App: Tenbushuu ni Iyasare Voice ~ Guardian Deities and more (Kimura Ryouhei, Konishi Katsuyuki, Hino Satoshi, Toriumi Kousuke)

Tenbushuu app

Healing voices of seiyuu gods right inside your smart phone!

Title: Healing voices of Gods of Heaven (Tenbushuu ni Iyasare Voice 天部衆に癒されボイス)
Price: FREE (In-app purchase for add-on voice packs)
Available: June 2013
Official site:
Company/Producer: Aura GignoSystem Japan, Inc
Category: Entertainment エンターテイメント
OS: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad iOS 4.3 and above, Android 4.0 and above.
How to use: Download from iTunes App Store
I think this app is available for all regions. If not, please follow instructions here to create FREE Japan itunes account without a credit card:

iPhone Download URLs:

  • One~Guardian Deities 壱~守護神編 –
  • Two~Wisdom Kings 弐~明王編 –
  • Three~Four Heavenly Kings 参~四天王編 –

Android Download URLs:
Guardian Deities 守護神編

  • Ashura-ou 阿修羅王 (cv: Kimura Ryouhei 木村良平) –
  • Karura-ou 迦楼羅王 (cv: Konishi Katsuyuki 小西克幸) –
  • Taishyaku-ten 帝釈天 (cv: Hino Satoshi 日野聡) –
  • Bon-ten 梵天 (cv: Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔) –

Wisdom Kings 明王編

  • Kujyaku-myouou 孔雀明王 (cv: Morikubou Shoutarou 森久保祥太郎) –
  • Yasha-myouou 夜叉明王 (cv: Ono Yuki 小野友樹) –
  • Fudou-myouou不動明王 (cv: Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井孝宏) –
  • Aisen-myouou 愛染明王 (cv: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔) –

Four Heavenly Kings 四天王編

  • Jikoku-ten 持国天 (cv: Maeno Tomaki 前野智昭) –
  • Bishamon-ten 毘沙門天 (cv: Miyata Kouki 宮田幸季) –
  • Koumuku-ten 広目天 (cv: Morikawa Toshiyuki 森川智之) –
  • Zoujyou-ten 増長天 (cv: Kishio Daisuke 岸尾だいすけ) –

Based on the otome situation CD series by GignoSystem Japan, Inc, there are a total of 12 characters released so far. For iPhone, the characters are available in 3 sets of 4 each. For Android, you can download each character individually.

Each character features 95 sound clips (inclusive of the ones you have to pay for). The paid voice packs are at 170 Yen each.

The app is currently only in Japanese but it is pretty easy to use. If you’re familiar with other voice alarm apps released in the past, you should have no problems playing with these. I’ll only be covering the Guardian Deities set in this post. The rest of the apps are the same.

Tenbushuu app

The first character you see is Ashura-ou. If you tap on him, you’ll see his character page. There are two options. Profile and Talk. When you tap on Talk, you’ll hear voice clips which are loaded randomly. The functions are the same for all characters.

Tenbushuu app

If you don’t tap on Ashura-ou, you can slide from right to left to get to Karura-ou.

Tenbushuu app

Slide across to get to Taishyaku-ten.

Tenbushuu app

Next is Bon-ten. Before explaining character functions, I’ll cover the main menu options first.

Tenbushuu app

Starting with the alarm function. Tap on Voice to select the character morning call.

Tenbushuu app

Tap the buttons below to access each set of 2 morning call voices for each character.

Tenbushuu app

You can play the morning call and listen to the full sample.

Tenbushuu app

The second and third menu options from the main pages are Shop and Voice List.

Tenbushuu app

The Voice List brings up the voice clips you collected so far when you Talk to the characters. According the character page you are in, it’ll load the corresponding voice list of that character.

Tenbushuu app

Each Character profile page has the option to buy the original CD that the character is based on.

Tenbushuu app

If you tap on it, a message prompt will ask if you would like to go to aura’s official shopping site.

Tenbushuu app

If you clicked ok, it’ll bring you to the shopping site to buy the character’s CD.

Tenbushuu app

If you noticed, there are two buttons on the main page that will take you out of the app. One is to go to the official website. The other is to take you to the maker’s recommended apps, such as their otome romance game.

Tenbushuu app

That’s pretty much all there is to the app. Sounds easy to use, isn’t it? These are the rest of the 2 sets of characters you can install on your phone for free :)

Tenbushuu app

I think these apps are pretty basic for the functions they offer since the main purpose is to entice you to buy the original CDs. There is completely no animation in the apps at all. So don’t expect the extra eye-candy that we have come to expect with Soine (sleep with you) apps. However, the seiyuus more than makes up for it and quite enjoyable. The sound quality is great too!

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16 thoughts on “App: Tenbushuu ni Iyasare Voice ~ Guardian Deities and more (Kimura Ryouhei, Konishi Katsuyuki, Hino Satoshi, Toriumi Kousuke)”

  1. I just searched for the app in the japanese and other app stores and also in the google play store but it´s no longer available T__________________________T Do you know what happened T_T?

    1. @Yukari: Thanks for the alert. Unfortunately, it does seem like they have removed the app completely from both stores. I don’t have a copy cos I had to delete it from my phone to free up space (ToT) Hopefully it’s just a temporary thing and that they’ll put it back. I’ll leave the links in there and monitor them later.

    2. Too bad T_T
      I hope so :) !! Maybe they aren´t available anymore cause they prevent customers from buying the real cds since the app already contains some free voices T_T
      Wanted it cause of the alarm voices of Tomoaki Maeno T__T *sobsob*

      I appreciate your thoughts of sharing very much thanks pony-chan <3 !

  2. Definitely giving these guys a look because the seiyuu.. I have acquired some of these drama CD’s but have yet to listen to them in my long queue, maybe I need to change that very soon.

    1. @Prettyvillian: I haven’t listened to the CDs before but they sound good! Maybe you can fast forward your queue to your fav seiyuu or character in the app.

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