Awesome figure water display technique (K-On!, Nakano Azusa, water balls)

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Check out the full pic! Doesn’t the effect look awesome? Nendoroid Nakano Azusa 中野 梓 looks like she is submerged in water! This character is from the super popular anime/manga K-On! (けいおん!, Keion!)

How did the photographer achieve this?

By cleverly using commonly available water balls used for hydrating plants! :D Look closely inside the jar below. The figure is actually buried inside. After that, you’ll have to fill up the jar with water so that the water balls can absorb it and expand. They take about an hour or so to completely absorb the water.

Search these key words “Water balls for plants”, “water pearls”, “plant balls”, “aqua globes”, etc and you should get more information on them. Generally, these water balls absorb water and can be used to hydrate your plants which need to be watered often or when you are unavailable to water them…

There are also youtube videos that explain how it works :3 Here’s one.

So you pretty much fill up these water balls with lots of water and they’ll expand and compact till they get that transparent effect :D I’ll like to try that sometime when I find the time :3


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25 thoughts on “Awesome figure water display technique (K-On!, Nakano Azusa, water balls)”

  1. hello ^^ I want to make a diorama with my Kancolle nendoroid, is it alright if I used colored water ball to make a water base?

  2. Enter the words making water balls and that will take you to several site where you can learn to make them yourself usinfg things in your home.

  3. My teacher used to decorate the sewing class room with these jelly balls. She would stack up 3 different colours of them in a colored jar.

    Never knew people used them to hydrate plants really.. clever!

  4. Maaaan, I dunno. I keep imagining that one day if it’s opened up, it’ll stink horribly. xAx My mind’s being mean to me again. :'(

    Bah, that guy fails as a troll if he gets so worked up from such a small insult. No fun. :(

  5. That is preeeetty nice! However, did they just use one ball to absorb all the water?
    That looks very homogeneous for several capsules 8o

  6. O wow. This is kind of genius. *A* I’d totally try this, but I’m worried about the mess I’ll end up with after digging the figure and its parts out. XD; That, and it’s probably a little wasteful.

    1. @Luvi: I think if we have an extra nendoroid or figure that suits the water theme, it’ll be awesome :D And probably leave the figure inside as a permanent fixture. I’m just thinking if we closed the jar and the water can’t evaporate, then there’s no need to add more water and maintain it. The effect looks so lovely! Btw, the troll is going on the offensive now lol~ but yeah you’re right. Let him increase my pageviews and ad revenue indeed. Let’s not waste our time and energy on these people :)

  7. that looks amazing! i can’t tell there are beads in there at all! wish i knew about this earlier…could’ve saved many plants…
    random question, have you ever heard anything about plamoya? like, do they sell authentic anime figures?

    1. @iced_wine: yeah lovely invention! lol~ Mmm I’ve not heard of plamoya before… try doing a search for their reviews online… Seems to be legit and they are based in Japan too.

  8. Dang, what will they think of next? XD

    Those water balls are interesting. I love what they did with the figure! Now if only we had a nice nendoroid set of the Sweet Pool characters. It’d make a cute underwater display.XD

    1. @sigma: That’s a great suggestion! If we don’t get the nendoroids, we can use the one-coins of our sweet pool boys. We’ll have to pull them out of their bases and probably leave them inside permanently :3 I don’t think we ever need to refill the water if we close up the jar and the water doesn’t evaporate XD Oh btw, regarding the troll… just ignore him :)

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