App: Handsome Voice Supplement for the Heart (Hosoya Yoshimasa, Hatano Wataru, iPhone app)

With dummy head mic goodness…

Title: Voice Supplement ボイスサプリ
Price: FREE (In-app purchase for add-on voice packs)
Available: 9 October 2012
Language: English subtitles

iTunesDownload URL:
Android Download URL:
Company: putup Co. Ltd.
Producer: Visual Works Co. Ltd.
Character design: Kyou zip (狂zip )

Category: Entertainment エンターテイメント
OS: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad iOS 4.3 and above.
How to use: Download from iTunes App Store
I think this app is available for all regions. If not, please follow instructions here to create FREE Japan itunes account without a credit card:

Yuuki 悠輝 (CV:細谷佳正) Hosoya Yoshimasa
Soushirou 蒼司郎 (CV:羽多野渉) Hatano Wataru

Yay for more free apps and eargasmic and realistic sounding dummy head mic recordings! Created by Visual Works who also made similar voice apps like Sleepy Time Boyfriend, we get 2 new seiyuu who lend their voices to apps like this for the first time, Hosoya Yoshimasa (Nezumi from No.6) and Hatano Wataru (Youji from Sweet Pool)

According to the official description, Voice Supplement” is a nutritional supplement application for a tired female soul.

“It was such a hard day…”
“Nothing good has happened lately…”
“I’m feeling a bit depressed…”
“I failed at work…”

If this is what your mind is like lately, maybe you should try “Voice Supplement” to heal your heart! The sounds have been recorded with a dummy head microphone to give the feel of realism. Usage of earphones or headphones is recommended for the best effect!

This app is a much simpler, no-frills version that only has voices recorded using the dummy head mic. After you start the app, you’ll be greeted by a screen where you get to check if your ear/headphones are working correctly. It’s similar to the opening of Kannou Mukashibanashi CD series, where in this case, Waccha speaks to you and teases your ears with his voice in the name of headphones testing. This screen will always come up when you start the app, so the makers provided a SKIP option on the screen.

After that, we get to say hello to the two characters. I wonder if new free characters will be added in the future.

You can tap on the character profile buttons for more information.

Yuuki (voice: Hosoya Yoshimasa)
Age: 23, Height: 181cm, Weight: 75kg
Setting: The brother like “Yuuki” spoils you with his tender and big heart. The protective, oresama-type who has a do-S streak which pops up occasionally.
Speech samples:

  1. 「お前が不安に思っていることも何かも俺が全部包み込んでやる。だから、ずっと俺だけ見てろよ」
    “Let me wrap up all your worries… just keep looking only at me”
  2. 「随分我慢してたんだな…辛い時はいつでも俺が受け止めてやるからな。だから…いつだって俺に言えよ」
    “Seems like you’ve been holding back quite a bit… if you’re having hard time I’m here for you anytime… just tell me”
  3. 「こっちのほうが良かった?それとも…こっちか?どっちが好きなんだ?まぁ、どっちもしてやればいいか」
    “You liked this more? or… This? Which one do you like? Well, maybe I should do both”

Soushirou (voice: Hatano Wataru)
Age: 25, Height: 178cm, Weight: 63kg
Setting: Gentle like a butler “Soushirou” heals you with his words. You are very important to him but because he treats you with great care, he can sometimes sound slightly distant.
Speech samples:

  1. 「貴女の手、すごく温かいです。この手握ってると不思議と安心しますね。貴女の優しさが伝わってきます。」
    “Your hands are so warm. It makes me calm just by holding them. I can feel your kindness”
  2. 「僕が元気になる魔法をかけてあげますね。3.2.1……ん、ちゅっ。はい、効き目はいかがですか?ふふふっ、とっても可愛いです。」
    “Let me cast a spell to make you happy. 3, 2, 1… Here, how does it feel? You`re so cute”
  3. 「耳元でこうされるの、嫌いじゃないですよね?……貴女の好きなところも、弱いところも、僕には全部お見通しです。」
    “You don`t mind if I do this? I want to know all about what you like and what are your weak spots”

So I’ll start with Hosoya first. Tap on him and he greets you with “Come here” こちに来い. Kyaa~ he sounds really hot and manly! For Yuuki, the Black supplement is free. The Yellow and Magenta supplement voice packs can be purchased from the in-app store.

Tap on the button that looks like a pill to listen to the different voice patterns. There are 10 free voice patterns per character. A random pose comes up depending on what he says. You can tap on the character anytime while the voice plays to load a Back button on top. It allows you to go back to the previous screen.

Not many visual variations but the voice is very enjoyable lol~ I’m in love.

Cute :D

Next up, let’s try Waccha’s Soushirou. The “White” supplement is free. If you want to listen to the Purple and Cyan supplement, you can buy them off the in-app store.

Same format. Sweet, sweet voice *melts* But comparatively, I found myself more drawn toward Hosoya’s character script.

Visual variations. Waccha’s character is visually more sexy though…

Reminds me to Kise Ryouta from Kuroko no Basuke.

Other options like SHOP to purchase add-ons and NEWS. If I’m not wrong, it is not a Japan only app, so you should be able to buy it without a Japanese iTunes account.

You can tap the ALBUM button to get to the list of voices for each character. Currently they are not translated yet but I’m sure from past experience, they will be in the future.

Personally I’m more inclined towards Yuuki :D He sounds more sexy and there are more dummy-head “movement” in his script. What about you?

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32 thoughts on “App: Handsome Voice Supplement for the Heart (Hosoya Yoshimasa, Hatano Wataru, iPhone app)”

    1. @Joyjoy: Unfortunately the code has expired. I accidentally uninstalled the app and I lost the extras. Even though I bought the CDs, I couldn’t get the codes to work :(

    1. @com3lon: From the link, it looks like Japanese text :P I don’t know why they listed the language as English but maybe they have plans to update it in the future.

    1. i already have the voice in google play i didn’t even play for there voice but i have to download all 10 of them app

    1. @com3lon: If I’m not wrong, if your phone is set as Japanese locale, you should see it in Japanese. If English, the app will automatically display English. There is no option within the app itself to switch the language D:

  1. well is this japanese or english if you know to make it into english plzz tell me step

  2. Hosoyan!! 8D I wish, I had an iPhone or an Android… Well, I guess I have to stick to the drama CD starring him then… Too bad… Oh, wait I think that’s actually good, I mean I would faint in public if I hear his voice in my phone… xDDD

  3. Here’s hoping that this ports to Android. Visualworks has been good about transporting Starry Sky and Soine apps (which my tablet is full of), so I’ll keep a look out. Thanks for the heads up!

    I tried accessing the guide to make a Japan iTunes account but the link doesn’t work. :(

    1. I’ve tried to download it with my NZ iTunes account but the app seems to be region locked.

      Thanks for the link! From what I can gather, it seems like you can download free apps by creating a Japanese iTunes account without credit card registration. I shall give it a go later.

    2. @Angela: Ah icic, thanks for sharing. Cos I was logged into my Japan iTunes account when I downloaded it so I wasn’t sure!

      The idea is that we should try to download a free app from Japan iTunes, so a credit card won’t be necessary during registration. Hope that tutorial link works for you :D

  5. Totally downloading it! I have an Android phone, but I won an ipad in a competition *U* Finally, I will be able to enjoy all the BL app goodies!

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