The update on design looks good. lol the main character reminds me of kuro from kurozuka here.>w<;;

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