App: Personal voice alarm clock with mini-games to make sure you wake up (iPhone, Kaji Yuki)

Let Kaji Yuki’s gentle voice wake you up every day!

Title: Love-filled alarm clock for my personal use
私専用!愛され目覚まし Watashi senyou aisare mesamashi
Price: FREE (In-app purchase for additional voices)
Available: 26 July 2013
Official site:
Company: Libre Publishing Co.,Ltd.

iPhone Download URL:
Kaji Yuki Vol 1:!-aisare-mu-juemashi/id656482959?mt=8
Kaji Yuki Vol 2:!-aisare-mu-juemashivol.2/id717921020?mt=8
Maeno Tomoaki Vol 3:!-aisare-mu-juemashivol.3/id784274735?mt=8
Toriumi Kousuke Vol 4:!-aisare-mu-juemashivol.4/id881788617?mt=8

Category: Lifestyle ライフスタイル
OS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
How to use: Download from iTunes App Store
I think this app is available for all regions. If not, please follow instructions here to create FREE Japan itunes account without a credit card:


First up in this series is gentle “older-brother” type of character (『お兄ちゃん的存在』) Shirase Takaya 白瀬尊也 voiced by Kaji Yuki 梶 裕貴

Watashi Senyou Aisare Mesamashi 「私専用!愛され目覚まし」 is an alarm that features a handsome boyfriend who wakes you up everyday gently with his sweet voice. When your intimacy level increases, additional voice phrases will be added on.

There are “touch” mini-games to prevent you from falling back to sleep again after the alarm rings. When you complete these mini-games like touching your boyfriend, or answering his quiz correctly, you’ll be rewarded with voice phrases!

Enjoy sweet mornings with your handsome boyfriend!

Here’s a quick walkthrough for the app. When the app starts, you’ll be greeted by Shirase (text only tho).

Tap the PROFILE button and you’ll see the character introduction. His setting is a 3rd year university student. 21 years old. Studying to be a vet. So that is supposed to explain the reptile on his shoulder? lolol~ When you tap on the SETTING, you’ll be able to set the alarm.

Alarm enable and disable and select timing.

You can select the wake up voice phrase or let the alarm play a random one from the list you have. Some phrases are locked, so you can either buy them or complete Missions to get them.

Tap on VOICE LIST from the menu. The greyed out ones must be purchased. When you play the mini-games that came with each alarm, you also get to unlock them too. If not, you can buy them.

The list continues. There are 2 mini-games. Matching game and Poke boyfriend’s face to wake him up.

The MISSION LIST shows your intimacy level. So each time you use the alarm to wake you up, your intimacy will increase. If I’m not wrong, 20 more days, etc means you have to use the alarm to wake you up for 20 more days in order to clear it. Same goes for the mini-games.

The MORE APP button brings you to the official site updates and news information.

Here’s the Matching Game screen that comes up after your alarm goes off. If you fail to match correctly within the time period, he’ll chide you gently. Voiced!

If you’re successful, he’ll compliment you. Each time you’ll be given a different pair of words, so my suggestion is to collect them and use the Japanese dictionary lol~ Good practice and vocabulary list building for Japanese language learners?

That’s the poking game which is much easier for most non-Japanese users. Just poke the faded hearts. If you fail to find all 10, he’ll grumble.

If you’re successful, he’ll thank you for waking him up.

I like this alarm because it’s different from most of the alarms out there but I guess after the novelty wears off, it does get a little tiring lolol… Kajikaji’s voice is awesome though, so I’m sure fans will enjoy it very much!

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14 thoughts on “App: Personal voice alarm clock with mini-games to make sure you wake up (iPhone, Kaji Yuki)”

  1. None of this clocks are working with me.
    D: All my bishounen alarm clocks are installed, and I can use the app itself (it doesn’t crash or nothing like this) , but it doesn’t ring to wake me up ;-;

    1. I just downloaded a bunch and had that problem too. Turns out they’re really picky! I finally got it to work by choosing the alarm time and making sure it was on and then just turning off my phone screen/locking my phone. If I clicked back the alarm time would change and it wouldn’t alarm! So perhaps try that?

    2. @Senkai: Hmm… I think some of the apps would only sound a short alert instead of the voices if they are minimized. But problem is, you may have to connect them to the charging cables in case the phone runs out of battery.

    3. @Hime-sama:I tried this trick, still din’t work. ;;
      My ipod hates me -A- Its a punishment for all the yaoi doujinshis. A revenge.

      @ponytale: Some of this used to work pretty well, it’s from arround 6 months ago they stopped >:
      Now I’m back to my old boring alarm.

  2. Why do all these great things only come to Apple devices!? :O
    Can’t I have just *one* hot bishie voice alarm app for Android please? *cries*

  3. Kaji-san! <3<3<3 Oh my, definitely gonna download this. Love the idea, love the illustration (cutie lizard <3) and it'll be helpful to improve my Japanese. Thank you for sharing this!

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