App: Voiced Kuudere Boyfriend Alarm Clock, Kuudere Kareshi (iPhone)

If it doesn’t bother you, can I lie next to you until you fall asleep today?

The latest boyfriend type you can play with comes in the form of Kuudere Kareshi iPhone app.

Title: Kuudere Kareshi クーデレカレシ (Kuudere Boyfriend)
Price: Free

Available: 1 March 2012

Category: Entertainment エンターテイメント
Genre: Cool but sweet, kuudere boyfriend right inside your iPhone!
OS: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iOS 4.1 and up)
Official site:
Design: 雫月ユカ
CV:ひげ太郎 (Hige Taro)

I have no problems downloading it with my usual account, so you probably don’t need to create a Japan iTunes account too.

What does kuudere mean? A quick check, it is a mash up of Cool (Kuu) and Sweet (dere) qualities in an anime character. He is a character type who is normally cold and unassuming but later reveals a softer and kinder side.

This boyfriend is such a bishie! The artwork is pretty and the character blinks and blushes. In the app, he alternates between being cool and caring. He can be shy when showing affection and his love for you and he gets angry too. Very cute. The seiyuu is the same person who voiced the Teacher version in another enjoyable app, Yandere Kareshi by the same company.

There is also a new otome game element where interacting and talking with your boyfriend will increase or decrease your love meter! It makes it so much more fun than just an alarm clock where you get to “molest” the character or touch him for the sake of hearing his voice.

Some examples of the things the boyfriend says:
1) 「お前が迷惑でなければ、今日は眠るまで傍にいても良いか…?」
If it doesn’t bother you, can I lie next to you until you fall asleep today?

2) 「遅かったな。何かあったのか…?あまり心配させるな。」
You’re so late. What happened…? Don’t make me worry about you.

3) 「お菓子のプレゼントなど…俺を餌づけでもするつもりか?」
Giving me sweets… are you planning to use them to keep me hooked?

4) 「辛い時は自分だけで抱え込むな。…何のために俺が傍にいると思っている。」
Don’t keep it to yourself when you’re going through a hard time. Why do you think I’m here by your side for?

When you first start up the app, you’ll see the welcome screen and the handsome kuudere boyfriend greets you immediately with one of his lines. Keep tapping on the guy and he’ll say more things. You’ll be able to collect quite a big list of lines. The menu is quite easy to figure out for most of us because they’re in English… until you get inside lol~ but its still quite straight forward.

Click on Setting to see the following options. You can set the alarm by tapping on the grey box area and selecting the time. Remember to tap on the ON | OFF button to activate it. He’ll wake you up when its time by saying something cute like, “It’s time, wake up… your sleeping face looks cute too…” But I noticed that we can’t enter birthday like the yandere app. That’s a little disappointing :(

Instead, you have the option of changing the background of the app from the default grey boxes to a photo you take with the camera or some other image you choose from your photo album. So I pointed it at my Bunny x Kotetsu-san sleeping pillow. The boyfriend will be used as a guide so that your image is not obscured. Which also means, you can try to use a pic of yourself next to him ^^;; It’s a cute option to have for a little silly fun. When you’re happy with the shot, you can leave it as the background if you want.

Continue tapping on the character to collect more lines and see his expressions. Gaaa~ so cute :D Notice that the heart on the top right hand corner is orange? This is the default intimacy level when you first start up the app. Talk to him more and…

He’ll ask you cute questions like these lol~ Different answers will help you increase or decrease the intimacy level. Sometimes you can trigger a Sweets Event where you give him cakes and pastries as presents. This character loves to eat sweets. For those familiar with Starry Sky boys, think Miyaji Ryunosuke and you get the general idea of his personality. He’ll eat them and make an appreciative comment afterwards…

As I flirted spent more time with him, he’ll ask other cute questions like the one below. Say the right thing and he becomes more in love with you… lol~ see the pink/red heart over there! By the way, tapping on the Arrow at the bottom left hand of the screen will pull out or hide the main menu.

And more touching and feeling later, I think I managed to max out the love-meter and trigger the event with the special pic and voice. What a BISHIE!

Depending on your choice of how you answer him, you can make the love-meter go down too. So for experiment sake, I said I hated him lol~ and he said something along the lines of, “Then why are you still here? I’m an idiot for giving you my heart.” And the heart turns blue…

And finally clicking on the Memory option, you can see when you first launched the app, last launched it, number of times you launched it and access and listen to the voices you collected. Overall a fun app to have :)

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22 thoughts on “App: Voiced Kuudere Boyfriend Alarm Clock, Kuudere Kareshi (iPhone)”

    1. @TasukiHoneyBunny: Yeah he says many more things too. It’s like a mini otome game within the app :) I find myself starting up his app daily just to listen to his voice too.

  1. App’s had a bit of an update! You can download clothes for him, I downloaded the Shinsengumi-style outfit for a giggle and was surprised to see that it changes the picture you can unlock (the mosaic one above!) :3

    1. @Jiji: ah~ icic! I should have guess it has more goodies if it’s 350 Yen. If the add-on only included the image then it would be quite expensive. Did it unlock an H situation? XD

      I think this app would be more successful than the Yandere one. This kareshi is so cute :3

    2. @Pony: (Gah fail, sorry for the delay!)

      Sadly no H-scenes, I am disappoint by this! For the most part it is a pallet-swap so it’s not worth the expense of the outfit, but it is nice that it changes the pictures to reflect his clothing…

      The glasses make me lol, too!

      I definitely think they’ll get more attention for their cool boy rather than their crazy ones! XD;;;

    3. @jiji: no worries dear! Maybe the maker will add more stuff to it :O like special voices fitting the shinsengumi outfit hehe

      I’m tempted by the megane :D

  2. *goes to download the app*

    Not gonna lie, when I saw that the spoiler pic was a mosaic I couldn’t help but gigglesnort. XD Thanks for the info about the app! <3

  3. Dang! I’m sold on this one! <333 Gonna get me some kuudere~!! Sounds like a really in depth app. It's nice to see the creators doing more than just the alarm / calendar app which is very popular at the moment.

    There's a company on the iTunes store called Gignosystem Japan and they've got a calendar / clock app (avaliable on all stores) which is following this trend of voiced poke-a-ble guys, but no where near this indepth.

    This one sounds like a social mashup between an otome-esque game and a schedule app and I'm loving the sound of it!

    :3 Thanks for always flagging up these amazing apps, my iPod would be boring without you~!! <3333

    1. @jiji: Glad to share the love! This is one of the more enjoyable and useful of the free Touch me! apps released so far :D And it helps that I like the seiyuu’s voice too. The maker promised updates in the future! I’m looking forward to them! I hope that the current Hakuouki apps can have something of an upgrade like this too. Touching Harada would be much more motivating and fun like this lol~

    2. @Pony: >w< Oh that would be absolutely amazing!! Even tho I suspect Harada would prefer Sake Events to Sweets Events, they would still be amazing! Yes the Hakuoki app needs an injection of Otome interaction! <3333

      I wouldn't mind if they added in the chibi sprites and had the chibis as a more interactive feature (I would love to pull Kazama's chibi cheeks… but that's just me… OTL;; )

    3. @jiji: we can try tweeting these suggestions to the makers :P but got to dig out the dictionary for that xD

      Would be fun to be able to poke and play with the characters yep including chibis! I don’t think I’ll mind if I had to pay for the add-on but free would be best of cos!

  4. I am so spoiled for a real boyfriend with apps as cute as these. /siiigh Thank you for the review! My iphone’s going to have a pleasant new visitor now :D

  5. ;v; Why are these aps so entertaining?? Haha, I love this~
    And oh gosh, that love-meter maxed pic was so nice! x//x
    XDD I liked how there was another “special” picture for when you keep picking the wrong choices even after the heart turns blue… lol.

    1. @lemur: XD Ooo thanks for sharing the tip! I didn’t try to get him that upset hehehe and he is actually such a sweet deredere guy indeed, even after we made him angry lol~

  6. This is so cool! Thanks for the info. I definitely have fun playing with these. When you maxed out with the “love-meter”, how was the pic? I love the Sweets event pic. He’s so cute!!

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