App: Tell me a story, Maa-Senpai! Yomichara (Morita Masakazu, iPhone, Android)

Another cute boy to harass, poke and mess around with in your smart phone!

Title: Neko wa Shitte iru★Maa-senpai 猫は知っている★まー先輩 (The Cat KnowsMaa-senpai)
Price: Free
Download iTunes:
Download Android Market:
Seiyuu: Morita Masakazu 森田成一
Company: CELSYS,Inc.

Available: Late 2011

Category: Entertainment エンターテイメント
Genre: Storyteller/Narration application with harassment feature (my own description again, lol~)
OS: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iOS 4.1 and up), Android (ver. 2.1 and up)
Official site:

Full-voiced storyteller smart phone app, voiced by Tiger & Bunny, seiyuu Morita Masakazu 森田成一! Cutely addressed as Maa-senpai lol~ (まー先輩) which means he is supposed to be your senior :D

The story that he’ll read for you is 「猫は知っている」 The originally written story is set in France. A young man, Yui works as a baker in Paris. He keeps a black cat as his pet. One day, Yui brings a man home out of the blue and the cat looks upon this man as his rival. (Lol~ XDD Now, that’s seriously stoking my fujoshi BL filter!) 舞台はフランス。主人公は、パリでパン職人として働く青年・ユイに飼われている黒猫。ユイは、ある日突然家に連れてきた人間の男をライバル視している。

The “Yomichara” application combines full-voiced story narration, 3D and character (朗読 x 3D x キャラ = よみキャラ!) You can zoom in and out of the screen and twirl Maa-senpai around to change the angle you view him. Hit the play button and he starts reading. Simple!

Besides the high quality narration by Morita Masakazu, the app has a fun interactive part designed to tickle the fancies of fangirls and boys.When the character is not reading for you, you can poke around with him and harass him! Touching different parts will generate different reactions from him :D

Including spinning him around so that you can poke his butt lolololol…

… which he may respond with lines like Omae hentai da na~ (You’re such a pervert!) XDD (I can’t remember exactly but it’s funny!)

The background music is pleasant and enjoyable too. And the best part? It’s FREE for both Android and iPhones! Great for Japanese language learners too :) No English translations but good for recognising characters because story text is shown.

There are two other stories read by Maa-senpai that you can also download for free: Gauche the Cellist セロ弾きのゴーシュ and Little Red Riding Hood 赤ずきんちゃん.

The Kouhai/Junior version (Hana-chan はなちゃん) voiced by relative newcomer, Hanae Natsuki 花江夏樹 is even cuter cos of his reactions when you harrass him. I’ll post about him later when I have more time :D

A list of works by Morita Masakazu 森田成一
Barnaby Brooks Jr. in TIGER & BUNNY(バーナビー・ブルックスJr.)
Kurasaki Ichigo in BLEACH(黒崎一護)

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29 thoughts on “App: Tell me a story, Maa-Senpai! Yomichara (Morita Masakazu, iPhone, Android)”

  1. OMG! My sister has an Iphone and she’ll never let me touch it because it would end with apps like this xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

    “Omae hentai da na!” they knew we would attemp at things like that xDDDDDDDDDDDDD it only makes me want it more because for the first time someone would be uncovering my perv side and no one would know XDDDDDDDDD. Plus, I learn japanese XD.

    1. @ponytale yeah, can’t imagine if this app would actually be in my sis’s Iphone and she ends up using it xDDDDD, ohhhhh here comes the weird looks XDDDD

      What? It’s for girls :3

  2. downloaded them both with relative ease. my only complaint is that maa-sempai won’t react when i touch his butt LOL first world problems >////<

  3. It didn’t work for me! T___T

    I have an Android phone, a low end smartphone, Samsung S5360 running Gingerbread OS version. On Android Market site it says the app is compatible with my phone.

    I downloaded Hana-chan app and tried to use it. When it started, the opening image didn’t fulfill the screen, and there were those black borders, but the worst was when the app started, the character simply didn’t appear, I could only hear his voice and see some small weird piece of him, like a hand or a part of the book, over the background image. His voice is really sweet, but without seeing the character is useless. And because the screen resolution issue, the text was quite tiny. Other bad thing is that it’s a big app and it doesn’t have option to move it to your SD Card, so it eats precious internal memory of your phone, and I’m talking about like 20 MB!

    Then I tried Maa-senpai, and it happened again. Only saw part of his arm. When touching the screen, I could hear him talking like I was touching him, but no image =(

    I tried to change all the setup options, even not knowing what I was doing cos I can’t read Japanese, but it was ineffective. I don’t know if I should write to the developer and relate the issue, as it’s not “Japanese only” targeted like those Hakuouki apps. I know my phone has limited graphics, but if the app demands resources that my phone doesn’t have, at least don’t show it on Android Market as “compatible” when I’m logged with my account.

    1. @planck-chan: *hugs* Oh dear, I’m not familiar with Android… (x_x) Maybe you should leave a comment for the developers.
      But thanks for sharing so that others may be alerted of the issue.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these amaaazing iPhone apps. You find the best things! xD I’ve been having a blast with these.
    This app is really cute. Hehe. When he’s reading all I can think about is “o////o B-BUUUNNYY-CHAAAN”.
    Let’s hope for more from this series. x3

  5. At first I thought “Nah, dun need this” and then I read IT’S NICE FOR JAPANESE LERNER AT BEGINNING LEVEL, so I am going to get this…once my iPod arrives /D Thanks for letting us know. And thanks for useful comments like these or I would have missed my chance to learn some more kanji. (Maybe I should learn those I am supposed to learn first, though OTL)

    1. @Celestie: If it helps, you can get the Little Red Riding Hood story. As he reads, you can get an idea of what he is talking about and look at the text. It helps us recognise words and kanji and how they are pronounced. I think its is quite useful ^^

  6. Oh man this is awesome. I asked my friend who’s a big fan of Morita Masakazu to download the app and we ‘abused’ it. XD
    Really cute app~ And it’s free. :’D

  7. Holy Crap! This works on my US phone and my Android tablet! Thank you Android Market (and ponytale for always finding this awesome stuff). Now I’ll see if it actually works for me.

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