Artbook: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Official Visual Fan Book Shion ~Yakusoku no Chi~

Just can’t get enough…

Title: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Official Visual Fan Book Shion ~Yakusoku no Chi~
オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ 公式ビジュアルファンブック シオン ~約束の地~

Price: 2,730 Yen (w/tax)
Date: 16 December 2011
Size: A4, 112 pages
Rating: 18+ (Since all the pixelated/censored CGs are included)
Available from Amazon Japan, Comicomi, CDJapan and Amiami which ships internationally.

Japan only stores: Purchases from the official Karin store, Cool-B store and Stellaworth will include special illustrated paper.


Dramatic collection of passionate, chivalrous men! With overwhelming support, the highly anticipated visual fanbook is now on sale!

The fan book will contain published official illustrations as well as the 19 short stories and artworks previously published only in Cool-B magazine.

Also includes 2 new short stories with illustrations. Full compilation of all in-game CGs.

Fan book exclusive illustration and endings of short stories of 「潮騒のポセイドーネ」and 「警鐘のイスカリオテ」

Cover illustrated by Tateishi Ryo 立石涼

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24 thoughts on “Artbook: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Official Visual Fan Book Shion ~Yakusoku no Chi~”

  1. I’m in euphoria~
    I’m super excited about this one since I already ordered it. XD
    Tateishi-sensei must have a really tight schedule now that he(?) is getting famous.. It’s illustrators like this that deserved it, just like Aida Saki! <3
    Half-@ssed or not, this still looks great. *-*/

    1. @Liru: I’ve preordered it too :D Looking forward to the release!

      Yeah, sensei is also drawing the official manga adptation too. Her schedule must be crazy *_*

  2. Two boss chan are having a chat, while two lovely loyal assistant hitman are competing for JJ, wanko & nekotan are having upsies, grandpa overseer is enjoying the view of his family….

    krrr if only wanko & nekotan were a pairing *sigh*

    LOL you photoshop JJ’s Face?!! haHAHAHAHAHAAH ITS OKAY the artist was probably in a rush & just “meh” her way out to complete it on time xDI do that too sometime.. not wanting to concentrate further to even make the proportion looks good. *shot* we’re sorry for taking you’re moneys on our terrible half @$$ works >_<

    1. @K.K: The layout and story is fab :D NekoWanko pairing? Maybe in a fan disk…?

      I combined high and low quality pics together and photoshopped away the SAMPLE texts on the pics. The characters’ faces were not obscured by the texts so it wasn’t too difficult :D

      Yeah I think she was given very tight deadlines cos it was less than 3 months from the announcement to publication date.

  3. Oh I can’t wait for this. The Karin e-shop was troublesome and only accepted money order so wouldn’t order from there. But, I have it pre-ordered for myself. It’ll be my own christmas gift :D Hehe, I’m eager to get my hands on it!! I want more Tachibana please (like that’s a surprise)

  4. @ponytale: of course it looks lovely, well I like it a little more for some reason, I like this illustration and the drama CD ones but maybe that’s just me being all hyper about this artbook haha.

    So I see! well now that I look at it closer I see the photoshopping hehe~ I hadn’t seen the other illustration, in the site I had only seen JJ’s but the whole group looks better~nice job ^^

    1. @Rukia: Maybe they’ll include the CD covers in the fan book! XDD

      I hope to get the other rough sketches book too when it is released. That one has 18+ scenes fufufufu~

  5. Wait, isn’t there something in December where I’m supposed to have $ free to buy gifts for other people… Oh well no matter, I’ll just share all my November-December otome & BL purchases with them. I’m sure that will be OK, ne?

  6. Lol I had just seen this on the official site and was about to come and tell you haha wow sweet where would you get the full image o.o I had just only saw the one with the sample watermarks but well this is great news!!

    1. @Rukia: The cover looks lovely huh! My only gripe is that JJ’s face looks too pointy and slightly not in proportion compared to his usual illustrations.

      Well, I did some photoshopping XD if you noticed, some parts are not so good quality. It could be done because the SAMPLE watermarks on the pics I used were not written over their faces lol~

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