App: Voiced Yandere Boyfriend Alarm Clock, Yandere Kareshi (iPhone, Android)

In case you’re unaware, you now have a choice to have your homeroom teacher as your yandere boyfriend! And unlike the previous character, he is voiced by a male voice actor! Scroll to the end of the page for setting instructions.

Yandere boys seem to be the rage now. Get one on your phone and let him terrorize you whenever you need a quick fix for the creepy.

Title: Yandere Kareshi ヤンデレカレシ (Yandere Boyfriend)
Price: Free
Android/Google Play:

Available: 29 October 2011
Version 2 FREE character add-on: 14 January 2012

Category: Entertainment エンターテイメント
Genre: Creepy, yandere boyfriend right inside your iPhone! :D (my own description lol~)
OS: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iOS 4.1 and up)
Official site:

Check out the Translations by vivivihrea Great effort! :D

I have no problems downloading it with my usual account, so you probably don’t need to create a Japan iTunes account too.

Seems that now we’re going to have yandere boys for almost everything from Yandere situation CDs, Yandere Heaven BLCD, Yandere Pies and now, a Yandere phone app.

In the app, it’s like having a younger/ junior (kouhai) boyfriend who has an extremely unhealthy obsession and relationship with you. Reminds me of Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II :D It’s a pity that the character setting is a shota (young boy) and voiced by a female seiyuu -BUT- she did a great job! I quite enjoyed listening to her voice and find myself smiling at the scary, creepy things the character says. I don’t follow female seiyuus, so I don’t recognise her voice. Let me know if you know who she is! (Her handle is: 白玉ミケ)

Some examples of the things the boyfriend says:
1) 「どうしたの、そんなに怯えて。・・・さぁ、こっちにおいで」
What’s wrong, why are you so scared? … Now then, come over here.

2) 「他の男とキスしたら・・・この先は言わなくてもわかるよね」
If you kiss other guys… You know (what will happen) even if I haven’t mentioned it before, right?

3) 「ほらほらほら、激しくキミのことを愛してあげる。拒否権はないよ」
Hey, hey, hey, I’m loving you so intensely. DO NOT reject me.

4) 「他の男のところに行ったら・・・どうなるか覚悟してね。ふふふふ・・・・」
If you go out with another guy… just be aware of what is going to happen, ok? Fufufufu…

When you first start up the app, you’ll see the welcome screen and the yandere boyfriend greets you immediately with one of his creepy lines. Keep tapping on the guy and he’ll say more things. You’ll be able to collect quite a big list of lines. Tap on the first icon to go to the memory bank listing.

To listen to the lines you’ve already collected, you can just tap on it and let him send thrills down your spine with your favourite line XD

Tap on the second icon to go to the settings. I’m not going to go through too much detail since it is quite self-explanatory once you know what each option is for. For example, you can set the interval with which he announces the time. Remember to tap Save after you’ve made your selections :D

Update 2013: Seems that the author removed some of the features in the subsequent app updates. Functions like autolock, announce the time and interval has been removed. I didn’t even notice it until Nyom~ mentioned it in the comments. Thanks!

And thanks to yudashin for the tip, if you want to listen to the character telling the time, you can tap on the time on the main screen.

If you enable the seconds option, the clock will display the seconds. Tap on the clock numbers area and he’ll announce the time.

When you enable the alarm, the screen will be updated with a yellow bell icon. When it is time for the alarm, he’ll say yandere things like, “It’s time, if you’re going to meet other men, I’m not going to forgive you.” Lol~ I so NOT want a yandere boyfriend, seriously.

You can also set your birthday. I cheated and set the date just to listen to it. When you switch on the app on your birthday, he’ll also give you a special birthday greeting. It actually sounded quite sweet.

It’s also possible to buy add-ons like more voice packs and removing the ad-banner of the maker’s other free app, the girlfriend version, Yandere Kanojyo ヤンデレ彼女. I didn’t buy it so, there’s no screenshot to show.

Check out the video/trailer by the creator on how it works and for the voice samples.

According to the maker, a new character will be added in January 2012. Let’s watch out for it :D

Update 14/01/2012:
New character: Kimiga Kouki 君賀 好生(きみが こうき)

Description: He is your homeroom teacher at school. He appears to be a fine and gentle teacher and well-liked by all the female students… however… あなたが通う学校の担任教師。格好良くて優しく女子生徒からは誰からも好かれる教師だが・・・

Design by:saketo
CV:ひげ太郎 (Hige Taro)

The new character is voiced by a male seiyuu! His voice has slightly higher pitch and sounds quite cold lol~ reminds me of Tobita Nobuo 飛田展男 (Feilong in Viewfinder and Sannan-san from Hakuouki). However, he doesn’t sound threatening enough to seem yandere, compared to the female seiyuu who voiced the junior character.

To set him as your yandere boyfriend, go to settings and select the second option. You’ll be brought to a new page where you can choose the character. Once selected just tap OK.

Notice the red text? It says “Set”. When you back to the main screen, you’ll be greeted by your new boyfriend lol~ Tapping the memory note, you’ll see a zero next to your new boyfriend’s name. That’s because you have just selected him and not started the app with him yet. His lines will also be listed here as you collect them. Just scroll down to view them.

These are his expressions depending on what he says :D


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59 thoughts on “App: Voiced Yandere Boyfriend Alarm Clock, Yandere Kareshi (iPhone, Android)”

  1. Is it only me that the app will only ring when I open the app? But not when I lock screen? Bytheway I’m iPhone user :3 I want this alarm ring the moment I awake just hearing that yandere boyfriend voice . Kya~ XD

    1. @Goldenxzz: you’re not the only one. It’s silly but the app will only play the boyfriend’s voice if you leave it on top. If you lock the screen or put it in the background, you only get a buzzer-like alarm tone (if I remember correctly).

    1. @Hatsune Miku: It has been quite a while since the app was published. I don’t think an English version might be in the works yet :-\ but never say never.

  2. When I downloaded it from the App Store, it didn’t have the option for the yandere to say the time at different intervals…

    Am I the only one who got this problem?

  3. Lol soo outta curiosity I follow your links. and now the eerie kouhei Leeds at me from his ink-spattered wallpaper. Has anyone figure how to make him blush than just glaring and shouting? The poor thing, if I can find a hug-option on that app: soothes his insecurity, I imagine he must have one really traumatising past to be so attach to you! Ahh I always purchase the new pack not sure what it was at first

    It’s amusing to just havE the fantasy Yankare ( definite NOT the real BF)

    1. @Joichi: Lol~ it seems that we can’t make him deredere ^^;; or maybe using the app 1000 times or more may get him to do something different XDD Not sure if the creator was joking or not.

      Fantasy yandere is fine. Real life is scary.

  4. Ack, yandere types scare me so much. >__<;; I hope their popularity is just a phase that will fade soon~ lol

    But more importantly, I wished there were more apps for android. ;A; I almost regret getting android over iphone because of all these apps. orz||

    1. @kei: They’re scary in real life indeed! Its fun if its just a fantasy.
      I’m sure these iPhone apps will be released in Android version eventually too X3

  5. I think 2.0 is much better both in terms of character and voice. I’m loving how this is a free app and although I like the second Yandere Kareshi more, I do think the female seiyuu did an excellent job of doing creepy (really makes me think of Romi Paku in terms of voice style!)

    :3 Thanks for doing these app updates BTW, I’d never know about all this app goodness without you! (like my strokable butler <3333 I love Kaji Yuuki so this was absolute win!)

    1. @jiji: Yeah! Male seiyuu finally! XD The previous seiyuu is fine if you like shota and I agree that she has a much scarier yandere tone than the male seiyuu. The male seiyuu sounded more do-S than yandere :) I like his voice quality though. It has a cold feeling to it.

      Hehe, glad to share the news! XD

    1. @Oru: I was disappointed too :P She did pretty well as a yandere shota character tho. Hopefully the next character is a senpai voiced by a male seiyuu.

  6. Cool app! I like the voice as a kouhai. A male voice for the senpai would be even better. It looks like you have to be in the app to hear the alarm voice. I wish it would work without being in it. The Black butterfly one has the same problem right?

    1. @yudashin: Yeah, I think the next character may be voiced by a male seiyuu.
      So far the alarms of all these bishonen are limited in the same way :-\

  7. …ah damnit, my paycheck didn’t come yet, I haven’t bought an iPod touch yet (assuming iPod touch can get and play these apps, too.) but these days YANDERE is truly booming xD So getting this once I have an iPod~

    1. @ponytale: Ah, I can’t, i only see her in university and only a few times, so I rather wait for my iPod that i today ordered xD But that suggestion I’d really have done if I had spent more time with my friend xDDDD Ahhh, the yandereness, I can’t wait to get my iPod~~~

  8. wow! It’s been awhile since I passed around here XDDDDDDD. Christmas was busy :K

    LOLOLOLOL Creepy alarm clock, the only way an alarm clock could wake me up, besides the annoying one from my cellphone. Aside from the creepyness, this looks pretty cool :D. My sister has an Iphone, but I doubt she will let me install it xDDDDD

    Need own stuff D:

    1. @ponytale yeah, and unfortunately, this christmas broke my piggy bank too XD

      She can, but she wouldn’t let me anyway because it’ll be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time until I got my Iphone xD. Not even as a gift, they think I should buy less “junk” (which is cynical, given that my sister has that Iphone) and more clothes, so when they say they’re going to give me a gift, it’s clothes :K. Those agifts for themselves, when you get a gift for someone it’s supossed you’re thinking in that person wants, no in what they “need” (they insist in that I need to expand my wardrobe. that’s absurd, I have enough to wear and there’s even things that I haven’t used. they give me clothes that I just keep pilling up :K). They need a new wardrobe, I need videogames and gadjets… And a bank account to link to my PayPal :K; oh, and a job to fill that bank account.

    2. @Asamisa: I just received my credit card bill for December 2011 orz;;;

      Different values I guess :) We’re happy with our tech and gadgets but some people just prefer fashion and bags and stuff.

  9. I don’t have a smart phone…
    As much as I like yandere, I don’t know if I’d like some psycho speaking to me on my phone, he looks really creepy <_<' Plus the voice's a bit too girly for me. But having him giving me the time would make me buy it.

    1. @Mayon: This is a free app :D Yanderes are supposed to be creepy XD Seems to be a trend nowadays. I’ve had brushes with yandere guys in real life and they sure are scary ^^;;

  10. lol. I guess Yandere is the in thing for now o.o

    That’s a pretty neat appp~~!! Aw, but I think it would have been hotter if it was a male’s voice :3

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